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Planet X Falling on US West: Entire California City of 200,000 Gone – NASA and Military Cover-up (Video)

Monday, October 23, 2017 12:08
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There is a fire apocalypse in Northern California – no question about it. It started in Oregon and then speared to California. Worst in the history of both states. Just as we predicted and told you this summer. You asked us for doomsday date this year and we told you it’s not September 23 but October 12. What happened on October 12? Santa Rosa, city of 200,000, gone in the sea of flames along with scores of people and animals and California vineries. Next, hot ash rained in San Francisco from the sky, with schools and businesses closed and nearly everyone was wearing respirators and masks. Just like zombie apocalypse.
Hot ash particles started fires as far as south as the Santa Cruz mountains. Just like our chronophere showed us the future for that date October 12. Just as we told months advance. All firefighters agree that over 1,000 unusually strong fires in both states could not have just stared themselves – something big never before seen caused them to burn like never before in recorded history. Our theory is this happened because of earth magma shift and magma raised close enough to the surface to overheat it and started hundreds of fires. We showed you video evidence filmed by firefighters in Oregon near three Sisters Volcano and in California near Mountain Shasta Super volcano.
And we still think so. Yet, there are two alternative theories, and one of them has very strong video evidence. Pieces of some cosmic body, either planet Nibiru or a large asteroid, are raining down on the American west. Those videos combined with millions in the American west hearing sonic booms, are irrefutable proof that space debris was falling from the sky to ground in the United States, Mexico, Canada and as far as Alaska next to Russia. Also on that date of October 12, NASA spotted the large asteroid called 2012 TC4 passing closer to earth than the distance between New York and Tokyo. It was the closest recorded encounter with a body that big.
Those falling, flaming pieces of space debris could have contributed to thousands of fires in America. As the video progresses, you wiill see Mexican authorities showing irrefutable proof of several large space rocks hitting Western Mexico and other space rocks falling as far as Russia near Alaska, arriving with the first snow. And the second theory is even more fascinating and strange, and also has to do with outer space, but it will revealed next week – information we have learned from our source in military intelligence.

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  • patann

    -Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest, 10/23/2017

    -All Hail To The Bride Now Reigning In Heaven, Readying The Specialty Stone, The Antichrist Murderer

    -Listening To: Selah, “Lord I Trust You,”
    -May Your Flight (Exit), Be Not In The Winter, Nor On The Sabbath Day, (Holy/Holiday) Escape, Escape, Escape!

    -Again I Say, Beware All West Of The Mid-Atlantic, Whose Kingdom, Marriage Supper, Mansions And Treasures Are All Stored Up In Heaven, Apb

    -And There’s something about Georgia, I’m hearing a lot about Georgia,
    -Seen To Be Seeing A Meaningful Mexican Border, Escaping Children Not From But Upon The Worse Battlefield Us Soil, to Come,

    -Son, we’ve entered the hour as in the days of Noah and the people taunting him about a rain, a world flood and extinction level event. Presently, a Noah (NOAA’s) cousin that had not yet come, Foolishness I know, but people often exact foolishness in the face of their worse fears, why Bush wars were declared one error/era into a new fear-factor. Remarkably, that horrid come even Trump’s administration to a realism so cataclysmic as to end their world right into Jesus’ Millennium and God’s Kingdom come upon a new heaven and earth, that is now.
    -That’s as in right now, beginning the West Pacific, into the Mid-South and Mid-Atlantic, so son, we’re either to escape skyward with Jesus or Southeast into America’s now come these 31 springs of forewarning, catastrophic end. Though the entirety of Western rule this entire planet will fall, this lost, it is those right now, west of the Mid-Atlantic which are in the most danger; with death tolls pending in the tens of millions, again and again Us soil, get it, get Jesus and get out of it! Beware, Apb, The RAM, see here,

    • Sean

      Trees don’t Burn and people shot don’t Bleed.

  • Pink Slime

    For some strange reason all the LOONIES out on BIN today. Halloween affect?? Who knows……. :arrow: :neutral:

  • truthseeker4809

    Where are the HAARP caused fire theorists?

    • Mrs Clippit

      They were on BIN last week. This week it’s Nibiru theorists showing photo-shopped giant boulders as evidence that Nibiru is dropping rocks on us now heh heh :lol:

  • Hayduke

    Where are the Bigfeets controlled by the Draco alien lizards theorists? :cool:

  • iamamerican

    Nope, the CIA is using a weapon that has been in their arsenal since the sixties, it’s called HEI ( high energy interception) and it’s to target specific areas or locations. This is evident that they used this weapon when you see one neighborhood completely burnt to the ground but houses one street over are untouched. They also used this weapon on vehicles, when we see pics of cars on fire on the shoulder of the road but no other fires near we know this weapon was used.

    • Geeper

      Forest fires are the easiest thing in the world to start. Kids have been using a weapon that’s been in their arsenal even longer, it’s called BOM (book of matches).

  • atdf

    are you wrong? yes.

  • Anonymous

    While,this YouTube video is rather dramatic, there is credible,evidence that the CA fires were started by likely organic based meteor ice falling from the sky’s. They first started a forest fire on 4 October 2017 in the White mountians of New Hampshire. The CA
    Fires started to appear on 8 October 2017. This is one of,the first manifestations of damage to Earth from the Nibru comet swarm.
    16)California Wild Fires

  • The Ferrett

    Why the . . “oh so fake” Russian accent?


      Wasn’t no fake ass Russian accent.

      The nigga just had a sinus infection and a toothache is all.

  • jdpent01

    NASA lady in blue on panel lied about NIBIRU, its so darn close that they put up large LED lights to give light during the 3 days of darkness coming soon.

  • Irjakaarina

    So many theories, some psychics say ETs were using their sophisticated weapons to cause the fires etc, some say FBI/CIA planted arson bombs on the area and spread special chemtrails for starting the fires. Something weird there is, but blaming Niburu sounds like scapegoat to avoid the truths coming out, or just a joke!

  • dakota

    Don’t think you’re going to get me to believe the bullschitt scenarios.

    These are not natural fires. They were set by firemen on the ground or those lasers.

    Stop giving us a list of ways it started. We know they are NOT naturally started fires.
    90% population dead means this is all part of the plot to kill.

  • Izabell adoorknocker

    Here is a thought, it may have been a match: or a bic lighter: :idea:

    • TRUTHY1

      Too low tech ! They use chemicals and flying lasers now !

  • Francis SB

    So fake and so boring is this Nibiru Planet X subject.

    The Planet X People (PXP) live on a different world to the rest of us [SIC].

    There are so many flaws and holes in the continued videos the PXP release, it is unbelievable.And they will change dates of doom and gloom frequently.

    One video maker who calls himself “a truther” is being hit on by one or two UK tabloids. They will wipe the floor with him should he grant interviews.

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