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November 8th: A Bombshell Has Been Planned for Election Day by TPTB

Friday, October 28, 2016 5:50
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There Are Only
3 Outcomes After
The November 8 Election


The 2016 Campaign Season Has Seen All The Rules Broken

And So Will The Post Election Cycle

State of the Nation

Voter beware: You ain’t seen nothing yet!

When the Bush Family Political Dynasty was literally kicked out of the 2016 presidential race, you know something VERY big has happened.

When the Clinton Family Political Dynasty is also under extreme fire, you know the times have changed—BIG time!

And so they have … in ways that few could ever imagine.

The critical point is that there are now three outcomes which can occur after the November 8th election day. Each one is very simple on the face of it, yet very complicated in the longer term.

Outcome #1:  Hillary Clinton outright steals the election, which is the ONLY way that she can win.

Outcome  #2: Donald Trump wins the election legitimately, which is the only way he would declare victory.

Outcome #3: The election results are not clear and each side digs in with lawsuits and counter lawsuits which drags the nation through a very tumultuous post-election battle.

Each one of these outcomes has a different outlook.  The outlooks can overlap or go in completely different directions depending on a variety of circumstances.  As follows:

Outlook # 1:  Should Clinton win by stealing the election, the electorate will NOT accept it. The American people will NOT permit her to occupy the Oval Office, unless she takes it by force.  The Trumpsters, in particular, will rise up and prevent the election theft from being consummated with an inauguration.  Just how fierce and determined the Trumpsters will become is not yet known.  What is known is that they will NOT let a thieving, lying, corrupt candidate extend the last 8 year Obamanation by another 4 disastrous years.

Outlook  #2: Should Trump win the election by playing fair and square, he will enter the White House, but not without a major campaign of disruption from the Clintonistas.  This is where the U.S. citizenry will be treated to the Bolshevik behavior à la #BlackLivesMatter that was graphically displayed throughout the campaign season. These Clinton henchmen are as utterly lawless and recklessly violent as the indisputable evidence has shown them to be.  Hence, there is no reason to believe that they won’t pull every trick in the Saul Alinsky playbook to execute a post-election coup d’état.

Outlook #3:  Should the post-election process be thrown into total disarray by both sides, whereby neither is declared a winner, political chaos and social pandemonium will prevail. The extent to which this occurs will be determined by various factors, each of which can intensify or mitigate the predominant national state of affairs.  This third scenario is also the most likely to plunge the USA into a period of extreme discontent in which the U.S. Federal Government itself comes under threat of dissolution.

2016: Year of the Red Fire Monkey and the Super Shemitah

For those who are not aware, 2016 has seen a convergence of two major calendrical events: the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey has occurred in the same year as the Super Shemitah.  Many have already dismissed the influences of these two HUGE forces operating in the background.  Not only have they done so at their peril, they have lost precious time necessary to get their house in order.  And, to get prepared for just about anything in the coming year.

2016: A Year of Super Convergence and Awesome Consequence

The last time the same astrological energies occurred simultaneously, especially while Pluto cruised through Capricorn, the American Declaration of Independence was signed and the American Revolution commenced in earnest in 1776.  For those who are initiated into this realm, Donald Trump clearly represents the Fire Monkey energy.  And 2016 has seen his coming out party.

The Earth-Shaking Year of the Red Fire Monkey Begins On February 8, 2016

When functioning as a highly evolved Fire Monkey, this indomitable character is virtually unstoppable at whatever he attempts to achieve.  Therefore, Donald Trump cannot lose. No matter what stunts the Democratic Party attempts to pull, or legal gambit the DNC tries to make, Trump is curiously in the driver’s seat.  Not only can he do no wrong, the Clintonistas can do no right.  Remember, Donald Trump cannot lose this year irrespective of what he does or does not do.

So, if Hillary does steal the election, she will spend the next four plus years trying to prevent being evicted from the POTUS high office.  Her stars are so misaligned and working at such cross purposes that she cannot even get out of her own way.  More importantly, many of her traditional allies will get out of her way as they begin to desert her and her phony causes.  They will have witnessed the real Hillary Clinton in such a way that they will not want to be associated with her in any way, shape or form.

The longer this period of watching the dust settle takes place, the better it will be for the forces of light and truth.  Likewise, the more lengthy the electoral war during the post election process, the more folks will see that Donald Trump is exactly how he presents himself.  As someone who really wants to “Make America Great Again”.

