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ISIS update 10/14/2016.. Assad says WWIII is in the air

Friday, October 14, 2016 13:15
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WWIII is in the air, Assad says

“Unfriendly actions towards Russia would elicit response”

Putin signs deal on permanent deployment to Syria

Syria’s pres. Assad defends Russian military intervention

Obama To Decide Friday On Military Action In Syria

Two weeks ago when the US broke off bilateral relations with Russia over the ongoing Syrian proxy war, we reported that as part of America’s “next steps” would be a discussion on military options. As Reuters reported then, the “discussions were being held at “staff level,” and have yet to produce any recommendations to President Barack Obama, who has resisted ordering military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the country’s multi-sided civil war. “The president has asked all of the agencies to put forward options, some familiar, some new, that we are very actively reviewing,” Blinken said. “When we are able to work through these in the days ahead we’ll have an opportunity to come back and talk about them in detail.” Fast forward to today, when as Reuters once again reports, the time has come for the US to make a decision: on Friday President Barack Obama and his top foreign policy advisers are expected to meet to consider their military and other options in Syria as Syrian and Russian aircraft continue to pummel Aleppo and other targets.

The tensions here are well known: some of the more hawkish “top officials” told Reuters that the United States must act more forcefully in Syria or “risk losing what influence it still has over moderate rebels and its Arab, Kurdish and Turkish allies in the fight against Islamic State.” Naturally, this means that one set of options includes direct U.S. military action such as air strikes on Syrian military bases, munitions depots or radar and anti-aircraft bases. That is also the scenario which General Joseph Dunford warned may lead to war with Russia. Indeed, the quoted said one danger of such action is that Russian and Syrian forces are often co-mingled, “raising the possibility of a direct confrontation with Russia that Obama has been at pains to avoid.” This is also known as the “world war” scenario. Luckily, there are options. …………….

…………………For now, the best news is that according to Reuters, US officials said they consider it unlikely that Obama will order U.S. air strikes on Syrian government targets, and they stressed that he may not make any decisions at the planned meeting of his National Security Council. However, that will only be the case should the US not be further humiliated in Syria, and – of course – all bets are off if and when Obama is replaced, especially if his successor is a well-known warmonger, directly and indirectly responsible for much of the unstable geopolitical situation across most of the region.

U.S. ‘caught’ painting F-18s to match Russian jets used in Syria.

Russia has no special expectations from Syria talks

Syrian jets bomb militants’ positions in Aleppo

Airstrikes hit eastern Tariq al-Bab district of Syria’s Aleppo

Militants shell Aleppo school, kill children

Report: Over 65 killed in 3-day wave of Aleppo airstrikes

“14 militants killed in bomb blast in Aleppo”

October 14, 2016: Northern Aleppo Falls Into Hands of Syrian Army

The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) re-launched attempts to seize the Al-Sha’er Gas Fields from ISIS in Homs province. The government forces stormed ISIS positions southwest of the gas fields and reached its gates. Clashes are ongoing in the area. The pro-government forces have achieved another notable success in northern Aleppo. The army and Liwa al-Quds took control of Talat Bureij, Majbal Al-Zatin, Tal Owayjah, and Tal Al-Asfar. Controlling of these hilltops allows, the government forces are able to easily defend the previous gains in northern Aleppo, overlook areas in the northern part of Haydariyah Neighborhood and prepare a push to set control of the Ba’edin Roundabout. In southern Aleppo, the army and Hezbollah captured the strategic Sheikh Sa’eed hill in the Sheikh Sa’eed Neighborhood. In Western Ghouta, the army and the NDF seized the Air Battalion Base, located southeast of Der Khabiyah. Now, the government troops are deployed at the western and southern flanks of Deir Khabiyeh controlled by Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra Front) and Ahrar Al-Sham.

Yesterday, the army’s Tiger Forces and the NDF took control and defended from terrorist counter-attacks the town of Ma’an in northern Hama. Today, the Tiger Forces and the NDF are advancing west of the nearby village of Kubbariyah in an attempt to reach Suran, located at the highway between Hama and Aleppo. If Suran is re-taken, the militant controlled town of Ma’rades will become next target of the advance. Next Saturday in Switzerland, Rusisa, the United States and local powers are set to discuss the military and political situation in Syria in order to find the so-called “peaceful solution” of the conflict. Most likely, the Russian-Syrian-Iranian alliance will not be ready to make some concessions to the “American partners”.

