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Red Alert: Middle East Goes Hot

Thursday, October 6, 2016 13:57
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We were going to talk about the Guided Hurricane Mathew and it’s destruction of the Gulf Coast and Florida

How the “Cloud Seeding” – how hurricanes – are created by antennas on the ground

How the Hurricane has a scull face and how Evergreen Aviation was seized (Bankrupted) by the US Department of Defense to create and guide hurricanes

But the Russian Announcement today authorizing the sinking of US ships just seems to overshadow everything else.

Apparently yesterday evening the Army Chief General Mark Milley warned that the United States is ready for war with anyone, including Russia, Iran, China and North Korea.

General Milley is – well – an Insane human sacrificing followed of Lucifer


 Let him lead the troops into battle.

So how did we get here?

How did we get to the point of all out war?

Operation Cyclone

Lets go back to 1978 when President Carter was in office.

President Carter authorized the arming of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to fight those who just took over the country to apparently protect Pakistan’s Nuclear Program by toppling the New Government in Afghanistan.

Several months later the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan due to attacks on Khazakstan done by this new army funded by the US arms Sales through Zbigniew Brzezinski – Financial Partners with David Rockefellar.

Guess who owns the Arms Manufacturing Companies in the US???

President Carter then signed treaties committing the US to the Persian Gulf Defense to protect Pakistan from the Soviet Union.

As you recall – under the United Nations Atoms For Peace program – a program to give all nations nukes – Pakistan was their Poster Child – so the US Nuclear Industry has been busily producing Nuke After Nuke to arm the world.


So in 1978 the US Arms Dealers found a new outlet for their weapons – Afghanistan and all the surrounding countries thanks to President Jimmy Carter.

So for over a 3 decades US Arms Dealers made a fortune selling these weapons to both sides in the Afghanistan war and after the Collapse of the Soviet Union and pull out of Soviet Troops in 1990 the arms sales just continued.

So who do you sell weapons to if there is no enemy?

You make one up – Hegelian Dialectic – create an enemy and then fight it.

A little war here, a little war there and this is good for business, right?????

Arms sales go down you blow up a couple of buildings in New York City and sale go up again.

So for almost 3 decades the United States Arms Dealers have been creating enemies to fight, locking in dozens of nations into buying US Made Weapons using 1-3% loans forever. When they refuse to pay – like Brazil a few years ago – they get a New President.

When the Secretary of State under Obama formed I.S.I.S. through the US Embassy in Turkey a whole new era of war began and – President Assad in Syria – fought back.

When Albert Pike and the Chief Masons designed World War Three they did not count on two things: Nuclear Weapons and the Internet.

So now when something happens it is splashed all across the Internet and with ICANN now controlling the Internet the ability for Google and You Tube to Censor the net is being heavily restricted.

Fast forward to today:

These uncontrolled killings and weapons sales directed by the CIA through the US State Department  have now reached a point of worldwide destruction.

In addition, Hundreds of Millions of these Muslim Murderers are now being shipped into Europe and North America to destroy our civilizations

We have reached a point where Russia, China and the BRICS Nations have had enough and are about to start a war against the United States and NATO to stop this insanity and Russia now  actually now has the technology from their Friends From “Out Of Town” to immobilize US/NATO forces.

Keep in mind that when the Masons designed the Third World War it was designed to destroy Christianity by destroying the United States and England and brining in Lucifer’s New World Religion.

Let’s stop this before it goes any farther.

If the US continues to push for war – and if the opposition seeks to stop this insanity – then:

Let the Primary Targets be the Unholy Alliance of DC, NYC, London, Paris, Rome, Jerusalem and Berlin, Warsaw, Bucharest, and under the Pentagon, the main bases Under Central Brazil, Under the Congo, Under Denver, Under South Central Nebraska and Under Pasadena.

Knowing the Russian Thoughts – knowing exactly how they think – if there is a Limited Nuclear Strike then it will happen when ALL of the world leaders are in their palaces and all of the leaders will be terminated with low level hand held nuclear weapons – like the one discovered in the George Washington Tunnel a few months ago next to the White House.

So now the leaders of the world have accelerated this war in Syria to a HOT ONE where Russian forces are now authorized to destroy any NATO ships targeting the Legitimate Government of Syria.

Please keep in mind that any person – from President Assad to Michael Jackson – can be killed using a Satellites so – this war must have been agreed upon or President Assad would be dead.

So this is not about President Assad  but about something much deeper.

