Q Anon Posting This Morning 2/15/2018 in /greatawakening/ and Q research…Watch the News RE: New Drugs Coming Out [Flu/Dirt/Next?]

/greatawakening/ – TRUTH belongs with the PEOPLE.Q ▶Anonymous 02/14/18 (Wed) 23:22:48 de4323 No.381564>>381597 >>381541 The Clinton’s didn’t tweet about it until after Q posted. Check the time stamps. ▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/14/18 (Wed) 23:28:42 925f8f No.381597>>381601 >>381602 >>381603 >>381604 >>381605 >>381606 >>381611 >>381612 >>381615 >>381616 >>381618 >>381620 >>381621 >>381622 >>381623 >>381625

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