Syrian army retakes town of Ma’an from terrorists

Terrorists fire shells on school in Dara’a

Russian Embassy in Damascus under fire for 2 hours

Syria: Displaced residents return to war-torn Homs

ISIS Fighters Should Face Justice, UN

US, Saudi, Israel give rise to terrorism: Analyst

War Of The Worlds: Masks Are Ripped Away In Syria

…………………“To save the world from the unmitigated spread of evil” – such is the global mission and the fate of the Russian nation and the Russian state as a historical phenomenon. This fate was not chosen, but Russia is destined to once again save the world from destruction – otherwise she would no longer be Russia.

This in no way implies the infallibility or exceptionalism of Russians themselves, since the battle is taking place within them as well, but it confers upon that nation a special responsibility for the fate of the whole world. The fact of this mission explains the irrational, savage hatred of Russia and of Russians that inflames the global “superclass” and that is reflected in the terabytes of militant propaganda they pay for each day.

It is important for all rational citizens of the world to understand that when they watch the news from Syria, the real issue is not about Assad or Syria as such, nor even about the national interests of a nation state. The issue is about the metaphysical standoff between the two principles of this universe. It is about the war of the worlds. In which every citizen will have to make his own existential choice.

Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Inches Closer to Win Back Key Town in Damascus Province

The Syrian army and popular forces continued their military operations against the terrorist groups in Damascus province, and inched closer to seizing back a strategic town in the province in the last 24 hours.

The army units reached the gates of Deir Khabiyeh town in fierce clashes with the terrorists in Damascus province after inflicting heavy losses on the terrorists in tough battle.

The terrorist groups also sustained heavy casualties in other key provinces across Syria.


The Syrian troops, backed by the Russian warplanes, further advanced in the Western parts of Damascus, reaching the gates of the strategic town of Deir Khabiyeh.

A joint Syrian army force comprised of soldiers from the 1st, 4th and 7th divisions launched a new assault near the strategic town of Deir Khabiyeh in Western Ghouta region.

Led by the 42nd Brigade of the 4th Mechanized Division, the Syrian army could break-through Fatah al-Sham (al-Nusra) Front’s first-line of defense outside Deir Khabiyeh, paving the ground for the government forces to reach the town’s gates for the first time in several months.

According to a military source in Damascus, the Syrian armed forces have been making steady advances in the morning amid the crumbling defenses of Fatah al-Sham Front and Ahrar al-Sham.

The source added that the Syrian army forces were supported by the Russian air force which carried out several airstrikes against the terrorists’ position in the towns of Deir Khabiyeh and Khan al-Sheih.


The Syrian army’s 102nd Brigade from the Republican Guard, backed by Liwaa al-Quds (Palestinian forces), retook full control of the strategic hills of Talat al-Bureij and Jabal al-Zafit in Northeastern Aleppo.

The 102nd Brigade and Liwaa al-Quds began their operations on Thursday morning by targeting Talat al-Bureij and Jabal al-Zafit from their positions at the nearby quarries which resulted in a fierce battle with the Harakat Nouriddeen al-Zinki, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and several other terrorist groups.

During the operations, the Syrian armed forces strengthened their positions near the Majbal and Manasher districts that gave them fire control over several buildings controlled by the militants.

According to a field source, the Syrian armed forces could also build a larger buffer-zone around the strategic Sheikh Najjar Industrial District, which is currently being rebuilt by the Syrian government.


The Syrian army units, backed by popular forces, won control of the strategic town of Ma’an in Northern Hama on Thursday after days of heavy clashes with Al-Nusra (Fatah Al-Sham) terrorist.

“Amy units established control and stability over the city of Ma’an in the Northern parts of Hama province,” a military source said.

In another development, a number of tanks, heavy vehicles and machinegun-equipped vehicles of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists were destroyed on Thursday morning in airstrikes against their gatherings and positions in the Northern parts of Hama province.

The military source said that the Syrian air force carried out intensive strikes against positions, convoys of vehicles and supply routes of the terrorist groups in the villages and towns of Taibet al-Imam and its surroundings, Souran and Eastern and Northern parts of it, Ma’rdas, Mourek, Toloul al-Humr, Tal Bazam, North of Tal Za’tar, Kafr Zita, Skek, Tal Howair, Atshan, Tal Tar’ai, Hisrayia, and al-Latamina in the Northern parts of Hama.

The source added that tens of terrorists were killed in the airstrikes as many of their tanks and vehicles, some of which equipped with various types of machineguns, were destroyed.

According to the source, another army unit ambushed a terrorist group that attempted to infiltrate from Quneitra village into Khneifees village in the Southwestern parts of Salamyieh city, Southern Hama, by detonating mines on the way of militants.


The Syrian Army and National Defense Forces (NDF) launched offensives on ISIL positions near al-Sha’er oil and gas field in the Eastern parts of Homs, capturing more strategic lands in the region.

