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Red Alert! Obama Administration To Sign U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

Sunday, May 19, 2013 4:59
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Molon Labe


Our rights are at risk, it’s time to get on the front lines and FIGHT

Just when we all thought the gun debate was dying down, the Obama administration has said it is now pursuing to sign the UN Arms treaty in the “near future”. On April 2nd, 2013, the UN general assembly voted 153-4 to proceed with the arms treaty, with the United States voting in favor of the bill.

So what exactly does the arms treaty do to us as Americans? It’s a complex ban, still in prototype but the main force of the bill is to regulate the international trade in conventional weapons.

The treaty is expected to be signed by the Obama administration by June 3rd, 2013.

Mainly what needs to be concerned here is the fact that the treaty regulates trade of firearms and like. This gives the elite a “foothold” to invade on our second amendment rights, and later down the road our other rights.

The main reason that the treaty has been successful with other countries, is the fact that it does not ban firearms directly. However, it allows the governments of the countries who enact it to gain backdoor access to later infringe upon rights. Politicians are using the excuse that “the treaty will not take away our rights, rather enforce them”. This gives a decepted population the feeling that the treaty is good and will not harm our rights. This however is not true. Looking back into history, the first Nazi Regulation against firearms in 1938 was mild. It did not outright ban gun, rather it classified them and restricted them a bit. The, a few years later, Jews were ordered that they could not own, transfer or posses firearms, no exceptions.

So while may some think that the treaty is harmless, it is important to know that this is just the beginning of a long road to the gun debate. No different from the others in the past 5 decades, citizens must stay armed, frosty and vigilant in order to avoid things like gun control.


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  • myth buster

    never worry wont happen.The end of obama.sotoro sabarka.who ever he is is almost over.All will be null and void.Lol

    • RICH99

      you keep believing that !

    • Rhonda

      Well I am glad someone has some confidence, but I don’t, because we do not have a congress capable of finishing the job, unfortunately.

  • Equalizer

    “Traitor” plain and simple.

  • tamarindwalk

    Your rights are NOT at risk! This has nothing to do with arms sales in the United States. It has only to do with reducing the proliferation of guns coming from the United States and flowing to criminal and terrorist elements in the third world.
    Keep your junk in America! That’s what this bill is all about!

    • apache5

      so we see you are just another one of those brainwashed people as well. keep on dreaming and when you wake up you will not even know what happened except you are now in a fema camp, or worse :evil:

    • Ozzie_Thinker

      “Terrorist elements in the third world”; so you mean they are going to cease issuing the armed forces of the United Stated of Zion with guns?

    • Soffitrat

      Terrorists like in Europe or the monkeys in the ME? Or just Mexico? I think that I will keep mine. And buy more.

    • kainnis

      You are not a smart man. It has only to do with reducing the proliferation of guns coming from the United States only a troll would say that.

  • grumpy old man

    We are on the edge of a dictatorship,and we don’t know how to stop it. The proper procedure to get rid of this parasite is in place,but no one seems to want to get the ball rolling. Democrats refuse to believe the things that “O” has done to our country and it’s citizens,and Republicans seem to lack backbone. Everyone want’s to correct the problem,but we all sit back and hope the problem will go away,but it ain’t gonna happen. He should not have to be impeached,he holds his office illegally. US Marshals should be able to go into the WH and drag his happy ass out,but they need someone to tell them that. Ahhh screw it,I’m just tired of it all,I just don’t give a rats ass anymore.

    • londoner

      Well then – contact your nearest US Marshalls and talk to them about acting on the information you have and the situation as you understand it.
      Press them about acting according to their job description and their codes of office.
      Get them to do their jobs.
      This is what they are taking money for doing, after all.
      The system is already there to solve this problem if only it is used.
      What will you tell your children if you do not act now?

  • Scared Soldier

    I did not vote for the UN, I do not give “implied consent” to any politician.
    I also do not give permission for any elite to commit treason by undermining the US Constitution.

