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My Computer Was Sabotaged for This Video: What the Media Won’t Tell You About the 2nd Presidential Debate, Now Public

Monday, October 10, 2016 7:16
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By Lisa Haven 


Round two of the 2016 Presidential debate has just concluded and while the mainstream media and globalists set out to obliterate Donald Trump, it turns out he flipped the tables by calling out their directed and targeted attacks against him. It seems this “lone ranger” among a sea of wolves is standing against stark opposition. 

In the video below I detail not only events that transpired during and just before the debate, but also how my computer was sabotaged just prior to its release. Obviously there is something in it, they don’t want out…. 


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  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    No it wasn’t you liar.

    • The Clucker


  • Miskondukt

    Nothing here, move on.

  • Morgana Le Fay

    So Lisa, you’ve become SO important and popular now, that the secret police are going out of there way to thwart your efforts and sabotage your computer? (Sounds like someone has an overly inflated and paranoid sense of place in the world).

    • Morgana Le Fay

      Trust me honey; you probably don’t even make a blip on their radar screen. If I were you, I’d stop drinking that tea you’re always trying to peddle. It might be screwing with your head.

    • Andoron

      Lisa is borrowing this manipulative tactic from Hawk and Steve Quayle. In their paranoid minds it makes them sound more legit. Lisa is just proving she is not only manipulative, but also without any sense of real integrity.

      • The Real Deal

        You nailed it. She has no integrity, nor shame. I hate this b*tch. She’s a sub IQ halfwit. If you can make it through one one of her crappy videos, you’ll notice she’s as dumb and inarticulate as a rock.

  • Morgana Le Fay

    There’s no denying that media coverage for the most part is slanted in Hillary’s favor. However, Trump certainly isn’t helping himself either, as he makes an a$$ of himself virtually every time he opens his mouth. The more the campaign progresses, the more it seems to me like he’s a plant placed there to get Hillary elected. There’s no other logical explanation for his self-sabotage unless he’s totally clueless about how his actions and statements will be perceived by the public, which I doubt.

  • Mongoose

    “My Computer Was Sabotaged”

    Jesus did it.

    • HabitualBigot


  • DTS & Associates

    @Lisa Haven:

    If your PC runs Windows, it is security compromised ‘by design’. Change operating systems.

    I would strongly suggest you switch to Linux.

    If I can be of help (gratis) in that regard, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Dietrich T. Schmitz
    OpenPGP Public Key Id BC162E2C:

    • Jacko

      Linux isn’t going to change her fantasy…

  • Болеслава

    10,000 views and 1 positive comment. sounds about right. but i must admit you had me for a while with those comments of “History” for thats what she is, insinuating Trump was some sort traitor in collaboration with the evil evil evil Putin. Is he now on the Clinton body count list.??? You can be sure of it. Another Hilary associated doctor has just suicided himself for no accountable reason. probably felt a loser compared to and after meeting the great hilary and decided life was no longer worth living. :roll:

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. All what the Democraps did backfired on them as it should. I still don’t know why we go to and be controlled by their venues. Don’t get it.

    BTW, the media is putting a terrible spin on the debate not mentioning DT won but focusing on outdated negative poll fantasy numbers. Yeah, no matter what their gal won! Even though Trump clearly controlled her this time to CONFRONT and REVEAL the EVIL of this dragon DEMON lady which is what I said he must do and NOT be afraid.

    The negro and Hillaryous both had flies land on them in prime time TV. I don’t ever recall that happening to past presidents. But maybe that’s because both the negro and Hillary are NOT presidential-ly legal. They said Hillary has bad body odor. Yuck! :cool:

    So looks like the game is on and with the turd debait Trump should ignore her (she is no longer relevant) and focus on being presidential and telling Americans the way to get the country back on it’s feet instead of defeet with the illegal and unqualified negro or the illegal and unqualified Hillary.

