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Community in Total Shock as Muslim Refugee Rapes Girl to Death and Then Continues After She Died

Thursday, January 28, 2016 4:40
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(N.Morgan)  An immigrant from Somalia, age 34, was arrested for brutally attacking a woman next to the parking garage of a Sheraton hotel in Sweden.

The woman perished while being raped. 

Police stated that the perpetrator continued to rape the woman’s corpse well after she was deceased. The Somalian was captured by police while still in the act of raping the murdered woman’s body.

Sweden and Norway have been plagued by a massive epidemic of violent rapes.

Crime statistics show that rapes in both countries are overwhelmingly perpetrated by Muslim immigrants.

2013 figures were given in a recent report by Swedish Public Radio. In the first seven months of 2013, over 1,000 Swedish women reported being raped by Muslim immigrants. Over 300 of those were under the age of 15. The number of rapes is up 16% compared to 2012 numbers.


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Total 46 comments

    The FAKE refugee crisis was instigated to bring the immoral heathen cultures into the Western societies so they can break down the rule of law and exploit the loopholes created for them. They have one objective that has been implanted through FALSE religious interpretations and teachings. There are two groups working together, without full knowledge of the others participation, against the Christian world.

    • Knarlydawg

      I think you’re spot on, except that I believe the higher level Judaic, Muslim, Jesuit and Masonic Luciferians are all very well aware of each others involvement, with the Judaics managing the whole global agenda. MULTICULTUALISM. It’s great to force it on everyone except ISRAEL. That right there tells you who the major propagator is. The only group that gets to keep their Tribal lineage in tact are the Jews. Interesting.

    • Knarlydawg


    • StomStom

      If you have not noticed, the destruction of Christianity has been started LOOOONG ago from the inside.

  • charlie2dogs

    they are doing the same thing to america

    • Hayduke

      Nope. They’d be shot here. We have guns, remember?

      • sarah

        The people of Sweden are armed with guns.

        It’s time for some Swedish men to go night hunting.

        See what kind of animals that are devouring their young daughters they can bag.

        Why sit here until your children die?

        If people are killing you it is time to kill them back.

        Government officials that are allowing the rapes and murders to continue need to be removed from office. They are just as guilty as the rapist and murderers they show favor to over the lives of their citizens.

        Is a ‘refugee’ life more important than a man’s daughters and wives lives?

        Do men think your wife or daughters respect you as a man if you will not protect them?

        • Mayhem

          That’s if shooting your attacker isn’t illegal…

          … like pepper spraying them is.

          • sarah

            Let me put this in English for you Mayhem.

            If the Swedish men go and remove the “refugee” murderers, rapist, and remove criminal politicians allowing the murder and rape of their wives and daughters, there will not be a problem with what is legal or illegal in Sweden anymore because the men will have regained control of their country.

            They men may even decide to create a new government in their country.

            Perhaps a government that executes murderers and rapist.

            A government that protects Swedish borders from invasion.

            A government that hangs corrupt politicians.

            The men need to take control of their countries before corrupt politicians and invaders take their country away from them.

            This isn’t rocket science.

            Every person and animal on this earth has the GOD GIVEN right to defend their self.

            They do not have to allow another person to rape or kill them just because the government says they can’t defend their selves.

            Who gives a damn what the government says if a person is about to be raped or killed by an attacker?

          • Mayhem

            A government, sarah, of God and ruled with an iron rod.

          • underdog

            a base ball bat . any ?

          • Mayhem

            No, underdog, a rod of iron straight and true but yes “any” so long as there remains no conflict with Scripture.

  • debbie


    • Johnny

      Just wondering, Debbie, are you one of those “feminists” that defends kid touchers and wife beaters, i.e., Muslims?

    • akjm

      OK, but then Muslims are permitted to rape non-muslims, so what’s the beef.

      • underdog

        and non Muslims have the right to beat up Muslims who rape women .

  • Klemens

    a very good new german book a about the rapefugees crises:
    “Der geplante Volkstod”
    The planed death of the folk

    for those people which can read german, it is very interesting.

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#3(prelim),

    Charlie here. You take their goats away and this is what happens. They go after your women! Why do you think in those countries is it customary to give goats as dowry?? :lol:


    Charlie (giving you the truth about the dowrynut) :lol:

    • King Of Jambalamba

      Still hoping you get Muslim gang raped! Eat that doughnut ya fag!

      • Pink Slime

        Your greatest fantasy, huh? Why are you Muslims so CRAZED??? :twisted:

  • desertspeaks

    how many innocent people have to die before you morons throw these CREATURES out and then throw out your government who allowed them to murder your people??

    • underdog

      governments dont give 2 chits about the people who thay are suppose to serve .

  • King Of Jambalamba

    Kill all dark skinned animals asap!

