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33 Ways to Earn a Living Without a Traditional Job

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 9:08
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Most people these days do not own their time. They have to abide by someone else’s schedule, accept the amount of money that an employer is willing to pay and organize their lifestyles around those hours, allotted money, and rules. When people of my generation were growing up, many of our parents worked at the same job for decades, providing stability for us and our siblings. Times have changed, though.

A regular, long-term job doesn’t always offer stability, a living wage, or fair treatment. In fact, many jobs these days look an awful lot like slavery, and a lot of indebted Americans end up spending most of their waking hours with people they don’t even like, doing something they hate, and barely making enough money to survive. Is that really how you want to spend 70% of your time? What if I told you that it was possible to be entirely free of the “employee” rat race and that you could be in charge of how you spend your life?

Maybe it’s time to step off of the hamster wheel. Maybe it’s time to stop answering to the middle-management dictator. Maybe it’s time to quit punching a clock, asking permission to go to the restroom, or begging to leave early to watch your child’s piano recital. Maybe it’s time to be free. Even if you want a job, they can be hard to come by With unemployment rates skyrocketing, going out and finding a new job can be nearly impossible these days.  

This is only going to get trickier as the government continues to force businesses to increase the minimum wage and businesses respond by hiring fewer employees or reducing hours. Workloads that used to provide employment to two people are now forced onto one. The work performed gets shoddier as the one employed person struggles to keep up, and the number of people who are employed gets lower. If you don’t have a job, consider making one up. Actually, you might be better to make up several, considering the current economy and how difficult it can be to start a business these days.

If you are in the midst of a personal economic collapse, you just might be able to change your course by creating your own streams of income instead of relying on an employer to pay you a living wage. Let me explain what I mean. There are a lot of little jobs a person can do that individually would not pay the bills.  However, an organized and industrious person can group a bunch of small jobs into a full-time income if they schedule carefully, work hard, and stay organized. I know, because I’ve done it.

Once upon a time, I did home daycare on the weekends, tended bar on Monday and Tuesday nights, did dog-walking and pet sitting during the week, cleaned house for a person one afternoon per week, and did the shopping and cooking for an elderly neighbor. At the time, I didn’t have a car, so all of this was done on foot. Twenty years ago, the $400-500 a week I made from doing all of these little odd jobs paid the bills and left me with time for other things.

After that, I got a “real” job and spent years in the workforce. After the novelty of a regular paycheck wore off, I realized how much I hated it. It wasn’t that I minded working. I hated missing important moments in my children’s lives. I hated answering to arrogant middle managers who were consumed with their own importance. I hated having to get up when I was sleepy, drive somewhere that was an unpleasant temperature, and wait to eat lunch until it was convenient for everyone else instead of when I was hungry.

I eventually got “downsized” and it was the very best thing that ever happened to me. I was set free from a prison that most of us enter voluntarily and repeatedly and I never wanted to go back inside those gates again. I began to revisit this type of money-making system.  In my older-and-wiser version of “make up your job,” I ran my own website, was a staff writer for another site, did some freelance editing and writing, and I did other web-based projects and virtual assisting as well.  Again, I made enough to pay for all of our needs and some of our wants.

I can tell you for a fact that this method of earning your living works. I’ve done it for more years than I’ve spent in traditional jobs, and it can be wonderful if you’re willing to take the leap. Set up multiple streams of income The key to success with this is to have multiple streams of income. Don’t put all of your financial eggs in one basket, because if that should dry up, you’ll be left “unemployed” yet again.  As well, it really helps with budgeting if you are able to say, “This task pays my rent, this task pays my utilities, this task pays for groceries.”

Obviously, we all know that living frugally is like making money, but that is a topic for another article. Also, read this book. Back in the 70s, Dolly Freed lived so frugally that she had very little need for money. While the economy is very different now, there is still a lot you can learn from her example.

However, these days, frugality alone is not enough for most people. The fact remains there are some things we need money for, so this article is focused on acquiring that cash.