Post Inauguration Analysis

• If the nation inaugurates a President Donald Trump, he will be under enormous pressure to make good on his campaign promises. Should he not follow through on those promises, he will be in more trouble with We the People than any other president in U.S. history, bar none.  On the other hand, should he immediately begin to act on his most important promises, he will bump up against the political establishment like never experienced before by a sitting POTUS.  Without question, Trump will sit between the proverbial rock and hard place with no wiggle room to speak of.  This is exactly why it is almost better for her to steal the election … so that he can continue to wreck the place as an outsider, with his trusty wrecking ball.

• If Hillary Clinton is inaugurated, she will be Watergated every day, of every year, that she sits in the stolen office.  The Trumpsters will not let her rest.  And she will always be forced to sleep with BOTH eyes wide open, so many will be coming for her until they are assured that she is securely locked up.  And, far away from any public office in the land.  The more she tries to advance the failed policies of the Obamanation, the more she will come under threat of impeachment and disgrace.  Ultimately, the American people will see to it that Clinton is taken off the streets, particularly when her deluded supporters understand that she truly a menace to society, and poses a serious threat to world peace.

• If neither nominee is inaugurated, that means something quite earth-shattering has taken place.  The possibilities range from a dissolution of the U.S. Government, to Barack Obama staying in the presidency beyond his statutory right in spite of being illegitimate for 8 years, to a provisional government that has been constituted to see the country through an emergency transitional period.  Such a transitional period could see a Constitutional Convention assembled in order to resolve the various constitutional crises which abound even today.  Even if this scenario does not occur this year or next, it is destined to happen at some point in the not-too-distant future.

• There may also be a French Revolution type phase whereby the many proven traitors to the U.S. Constitution, as well as to the American Republic, are arrested and imprisoned and tried for treason, crimes against humanity, war crimes and many other “high crimes and misdemeanors”.  In the wake of the various Congressional hearings regarding Hillary Clinton’s EmailgateServergate and Benghazigate, there are many Congressmen and Congresswomen who are guilty of misprision of felony.  Each of them will be forced to vacate their offices before any new Congress can be seated.


No matter how you look at it, the American people are in for a very interesting ride.  And, there is no getting off the roller coaster, regardless of how crazy it gets. That’s because so many within the body politic relinquished their civic responsibilities over so many decades. When the rot is so indistinguishable from the System itself, what else can possibly be done but to start over.

That, right there, is the operative phrase: It’s high time to start over, if the nation is to be saved from those who have stolen it.  TPTB only stole it because they were allowed to. The populace really did give consent year after year by simply playing the game and voting for the lesser of the two evils.  Look at all the enthusiastic voters for Hillary Clinton who are willing to repeat all the corruption and crime associated with what is essentially the stone-cold Clinton Crime Family!

That’s precisely how serious things are right now.  Close to half the people are totally clueless and will fight tooth and nail to maintain the thoroughly degenerate status quo. The more they do hang on to the decadence of the Obamanation, the more difficult the passage through will be.  Likewise, the more the Clintonistas and ultra-liberal left resist the pull of destiny, the more obstacles to a smooth future will be experienced.

Therefore, the best that We the People can do at this defining moment in American history is get out the way if there is an impulse to fight the wave of inevitability.  Otherwise, a tidal wave will eventually come by and flatten those who persist in the past.  Those who choose to ride the crest of the wave will be treated to the ride of a lifetime.  It cannot get any better than the exhilaration that comes with true liberation of the human spirit and emancipation from so much that binds US in post-modern society.

So, for those who know not what to do in the coming weeks and years, just sit back and watch the show, because it’s shaping up to be The Greatest Show On Earth—EVER! For those who do not want to participate in any way, please know that that alternative is no longer an option.

Lastly, for those who seek the United States restored to being One Nation Under God, such a restoration can only happen with a lot of hard work and true grit, self sacrifice and raw courage.  Every person counts in this rehab of the millennium.  Just as every U.S. citizen has always mattered in this uniquely American Experiment.

