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They Are Coming for This Right Now—America We Are at a Dire Turning Point, Resistance Is Key…

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 12:13
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By Lisa Haven


GOOGLE is the first to know you are going through a crisis, they know things before you know things. They follow you on your phone, your computer. And we allow it, not anymore!

VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks are being BANNED all over the world. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and if something ISN’T DONE NOW to stop it, we could be looking at the same style of censorship here in America.

For example, China has decided to crack down on VPN users and ban them because they want ultimate control of their people. VPN’s allowed the citizens of China to see things the government doesn’t approve of like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and multiple other websites. This is a complete and utter obliteration of the human right to freedom and it is now being controlled by a communist leftist regime.

Additionally, starting November 1st, 2017 Russia decided to follow suit with China, and remove the rights of their citizens to ‘surf the internet without government oversight.’

Let’s be frank, the U.S. government is already ILLEGALLY spying on us via the NSA and the CIA. It’s time to stand against this illegal corruption. To stand against the illegal actions of the U.S. government to continue to infringe on our freedoms.

In the video below, I not only expose their corruption but also show how VPN’s are one of the answers to the constant illegal actions of international and domestic governments…


Get Protected With Virtual Shield VPN:

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  • magicman

    If you cannot afford, and / or do not have a VPN:
    Try utilizing alternate DNS Servers in your computers network settings, as opposed to the ones automatically assigned to you, by your ISP, and try to always connect through a (secure) HTTPS connection, whenever they are available.
    The following URL will provide a few suggestions for alternate DNS Servers to try.
    These are all free ones, and a few of them do not censor content, log your activity, or redirect you, which you should focus on (BEWARE Not all in the list do not log you – look for the ones that don’t log your activity)
    Also, for privacy, always try to connect with an https (secure) connection, as opposed to an http (unsecure) connection, whenever they are available.
    There are browser add-ons (like HTTPS Everywhere or Smart HTTPS) to quickly and conveniently connect you with an https connection, whenever they are available. These add-ons try HTTPS first, and only when https is not available, default to http.
    Ad blockers (like uBlock Origin) and script blockers may also provide additional privacy, as many times ads and scripts are designed to track you.
    Beware that you do not use add-ons which track you and sell your information.
    I’ll try to share a list of a few helpful, safe add-ons, later.
    Clearing out unnecessary cookies may also provide additional privacy, as they may be tracking cookies.
    Just be careful not to remove the useful ones.
    There is always Tor for anonymity. It is free, but you can expect a slower web browsing experience, which most people won’t like, for everyday use. Hope this is helpful…

  • The Ferrett

    Another useless, under reported story by that darling of the Pharisees with the usual “oh so earnest” look, trying to convince us all about useless shit without ever revealing the real perps as usual.

    Endless and meaningless drivel day after day, where her full time jewish handlers have had her convinced is real news. Just another useful idiot – a bought and paid for “Shabbas Goy” sell-out, that simply hasn’t a clue . . . never wanting to come to a knowledge of THE Truth!

    Why do I give her such a hard time? Because she and many others in the Christian “truth” community knows what the REAL truth boundaries are and won’t cross them for . . fear of the jews!

    Making her a traitor to Jesus Christ and his followers where He continually warned His people about jewish fables and to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees. Leaven of which Lisa Haven promotes 24/7 and the reason for her ever expanding readership base and burgeoning media exposure.

    None of these things will be an excuse when standing and trembling before an angry God attempting to explain the reason for siding with His enemies and for the continual betrayal of His people – the REAL Israel of God.

    • Ugly

      Any information that you know of linking her to Zionists? I haven’t seen any myself minus the constant deflecting to nonsense topics and exaggerations of nothingness. She is like Dave Hodges 2.0 and I cannot even listen to her. I literally will not even click on her videos when I see it is her. Beforeitsnews needs to sell some stool softeners because some of the authors here are full of shit.

      • The Real Deal

        I’m with you all the way. I can’t stomach this fear porn actress, much less watch any of her videos. She sounds like an uneducated twit. Can’t pronounce basic names, uses words she thinks makes her sound smart without knowing what the word means, etc. She’s only in this for the clicks, she does not care that the stuff she puts out is crap. She is queen of the click bait titles. I only come here for the comments. :razz:

        • Hayduke

          Exactly! :smile:

    • Detergent

      I write in defense of “Lisa”. True, there is a lot of fear porn from this author. However there are also useful articles. This is one of them. Electronic surveillance is way out of hand, and using a VPN is one method of defense. “Magician” and (hopefully) I have added some useful information to it in the comments. Don’t dismiss “Lisa” out of hand. Check what she has to say, check the comments, then judge.

  • raburgeson

    I refuse to stand up for them with the censorship they have. The worst is listed.

  • The Ferrett

    Well said Ugly, . . . as for her Zionist links – they are too numerous to mention. I have been on her and Lyn Leaz’s case for years now where she has shown consistent, classic Scofield / Dispensationalist heresy tendencies, . . The jews are God’s chosen, . . they can’t do any wrong because . . . one day they will “all turn to him” nonsense . . bla . . bla! Jewish fables!

    Being a shill for Talmudism has it’s rewards, as she well knows . .

  • 2QIK4U

    Why bother? You know they’ll still be spying on you through the exit nodes.

    • The Real Deal

      You’re not supposed to say that, then people will know that she’s pimping a product you really don’t need.

  • Pink Slime

    NEVER heard of Virtual Shield. Obviously, you guys are going through some kind of Christian “brokerage” house. :twisted:

    • westgate

      Begley & BP are pushing it also.

