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Former President Bush Makes a Sad Prediction

Thursday, July 21, 2016 8:14
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Well, if the unhinged behavior of the Trumplings at the GOP convention this week hasn’t convinced you that the death of the republic is nigh, then you’re more of an optimist than me.

That, or you haven’t been paying attention.

I’ve been pretty much convinced the republic was dying from the day Barack Obama, a lazy, shiftless, junior senator from Illinois was elected, all because he could string a couple of words together in a sentence.

That belief was solidified when Trump was allowed to rise above a field of some of the strongest conservative minds at our disposal in many years.

You can’t run a nation on a combination of “gimme, gimme” and stupid.

We are on our way to a one-party system because the Democrats have better learned how to harness idiocy into a winning strategy. They’ve had more practice.

It seems I’m not the only one sounding Taps for the nation, or the Republican party. Back in April, former President George W. Bush lamented that very thing.

Former President George W. Bush fretted to a group of former aides and advisers in April that he was worried he could be the “last Republican president.”

The 43rd president’s remark, at a gathering in Dallas of his administration’s staffers, reflected a dim view of the party’s prospects at a time when the primary contest was realistically down to Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“I’m worried that I will be the last Republican president,” Bush told a clutch of former aides and advisers.

He may very well be, as Trump makes Hillary Clinton, possibly the most unelectable candidate the Democrats could offer up, seem oddly electable.

Republican voters of principle are ripping up their voter registration cards and are moving towards the door, seeking a party that better reflects their values, since the GOP has become the Trump party, according to Trump’s campaign manager and alleged Russian mob fixer, Paul Manafort.

Say what you will about George W. Bush, but he sees the writing on the wall. That may be why he has refused to be part of Trump’s ego-fest in Cleveland. He was a flawed, but principled president, and the last time we saw any real class or respect for the office in Washington.

And truthfully, I can’t even say I hope he’s wrong, because if Trump is the new face of the GOP, Republicans don’t deserve to be in the White House again.

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  • Modern Feudal Serf

    Helloooooo Red State. The primaries are over so maybe you’d like to focus on the real enemy of the state … Hillary Clinton … instead of bashing the GOP nominee.

    • truther357

      Yes..they are talking like a ‘Blue State!’
      Now take time to read about the real terrorist that are running (destroying) this nation.. and let’s concentrate on getting rid of the Marxist ,criminal ,killers.. let’s also include Hollywood and the Soros ‘race-baiting’ ‘cop-’hating’ (AP)+ ‘left-stream’ Media.

    • MAC JAM

      Former President Bush is sad, Both of them and Both of them should be in prison..

  • Redlist Renegade

    WHAT planet are YOU from and do they MISS you on Neptune ?!!! Ol’ “W” was EASILY one of the WORST Presidents that this country has EVER had (although not nearly as bad as WHAT we have NOW “masquerading” as our commander and chief ! HE’S more like a PRETENDER and CHEAT) !!!

  • Anonymous

    Note to Bush:
    You were never elected in the first place.

  • dennisR8

    If any body who has been President of the United States for decades into the past a trend should be able to be seen. The Bushes were not, are not, and never were conservatives. They implemented Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson asinine foreign policies of creating a war to make money for New York banker gangsters. The Bushes are democrats as they were pushing America toward fascism. George W Bush should be tried for treason along with his father for pushing the “New American century” of conquering nations for the central bank creation, only four to six nations left on earth without a Rothschild central bank. Paul Laxalt former Nevada governor walk out on Ronald Reagan in 1980, when Reagan took GHW Bush as his VP, after Reagan’s conversation with Rockefeller.

    Iceland, Russia and Hungary no longer have a Rothschild central bank. The world is moving away from Globalism.

  • Armed Gentleman

    Bush is a piece of shit globalist. He may have taken part in the assassination of JFK. He was in Dallas that day. He is part of the new world order which we are not. I hate this man and cant wait till he dies. He will burn forever for all his crimes. He may have taken part in smuggling drugs with Noriega. These people cant be trusted and it matters not what this giant piece of says as he is a vile scumbag degenerate bastard. Barbara Bush is the daughter of Aleister Crowley who was a SATAN WORSHIPPER.

    • Clam Poop

      All of the Bush’s should be thrown into a dog shit pile and burned. i find it hard to believe that anyone would give a rats ass what this man, who came out of Satan’s ass. says about anything. I pray he suffers a long and painful death.

  • NM156

    As Twain said……Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated…….Just like our nation. Sorry to chit on your doom and gloom but………I chit on your doom and gloom :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Syrin

    The author is a f’head apologist and establishment lover. I love the fact he quotes former head of CIA and man involved in the Kennedy assassinations as well as helped clear the path for 9/11. Great f’ing guy.

