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New Nibiru/Planet X/Red Dragon Evidence Compilation By One of Our Very Own BIN Members, Medusafern (Video)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 4:20
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This information is from a BIN Member Medusafern aka Hillary Frasier Hays

Nibiru/Planet X Evidence 9/19/17

I don’t think these are spiders on the lens (the third in the series of which is almost identical to the object documented in this extraordinary Jeff P. YouTube video as it is manifested here on La Jolla beach last August 2017: Whatever this object is, I wonder if it has something (everything) to do with recent increased earthquake activity (Yellowstone swarms), increased volcanic activity, emptied bays, dried up ocean shores, massive hurricanes, unprecedented floods, unprecedented lightning storms, X-level solar flares, and all the other crazy weather happening all over this planet?


Nibiru/Planet X Evidence 9/19/17

Hillary A. Hays



To those who are reading this document, I ask you all to please lay aside any skepticism and review all of the information I’ve presented here prior to making any negative judgments about it. Thank you in advance for doing so. If you happen to find this information compelling, please feel free to share it with any individuals or organizations of your choosing. I do not at all want credit for this endeavor. I only wish to have these findings available, and open to consideration among individuals within the public domain.


I have come to believe that the primary blame for the unprecedented, worsening, worldwide weather events rests squarely on the shoulders of the incoming, highly magnetic Nemesis/Nibiru/Planet X system. I have collected pages and pages of evidence – proof really – of, at a minimum, novel objects in our sky – at least one of which – commonly dubbed by our community as “the red orb with a hole in it” is a likely candidate for the theorized solar and planetary perturber – one to which I believe the world needs to awaken – but not one that is hidden on the far edges of our solar system such as that which Mike Brown at CalTech describes, but one that is, in truth, much closer to our own solar neighborhood.


The eventual damage done by the Nibiru system could include a massive Crustal pole shift capable of dragging the Earth’s lithosphere, and therefore our continents, into new locations, a process which in turn would relocate our poles, creating cold climates where previously were warm, and vice versa, as well as altering the sizes of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and submerging some existing land masses while also creating new ones.


So here is some new, and in my opinion, quite concerning, ISS footage as it is featured at the very beginning of this WSO video: Whatever is that stunning red orb passing over planet Earth? AND: Take a look at these new time-lapse images from the Radisson Hotel weather cam on the Cleveland, OH riverfront: What the Heck is that monstrous, morphing red thing in the sky? Shall we explain it away as a mere ‘camera anomaly’? Or conclude that it’s a spider?  If that’s the case, then numerous government, aviation, weather network, and tourist industry webcams around the world are all currently showing the same disturbing anomalies – and/or there are an awful lot of spiders planting themselves simultaneously and solidly upon such webcam lenses.


Please Also See This: Receding Brazil coastlines and “WSO – San Diego ORANGE BALL Plus SUN and Water Activity Point to Planet X Arrival” at 04:16: Do any of you remember hurricanes ever causing this type of phenomenon? Do you ever remember tsunamis at all causing – or causing this phenomenon to the shocking degree now being witnessed? Emptying entire bays? Repeatedly? Pulling the ocean farther back from the shore than ever seen before? As is seen in this excellent video by MrMBB333 named “Impossible! – IRMA? drains Pensacola Bay – *Visible on Google Earth!*” These are just a few of the important videos showing us a type of unprecedented weather event that the mainstream media simply won’t be truthful about.


Another piece of evidence: “WSO – Whatever THIS IS, its CLOSE! BRIGHT object over PACIFIC” beginning at 00:23 wherein you will see our newly neighboring red star, a clearer capture of which can be seen here:”WSO Feb 8 – FAA in Alaska Survey…A BIG RED ORB appears?!” It is my theory that the massive object seen in the foreground is not the actual object itself, but is rather a refraction/magnification of the red star we see in the background. My theory may or may not be correct. Nevertheless, whatever it is we are seeing here, it is a stunningly clear, close-up portrait of this monstrous, yet majestic, uninvited creature itself.