    BTW, you can cure viruses on your computer using the old Tom Sawyer cure. I have written it below and keep it next to your computer.

    Barley corn, barley corn,
    Injun meal shots.
    Spunk water, spunk water,
    Swallar these doughnuts!

    There you have it. Should cure any virus problem you have on your computer. :lol:


    Charlie (BTW, works great on warts too) :lol: :lol:

    • badintense

      Negro? Barry Soetoro Indonesian citizen is a black Indonesian.

    • badintense

      The last page and half of Tom Sawyer sounds like the Skull & Bones initiation ritual.

    • badintense

      About the handshake. Roger Stone reported before the start that he uncovered a plot that Hillary was going to refuse to shake his hand if he extended it and Cooper’s first question was going to be about why she did not shake it to allow her to get in the first attack to set the tone for the debate.

      By Trump waiting to see what she did, she turned counterclockwise to take her seat, he avoided an ambush. And Hillary knew then that she could not try to shake first for fear of being suckered by her own plot.

  • Warf

    Lisa You’re doing a great job. Never mind some of the negative comments. These people that write these comments are paid writers, paid for with your tax dollars.
    I’m here in Australia, at the moment the main stream media across the board is in full swing diminishing Donald Trump and making it appear the sun is shining out of Hillary’s back side. I’m so amazed how much the elite control the media.


    • Jacko

      Paranoid much? People posting “negative” comments are the ones who at least try to think about what’s being told. If you believe this charlatan it says something about you…

  • Jack

    We only click on you by mistake.


    Nice pic of the Lord=ess of the Flies !

  • dagiles

    your computer seems to be working. Are we just supposed to believe whatever you say is the “emet”? Chances are you are using crappy Microsoft software. But I doubt you would use anything that would make Gates more wealthy based on your rants.

  • The Ferrett

    Lisa haven, you have have now proved to us all what a liar and charlatan you are and always have been.
    You are either jewish, or part of the jewish establishment or both.
    An enemy of truth, deluded and confused as always and losing whatever credibility you had left . .

    • Jacko

      I think you’re wrong. She just acts deluded for the money. She knows very wel that what she says is false. She has no real skills IRL so she has no other way to scam money.

      • The Real Deal


      • Mongoose

        I agree, a paid operative would come up with something more credible/plausible and have better language skills. She is just another leach feeding off of the gullibility of some Christians.

  • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

    I have to address the “Black Helic0pters and Dr0nes at Christian conference” article HERE, because comments are disabled there. OK so here’s the deal; The NW0 powers that be probably care very little about what is going on at a so called “Christian C0nference”, because most Christianity in America at this point is APOSTATE Christianity. The R0man cath0lic church and Je$uits have infiltrated and now control many or MOST so called Christian- “pr0testant” denominations, nearly all of these denominations are part of the one world church: and most “Christians don’t even realize it. So the bottom line is this; why would the NW0 powers that be which are controlled by the Je$uits and the */atican, want to intimidate and control people that they ALREADY control?, doesn’t make a whole lotta sense, now granted some of these Christians are unknowing participants in the 0NE W0RLD CHURCH SYSTEM, and many are no doubt believers in the C0nstitution and sec0nd Amendment , and that would probably be the only reason for these groups to have been intimidated at all, if in fact this incident with black helic0pters and dr0nes actually took place. You’re only going to take flack if you’re over the target, that’s why jack Van Impe, Hal Lindsey and John Hagee are allowed to preach JUNK prophecy week in and week out year after year if they were preaching truths and facts about Bible prophecy, they might have black helic0pters swarming all over them, and R0me would shut them down immediately.

    • Mongoose

      But if two or more come together in his name their prayer shall be answered, so all they would have to do is pray for the drones to go away and poof, Jesus will turn them into Unicorns.

      Or they could pray for the jesuits to go away and poof, Jesus will turn them into jews.

  • Jacko

    Lies. More lies.

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