    Meanwhile, here’s a list of Trump’s enemies:

    -republican establishment
    -the Mid East
    -the Pope

    They are ALL ENEMIES OF AMERICA, and they hate Trump. That’s enough alone, but then you factor in Putin has endorsed Trump and it’s a done deal.

    The author can go to Venezuela or North Korea. F’off and die. We don’t need limp wristed traitors any more/ You f’ed up enough things already.

    • FAT AXL!!!

      You forgot all leftists, liberals, commies, pinkos and Michael Moore.

    • wiseoldlady

      Nope….12 MILLION DEMOCRATS voted for Trump
      only 3.3 million Republicans voted for him.

  • my2pesos

    The Sun Burns! ~ Stunner Bush!………..(AG) +

  • Substantial Evidence

    Ah Bush.

    Remember when everyone said all the same conspiracy stuff about him, as they do now with Obama? Right down to saying he was going to do something crazy to stop the next election so he could stay in power?

    Remember how absolutely none of it came true?

    You nuts should remember.

    Because I have a feeling history is going to repeat itself again real soon.

  • Josie

    The bushes are all elite and illuminate minions. They are all evil to the core. Advocating the NWO and helping to destroy the Republican party. Someone put up a billboard saying “Do you miss me now”, I say Hell No! If Trump loses the Presidency we are all headed to the fema camps (concentration camps) never to be seen again. You can take it to the bank, if their still open…

    • smfresh82

      what makes you think Trump will be able to stop everything? he is one man. what makes you think your vote will count in this election when it never has before? yet you think Trump is going to come in and save us all and change things around and prosecute the traitors, the same traitors that rule the world and have plenty of money and no problems paying assassins to take out whoever gets in their way. JFK ring a bell? compared to the wealth of the black nobility families, trump is poor. i’m baffled that some americans still believe in this corrupted two party delusion. trump isn’t running to be the president of the united states republic. he’s a pre approved candidate for the role of CEO of US INC…A CORPORATION, located in D.C. which is not a part of the U.S.

      have you not seen all the symbolism predicting all of this? the simpson’s episode? the illuminat card game “trump card”???? the freemasonry symbols he throws up? admitting epstein is a great guy and likes them young like he does, and epstein provided children for the clintons to molest on his pedo island. or the fact that trump has been a donor of the clinton foundation? or the fact he’s related to Hilary?

      he picked a pedophile to be his VP. mike pence is a sick fuck. he’s the governor of my state and has threatened the lives of half the state police because they have dirt on him about his pedophilia. he’s having their families followed and if they talk their families will be taken out with them. however, he is losing power because people are starting to talk.

      you people need to wake the hell up before you go vote for pedophiles who want to legalize it so they can fuck your children and not be prosecuted. they are shitting themselves right now because tehy are all being exposed. and they think if they can legalize pedophilia it will save them from prosecution once the masses find out just how bad this problem really is.

      • JKnTX

        In the end both you and I are still dead along with all the rest. Not so? Marvelously funny.
        Enjoy the ride comrade taxpayer!


    • smfresh82

      not to mention you’d be voting for CLONES THEY ARE ALL CLONES PEOPLE. not a conspiracy theory, it’ sa FACT. so the real trump is probably long gone. WAKE THE HELL UP

  • ernie

    I have to agree with ‘W’ about him being the last Republican president, especially if Trump doesn’t win in November. Obama will do something to remain in office and most likely it will be by declaring martial law and suspending the election. If he’s able to do that he will then be able to appoint the next justice to the vacant seat left by Scalia and if he accomplishes that he will never lose again. With a liberal majority in SCOTUS anything he wants changed will be approved by at least a 5-4 ruling, including abolishing the Constitution that Mr. Obama has said repeatedly is antiquated and needs to go, deleting the 2nd Amendment to hamstring anyone who opposes him by removing our guns, and allowing illegals voting rights in case he ever needs their votes. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him also get rid of Congress so that any law in this country would be formed or approved by him. This election is huge and if Mr. Trump doesn’t win America as we have known it is done. Clinton won’t be president because Obama, who dislikes the Clintons, won’t allow it to happen.

    • JKnTX

      Don’t hold your breath on it.
      The Feds simply don’t have enough loyal boots or the support elements to make any of that happen.
      What is most likely is Amerika will break apart just as the Soviet Onion did. It may take years or only a few months, but that is the most probable end. There just isn’t enough cohesive “glue” to hold us together as a nation anymore. The same thing happened to the Roman Empire.

  • Scorpallain

    Why of course! The Bush Cartel is involved with the Globalists and want the end of the Republican party …so they can start their one world government.

