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America Please Forgive Black Americans

Thursday, September 22, 2016 12:31
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Many Americans are offended by the actions of several athletes who refuse to support the American flag and the National Anthem. Timelines on social media have been flooded with abhorrence and utter disdain because of these actions. Some are demanding players be benched and others leave the country if they are not happy in America. While many remain offended that black athletes will not stand for the flag, others are offended that a piece of cloth is more important to Americans than a black man’s life. So today, we ask America to forgive black Americans for expecting others to take notice of the constant injustices that abound in a country that supports red, white, and blue, but abhors black.

America, please forgive us for expressing hurt and pain toward a flag that brought black people to a country in chains to sell as slaves.America, please forgive us for seeing red, white, and blue different from many of our privileged recipients. While the flag stands for justice to some, others see red as the blood of unarmed black men covering the streets, white as privileged Americans who stand in judgment and blue as the color of this community’s aggressors.  The spectacular flag’s design, complete.   How dare a community … click HERE to continue reading

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  • let me begin by saying that i am a christian first…therefore, i see no colors when i look at humanity. The problem we are facing in this country today stems from a government that gave handouts to families only if there was no income-earning tax-paying head-of-household present…….(this was all done without any oversite) this, in turn, caused many people to become dishonest, while at the same time, it was giving many of these recipients of this so-called help, a sense of entitlement( which usually occurs when you give someone a handout and require nothing in return). On top of this, the self-respect of these individuals was very much deteriorated during this process……. (it is next to impossible to retain self-respect and a feeling of pride when you are earning nothing of what is being given to you…. and/or you have to lie to get it). This is quite evident just by looking at the very same pool of individuals whom, rather than receiving the free handout, chose to educate themselves and enter into society as a hard-working, self-respected individuals… the difference is very clear…. i don’t blame the people that took the handout……. i blame the gov’t program that did all this without oversight year after year, generation after generation, until we’ve ended up with a set group of people that feel they are entitled to have whatever everyone else has….. only it should be given to them just like everything else has been so far…….
    this was no accident……. in fact, it can be proven that it was intentionally done for the very results we are witnessing. So, i say to my fellow brother, regardless of the color of your skin……. stop being manipulated and brainwashed by this ploy and reclaim your dignity and self-respect…. Every individual human being deserves nothing less than to feel the self-respect and pride of earning (whether in whole or in part) of what they have……. if you are given something for nothing, give something to someone else… share with your neighbor, love your brother(regardless of skin-color), do what is right……. i am praying for all of you, if you are SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, i would ask that you do the same for me. If you are not, i ask that you Please join my family by accepting JESUS CHRIST as your personal SAVIOR. In HIS EYES, we are all sinners, stained with sin……. HIS BLOOD IS ABLE TO CLEANSE all just by you BELIEVING UPON HIM AS THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD, WHO came and lived a life without sinning, and then laid down HIS life and died on the CROSS for all sinners ……. If you find this a difficult thing, just ask HIM, AND HE will give you the ability to BELIEVE. May GOD truly bless you and all your loved ones by CONVICTING you of your sins and CAUSING you to REPENT AND ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS SAVIOR!

  • I believe saluting the flag is something I have always been against but felt forced to comply with to avoid provocations from those that are sheepishly following the supposed norm. I do not love my country because it is not mine and not yours but a corporation owned by White Jewish Billionaires that do not even live here. Traitors like the half black homosexual Obama give me more reason to not love America. However the Black Americans have for many years practiced and profited from reverse-discrimination which of course is racism. This along with the fact that blacks kill
    roughly 95% of all blacks killed in homicides but that is okay because the killers were black. How stupid and racist is this type of thinking? It’s insane and when I look at minorities that have been abused like Chinese-Americans who are now among the wealthiest and least likely to be involved in violent crime I see the answer to black issues and complaints should be directed to black people that want to whine about racism and use any excuse to justify being a loser. I am sorry but the problem with Black Americans is Black Americans. Every other race tries hard to get ahead not just Whites and they have largely forged ahead. I have two black friends one being a doctor the other a back surgeon. They did not cry and bitch about racism but did something and listened to their parents to do their best. However successful they became the did not do it as Black Americans but as Africans who immigrated here legally. They were quite rightfully stunned at how ghetto-like and ignorant Black Americans were in college yet the Black Americans had a much better head start than theses African immigrants. Anyway I know who became the MD’s and who became the race riot promoters. Blacks need to take responsibility for their own success and not rely on hand outs and cries of racism which is exactly what race-war promoter “White Jewish Billionaire” George Soros is and he is who started BLM.
    Does Black America think George Soros cares about them? Or is George Soros using Black America to destroy America by using Blacks as useful idiots? Think about that……..

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