“The Syrian army and NDF advanced towards the hills near al-Sha’er oil filed after heavy clashes with the ISIL,” a military source said on Thursday.

“Also, a number of armored vehicles, equipped with machineguns, belonging to the ISIL terrorists were destroyed during the air force attacks against their gathering centers in al-Sawanah and areas near al-Sha’er oil field,” the source added.

Deir Ezzur

The Syrian army forces, using missile and artillery fire, clashed with the ISIL terrorists in Deir Ezzur city on Thursday, killing and wounding dozens of militants.

“The clashes erupted in the district of Roshdiyeh in Deir Ezzur city, where the two sides used different light and heavy weapons,” a field source said.

“The army targeted the terrorists’ positions and gathering centers in Roshdiyeh,” the source said, adding that tens of militants were killed in the army’s artillery and missile fire.


The Syrian air force started a new round of attacks on the terrorist groups’ supply routes in the Northern parts of Lattakia, inflicting major casualties on the militants.

Terrorist groups’ positions in Heights 1154 and 1112, Kabani, Zahar and Kafr Sando came under the large-scale attacks of the Syrian warplanes on Thursday.

“The air force targeted the militants’ vehicles and military vehicles, equipped with machineguns, in Heights 1154 and 1112, Kabani, Zahar and Kafr Sando, killing all inside them,” military sources said.


The Syrian army and popular forces continued purging operations in the Eastern parts of Dara’a province, killing militants and destroying their military equipment and vehicles.

“An army unit killed tens of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles to the East of al-Hrak town in the Eastern parts of the Southern province of Dara’a,” a field source said.

Also, the Syrian forces smashed terrorists’ artillery and mortar positions and machine guns near al-Arba’een Park in Dara’a al-Balad and to the Northwest of a bridge near al-Gharyia al-Gharbyieh village in the Eastern parts of Dara’a, the source added.

Iraqi army preparing for Mosul offensive

Obama Cuts Deal With ISIS, He Gets Mosul, they Get Free Passage into Syria

In Hama province, the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces and its allies have been continuing operations against the joint terrorist forces. Intense clashes are ongoing at the Tell Buzam front. Russian and Syrian warplanes are pounding terrorist units near Ma’an, Souran and Tal Al-Sawwan as a pretext for further offensives by the government forces.

The High Command of the Syrian Arab Army and militant groups started negotiations on allowing the militant groups’ members a free passage from the eastern Aleppo pocket. In case of success, the army will set control of Bustan Al-Qasir Neighborhood. Nonetheless, Jabhat al-Nusra and Nour Eddine Al-Zinki, that are main striking forces of the Jaish al-Fatah operation room in Aleppo, refuse to negotiate with the government.

Over 600 militants have handed over their heavy weapons and military equipment to the Syrian army in Damascus countryside. About 200 militants and their families will be evacuated from al-Hamah and Qudsiyah while others will use an opportunity to get a pardon from the government. Then, the government forces will set full control of al-Hamah and Qudsiyah.

The US and Saudi Arabia have agreed to grant free passage to over 9,000 of Islamic State terrorists before the Iraqi city of Mosul is stormed. The jihadists will be redeployed to fight against the government in Syria, the media reported, citing various military and diplomatic sources. This will allow them to carry out operations against the government-controlled cities of Deir Ezzor and Palmyra. Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Directorate will be the mediator and guarantor of the agreement.

US President Barack Obama has allegedly sanctioned an operation to liberate Mosul, due to take place in October. Redeployment of 9,000 ISIS fighters from Mosul will allow Washington the widely-needed PR success in fight against terrorism in Iraq to balance the de-facto support of terrorist factions, including Al-Qaeda linked Jabhat Al-Nusra, in Syria.

Meanwhile, the first photos, which allegedly depict the Russian heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” on the way to Syria’s shores, have appeared in social media outlets. Initial reports suggested that the warship is set to depart to the Syrian coast to take part in the ongoing anti-terrorist operation in the period from October 15 to October 20.

Turkey says it will keep troops in northern Iraq

Iraq: UN warns of massive humanitarian crisis ahead of IS group-held Mosul offensive


Aleppo Province: Syrian Army Wins Back 3 Key Regions, Kills over 42 Terrorists

Syrian Army Maintains Momentum of Victories in Damascus, Captures Another Strategic Town in Western Ghouta

Syrian Army Captures More Lands in Northern Aleppo

Terrorists Sustain Heavy Losses in Syrian Air Force Raids in Southern Aleppo

Terrorist Leader Dies in Idlib as FSA Butchers Own Commander

Lattakia: Syrian Customs Confiscate Terrorists’ Vehicle Packed with RPG, Ammunition

Northeastern Aleppo: Syrian Army Engages in Tough Battle


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