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Ex Member of The Global Elite Tells All

Sunday, October 30, 2011 17:50
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  • building 5

    is this guy still alive-?

  • Creators choice

    Expendable containers? Hmmmm….that is disturbing.

  • turfangel

    what he isn’t telling is that they get more and better technology in exchange for the deaths of so many people. They want to kill enough people that they will get the technology to time travel-once that happens-it is over.

  • Anonymous

    why is this guy smiling so much while telling this horrific event that he says will happen???? I question if his is full of crap.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you know that God is much greater!!? He will take care of those who think that they can use technology, especially weapons that require technology against us. God can speak to the sun to have a huge solar flare that will knock out the technology.
    The elites are deceiving their own selves that they can do what they want without consequences to them. They are not in control. God is.
    To be honest, mankind is very evil in the first place. I don’t understand how God’s love has had him be so patient with us. We all deserve to die anyhow. Mankind with their filthy perversions and sexual appetites for unnatural things and the love to sports and entertainment more than the love of God.
    I am not afraid. People ought to fear God rather than man.

  • Apparently Apparel

    Government already has TT (time travel) capabilities and have been sending people into the past and future since the 60′s. I personally know a retired Project Pegasus employee who is doing a ‘Tell-All’ across America right now. Look up Dr Andrew Basiago on farcebook, he seems to have quite the following. He even says that in the future he actually gets voted president LOL. Now I dont know about that, but what I do know is 10-200 years ago it was absolutely UNHEARD of for an African-American to be POTUS. My how things can change. Also, supposedly Basiago worked with Obama back in the day – during Project Pegasus – and the president knows a LOT more than what he is letting on. Like I said in a previous article,” Is Obama Preparing To Come Clean about the ET Presence? ”

  • Enigmanonymous

    >implying you can be an “ex-member” of a global elite

  • Anonymous

    There are people who think 500 million is the maximum sustainable population of the earth. I agree with that number.

    There’s going to be a global financial collapse. The US will experience hyperinflation. Most people in America will starve or die in the violence. The US will be unable to provide food for the rest of the world. Many people around the world will starve too.

    Biological warfare would be the way to eliminate large numbers of people. Back in 1918 20 million people died in a flu epidemic and that was before modern air travel.

    I find it hard to believe this guy was part of some global elite but some of what he says would seem to make sense.

  • O. Ryan Faust

    Obviously an older video. The 2008 financial crisis put a kink in the plan (obviously), but I’m sure the mindset is still in existence. Interesting that back then they were talking about starting a mid-east war . . . now a reality under our muslim president Barrack Hussein.

    Soon the entire middle east will be a sharia muslim caliphate and the next U.S. president will have a war on his hands.

    I’m sure glad all this fulfills prophecy. It’s nice to know it’s not going to go as the banksters and corrupt politicians expect.

  • Anonymous

    There are too many people in the world, who says, the BS banksters. The current 7 billion people would fit into Australia and we would still have the rest of the world to fill, what a load of “13 ruling family” crap by saying that there are too many people in the world, it is not for the ruling families to decide this. They were very happy when our ancestors couldn’t read or write 200 years ago and all the previous generations but, now that people are getting educated and are opening their eyes to the banksters lies, they don’t like it. The fact is that masses (us) are becoming harder for them to control, so they suddenly invented this population scenario, because they cannot or they are freightened to rule 7bn people, because the sheep have faith and compassion and love, none of which they possess, and this makes them the minority who are fast losing control of what should never have happened at all. The happier the sheeple are the more they lose control because it baffles them senseless as they don’t know what true happiness is. Maybe they should think about the saying “money is the root of all evil” and they are the evil on this planet not the 7bn.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    KILLUMINATI. Then everyone in the world will be alright.