Just to reassure all of you, Steve Olson of the WSO channel, and the Jeff P channel, and others like the MrMBBB333 channel do engage in ongoing analyses of data from instruments such as the CACTUS CME tracker, like this beginning at 01:40: and from the NOAA’s GOES satellites, as well as SECCHI Beacon images, the Enlil Solar Wind Prediction model, the Stereo HI1 and HI2 Heliospheric Imagers, and Solar System Scope, among others, so they are all knowledgeable regarding the purposes of the instruments and the significance of the data obtained by these instruments. Steve Olson’s WSO YouTube channel:


Furthermore, Jeff P’s YouTube channel is of tantamount importance: What Jeff P, and so many others who know of him, have come to believe, is that our real Sun, as well as several planetary objects within the incoming Planet X system, are being obfuscated by a light-bending lens array system, the first prototype of which was actually patented by NASA and Bausch & Lomb during the 1960′s, and which is otherwise known as an artificial or fake Sun. This is not an actual second Sun but a lighting system that simulates the Sun.


[As a side note, I talk with so many people lately who acknowledge that the Sun feels differently on their skin than it ever did before. It immediately inflicts a tingling, burning sensation which makes those aware of it feel ill. This Sun does not warm the skin as so many of us remember it doing throughout our lives. It rather instantly stings.]


First, here are links to the original Sun Simulator NASA patents. Bear in mind that some individuals in the alternative/independent researcher or interested others in the community have been of the mindset that NASA stands for ‘Never a Straight Answer’, but I ask you, in the general public, to examine the following, patented illustrations which depict the original lens array device I have mentioned, because I believe the illustrations speak entirely for themselves. & &


Watch to hear Jeff explain how NASA’s artificial sun/Fresnel lens/light-bending technology works.: Also see Jeff P’s video:

“Planet X seen on 2 cameras. Is NASA using Origami Lenses to hide planet X?” and this article about JPL’s new Ultra-Thin Lenses:


Further recent evidence regarding Nibiru/Planet X from Jeff P:


Plasma Planet X lights up 2 cameras caught in the infrared spectrum 6 /10/17

More proof of technology that hides the Nibiru system 7/19/2017

Stunning pictures and video of Lens array hiding planet x 7/24/2017

Planet X shadow projections now seen on 8 cameras at same time 8/16/2017

Also, this is from the same ‘Planet X shadow projections now seen’ video, but don’t miss this part that shows some of Planet X’s seven moons:


Most of the next images and videos are from the global webcam networks 1) 2) [click Map]. To see five days of Bloomsky time lapses at a time, instead of just one, install the Bloomsky App. However, do note that certain Bloomsky cameras have been unfortunately ill-placed, meaning that their views are mostly obscured by buildings and trees.








“Orange Cloud-like object, probably Nibiru” - by me

“Another View of Red Orb” - by me

“7 Cams Show Big Rocks” by King Romero


Also, as some of you may know, Remote Viewer Major Ed Dames now believes that the nearing of the Nemesis-Nibiru/Planet X system is connected to the unleashing of The Kill Shot One of the events that Major Dames indicates will occur leading up to the passage of the system: _”Catastrophic Cosmic Lightning Storms [will occur], possibly causing the Killshot”_. This is of note because LIGHTNING IS NOW BEING SEEN COMING OUT OF OUR SUN: Please watch this video to see what I mean: There is other footage of this phenomena as well, which I am in the process of tracking down.


Please also see this: “Bay Area sees 1,200 lightning strikes in rare September thunderstorms” along with this unprecedented earlier event: Are these severe lightning events a routine happenstance on planet Earth? Also ‘WSO – Was UK Lighting of Earthly Origin? 50,000 strikes per hour New Record’ And THIS: “Suspicious Activity Points to Pending Event”:


If I understand correctly, Jeff P and certain others, (including the physicist Dr. Claudia Albers

believe that certain manifestations of this ‘lightning’ are actually a plasma reaction being exchanged between our Sun and the highly magnetic perturber known as ‘Planet X’.


Following is a separate category of information which has become personally valuable to me. Herein you’ll find an exhaustive 88 page-document from The Zetas regarding safer locations worldwide during and following the coming Crustal Pole Shift. Type: safelocs.pdf into the address bar. To see three brief Nancy Lieder videos detailing Earth’s axis wobble and other specifically traumatic changes that Earth is expected to experience during the weeks leading up to the Shift and after it, see:


“The Last Weeks”:

“Future Maps”:

“Pole Shift and Aftertime”:


Many of you may scoff at the source of the above information, but again I ask you to view the three brief videos above before making a determination as to whether they are valid or not. I have a great deal more evidence compiled, but I’ll leave you with the above for now.


