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CERN Destroyed Our Universe Says the Smartest Kid in the World (Video)

Monday, April 24, 2017 13:02
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THIS Is The Smartest Kid In The World And He Thinks CERN Destroyed Our Universe…

We are living inside a Universe that’s so complex that if we can grasp what’s happening for a moment, we’ll fall down on our knees and cry in surrender to its marvelous beauty!

Science just barely starts to scratch the surface to the nature of reality and still, its discoveries are more shocking than we were able to imagine. It proves of quantum entanglement, unified field of consciousness, free energy, superhuman abilities, singularity, parallel universes and alternate realities.

All of this is so mind boggling that you would never think a kid can understand. But maybe we need a kid, someone who is brave enough to think about crazy ideas and theories because most of the world we live in today was built upon such.

Max Laughlin is not just any kid. He is probably the smartest kid in the world. When he had only 13 years he invented a Free Energy Device, something that could potentially power the whole world for free. He became famous across the world for his brilliant ideas and points of view on interesting topics like the nature of The Universe and Alternate Realities.

But now he has a theory that CERN destroyed our Universe and we live in another Universe that was parallel and closest to it. He thinks the famous Mandela Effect is a result of that. Max explains it all beautifully in this video:

What do you think about this kid and his theory about CERN? Let us know in the comments section and thanks for stopping by.

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The name CERN is derived from the acronym for the French Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, a provisional body founded in 1952 with the mandate of establishing a world-class fundamental physics research organization in Europe.


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  • desertspeaks

    Max Laughlin didn’t invent shit.. he saw it on the internet and COPIED IT!

  • Anonymous

    One word Clearsil.

  • Pink Slime

    Did they ever tell you that when you break up something it only gets smaller and smaller. There is NO smallest. :lol:

    It is a pure waste of money and is only paying for some people’s mortgage, to bide time, and most of all, for self-importance and ego. :twisted:

  • Fokofpoes

    divide by zero

  • 2QIK4U

    He didn’t invent it. Here followed one of Tesla’s writings on withdrawing ions from the air. Still top points for him thinking to do it though. He still has a lot to learn and will probably become one of NAZA’s disinformation spokesman when he’s older.

    • my2pesos

      AC Electricity ~ Iterate Cyclic
      Tesla died of natural causes on the (33′rd floor) of the hotel New Yorker sometime between the evening of January 5 and the morning of January 8. Despite selling his AC electricity patents, Tesla was essentially destitute and died with significant debts.
      AC Electricity ~ Electric ‘a’ City

      • No Body

        E=MC2 is the same sum as magnetic cur rents squared equals elec tri city.

  • The Watcher


  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    Lol at everyone not smart enough to understand CERN, including the wanna be Doogie Howser here.

  • Boo

    Well if you theorize that God is outside of the confines of the universe, he would also be creating outside of multiverses. It is mind boggling to spend time thinking about a creator that even infinity is a child of so to speak.

    • Wity

      Boo let me spin this theorim past you….

      God Is Gravity, nothing can be created without ” Gravity “…
      Not even warped space or the fundamental micro atomic structures that supports the universe…

      Gravity is required for every action and inaction right down to black holes, the only objects in this
      universe that defy gravity to the point of their event horizon where no one can see beyond…..
      theoretically where time ends in this univerese…

      theoretically going back 14 billion years to the very begining one should find a black hole event horizon………

      • Boo

        Phd…Let me run this response back to you. Cutting to the chase here.
        You need a sentient being to create…

        Gravity as one of four forces, (5 if you include consciousness), and cannot be self aware…
        Gravity doesn’t exist at the quantum level…
        And therefore would negate that preverbal, “I Am”, moment…

        Lets face it, you can’t create a universe your in…

  • Josie

    We are not all created equal. 😊 Charming young man.

  • Redlist Renegade

    Who’s on First ???

  • ryguyhermosa

    Just another Moral Relativism Bull Shit Scam, same as the new age movement. get you to think your actions mean nothing, dont fall for this propaganda.

  • truck driver

    Maybe he is trying to be like Albert Einstein or Steven hawking. I seen paralyzed people walk after going to tialand for surgery but they had a star scar on the back of their neck. Maybe Thailand can make Steven hawking walk

  • MyTwoCents

    Who’s teaching this kid their world view? His so-called science is skewed by a non-biblical world view. God is infinite and yes… He can create a rock so heavy He can’t lift it…. and He can lift it. Chew on that a while, kid.

    • Andy

      a non-biblical world view is the best one to have – why have man-made fairy-tales interfere with a sound mind?

      god exists only in the minds of the ignorant & fearful

      • Mayhem

        Ignorant & fearful, huh?

        That describes why you clam up and run away, Andy, whenever you get called out.

        A sound mind should be capable of defending itself, no?

        • You People Are Nuts

          HayMaaM – I would guess Andy doesn’t sit around here for hours waiting for some mentally challenged individuals to reply to his post.

          As for me, I post dumb sh1t on here all the time and just leave it at that.

          no sane person is going to wait for replies nor come back to see if some psychotic responded.

          So I’m sure if Andy wanted to waste his time with the dumb sh1ts on here, he would.

          • Mayhem

            By hours do you mean the 26 minutes it took me to call out Andy’s comment?

            Andy can’t or won’t answer his critics :razz: check.