US Snipers have had President Assad in their sights at least a dozen times in the last 5 years and have been ordered to Stand Down. Just go to any military base and ask.

This is about Permanent War vs. Permanent Peace.

The rest of the world is just tired of being threatened or killed in this march towards constant war.

The hurricane in Florida is only part of it -

This is why the Gulf Coast has had Hurricane After Hurricane this year and this one has winds topping 250 Km/h – or 150Mph.


Folks – be ready

Pray that your family is ready for what is coming.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount – Interactive 3D globe brings weather to life

Hurricane Matthew 2016 photos: Images from Haiti, Cuba hit social media during storm




Hurricane Matthew Strengthens As Florida Governor Warns: “Evacuate Now. This Is Going To Kill People” | Zero Hedge

Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF – WTF RLY REPORT


Evergreen Aviation, one of the worlds largest private aviation companies admits to weather modification service. On their own website in the Markets section for their New Super Tanker they state Weather modification among other interesting service markets.

Content copied directly from Evergreen Aviation website:


• Firefighting

• Oil Spill Containment

• Weather Modification

• Biochemical Decontamination





Putin Authorizes Sinking Of NATO Ships As Russian Troops Prepare For Syria Deployment

Foreign Office spent £1m on US lobbying on behalf of Syrian opposition | The Independent

Moscow vs Washington: Is Russia preparing for war with the US?

U.S. Army Chief Threatens War With Russia » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!



Be Ready Folks

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  • Busta Myth

    How do you know that PUTIN isn’t also a Freemason like Obamo, Cameron and soooooo many others and they are just “setting the Stage” ?

    Their are plenty of articles online that suggest that Stalin, Hitler, Churchill and Truman were all high level FREEMASONS and when you look at old WW2 photos of them, they sure look like they are doing dodgy looking handshakes

    And the fact is the Vatican Jesuits helped loads of the top Nazis escape to Argentina using Geneva Red Cross passports after WW2

    And neither America (who hired thousands of Nazis in Project Paperclip), Russia, Israel or Britain went after Adolf Hitler in Argentina or Martin Bormann the Nazi money man after WW2, the only high level Nazi that anyone went was when Israel went and got Eichmann (who used a Geneva Red Cross Passport) to get their, as so many did

    • Болеслава

      Putin is way too intelligent to be a freemason. Not that much intelligence is required.

      • Wity

        Firstly, l must say its been a serious challenge for us, who until recently hated the Russians
        for their support with Cuba of Our Racist Anti White ANC,SACP, COSATU alliance installed
        in South Africa , which is now a one black majority socialist party with wanna be dictator Zuma and a serious bunch of ANC theives who are robbing the country blind at this time….

        Even Obama has called for government change here now……

        As Zuma’s ANC has now been empowered by its joining of B.R.I.C.S….

        I have it on good authority the Putin was a plant in the NWO by the old KGB
        as Putin was a special operative in the then KGB…Putin being a very clever man….

        Putins soul purpose in life now is to uplift Mother Russia while fighting the NWO West
        and so far he’s doing pretty dam well at this…

        America which has now become an abomination with the British commonwealth and
        the European Union is the ultimate evil on this planet now and must be destroyed at all costs ~ it is actually destroying its self now with its Failed Liberal Multicultural policies

        America cannot be allowed to persue its wars with the world for control of world crude oil and the world drug trade any longer….Also its support for the Evil Zionists
        must be stopped now….

        Just pray that China and its pal North Korea dont get involved in the destruction
        of the Most hated country on this planet at this time :- America….

        • Болеслава

          “Just pray that China and its pal North Korea dont get involved in the destruction
          of the Most hated country on this planet at this time :- America….”

          one minute you hate them next minute you’re trying to protect them from China and N Korea. – pick a side. :???:

          • Wity

            Boet ! you dont seem to understand….

            Russia is no longer Communist but Nationalist right…

            We were white Nationalist forced into a Socialist Commocracy by the NWO G8/NATO ( LIBERAL MULTICULTURISM AKA COMMUNISM….

            We do not support the communist doctrins of China, North Korea and Cuba Either….

            We also do not support the new NWO 666 doctrines of a colored ( crossbred race of whites and blacks under White NWO 666 Satanic rule ) with extreme population reduction to 500 million….

          • Busta Myth

            Did you know that Kim Jong Chubby was Educated in Masonic Switzerland?