    • Pink Slime

      Hey watch it BUDDY!!! I own 3 black-dogs and they are MEAN AS HELL!!! :lol:

    • Eggzactly

      My 3 Black Labs would make a ‘snack’ out of You!

  • 1984vs1776

    Attention, this is not a drill a potential false flag may iniate at oregon occupation of building to iniate more extreme gun control measures equal to high cap ban, semi auto rifle ban, and redefinition of armor piercing to be banned; which makes all ammo that can penetrate ceramic armor illegal to sell or produce. Which would dry up the supply for rifles. Everyone, please sign this petition to stop any violence at the Oregon occupation. Please refresh this page 20 times while you read this; but let it load first before refreshing. It will help get this article out there so that thousands can read it and it will prevent a potential false flag attack if we get enough to sign the petition. IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A PATRIOT TO REFRESH THIS PAGE 20 TIMES PER PERSON SO THAT IT CAN MAKE IT ON THE TOP HEADLINES SO THAT POTENTIAL FALSE FLAG TO BAN SEMI AUTO RIFLES WILL BE PREVENTED! IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A PATRIOT TO SIGN THIS PETITION OR IT IS TREASON! IT IS YOUR DUTY AS AN AMERICAN TO SHARE PETITION ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR IT IS TREASON! IT IS YOUR DUTY TO REMAIN PEACEFUL AND TO SHARE WITH TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE!

  • AnotherSorryGuy

    There is only one God. The dispute is, and has always been, the messenger, and the message. 

    For the majority of the worlds Muslims the message of Islam and its Sharia Law denies the rights of women, allows for the abuse of children, and the enslavement, or murder ,of unbelievers. It is not a backward Religion of a thousand years ago it is a curse on a modern world. Islam is a cult of death. 

    Islam is terror. Terror is Islam.

  • Judge Roy Bean

    For every rape and death at the hand of these savage Muslim, require the death of a public official, you will end it damn soon.

  • Mayhem

    Danish rape victim to be charged with pepper spraying her attacker…

    … and therein lies the madness.

    • sarah


      Please elaborate more on your comment about a government of God and ruled with an iron rod.

      • Mayhem

        I mean the 10 commandments rigidly applied by altruistic governance.

        We, the people, might not be able to pull it off.

        But it’s coming all the same.

        • sarah

          I agree with your comment.

          God, told us to occupy until he comes.

          All we can do as people waiting on Jesus to return is our best to correct a corrupt system.

          We will never be able to get ‘man’s system’ perfect or perhaps even that good.

          But, we can do our best to make the corrupt systems better.

          So, when Jesus does return we will be working in the field like he told us to do until he gets here.

  • Sue Rosenorn

    Why isnt this being addressed by the United Nations?

    • Mayhem

      It is being addressed by the UN.

      Recently, Ban Ki-moon, expressed serious concern on the recent border restrictions imposed by a number of states in the Balkans.

      They all know but just don’t care.

    • Crazy times

      because it was THEIR plan from the beginning….. :arrow: MULTICULTURAL ARMAGEDDON

    • underdog

      ptt like thay give a chit .

  • charlie2dogs

    is he still alive, thats all i want to know?

  • underdog

    I dure them to try to rape a women in the Latino community . It be game over that POS so fast . As for me
    I would handle it the way us Irishmen handle rapists . It involves lots of blood .

  • underdog

    I dure them to try to rape a women in the Latino community . It be game over that POS so fast . As for me
    I would handle it the way us Irishmen handle rapists . It involves lots of blood . it


    Demand the right to own, and bear arms, and to have public hangings of your politicians.

    • underdog

      hear hear

  • Judge Roy Bean

    The Muslims are not the orchestrating all that is going on, they are mere tools of the Jews to brake down the nations, so they will be willing participants into a world government.

  • Anonymous

    When the cops caught him in the act of raping a corpse, the cops should of raped him to death, with their night-sticks, if they happen to use them over there, a eye for a eye = swift justice, P.O.S. like that parasite need their life terminated, from this earth A.S.A.P.

  • last_layman

    Read Albert Pike…

  • MrAnthony

    Apparently, passing off a two-year old story as “before it’s news” is what passes for journalism in N. Morgan’s world. Worse yet, copying and pasting without checking sources has resulted in the hilarity of redflagnews sourcing their copied from jewsnews who sourced their story from a white supremacist/anti-Jew site. Ultimately, the story goes back to December 2013, and the original source is claimed to be a Norwegian report, which doesn’t exist.

    N. Morgan is no better than a noisy mockingbird, repeating stories she’s found without really understanding the gibberish she spouts.

  • Juan Percent

    Ever since the 1st story of Swedish/German women being raped by refugees/migrants,

    have I never read ANYTHING about the rapists, “being tested/charged with H.I.V. transmission”!

    One would think, by now, some one would have been charged of this. Unless of course,


    (Have I opened UP, a ‘can of worms’?? Better start testing!! :mad: :lol: :mad: )

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