State of the Nation
October 27, 2016

Author’s Note

The author acknowledges that there are many other macro scenarios which can also be manufactured by the ruling cabal.  Each of these could overwhelm the various outcomes of the U.S. presidential elections.  For instance, TPTB could trigger the hot phase of World War III just as they could bring about the collapse of the Global Economic & Financial System.  They might even do something much smaller like start a war with only Russia or   trigger a stock market crash in the USA.  They could also execute a controlled demolition of Deutsche Bank, which would have a domino effect Europe-wide.  The key point is that none of these potential Gray Swans has been considered in this post-election analysis, but are nevertheless quite possible.

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Total 33 comments
  • MILLENNIUM Reporter

    The Millennium Report is very interested to hear the opinions of others about the post election period.

    Thank you!

  • apache5

    there will be some civil unrest no-matter WHO wins BUT the Hillary crowds are very violent people so certain areas will see more violence then others, IF she wins the country is DOOMED!!!

  • Anonymous

    It is good to look at possible outcomes. however, bringing up astrology and a shemitah is not very scientific in my opinion. But I found your article well written and thought out.

    • TRUTHY1

      It doesn’t matter what you may or may not believe, it is what they believe in ! P.S. science has nothing to do with this !

  • Daughter of the Church

    The Millennium Reported is very interested to hear the opinions of the post election period. It will be a mess!

    To paraphrase what is written, if either the candidate who truly appears presidential wins, or the abominable candidate steals, or its a match-up, there is no way out. Bingo on this article.

    Since this article goes into astrology with “Fire Monkey” or else, then there are the Christian prophecies, which tend to be interpreted that the 44th President will be the last one. Then also that a world tyrant will rise after a brief but definitive confrontation between what appear to be Russia led by a “king of the North” and the US led by a “king of the South”. If this “king of the South” is not Barack Obama (with roots from Kenya) who else is he? The Christian prophecies clearly tell that the winner will be the “king of the North”. If it is not Russia, which else?
    The question of who will be the world tyrant? Probably the man in charge of the armed forces to the United Nations, who is currently Barrack Obama. The UN troops will dominate the incoming mess of the post election. The appointment of the next General Secretary to the UN is up for Dec. 31, of this year. The man who has the most world-wide visibility to this post is Barrack Obama. A departing President of the US who will negotiate the terms of surrender of his “messy”; defeated, and carved-up country.
    The Christian prophecies does not give details of the world tyrant’s way of rising to power (who is the Antichrist) but from some feeble human logic, the theory of a morphing could occur. Let’s not forget that the President and his First Lady are in favor of transgender-ism… you know the ugly worm turning into a butterfly…
    President Barrack Obama of the United States will become General Secretary Barrack Obama of the United Nation. The post election will be not a transition of power within the USA, but within the entire world.

  • gottaluvitt

    Should be very interesting, we all have a lot to look forward to. Additude adjustment in this country. Hopefully it will be positive change, using the process of i elimination. If all this stuff about our government being a corporation is true, it may straighten things out, in time. The evil forces probably won’t let go of there hold that easy. Good luck to us all, get your popcorn ready the shows about to begin.

  • Thomas Francisco Pelgero

    What do you think about scenario 4?

    4. There will be a very big destruction or WW3 will start with Russia – US. The elections will be delayed and president Obama will stay in office and martial law will be declared. Between 4 – 9 november is a very exiting time. We will see what happens.

  • carolina4

    i’m with china.

  • Clamb

    There is no spoon.

    • my2pesos

      He Speaks ~ He’s Peaks
      He Speaks ~ Has Peeks
      He Speaks ~ Shake Ape
      He Speaks ~ She Peaks
      He Speaks ~ Has Keeps

  • Rockledge

    The public has finally realized that what the hippies tried to tell everyone in the 60s is true. The establishment is corrupt and the political system is rigged and owned by the highest bidders.

  • Canderson

    Hey lets fear-monger Them!

    You want to stay in power forever (talking about the ruling bloodlines), then you refuse to die and be born again, then even more corruption builds up, worse an worse and

    worse until now, today. What do we do about it?
    You are old and clogged by plaque. I play Agenda 21 against you, will you survive your own agenda? I say No. Time for change of direction.
    Those who are already corrupt should not make up policy for tomorrow, the NGOs. There are certain boundary’s to follow, you broken those. You always need to bring out
    those slaughter houses with you, you no gods, you bleed all the same, red. You stuck in a premature revolution? Yes you are! Camp FEMA are for you guys, every single rotten one of you. :evil:

    • Rockledge

      When that shit wears off, please reread your post and see if you can remember what you was trying to say and re post it. Looks like it could have been an interesting thought.