Some of us have specialized skills that make this easier – for example, I am a writer and editor, so I focus my money-earning on those two skills.   Others might be particularly handy, so they might focus their skills on doing home repairs.

But it isn’t necessary to have a skill set to bring in multiple streams of income. You simply have to be willing to do small jobs that may or may not be short term.

33 Ways to Earn a Living Without a Job

Here are some ideas to get you started.  This list, of course, is  by no means comprehensive.

Cleaning houses

Cleaning out vacated rental properties (as a perk, sometimes you get to keep items that have been abandoned, and you can sell them on Craigslist or make use of them yourself)

Yardwork: raking, mowing, landscaping

Trimming trees

Cleaning out gutters

Repairing items: home repairs, small appliance repairs – whatever you’re good at fixing, there is likely a person who needs that item fixed

Cooking for those too busy to cook for themselves


Before and after school childcare (It can be really tough for working parents to find someone willing to drive their children to school and pick them up)

Weekend or overnight childcare


Dog walking

Laundry service (I recommend doing this at a laundromat instead of running up your own utility bills – you can build the price of the coin operated machines into your fee)

Run errands – some folks are working during regular business hours and don’t have the time to do those little errands like stopping by the dry cleaner, going to the grocery store, etc.

Shovel snow

Help people move – if you have a strong back, you can be the hired muscle

Wash cars

Do a paper route (it’s not just for kids anymore)

Recycle aluminum or plastic

Recycle scrap metal – if you have a truck, run an ad offering to pick up used appliances, etc.  Most people are thrilled to have someone haul off their old junk.

Pick up poop – a friend I used to know made a LOT of money from his willingness to pick up dog poop in people’s back yard on a weekly basis

Make and sell…something.  Maybe you make jewelry, knit scarves, carve duck decoys – whatever.  Find a venue to sell your handmade items, like Etsy, craft sales, EBay, or the local paper.

Rent out a room in your home – you can get big dollars if you live near a college.

Sell excess garden goodies from a stand in your front yard

If you have a really good eye, you can make money buying cool vintage stuff at yard sales and online, cleaning it up, then reselling it to an antique shop.  Be careful, though – you can just as easily lose money doing this.

Do you sew? You can make money doing mending and alterations – many tailors charge up to $20 to hem a pair of pants.

Got a green thumb? Set up and tend to vegetable gardens for your neighbors

Sell social media influence: if you have a busy Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page, sometimes you can do sponsored posts for companies who want to reach the people that interact with you

Start a blog about something you love. Keep in mind, this is not immediate money. It can take months or even years before you make a profit.

If you have a marketable talent, create an account on Fiverr. You can sell logos, digital artwork, small online jobs…the sky is the limit but the price is $5.

If you have professional experience, use it to hire yourself out as a consultant. You can charge a great deal of money to provide an outside perspective in many different types of industries.

Teach something. Again, you can use former professional experience for this. But you can also teach some of the marketable skills above, like crafting, repairing, or gardening.

Network marketing sales. I know, I know. You’re going to say I’m crazy. But there are a lot of people making a lot of money selling things like Scentsy, Pampered Chef, and essential oils. Beware of spending a whole lot of money getting started, but if you find a product that you love and believe in, you may end up joining the ranks of those who are very successful at it.

A few keys to success

It’s important to make a good impression on your customers.  Handle these small jobs just like you would a corporate job and follow these key steps.

  • Be professional.
  • Arrive promptly.
  • Be courteous – the customer is always right.
  • Be tidy in your appearance
  • Work hard
  • Try to exceed the person’s expectations

Keep these principles in mind and you will never lack the opportunity for work. Word of mouth is the very best form of advertising.


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  • EzraJustice

    You listed 33 JOBS. GTFO here!

    • PaulTarsuss

      Boss always giving you the 3rd degree?…..You don’t have to take it anymore!

      Now for a limited time only, learn the 33 ways you can ‘free’ yourself from the drudgery of wage slavery….

      collect and decorate Mason jars!

      learn to craft fuzzy hats, like this one!….