  • NO NWO

    Interesting. Some wonder if this guy is for real and if he is, why is he still alive? Paul the apostle lasted a many years. He was known as Saul while persecuting the church to the max yet God spared him. After Sauls coversion he was known as Paul thereafter. There were many attempts to kill Paul by the elite in his day yet God allowed him to live even after being left for dead from a stoning. God will chose who He wants to be a messenger and who He doesnt want. The important thing here is, what will we do with the information given to us?

  • CosmicKiwiPerth Check this out about Bush & co.

  • CosmicKiwiPerth

    Apparently Apparrel yes, I have heard about Barry Sorrell being Obama`s real name. Tis interesting the FB page on Mars Anomalies, & Project pegasus as well. But i don`t think Basiago has enough clout. But then again in 2016 all the bad apples may be gone or more likely in jail & he may be a welcome breath of air & openness re finances, military & the real goings on re space & our “visitors”. I read Bush Snr. is preparing to flee to the fortified ranch in Paraguay.

  • stoowie

    Everything said about the way to heaven is correct the only thing is that the real day to go to church/ worship our Lord Jesus is on Saturday that is the REAL Sabbath day. It all started with Constantine from the Roman Empire. All I ask is to ask God to seek the truth and do some research yourself and you will see that you come to the same conclusion. God bless

    The truth shall set you free

  • Mark Brander

    The way is narrow and the gate is straight. Few there be that find it. The sinners prayer will earn you salvation, only abstinence from sin coupled with great remorse for the sins you have committed in the past is the only way to get into heaven. Christians are not saved, you will know on judgement day whether you have been saved. REPENT NOW! for the truth about Barack Hussein Obama, the Antichrist!

  • Mark Brander

    typo, sinners prayer will NOT get you into heaven.

  • Anonymous

    Yes George is still alive, or at least he has a website still! More on him there: This is the first guy that ‘woke’ me up a few years ago…everything he said then is coming to pass, I believe him. Of course, there are new forces at play now that this agenda is becoming so known….they only HOPE to do these terrible things. I believe they will flail and FLAIL. Having their main underground bunkers get destroyed, as they were recently, was not in their plan!

  • Anonymous

    absolute bonkers. all of you.

  • Nim

    Sigh. You’ve all taken Christianity and perverted it far from the truth.
    You double speak saying truth will set you free and then prayer is of no value. You talk about fear and death but never mention Love. You accuse others of sin without acknowledging your own. You take everything for granted and never really say thank you.
    You argue over Sabbath days when Christ was working on the Sabbath.
    Does your conscience bother you? Did you do something wrong in your life? It is forgiven.

  • Anisha

    My God is an all loving, all forgiving God. It is his Divine laws that hold all things in perfect balance that those who choose to ‘not love’ should worry about. Only ‘mankind’ is capable of such lusts and was given free will to overcome these ‘imbalances’.

  • Anonymous

    As is the case with so many of these videos, the sound is terrible, I couldn’t understand it so I pulled the plug. The video was not much better.

  • kindredsoul53

    FINALLY some of the TRUTH is coming out….

  • Ozzie_Thinker

    Those who assume the video to be the maniac ravings of a lunatic would be on the right path, but saddly much of the substance has some basis. If I analyse the salient points and flesh out the debate with a bit of background:

    Even 15 years ago the suggestion of an “all out” nuclear war in the middle east unthinkable. Today, it is not only plausible, but your “regular joe” would not be surprised that US, Israel or one of their agents had launched a nuclear attack on Iran for “developing a nuclear defense against the possibility of nuclear attack”. But at least 5 of the old soviet nuclear stock are said to have wound up in Iran. There is also the issue of Fukushima and the “missing US nukes”. Did Cheney take them there in 2007? Were Japan going to ammend their consitution not for “defense” purposes, but a planned attack on China…ermm…North Korea, sorry?

    There have been many leaks as to CFR thinking that the World’s population is “too big”, but these must be taken with a pinch of salt. Interestingly it is more likely that any campaign to destroy humanity would be dressed as salvation. Certainly the money being pumped into rogue pharma is a worry. Are Gates and Buffet “that nice” or do they have a different agent. They are both CFR signed up members, I’m told.