  • suseeb

    So he would rather see a CRIMINAL in the White house than a successful business man who raised his children well without acting like spoiled rich kids. They are well-mannered, well educated and well mannered and idolize their father. A unit ed FAMILY that represents what we the people strive for. Isn’t that what so called ‘Republicans’ stand for. Typical phoney elitists :mad:

  • griffineagle7

    sounds like this Cat is Coughing out Trumped up Fur Balls .. never mind ” CATS ” on Broad way is more of the Re-Run thats right up his Alley of Strutt .. ! … purrr ….

  • spure

    red state is a schill

  • smfresh82

    I find it hilarious that you actually had the balls to post this. like anyone actually gives two fucks what George W. Bush thinks. he is a child raping, blood drinking, satanic psychopath who had a hand in the worst attack on american soil in history. with the help of his even more evil father. you lose all credibility as a journalist when you post stupid shit like this. it shows you big of a shill you are. either that, or you’re too fucking stupid to realize it doesn’t fucking matter republican or democrat they all work for the same masters and our votes have never counted. so take your shitty article and shove it right up your ass while you’re at it. people like you are traitors and scumbags still pushing this ridiculous agenda. how much do you get paid to be a piece of shit traitor? we have so many in this country it’s unbelievable. well I got news for you, karma is real my friend. and you’re about to figure that out very soon. if i were you i’d stop being a piece of shit while you still have the chance because there are bounties out on your masters’ heads and they will throw you under the bus to save themselves. GOOD RIDDENS TRAITORS

  • Johnny

    Hey RedState,

    Your Canadian hero didn’t get the nomination. Quit totin’ that bale for the Democrat Plantation.

  • smfresh82

    my fellow americans, take note of all these shills who are paid to lie to us and push an evil agenda. they are parties to a RICO operation. willingly agreeing to get paid to lie and deceive us. we’re going to rid this country of these traitors and we can sue them all, BASTARDS

  • Takealook

    Bush was one of the junior insiders on the false flag of 911 primarily run by Israel, Cheney, and Dov Zakheim.
    He is hardly one to be missed from supporting Trump especially since he is best friends with Hitlery and her rapist traitor husband. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out there Georgie Boy. Hillary is the leading funder of money and weapons to ISIS so the writer of this article is either extremely dumb or plain clueless as to what America needs to fear and
    worry about. First thing is leave NATO the terrorist group run by the Rothchilds and close our borders. Second is arrest most members of congress and this includes Hillary, the Bushes and on and on.

  • Doc

    George H.W. Bush and family are a bunch of NeoCons and our mortal enemy. Nothing he say’s is close to the truth. His pessimistic attitude either means Trump may be killed because he intends to end this New World DisOrder garbage, or Bush
    sees (and knows) something more sinister, because he’s on the inside of this evil cabal.

    Whoever wrote this story has their head up that dark hole…. because Americans have awakened, and along with Trump, we are going to remove this evil cabal, and we’ll get our country back, as it was originally intended by our great forefathers…
    This is our “peaceful” political war cry.

    Anything less, will lead us to civil war, as force will be the only way to remove these political-corporate parasites, and we can get our freedom back again, as we did in 1776. So…. let’s work together – remove these parasites and traitors by using peaceful means, and if that doesn’t work…then let’s remember the words of John F. Kennedy…

    Those who make peace revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable. So, let’s work together as Americans do,
    and get this done. LIVE FREE or DIE !!!

    • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

      What they are really is secret society cath0lics and papal puppets.

  • charlie2dogs

    your vote never meant anything anyway

  • Anonymous

    Bad Republicans. Bad Democrats. Celebrity dictator, openly discussing social revolution.

    In foreign countries, we have seen examples of what Bush is saying, love him or hate him.

  • Dennis

    Redstate is still on the dark side. Stop with the NWO Bush’s.

  • Rockledge

    Who the hell carres what Barney Dubya Fife says about anything? The guy still needs a drool bucket.
    Trump is everything bush was not, he is competent, intelligent, industrious, well spoken as well as straight spoken, and he doesn’t need a script, which bush couldn’t follow if it had a beacon and a string tied to him.

    Trump is the last hope to save us from the damage reagan, cheney(bush), and obama have done to this country.

    Trump represents the public interest and the rule of law. Neither of which the rest of our Washington politicians and diplomats concern themselves with.

  • JKnTX

    The Bushies need to be facing a firing squad, not listened to as if their opinion matters a damn. They have done as much damage to Amerika as the demoncrats if not more. They can jet away down to Paraguay, and one day it will all catch up to them just as with the Clintooner clan.
    The last REAL American President we had was JFK. RIP Sir.

  • The end is upon us

    george bushs memory has been wiped

    • FAT AXL!!!

      Izzatwhy he could never remember how to pronounce nuclear ???

