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Shocker: Just Released, St Louis Authorities Disclose Michael Brown’s Criminal History, Second-Degree Murder!

Friday, August 29, 2014 14:40
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By Josey Wales 


Charles C. Johnson, Journalist for Got News, confirmed that earlier this month he was told by multiple Source, St Louis Authorities, that Mike Brown had a substancial  record as a juvenile. including, but not limited to second-degree murder.


The following tweets were from Journalist Charles C. Johnson.



Today my lawyer & I filed a lawsuit in to release #MichaelBrown juvenile criminal record. I’ll be posting soon. #HandsUpDontShoot #Ferguson


KMOX spoke to the lawyer that is currently suing to have Brown’s juvenile records released.


“What we’re arguing is that since he is deceased, those documents revert from being confidential,” Johnathon Burns said, “they revert back to the public sphere. Missouri common law applies, and under Missouri common law, court records and virtually all other documents are open to the public.”



After Michael Brown’s death mainstream media did everything in their power to incite violence over this case, including suppressing evidence in this case that may have defused the situation in Ferguson Mo before it ever had a chance to start. All acroos the country Michael Brown was portrayed as a innocent black kid who fell victim to a racist police officer.  


After the shooting of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson of Ferguson police department, mainstream media narrative has turned predictably in such a manner as to cause the most division amongst Americans.

On August 20th “Josie” the mysterious anonymous woman emerged with officer Darren Wilson’s defense argument. The mainstream media is gladly giving legitimacy to this anonymous person. The “voice” tells us a narrative that entirely makes officer Wilson appear like the victim instead of the perpetrator. 


Most Americans however, don’t realize that the ultimate goal of the Federal government and their mainstream media is to create division amongst the people. They need the people divided in order to move forward with their new world order plans.

Don’t be fooled. They NEED we the people divided. Let’s band together instead. Turn off mainstream media news and think on your own.  

More importantly we must keep our eyes on the global government plans of the Federal government and their continued agenda to keep Americans in fear and thus willing to submit to the police state. Beware!

How easily America was manipulated by these media reports in astonishing. Now information that was obviously known by authorities minutes or hours after the incident took place and only now is revealed to the public, after riots, looting, and martial law was declared. Expect to see more on this issue in the near future. This isn’t over yet.
UPDATE: The Mike Brown Shooting What You’re Not Being Told   ​



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    I just can’t comprehend why they never want to release the records of you so called white criminals? How you raped, robbed, and murdered to your rulership. How you control every facet of society then blame the people you put in their predicament on them. Bunch of hypocrites I’m rooting for the rest of these nations of the world to destroy this country in world war 3!

    • SonOfJohn777

      Don’t worry mawath. You and your peeps have done more to destroy this nation than any supposed ww3 attack can do now…
      but don’t despair… because there is an even greater guilt than you opportunistic ones… the deciever who masquerades as a child of light.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe blacks should get their act together. 12.5% of the population and 50% of the prison population, not to mention 60% of gun crimes. Most black on white crime is never reported such as the knockout game. I carry a 1911 and keep my eyes open, bra.

    • Anonymous


  • Josey Wales

    Facebook has just marked this article as spam.

    • Ozzie_Thinker

      Mr Wales,

      Where this release may be correct. I cannot help thinking this has been a set up from the beginning. “Give [the rebels] enough rope to hang themselves”.

      Michael Brown’s death was the tip of an iceberg that galvanised a population centre against authority. In that sense, he is irrelevant. If you don’t work for the Illuminati masters, your report is irresponsible.

      The mainstream Medias regularly “egg on” audiences, with no or limp reaction, as a precursor to assiduous, out-of-context and irrelevant legislation.


      • endthefed

        Democrat election years shenanigans which point out how much of a burden the welfare state is on the remaining civilized society.

  • Josey Wales

    Government censorship at it’s finest.

  • Ret. Marine

    Yeah hate to be the one who points out the obvious, most of us half expected it to come to the light sooner then it did, but we did expect it to come out nonetheless, and its no surprise or shock either, expected by these jungle type idiots, its what they do as cover for the many illegal actions done on a daily basis all across this nation, you know because the “man” has depressed them to the point of lawlessness, if you buy that crap, you are a damned fool as well. Its always been the jungle rules for these so called African amerikans, its just their speed, because GOD forbid, they do what is the right thing like waiting for the truth to come to the fore, before they start the wanton destruction of their own communities, par for the course for them. RACE BAITING is an industry for these fools, and especially for their so called community leaders, the grievance of a non issues pays them well, they can justify the wanton criminal activities and then get away with it all because there are certain types among them who use it as cover for looting, burning and killing the crackers, one day these sons and daughter from hell are going to have to pay a real price for all of this, watch and see. Don’t think I am the only one with this opinion either, cause I am NOT. Most among us are very well aware of this picture, we’ve seen it time after time over the years, its the party of the plantation, i.e. demonrat party method to rob the tax payers of their hard earned labor ( private property) all at the expense of, well, all of us as well as an excuse for them to get their slaves to vote for them.

    Semper Fi. Lock and load Patriots, this is all being done on purpose, and we damned well understand why too. GOD BLESS, take care to take care of one, another, there is no place for us to hide, might as well just deal with the mess the responsible way.

    • Ted

      I’m “Fmr. USAF” but agree 100%!

  • StavoV

    So….whatever young Mr. Browns background…..according to witnesses, who did not know the young man, nor know the other witnesses, all said essentially the same thing, in that Mr. Brown was on his knee’s, with his hands in the air, when that thug cop, put a couple of rounds in the kids skillet. So….because you don’t fit the white worlds criteria of being someone or someone of importance, you can be gunned down???? :shock:

    • Ted

      If Mr.Brown’s background was that of a white kid, with an identical police record, YOU WOULD BE SCREAMING “BLOODY MURDER”! So STFU. Don’t blame the cop, blame the gang-banger! :mad:

  • ichabodcrane

    There is no excuse for what those criminal police did but how are shocked one of the worst cops was former US military!
    The US military recruits more criminals than anyone and trains them how to rape and kill and cry PTSD and get away with it!
    The is the poster guy for the US military!

    • Ted

      More stupidity. Could it be that the”gentle giant” was just a violent young criminal, and a member of the “Crips” with a 2nd degree murder in his record? Or are the POH-LEESE just pickin’ on y’all?

  • James Smith

    You forgot to mention the really important elements of the hoax, where nobody was shot and nobody died, period.

  • James Smith
  • Hannon

    I heard a white person was shot some where, at some time. As a white person myself, the only logical reaction from myself, is to burn down and loot the innocent businesses in my own neighborhood.

  • dabu

    Yes he was a bad guy! So what! That isn’t what the Ferguson protest was about! It was about the appalling behavior of the police from the very second the shooting took place, and to this day! It was disgraceful! Something from the 60s! Nazis pointing rifles and lighting people up with lasers at the end of those rifles! I’ve never seen anything like it! I would not except anything less then a complete replacement of the Ferguson police dept! With black police!

  • Anonymous

    there once was a thug named Brown who bum rushed a cop with a frown 6 bullets later he met his creator and his homies burnt down the town

  • Josey Wales

    TY Retired Marine, and TY for serving our country.

    Your words are words of trut. Your wisdom should be heeded by all who read them for the people of this country have been softened up for decades, not most Americans wouldn’t say sh!t if they had a mouthful. The folks who have their eyes wide open know what is about to hit this country. Prepare for the rough road ahead. This government is not here to help you through hard times, but they will certainly teach you who to hate through it all.

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