            He’s a big fan of Hamburgers, shoot em up Computer Games, Baseball, Mickey Mouse and Interncontinental balistic Missiles :wink:


            Masonic Switzerland – Home of the Pharaohs


  • WhiteDawn

    Your source is “What does It Mean“ Sorcha Fall disinfo CIA site. Server address is just a few streets away from the CIA headquarter in WA. This is known!

    Good luck! :mrgreen:

  • vaalix

    who wants to bet hillary is all over haiti/floridia aid relief after this hurricane? I mean, she will try to use the money to buy sympathy votes and blame trump for not donating?

    • Eggzactly

      Trump will just go there to shut her up, and down. Trump 16!

  • Elijah

    Putin is targeted because he isn’t a luciferian mason. He doesn’t support gay marriage, nor abortion, nor legalized drugs, nor the US NGO’s, nor the Dollar as reserve currency. When he was elected president in 2000 he reinstituted the Russian national anthem, and the old Russian coat of arms with St. George slaying the dragon, symbolic of how Russia would slay the dragon of Revelation 17-18, or the Illuminati serpent/dragon nations.

    • deano

      Well done Elijah! The coat of arms is HIGHLY RELEVANT! But allegiance to who?

      Now @ :eek: GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY……..the Eagle doesnt have the double-head though.

      ITS THE VATICAN EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!

      St George and the Dragon? Try Horus slaying a Crocodile……your Biblical “Leviathon”.

      Bel and the Dragon? Try the legend of Bel- Marduk slaying Tiamat….your Dragon of Revelation.

      ## The USA cant escalate the war unless it has a viable opponent>Russia. Yes , maybe this is all a show to get at the real target> the recapture of Jerusalem.
      How quick we all forget the Russian Cosmonauts docking with the US Astronauts at the IS station :cry:

    • Busta Myth

      Lots of countries display St George the dragon slayer, Britain does too

      I guess they all think “the other country” is the Dragon ….or maybe its the World’s Elites who think the Peasants are the Dragons ?

      Look at what the elites have done to their own populations in NUMEROUS COUNTRIES right throughout History, on every Continenet

  • truthseeker4809

    Make sure to drop nuclear bomb in Israel and in New York first if the war ever breaks out that way the war will end quickly, and maybe Rome also, because no Jews and/or Jesuits are going to dictate where to bomb anymore. This message will also deter any possible war if they knew of these instructions. You will find how destructive the religion of Torah and Old Testament has been. You see the Christian Evangelicals start from New Testament and drift into the Old one and then went down the hill to corruption and decadence. Not one of those media evangelical moguls has been exceptions. They got rich and arrogant, and became vampires. Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, and others have followed the exact same step.


    Quote was from Rham Emanuel

  • JettaBlack

    “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” ~Rahm Emanuel

  • Qrob

    You know, when your headline reads “Red Alert: Middle East Goes Hot” you should start with that story. I didn’t bother to listen to your weather report as it had nothing to do with this heading.

  • truck driver

    Global Elite want war for population control. Go after them . Once they are gone everything will be peaceful

  • 1 darkstar

    Evil, evil, evil people.

  • AntiqueWhite

    the us general sound off like a spoiled school boy just seemed obama cia contrived? russia hgas always been our friend . its satan and satan’s boy george soros and the luciferians who conspire to keep obama in office and keep the world eating satan biscuits!
    man must open the power door of Jesus by child like blind faith in him! the power is in the blood of Yeshia! rebuke herr satan and his lucies in his name by his blood! :mad:

    • VirusGuard

      I like facts and logic and you can keep your blind faith and more people have blind faith in the Koran than the bible so what does that tell you apart from saying you are most likly wrong

      Virus in your brain, remove it to restore logical thinking but you are right Russia was always our freind

  • awake1

    All that matters is your place with the father what is wrote will be. Seek him and he will show himself to you. Ask for knowledge and he will pour it upon you.pray pray pray with your heart.

  • Richard Parker

    At least most are or have been Freemasons.

  • VirusGuard

    All russia has said is that it will shoot down any americans that fly over Syria and Russia wants to be freinds with Europe and the yanks don’t like that.

    The doctor as usual is talking bullshit as usual and bolts lies on to truth in an effort to deceive people and the people behind this war is Israel who wants to steel land from Syria and they own all of Congress.

  • Baron Angelton

    How you could possibly say you cannot say someones’ name is ridiculous. Dont be chicken grow some kahounas and speak your mind. FFS! Grow up.

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