  • Detergent

    First, I have a lifetime subscription to a VPN and I use it and I recommend everyone do likewise.

    However, a VPN user needs to understand what it can do and what it can’t. That’s extremely important.

    A VPN can obscure your IP address so that your local ISP can’t track your surfing habits. It can also make it more difficult for the server sites to track you because they don’t know your real IP address.

    A VPN CANNOT hide your indulgences from the NSA, FBI, and others who have the wherewithal to monitor your chosen VPN server. It is child’s play for them to correlate requests from your IP address to replies from servers. If they want to monitor you, they watch packets from your IP address to the VPN and then watch the reverse stream of thousands of packets from a server through the VPN to your IP address. Conversely, if they want to watch who visits a certain bad website they can monitor bursts of packets to the VPN and then correlate that with the requests to the VPN from your IP address.

    Don’t think for a split second that a VPN can save you from the NSA or FBI, et. al.

    • Detergent

      To add:
      There is also no guarantee that whatever VPN you subscribe to is not a honeypot set up by the authorities to catch people who want to do unlawful or subversive things.

      • Detergent

        To further add, if you’re shopping for a VPN service, beware of DNS leaks and IPv6 leaks.

        1) Make sure the VPN client on your desktop (or wherever you install it) will block DNS leaks. That’s where your computer asks a DNS server to translate a URL to an IP address. If the VPN client doesn’t redirect this then it’s in the open which URLs you have requested access to. Some VPN services plug this hole by routing DNS requests through their own DNS servers, some don’t.

        2) Make sure your VPN client blocks IPv6. IPv6 uniquely identifies your personal computer whereas IPv4, the older standard, does not (usually). Most VPN services do NOT block IPv6, and so if your computer is making IPv6 connections then the VPN might as well not be there. It’s useless. So, in this case the thing you must do is completely disable IPv6 on your computer. Easy on Linux, more difficult on Windows.

      • Detergent

        To further add, the TOR network suffers from the same vulnerability. It doesn’t matter how many layers within the onion if the entry and exit nodes on the outer layer can be monitored.

    • Truthbomb

      Has your “burst of packets” theory been tested in court? If the VPN is based in the Netherlands, how is the US government going to get hold of traffic to it? I don’t doubt NSA might be able to run some heuristics to make some conclusions, but thought would likely be limited to exta-judicial action (drones, CIA, etc.) and not legal action against a US citizen. They’d need to prove a scientific consensus that their evidence methodoly was reliable in court to prosecute you successfully. (Just as government agencies may use a lie detector but it’s not admissible in court.)

      From I can recall, the only FBI prosecutions have exploited a bug in browsers that caused them to reveal their actual IP.

      • Detergent

        Tested in court? Ha! And tell the world what they can do in a courtroom? Of course not.

        But just use common sense. Let’s say your home router IP address is x.x.x.x, the VPN IP address is y.y.y.y, and the host website is z.z.z.z. A request packet goes from x.x.x.x goes through y.y.y.y to z.z.z.z. Some milliseconds later 2373 packets go from z.z.z.z to y.y.y.y – and each just microseconds later reappears out of y.y.y.y headed for x.x.x.x, with only the header changed to destination x.x.x.x but the data portion of the packets identical to what went from z.z.z.z to y.y.y.y. The odds that the packets from z.z.z.z do not result from the request from x.x.x.x are trillions to one.

        Using a foreign VPN only makes it somewhat more difficult. If you’re in the U.S. and access another website in the U.S. using a VPN in, say, the Netherlands, nothing changed from above. The NSA monitors ALL traffic that comes and goes from the U.S. On the other hand, if you use your Netherlands VPN to access a website in, say, Croatia, then it’s more difficult unless the traffic is routed back through the U.S. However, remember that these NSA guys were bugging Angela Merkel’s cell phone years ago.

  • dennis48309

    China and Russia censor their people for different reasons. China does it because they want to maintain a Communist government. Russia however does not want their people reading the lies of western propaganda. There is only one leader I fully trust that is against the Cabal aka Illuminati and that is Vladimir Putin.

  • Anonymous

    Got to be jumping into that monetized YouTube video, get me some discount VPN to hide my activities at, then it’s grab the old bugout bag and feet don’t fail me now! You keep up the good work with that fear porn, now. For Jesus, of course.

  • Anonymous

    Lisa, are you single?

    • dakota

      Don’t answer him, Lisa.

  • AJjj100

    People in NY vote no to the constitutional convention in Nov. Stop the government from taking away more of you freedom!

  • freedomfirst

    America has been under attack for decades since the Clintons turned our White House into a all age whore house and opened the door to muslim invasion, Obamy aka BERRY PARKS a known self declared muslim put this invasion on steroids breaking countless Constitutional Laws yet Deep State puppets McCain, McConnely, Pelowsi, Shumer said nothing instead they supported Obama totally. Yes their war is on it is a creeping constant denying the truth hoping your asleep too busy to care or too dumb to see. Do not forget our Constitutional duty to prepare to fight for our country it is our duty to come to arms to eradicate foreign or domestic enemies. SEE AGENDA 21 AND 30 by laws and new map regions of USA.

  • unidentified

    so far its working out just as planned :wink: :roll:


      See the REPLY BUTTON jackass?

      PRESSING the little BUTTON is what you are doing the NEXT TIME.

      This way, the rest of us can discern who the unholy hell you’re addressing.

      Just trust me.

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