    • londoner

      That’s the ticket – you are not alone – follow up on that thought – it’s the right way to go.
      What, then, is the next logical step?
      – Talk to colleagues, form a body, a cohort.
      Stand for what you feel and know to be right & proper.
      Then act according to your convictions and let the cards fall where they may.
      What else can one do and comfortably live with – tell one’s children about?

    • W. Willow

      You are right about this. The proposed treaty is a creeping infringement. POTUS is not allowed to make any treaty that supercedes the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Any treaty entered into by POTUS has to be approved by 2/3 of the Senate (which represent state govts). The States have the final say.

      The pressure has to be on the Senate and state govts. to say, NO WAY!

      “A properly/legally framed U.S. treaty does not, may not, cannot, and is forbidden to overrule the U.S. Constitution or abrogate the Sovereignty of the United States. If it does, it is not bona fide. It is a usurpation. It is not “under the Authority of the United States” to make such a treaty.” …

  • Rhonda

    Obama already signed into law by executive order, the equivalent to the UN treaty. By EO all imports of guns, ammo, and gun accessories cannot no be imported or exported. He did that while everyone was busy with the Boston bombings.

    • Anonymous

      Executive orders only apply to federal government personnel and the DC area.

      The president DOES NOT and HAS NEVER HAD any legislative powers. Only Congress has it. And even then, they are limited by what the constitution GRANTS THE FEDERAL government. ANYTHING OUTSIDE is given to the states and to the people.

  • londoner

    Well, OF COURSE he was going to carry on with this – WHAT ELSE can him and his masters do?
    Wake up and get lively.
    These are bullies and bullies have to be straightened out sooner or later. Sooner is better.
    Someone call up Mr T. – ask him for an opinion.

  • Mover

    The heights of treason are unbelievable, yet there it is. Ignore it at your peril.

  • meanoldlion

    Londner……I remember bama swearing he would not sign the “new and improved” Patriot act…Look, the guy is just a grinning doormat, a distraction at best blame the REAL powers(Rothschilds)

  • Banderman

    Obama doesn’t represent the American people; Obama represents Obama. Impeach.

  • Geneww1938

    Our legislators better have the override votes ready to kill this One World power grab of our rights.
    Once signed, then the POTUS could have the UN take the guns and the DHS would back that action.

  • justiceday

    Obama wants us to be without guns so the US military can do whatever they want. He is already allowing them to rape!

  • patriot156

    Obama will sign this thing, he’s already said he likes it so why wouldn’t he?
    And for the nay sayers he’s already signed an executive order that does just this, so were screwed no matter what. If the Senate doesn’t pass this then who cares, he still has another executive order to cover that.

  • patriot156

    yep march 8th he signed this EO
    Executive Order 13637 – Administration of Reformed Export Controls
    Eric holder is now the ctrler of all arms deals.
    So weather or not they ban semiautomatic rifles/er assault weapons as everyone likes to call them, we will never see any inported ones except for law and military. Only people that make them hear will get to sell them now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • patriot156

    ya they hel are at risk, anyone knows you start small then work your way up when needed.
    ass hat!!!!!!

  • Rob

    Was this ratified by the senate already?? Because ovomit can sign anything he wants but if it was not ratified then he is siting and spinning.

    • Anonymous

      Anyones that votes in favor of this is overtly committing an act of treason. Is not their call to infringe on anyones rights.

  • Anonymous

    He can sign whatever he wants. But he does not have the authority to do so (as the Constitution is what gives standing to the federal government, thus the federal government does not have the authority to go over it). Of course, by signing, he just committed an act of high treason. He cannot even claim he didn’t know what he was doing as he is a law professor.

    So when are the folks at the military going to make their oath to protect the constitution good? Or where they just words without any honor to back them up?

  • Jacksdad

    The Constitution trumps international law and there’s no two ways about it and the UN doesn’t have the power to disarm 100 million gun owners, nor does Obama.

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