      You must learn to wear many hats if you want to survive in the ‘new’ economy…

      Good Journeys

    • Jack Shlitz

      So, basically they’re saying: “If you don’t like your job…GFY!!”

  • Ste Gre

    If there were a financial collapse stocks, bonds, gold, silver, money and other useless material assets would be, well, useless. My dad asked us kids “what would you rather have $10,000 GMC stock (GMC was his favorite vehicles since he owned a produce company and a restaurant in Chicago during the 1950s and 1960s) or a $10,000 commercial coffee maker?” He taught us kids to buy the coffee maker because if things go bad everyone needs their coffee. One cannot control the price of paper assets, but one can control hard assets like real estate and coffee makers.

    Learn a trade: agriculture especially using heirloom seeds (including food preparation and preservation), husbandry (including skinning and butchering, see note below, and maybe training guard dogs), welding, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, seamstress, cooking/baking, security. Also, learn to barter so when the economy collapses you’ll have something useful to trade. Or better still create a bartering co-op. And best of all, keep your spiritual faith strong, you’ll need it.

    Note: many, if not most, people have an aversion to killing and slaughtering an animal for food. If you could acquire this skill, you’ll be well known in your neighborhood with plenty of jobs. You may also want to think about raising rabbits (or teaching others to raise rabbits for meat), they taste like chicken – and they are easy to breed and raise even in an apartment. Do an internet search for “raising rabbits for meat.” Storing up beans and cornbread is ideal for the short term. Read the internet article “Feed a family of 4 for 1 year, for less than $300.”

    Also, learn how to make slumgullion stew, mmm mmm good.

  • truck driver

    Only thing I ever got paid for doing online is project payday , competing sponsor offer’s for other people in a forum. But I did the free one’s

  • deano

    Great Idea.!……..Until some “govt dept” realizes you are living on Cash…..then Audits for TAX.

    In this society, being self supporting is allowed….IF YOU PAY TAX. Tax evasion = JAIL

    Why do u think they are trying to bring in a Cashless (digitally recorded) monetary system…..INCOME TAX

    ** How will the average citizen be able to sell any 2nd hand items?…..
    ** How will a child pay for an Ice Cream when he hears the Van coming down the road?….

    Everyone has a personal ATM? a Phone “Tap” card?…… the kids swipe their RFID chip over the ATM on the “Mr Whippy”….. :shock: :shock:
    )r the “New World” criminals scan your “Bar Code” as you walk on bye :mad:

    • Jack Shlitz

      If you follow the plan above, don’t worry, you’ll never make enuff to show up on the government radar

  • Overmind

    This will not work in the demoncratic dictatorship countries anymore. In the US, not even kids can nowdays sell limonade at the fron door of the house. The dictatorial system practically forbids you from making anything without some form of approval, authorization, paperwork. And of course, then they tax the krap out of you for any independent activity you try to make $ out of.

  • Jack Shlitz

    Job 34: Move to Vegas and become a hooker”… You forgot one.

  • Jack Shlitz

    These jobs will be taken by all the illiterate refugees O Bong hit is bringing to the US

  • Jack Shlitz

    MBA, Doctorate, have you been laid off? Has your company eliminated your position? Has your company opted to hire well educated foreign h1b workers because they think you’re over payed? If so than we have a solution for you: be entrepreneurial and get a job picking up someone else’s dog sh!t…. ROFLMAO!!!

  • Jack Shlitz

    Job 35: Drive In Barber Shop
    Job 36:. Mobile Pet Grooming
    Job 37: Web Cam Performer
    Job 38: Dildo Cleaning Service
    Job 39:. Dumpster Diver.

  • Jack Shlitz

    The writer of this article forgot to sum it all up with two last words: F*** & Y**. :-D

  • Redlist Renegade

    Number 34 ; Bank Robbery…….unfortunately most of us could NEVER be as good or as successful at it as the CEO’s of the big banks already ARE at robbing the rest of us with excessive fees and opening accounts with our own money that we aren’t even aware of !!!

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