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Hang on Baby – it’s Gonna Get Rough

Monday, October 3, 2016 15:00
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All of you who have been out there exposing these conspiracies can rest assured that they are now being exposed as facts.

Lucifer and his evil minions cannot hide any more.

Here are some recent stories that are now being exposed:

1) Dirty Hellry ordered her London Optometrist arrested ((after she ordered  3 pairs of Anti-Seizure Glasses)) and then charged with Murder.

2) Apparently Her plane crash on 30 December 2012 in Iran causing her Brain Injuries and it has nnow been confirmed through Emails.

3) Further it just broke – FBI allowed 2 Hellry Aids to destroy their laptops in newly exposed ‘Side Agreements.”

That is OK though since all of their communications – from their Emails to their phone calls – are stored on the Russian Main Intelligence Computer and 12 other nations Intelligence Computers world wide – 12 other nations not so favorable to the United States Corporation like Iran, China, Finland, ….

4) Yes – even the phone calls of these politicians are now being released as can be see in this story about – yup – the Wicked Witch of the West.

Here is a small clip of the phone calls now being released from these politicians:


5) Bill Gates has been banned from Russia  - to be followed by the other BRICS Nations – and they will be removing all Microsoft Products from their computers

The implications for this are huge since many US Based Corporations now have facilities in China – Boeing, Ford, Chevrolet, ATT,  - the list goes on and on.

Their computing systems will have to be changed so that Microsoft Products are not used in heir manufacturing.

So if a US “Department” (CIA) wishes a plane to crash – they will no longer have access to the plane’s controls.

Since most US electronics are made overseas this means the US Military may have to switch away from Microsoft Products as well.

Bose, for example, their headphones are used in every US Jet – the software they use for these headsets will have to be changed.

Missile Guidance Systems – now installed in over 250,000 US and 150,000 NATO air to air nuclear tipper missiles will have to all be rebuilt to tie into the New Missile Guidance Systems being developed in Cambodia and Vietnam using non-Microsoft Products for these missiles.

Software used to run the US HUMV made in China will have to all be redone as New parts will not be able to use Microsoft Software.

Telephone Systems, Telephone Companies, Electrical Manufacturers like Coal Power Plants and Dams – the list goes on and on.

Further – most of the Microsoft Employees now reside overseas where Microsoft will be banned  -  think about that one???

6) Chinese banks are on the verge of default. Despite all of their gold and all their propaganda the Chinese Corporate Debt now exceeds 171 percent of their GDP so the Bank Of International Settlements  is sounding the alarm as levels are now three times over the danger threshold

7) In Europe: Deutsche Bank was charged the Nation of Italy for market manipulation and creating False Accounts.

What Wells Fargo Did Deutsche has done twice as bad. In Italy, though, 6 people were actually charged with these crimes and will go on trial.

Here in America no charges were filed against any Wells Fargo Employees.

In fact – the woman that directed this fraud got a $125 Million Dollar Bonus and I got a ding on my Credit Report I have to fix. Somebody at Wells Fargo there took out a loan in my name.

Rest Assured GOD will now deal with them immediately and ever so strongly.

 Perhaps the head of the FBI Director Comey being paid by the “Clnt***” Foundation had something to do with this mockery of American Justice??

Either way – it is all being exposed for the world to see just exactly what is going on.

The Bible: “In the last days their folly will be exposed”

Perhaps this fraud in the United States Corporation will hold the Dollar up for a while longer as the overseas banking financial system begins to unwind.

No one – not the US Administration, Russia, China, the BIS or Deutsch Bank, the US Treasury, or the Federal Reserve – no one – did as GOD asked them to do 9 years ago and it is all coming unwound because of their Arrogance.

Funny how that works….

Expect allot of changes as GOD lowers the Boom on them.



Look up folks

First – US Submarines are now directing 2 new Hurricanes -

1) Hurricane Mathew will devastate huge parts of the Caribbean as 100 MPH Gusts now tear thorough Northern Columbia as the storms moves a 7MPH north towards Florida.

2) Hurricane (Tropical Storm) Chaba heads North across all of Japan with gusts of 110 MPH – the 5TH with one in so many weeks. Gee – how does that happen???

How do you get 5 Severe Tropical Storms in a row moving up exactly centered on Japan from the South to the North occur unless they directed to do this?

Please pray that these storms are re-directed to unpopulated area.

Second  - storms on the sun now are a regular thing causing the Earth to absorb more energy and weaken it’s magnetic field causing huge and strange weather anomalies – oddities.

