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Alex Jones: 2016 Election To Be Canceled?? Breaking Report!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 15:58
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By Lisa Haven 


In the video below youtuber Elite NWO Agenda reveals how Alex Jones has stated that the election might be “canceled” due to the fact that the Republican National Committee (RNC) could place in their own candidate instead of the ones that the public have voted on—Trump and Cruz. If the RNC does this, then the election will be handed over to the Democratic Part and the Republican Party will all but be eliminated and the public will be outraged. 


Here’s the breaking report…. 


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  • Danika

    This is untrue. The 2016 election has not been cancelled as I type this. This makes Lisa Haven and Alex Jones misrepresentatives of truth.

    • Lisa Haven

      No kidding, please watch the video, then comment.

      • srsly1

        send nudes please

    • Elijah

      Something big is coming, and Nostradamus predicted Trump!

      • WhiteDawn


        The trumpet shakes with great discord.
        An agreement broken: lifting the face to heaven:
        the bloody mouth will swim with blood;
        the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground.


    • Anonymous

      Danika is a troll

  • Brandon

    Lying Thieving Ted!

  • Michael Carrigan

    Or how about this?

    Have a ballot with “none of the above.” If “none of the above” gets the most votes, then “none of the above” wins. And the current incumbent doesn’t get to stay as he’s termed out pursuant to the 22nd Amendment. If and when an acceptable candidate is voted in, then “none of the above” is in charge. Everyone else continues to do their job.

    Not that “none of the above” will likely win, but it sends a stronger message than simply not voting.

    The Speaker of the House then would be the interim President (given the departure of the President and Vice President) until a democratically elected President is decided by the people. But he would be little more than a lame duck.

    We get the leaders we, as a group, deserve. And we the people passively accept whatever candidates are trotted out to us, as though they are the most qualified.

    • DistantCousin

      There is a second part to this rumor flying about,
      “None of the Above” has chosen Nobody as his
      Running Mate!!!

      “None of the Above” has guaranteed he will do better
      than Any of the Above.
      And everybody knows, Nobody gives a Damn about
      your future!!!

      What A Team!!! :cool:

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. I would not doubt they would pull a stunt like this as it purported they changed the rules and can change it again.

    Look, all I know is this, for some reason they do not want Donald Trump and pulling out (unbelievably) all the stops they can on him and as Rush said, but not on Hillary.

    That tells me one thing. Donald must be interfering with their carefully laid out plans and from what I can tell is that their plan is to SELL OUT AMERICANS!! Look all around you. They been selling YOU down the road for years now.

    How far they will go to try to stop the DONald remains to be seen. Including assassination. Which means the illegal negro may suspend the election or declare himself president for life, depending on what happens after.


    Charlie (sorry, did not watch the video. Too busy eating doughnuts) :lol: :lol:

    • Don - 1

      ahaha…. I love donuts….my fav is jelly….mmmm good.!!!

    • Ambicatus

      trump will be president, i even want him, he is ideal for my needs, his ego, will allow him to be led by the nose, if done by a capable manipulator, one would have far more leverage, and one could get a far greater emotion based response from him, also he was on the simpsons, and really, this is a “reward life” for me and my brethren, and like, who would be cooler to war against? hitlery? or bernie? nah, they lame an PRUDENT, the would not commit the ENTIRE us armed forces to one attack, but, mr man would. mr man got the god size ego, he, he we can work with, and its better for the comedy factor. so the Don, is also under protection from the Side im on, so he WILL be president, and there is NOTHING anyone can do, cause you know its all “game of thrones” in lucifers house, they ALWAYS trying to assasinate each other, but whateverrrrr we got phat crows on the Don, for OUR purposes, the 77′s, Donald is the ideal candidate. also, the Don has one of thosen “hostel” like darkrooms. hes a sicko. all uber high level masons do. hostel, the movie , is docmentary. and ja, also, me eat cookie, never ever watch lyn video, or liisa, i see their true form, and they look like hagravens from skyrim, blegh

  • 2QIK4U

    It will never be “cancelled” But they are very able to screw trump over. Google was caught out Fudging numbers and allowed Hitlary to win, SANDERS BEAT HILLARY, and how can ANYONE run for election while facing criminal charges? If you go to REDDIT ELECTIONS 2016. People are CONTINUALLY submitting evidence of Criminal activity in the Voting sector. Go check it out Lisa.