  • Wity

    X to infinity = 0.1000000 recurring…..

    6000 yrs x the total population of Earth subset to a finite time line beyond infinity…..Life after death

  • David Gordon

    The kid lost me when he conflated God with Einstein’s absurd E=MC2. He’s a trained bullshitter already. Smart, but totally bamboozled by mainstream scientism.

    • Andy

      better than being totally bamboozled by man-made religious fairy-tales like the bible – the mere fact you believe characters from that fairy-tale are REAL shows just how bamboozled you are

      you may as well believe the tooth fairy is real

    • No Body

      this sum is the same as magnetic cur rents squared equals electricity

  • BatMan17

    He invented Free Energy did he? So what did he do with it and where is the details of this device an why is he not already in MILITARY control what a pile of crap.

  • watchman48

    Complete and otter nonsense! No one has invented a free energy device… If that were in fact true this young man would be God and I can assure everyone reading or listening to this nonsense that Max is not God nor is he anything close to being a god.

    After hearing and reading this I am beginning to believe the old quote, “There’s a Fool Born Every Minute.”

  • jknbt

    this kid has a lot to learn and a lot of growing up to do…

  • Apollyon

    For one thing God exist outside of space and time, he is not bound by his creation or to the laws of it, because he is a Supernatural entity. All of creation on the other hand must obey his laws and commands. In the beginning there was only the God who was in the void. (Nothingness) a hard concept to grasp. The moment he created the Universe and light, Time began. Which is actually an illusion cause by our feeble minds trying to grasp the reality or the lack of it in the place we call the Universe. We live in the ever present holographic now, a series of holographic images that we perceive as a continuous march into the future 1 second at a time. A product of our conscientiousness. Think time travel is impossible? It has been done since about 1971 (Project Pegasus). Tesla Portals using radiant energy is the main method and Plasma jump rooms for trips to lets say Mars. What are we doing when we time travel, moving from one frame of the ever present now to another. Can we change the past? Ans is no.

  • Me

    Wow, a lot of jealous people posting on this one, trying to beat down a 13 year old kid who has a better grasp of physics than anyone posting!

  • No Body

    ANU is the universe the Sumerian god of all gods or circle of all circles or nucleus of all nucleus’s
    the universe has many different types of magnetic particle not just adam and eve male and female particles that recharge earth constantly when paired up the snake, the core of the earth. magnetic particles can be caught and trapped in special devices like the famous ghost busters trap a type of faradays cage or a “love heart shaped box” I’ve been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks I’ve been drawn into your magnet tar-pit trap
    and can be used for anti gravity and free energy purposes and many other things.
    the boxes used by ed leedskalnin are same boxes used by howard huges and can be seen on the outside of his hotel room
    and are the same box depicted on Sumerian tablets and is the ark of the covenant a special battery and only apart of a much larger machine the holy grail a cup of virgin female magnetic particles is also apart of the machine and EDS wheel…

    • No Body

      if you put 2 G”S together one flipped that’s the machine eds wheel can clearly be seen in the middle along with all the other magnets and poles needed to create the machine its also pictured top right corner of the steps of freemasonry.

  • dj dawg

    I think it’s great that the kid is a genius good for him! He should get busy perfecting that free energy device instead of trying to explain stuff that really doesn’t matter to people who don’t really care

  • Sulletje

    His name is Max Loughan.

    I won’t believe this “free-energy” device works until it’s broken down and proven to work. All the devices that claim to work have hidden batteries. The bottom of Max’s device easily fits batteries.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Industry trained repeater…brining income into the family…the invention provable…

    To start, there are those in this timeline consciously altering/manipulating the relation of matter, dark matter hence anti-matter…

    What should be extremely disturbing is there are three DWave quantum computer locations described in the video below. One @ Univ. of So. Cal.. One @ NASA compliments of GOOGLE millions funded and the original @ their lab in British Columbia with those that have no idea what they are doing aka BLIND EXPERIMENTs on the quantum fields, while CERN is accelerating and bombarding particles, messing with matter, dark matter and anti matter aka BLIND EXPERIMENTS based on limited hypothesis with our reality(ies) without our consent…
    Notice he says how “cool” and “exciting” to him it is $$$$$…@13:00
    …” it is like an altar to an alien god…”
    Hmmm, hopefully not one like “alien covenant”. A feeder off humanity for a non benevolent outcome.

    It would not be wise to assume those playing with these dWave quantum computers and the LHC’s actually know what they are doing in an arena of what they don’t know that they don’t know…or have your best interests in mind.
    e.g. Children playing with matches
    So nice of them to include us all…

    The guy listed as Mike explaning CERN in this video, sounds exactly like John Mcafee, starts about the 15:45 mark..Saying their are 14 LHC’s…Large Hadron Collider’s..with more to come…jeez…that explains a great deal…

    We might want to remember we are also able to affect these quantum fields because we are a quantum energy field.
    Consciousness and energy create the nature of reality into manifestation of physical form and we were gifted and shown the ability, guidance, and discernment via the connection of the Holy Spirit available to us always.

    Explanation of computing power
    Strangelet=quark gluon condensate. A gluon that is a particle as well as a force binding together. They call it an OCTARIAN (8) universe.

    The Simpsons…??

    Stephen Hawking…??


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