      • JKnTX

        Hey, he was supposed to be a “highly qualified” F-102 pilot. To be honest, I doubt that other than being photo’ed in the cockpit of one in a flight suit, he could tell you which end was the one that went up in the sky first and which one the fire came out of that made it do that.

  • tattiio

    This is laughable, a son and father whom never ran anything of worth. No understanding of economics or market forces, and only trained I politics. For more at of American history presidents and senators did not go to school to learn about politics, or strive to be a career polotician. The had real jobs, and they were successful people. Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan both fit this description. America will always be served best by the people being leaders, not those whom groom themselves into a careful controlled public image. Look at Hillairy Clinton, she was fired from every job she ever had. Now she thinks that because her husband was president and she got fired so many times that she is qualified to lead the nation. If she cannot even lead a law firm, how the hell did s she going to lead the country.

    • JKnTX

      Carter and Regan were two of the most miserable and worthless “Presidents” this country ever had.

      • JKnTX

        Ronnie Reagan, or Raygun there, nobody is going to lead this train wreck of a country- the last chance we really had to change things after JFK was November, 1964.

  • Mongoose

    That belief was solidified when Trump was allowed to rise above a field of some of the strongest conservative minds at our disposal in many years.

    Ha ha ha!

    The delusion is strong in this one.

    And furthermore who gives a flip what an evil lying traitor like Bush says or thinks anyway. I voted for him twice, how stupid I was back then. Just as stupid as anyone who voted for Obama twice, well, almost as stupid.

  • Redlist Renegade

    Former President Bush IS and WAS a very sad prediction (the Alfred E. Neuman of American politics and a real idiot that’s STILL in search of an answer he’ll never find) !!!

  • desertspeaks

    are you talking about the same george bush that couldn’t open a door by himself? the same guy that LIED TO THE WORLD about WMD’s in Iraq?? that george bush??
    You’re a moron who quotes morons!

  • Anonymous

    Nobody cares what the Bushes and Clinton clans think or do. They are irrelevant. The populist plebs rule!

  • ashfan andy

    No matter what anyone says about Obama staying for a 3rd term, he’s only a puppet. It’s not what he decides but what “They” decide. Demcrats & Repubes are the same side of the coin. Every politician is a Janus. Our vote has never counted. They made an example out of JFK to let everyone know who the real masters are. I know JFK wasn’t perfect, but he at least tried. I can’t believe all these people are so brainwashed that they actually think their vote has ever mattered. Until I started investigating into all these things about 6 years ago I would have never believed all these so called leaders were that evil. And I mean evil. But everyone gets pissed if you say anything bad about their candidate, like everyone knows these people first hand. People, wake up, we have never had any say in who will be elected. Oh, he’s a good man or he’ll fix this country. How do you know? Because they say so?
    America is past the point of saving. I do believe in America but not in the demons running it. I’m 64 & I’ve heard every type of speech. It’s the same old crap, It’s just coming from a different asshole. The only thing Trump has done was to appeal to Americans that he’s not a politician, because it’s a good strategy because a lot of people are fed up with career politicians. And he is saying everything true Americans want. That’s a great idea. All of them say it.
    I’m just sick of the fact of picking the lesser of the two evils. No matter how you look at it, evil is evil.
    Only GOD can save America.

  • Anonymous

    Well that’s because YOU & damn near the mass majority of Americans do not know the TREASON, he & many many other still in office committed, in connection with this link:



    In Trump we will finally have a president that believes in the sovereignty of America and someone who will tell the NWO and their U.N. to take a flying xxxxxxx! Finally a WALL will be built and American jobs will come back instead of going to China and Mexico.

  • Realist

    Nothing but more Trump bashing. More lies, slander and BS about the new leader of the Republican party.

    It’s the Bushes and the Clinton’s who are trying to hammer the nail into the coffin of the U.S. republic. They are the ones who are destroying the country and stripping the people of their God given democratic rights. These bloody criminals belong in prison, or worse!!

  • Daniel Jackson

    Neither party is worth crap and the people know it, but the death of the Republican party is not the death of the Republic, for the Republic has arisen and is more than alive and well. What you see is a shift away from GOP globalism and hence a focus back upon our little side of the globe and Americanism. A shift away from those who love a war economy (NeoCons) to a shift back towards the people wanting their Representatives to represent them and not foreign nations as well as foreigners coming here as illegal immigrants. Its a shift away from lack of representation towards someone who seems interested in represent the interest of the people instead of big bankers and corporations.

    It things like this that make the views and comments of Redstate irrelevant in today’s world. And the idea that Redstate makes itself out to be a voice of conservatism is not much different than what Mark Levin is doing, who thinks that he represents the conservative point of view as a voice for the masses, however he is not the conservatives pick for representation in the media. Mark will diminish and so will Redstate. They both imagine that they represent the mainstream conservative conscience, but its like I said, they both imagine it.

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