Hang on…


Hang on because it could be a rough ride folks – at least for the next 3 years.

Have your family get ready for what is coming.

Please pray that the leaders of this planet either turn towards GOD immediately or leave this planet immediately.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount





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  • No Body

    There are no gods just hold out people who don’t need you to do all the things they needed done anymore.
    Go read some song lyrics like Cat Stevens and Pink floyd Iron maiden led zepplin Ac/Dc (Billy Idol sweet 16) this list never ends. they all sing about the same thing Look at there “”album covers”" .Note The Cat at the start these people know
    Watch ghost busters what are these ghost i can’t see? Year one the house of hollies its empty? Transformer more than meets the eye? Humphrey Potter and the steam engine? Back to the Future? alice through the LOOKING GLASS? X-Men: Apocalypse?The again this list never ends.
    Nursery Rhymes grotto and the 3 bears 3 poles of porridge yum yum say the??? , little red riding hood again this list never ends
    Christmas Santa in Red with a hook ,tree ,star ,(redsox)logo lights and chimes The Elf on The Shelf VirGin Mary
    The bible Adom and Evie, Eden the Snake, the cross.. Geneisis Genius Geni Us Geni Uses
    The Pyramids Solomon’s temple coral castle rock gate Nazi bell the swastika.
    Chemistry ,Geometry ,clockworks ,musical ,now where movien honey better Urin ate Baby it might be “cold”?My riddle
    Here’s what the fucking elf on the shelf is… everything is a play on words and a game of scrabble and the conversation shifted to the philli zoo where there’s a VOTE happening and a red panda playing with an APPLE WITH A HANDLE…don’t forget to copy and paste eots they way they have it or it takes you somewhere else??
    Things are not as they seem
    All Matter everywhere is held together by something whether its mineral plant or animal.
    If you burn wood the matter will be gone but the magnetic particles holding it together move on..

    • No Body

      Titanium in sea water for 16 years becames special to the freemasons

    • FAT AXL!!!

      “All Matter everywhere is held together by something whether its mineral plant or animal.”

      …and He is before all things and all things in Him συνέστηκεν.

      συνέστηκεν = ‘consist’ or ‘hold together’

      “If you burn wood the matter will be gone…”

      You mean carbon is separated from water by heat. Carbon then rises as smoke. Water then rises as steam. Ash either rises or settles and is left behind.

      Matter is never ‘gone.’ Matter only moves from one place to another.

      Are Freemasons special to anyone if they’re submerged in seawater for 16 years?

      but the magnetic particles holding it together move on..

      • No Body

        The matter bit interesting.
        The freemasons in sea water for that long would be dissolving and go to there own poles.
        like anything in acid.
        Like a car battery.

  • awake1

    Hi Mr mount I think we will meet soon lol I just wanted to throw out there that putins satan2 rocket carrys 7 nukes and they can cover an area the size of France each sounds a lot like 7 bowls to me

    • awake1

      Not sure but in Enoch or jasher it says one of the angels takes all of the prayers of the people praying to die and throws it down sound like austrailia? Then somewhere it says sorry I don’t have a copy but it says one of the angels throws down something like a mountain and the way it took it was that putin tries to hit the asteroid and let’s me all go sounds like some move plot or something lol

      • awake1

        Sorry it said the angel made the prayers into an incence and lit it and threw it to the ground I just think everyone is all worried about stocking up which I am just in case but…

      • No Body

        Are you having a dig at me?

        • awake1

          No I didn’t read your post these guys keep going on about money but are people in Venezuela going yea were just waiting on America’s money to crash lol no if it’s all in your face how can he came as a thief in the night we are a part of a big picture and everybody’s waiting on our money to crash it will crash when the bombs fall

          • No Body

            With the cat the 1st thing i see these people are warning other cats.
            Everything’s a secret society with a bullshit front and back door agenda
            Noaa data lol

          • awake1

            Why would obama say beetlejuice put it thru the flip and reverse a lil conjecture and you have, a sin fortold lol I know crazy right how but Hollywood,or band, or stage,deadwood you know who They are flip and reverse lowercase no hooks they are hayt it goes on forever even chyrnoble in Russian flipped and reversed it’s wormwood have fun it goes on and on the devil has to tell the truth somehow it’s a rule I guess

      • Mayhem

        Without quotes that’s an appeal to authority fallacy, awake1, but putting that to the side you’re going to have a hard time trying to sell the apocryphal writings as worthy of consideration even though Enoch 1 is viewed favourably amongst the more learned folk here.

  • awake1

    It’s not cats warning cats please save yourself nows not the time to be proud

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