    A rather higher percentage of “important society” members engage in illicit drug fueled, “underage” sex or combined activities that wider society would be comfortable with. Added to the fact that some unexpected household names are not “generally known” to be offenders.

    There has been a rapid acceleration in the building of penal institutions and the less publicised scramble to construct underground shelters. Out going President “bumpkin” Bush boasted of snorting K in one such shelter with his present wife some years ago. There are some who might be compelled to believe the gulf disaster is no accident looking at the financial activity just prior. Yet, as God thankfully works in the ost mysterious way, the gulf was not the massive catastrophe it should have been, whereas the the unplanned Fukishima is a nightmare.

    Even the financial cricis has been something of a “fizzer”. If anything it has galvunised the middle classes who are starting to say “enough is enough”. The OWS could turn very nasty indeed as it has the makings of a civil war. Yes I do believe that Kissinger, Rumsfeld and Carter are part of a very big plan for World control, but the issue (as far as they are concerned) is they are not even close to controlling anything. The majority of people will follow laws that are sold as reasonable. Those laws that have no credibility are ignored. It won’t get any easier whether there are 2Billion 500M or even 50,000. A % can and will “buck the system” at any given time.

    There are 3 comments for the proposed nuclear scenario:

    1 Noone has taken the bate, so it unlikely that Israel will be nuked unless they find a patriot suicide bomber (always possible).

    2 Nuclear war will not reduce the population very fast or effectively and those underground bunkers might become contaminated. All is “good in theory”….

    3 A lot of the planners are dying off and being replaced by young guns who rather like the surface attractions this world has to offer. Therefore if nuclear war were to happen, it would be “measured” in my opinion. Nucear materials are already used in conventional weaponary and have been dumped in large quantities in Iraq. The world hasn’t noticed.

  • Anonymous

    Its now soft kill by radiation. they don’t just have one plan in line to use.

  • electra111

    anonymous wrote:The US will be unable to provide food for the rest of the world. Many people around the world will starve too.

    NEWS FLASH, the US doesn’t feed the rest of the world. I live in Asia and they have a lot of food, no American products are on sale here unless you go to specialty store.
    Get a grip of reality.

    The world is not over populated, its badly managed by crooks and yes God is all powerful and will have the last laugh, but no humanity doesn’t deserve to die.

    Good news, this is all baloney and will not come to pass.

  • Jayna Dinnyes

    Here is something that may put a scare into you! Martial Law here in the U.S. will become “The Mark of the Beast”, Revelation 13:18. The #666 (Greek Diaglott ~ free on Web) is the name “Jesus Christ” and in the Greek this name contains a cross! X as in Xmas! Those sealed in the True Names of the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua) will survive all of these disasters to greet Yahshua when He returns. Revelation 14:1
    That’s right! He’s coming SOON ~ and no New World Order under this 30 year Bush Senior White House under The British Monarchy, under The Vatican and its CROSS can stop Him!
    HalleluYah! This ancient Hebrew word means “Praise ye Yah!”

  • lazyhorse

    quoting Anonymous 31 October 2011 22:08:06 —{ There are people who think 500 million is the maximum sustainable population of the earth. I agree with that number. … Biological warfare would be the way to eliminate large numbers of people. }—

    you should know this is a hideous school of thought. you sound intelligent enough. it shows intelligence is not enough. without compassion the human being is nothing. a brute machine.

    you say biological warfare WOULD be the way. that phrasing makes clear your support for and conspiracy to perform genocide. that’s a crime against humanity for which you can actually be arrested, just like a member of a terrorist cell.

    does it not occur to you that on the eve of a space age, there are better ways to reduce the population on earth than simply murdering everybody? can you imagine how foolish and wicked the perpertrators of such an act will seem to future generations? get a grip man.

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