    • Ambicatus

      on a funnier and more factual a note, i think you lot could SAVE your country by making this man president, he is a chosen one, is is fact. Let me bring some joy to this dreary ass place, i say, if you had Ron SHirley as president, your country , would turn to greatness.

      this, this is the kinda people i like:

      • Ambicatus

        o wait, your that bogan. looooool yore not even a real country but a frikken island man! shrimp on the barbie ya prick!

  • 2QIK4U

    Kasich just withdrew all his radio spots and ads, so it looks like kasich is gone, whoever he is?

  • 2QIK4U

    Trump want’s to dismantle the U.N which does tie into Lisa’s NWO article yesterday, it’s just the bible fear i can do without. Good report today Lisa. :grin:

  • 2QIK4U

    Alex jones 100% about TED CRUZ IS PEPEE LE PEW. Lol

  • dabu

    I think the election will be cancelled, but for reasons of chaos. I believe this is the summer of chaos. Even the insiders are saying race war is planned, and there will be an American spring, just like all the middle east countries. We’re looking at a third term!

    • Ambicatus

      SHUSH YOU!!! they supposed to be wrryin aboot aleens an other stuff!@ dont you come preventing more kills here! you!@ the race war, starts HERE by me. the skraeling move first, and untold horror you shall see on your screens, for soon i drink the tastiest cider, GEN-O-CIDER, the neggers think im jesus yo. i tell them to kill whitey. they obey,. i wait for black sun. then when 2/3, have been redeemed, then, the lesson has begun.

  • VirusGuard

    We according to Alex Jones we have all been killed ten times and ET has invaded the USA

    Lisa the only thing from Alex that will rub off on you will stink so by all means do your own stuff, say your own thing but keep clear of Alex who’s blind to anything his banker pay-master do in Israel

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WARNING PEOPLE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Now is a good time to backup your files and then keep the backup device off your network.

    Ranson-ware using Tor and Bitcoins is running wild since feb this years and encrypts
    everything but Tor and files to keep windows running.

    TPTB are making out that it's spread by people opening attachments in emails but thats not true
    and i know its can come from a back-door in internet explore or the Tor client software is being
    used to infect your machines and the virus goes after your BitCoin wallet too.

    Maybe a plan to force people to buy BTC to push the price up aswell as making the criminals behind the virus rich.

  • MediaMike

    Cruz is a friggin’ Canadian! He is not qualified for US Presidency.

  • Sensor

    The “Federal elite” at war with the American people.
    Election is based on lies across the theater.

  • last_layman

    Cabal is just too weak to stop him, Elite leaches club aka R&Rs have both Chinese and Russians now puffing down their necks and that’s something they were not use to for at least 2 centuries. It’s story very much like from any decent horror movie, elite is caught well, barricaded within their own power-structure-house while monsters are trying harder and harder to break in, and as always there’s Trump and he’s jumping thru the skyline…yes he’s armed and dangerous but he’s still one with the cheapest price, home grown thug that will cause the mild for of diarrhea, while both China and Russia are like ebola and black death. So they will try to make Donald miserable but at the end they will accept his presidency. Of course this is very rational, but because centuries of inbreeding within top Cabal membership, sane and rational is something the are in very short supply. BUT because that sane minority is in fact supporting Trump and as they are also controlling much of the resources, he will be safe… :twisted:

  • worldwatcher

    After the election in 2012 I said there would be no more presidential elections. Nothing anyone can do about it these are the last days I suggest you hold your family while you can protect them as best you can. Storage of water just in case you make it through the initial praise the Lord God Almighty his son Jesus Christ and remember the Islamic’s have neither

  • Steven

    Every President I remember except Eisenhower and JFK (they killed him) Wanted to do something that would allow them to be King for ever, so they would never have to leave office. None worked yet. Johnson tried Vietnam war protesters, Nixon Oil, Carter Economic collapse, Reagan they shot to control him, Bush had his Iraq war, Clinton ruined the military and shipped our patents to China, Bush 911, and now the russian plant.

  • VomitO

    Alex has said this same crap every time it’s election time and he’s always wrong. This is no different than his Y2K garbage. Alex keeps spouting lies and retards keep lining up to swallow his spittle he keeps drooling out.(yes you have to be retarded to blindly accept that charlaton at his word)
    It is a SHAME Lisa is discrediting herself by falling for this delusion. Wake up Lisa. Wake up.

  • nubwaxer

    that would be great. president obama is much more popular than either candidate and he’s so much more level headed and experienced. america would elect him again in a heart beat. unfortunately alex jones is batsh** cray and has never been right on anything. :evil:

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