Although I haven’t yet given this channel the viewership it deserves, Skywatch Media News: is also extremely important one.


Thank you to everyone who reviews this material with an unbiased eye. If any of you wish further contact with me, my contact information is at the head of this document.

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‘Of one thing I am certain: The masses will see this Destroyer, (most via social media) which is also called The Purifier, The Red Kachina, and many other names, yes, enough people will see it that the world will awaken. So, just when everyone thinks it’s safe to look up at the sky again – when the latest of the earthquake dust has settled and unprecedented floods are no longer falling from the sky, they’ll see it. Some will call it a Monster, others will call it a Miracle. But he’ll come out of hiding to the degree that everyone will know.


I am certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our celestial Red Dragon is now close enough to Earth, in relative terms, that despite its near-infrared or infrared status, humanity will be able to see it. Submissions to the WSO YouTube channelb and to Jeff P’s YouTube channel have recently come forth wherein this Thing, or perhaps one of its moons, is now to be visible to the naked eye.


…due to Nibiru’s near-infrared to infrared spectrum status, coupled with the Sun’s glare, coupled with what is said to be its extremely rabid orbit around its star, Nemesis, having Nibiru be viewable for any substantial length of time will be a curious phenomenon. Perhaps this where social media comes in, because if a globally or nationally-known individual was to say, ‘well, I was filming a scenic mountaintop with my new state-of-the-art camera, and when I looked back at the footage, THIS is what I saw’, that is all it would take. Like ghost sightings – not visible to the human eye (given its inability to see in one or more light spectrums) but visible on film – even people who don’t believe in ghosts are often intrigued by such claims. So I think it will be a rude and humbling awakening for the masses to find out that ‘seeing something with their own eyes’ is really never the ultimate proof as to whether or not a thing is actually visible.’

I host the Church of Mabus radio show and it is going on 8 years. I’ve been in the paranormal community for 20 years. I provide content from a network of sources and guests and allies. Ranging from Politics to the Paranormal and the Spiritual. You can check out my other articles here at my BIOGRAPHY at BIN and you can check out my free radio show at this link HERE. Thanks for showing your support and stopping by!

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  • Medusafern

    Brilliant! Thank you so much for publishing this information, Jeffery Pritchett! All credit herein goes to you for bringing these truths to the eyes of the world, and to the incredible researchers noted above, of course, who are bringing forth this spectacular new evidence to all of us each and every day. Jeffery, this article comes just in time for September 23, no less! :)

    The wonderful ‘We 1′ commenter on your previous article ‘Revelation 12 Red Dragon: September 23rd The Cover-Up’ stated that the Event most likely to happen on or about 9/23/17 is that the masses will see, with their own two eyes, mainly via social media of course, that which has been hidden from us for far too many years. Here we go, folks, The Destroyer, The Purifier, The Red Kachina, The Red Dragon, and all the other names it has gone by across the ages, is in our solar neck of the woods and there’s no more denial to be had.

    At the least, the dozens of compelling and NEW pieces of evidence above found herein ought to give the naysayers, debunkers, and trolls something nice and chewy to gnaw on for a good long while. Sidenote: For those of them who plan to ridicule the above, exhaustive evidence, without viewing every single piece of it with an intelligent, unbiased eye, they will simply be viewed themselves as fools. Time’s up, trolls! You’re finished. You can’t see your way past any of this now. It dwarfs you, by comparison. Enjoy your retirement, guys, because it has come to you at long last.

    • We 1

      Salutations Jeffrey and Medusafern, thank you for your courage and valiant efforts!
      Haters gonna hate, potatoes gon potate.

  • We 1

    Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Excellent gathering of info.

    Intelligence and intuition are good friends.

    I would recommend Dill Martin’s videos on youtube. he has the best compilation of proof I’ve seen BY FAR. Irrefutable proof, there’s no way people can say lens flare regarding Dill Martin’s videos. His account has been frozen since March or so.

  • Techguru

    Thank you Jeffery, I was skeptical about this theory until I read this article :roll: I am riveted to my seat every time i read one of your posts. :wink: I just cant wait until September 23 to have my mind blown. :evil: :evil:

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