      • GiveMeStrength

        For someone that speaks as well as you do, I find it quite alarming that you’re unable to determine what somebody else is saying…

        Even if English isn’t their first language (I suspect it), it’s pretty obvious what they’re saying from here. Your reading comprehension shouldn’t be this bad, should it?

  • Canderson

    I call for sovereign Nations, Nation States again and the extension of it is Nations United, it got foundation. (instead of United Nations – evil eye, no foundation at all /too us anyway.)

    • Canderson

      When they start to criticize China again, that is a totalitarian huge slave llabour state, then perhaps we know we are on the right track again.

      • Canderson

        But first things first. … I told you the why’s

  • my2pesos

    November ~ NV ‘Rome’ Be
    November ~ Bern Move
    November ~ Bon ‘Rev’ Me
    November ~ On ‘me’ Verb
    November ~ Oven ‘MR’ Be
    November ~ Ben Mover

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    More Clickbait Headlines! Slow News Day! Made Up Scenarios, None Of Which Will Happen!

    The election is just as rigged as it always is.

    Sad you guys have forgotten the last 20 years of elections.


  • Enjoykin4


    D – rrive
    R – evolution
    A – gainst
    I – sis
    N – orth america

    T – AKE
    E – ND

    S – peach free
    W – isdom free
    A – rms free
    M – ind free
    P – ower free


  • Enjoykin4


    D – rive
    R – evolution
    A – gainst
    I – sis
    N – orth america

    T – AKE
    E – ND

    S – peach free
    W – isdom free
    A – rms free
    M – ind free
    P – ower free


  • gottaluvitt

    Let us not forget that these people get off of everything, that the election could be canceled, or the US could go into civil unrest. Then they have there reason for Martial law. World war 3 could start or our financial system could crash. We have a whole trick or treat bag full candy to pick from.

  • Enjoykin4

    URGENT BREAKING NEWS 29 Oct. 2016.


    Sub for more: | Truth Feed News reports, WND’s reporting in late August of a marked classified email Hitlery Clington forwarded to aide Huma Abedin (member of ISIS) could cast light on FBI Director James Comey’s dramatic disclosure to members of Congress Friday that the bureau had reopened its investigation into HitleryClington’s use of a private email server due to new information apparently discovered in the sexting probe of former Rep. Anthony Weiner, Abedin’s estranged husband.

    Folks – Huma Abedin is a known Muslim (member of ISIS) who has previously worked for terrorist groups like Al Quada and many more. She is a Extreme ISIS Muslim undercover who has infiltrated Hitlery Clintgon and Hitlery knew this.

    Watch and join commenting at Tube !!

  • Martus

    Heard the Queens distant cousin has been picking the presidents since he first announced the New world order during his presidency.

    They seem to have run into a problem with Trump being so popular and their pick Hill being not.

    It truly will be interesting to see what will happen whether it is pitch fork time or the population will just accept the results of the rigged election.


  • Enjoykin4

    BREAKING NEWS 30.October.2016

    Syria: Terrorists’ Offensives in Western Aleppo Fended Off for 2nd Day
    The military fronts in Western Aleppo are witnessing severe clashes between the Syrian army and the terrorist groups for the second consecutive day, field sources said on Saturday.

    More People Run from ISIL Terrorists amid Iraq’s Offensive to Retake Mosul
    raqis from the village of Ayn Nasir, South of Mosul, gathered outside the village on October 29, 2016 as Iraqi forces prepare to enter the village to fight against ISIL terrorists as part of an operation to liberate the city of Mosul.

    Syrian Army Takes Control of More Areas in, around Khan al-Sheih in Southwestern Damascus
    Reports said on Saturday that the Syrian Army soldiers seized control over several key positions and roads in Western Ghouta and laid full siege on the trapped US baked Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly al-Nusra Front) terrorists in Khan al-Sheih town.

    Over 20 Terrorists Killed in Failed Attack on Army Positions Southwest of Aleppo
    Syrian government forces repelled Jeish al-Fatah’s offensives on their strongholds in the districts and neighborhoods of Zahiyeh al-Assad, al-Rashedeen 4 and 5, Sowq a-Jebes, Housing Project 1070, al-Hikmeh School and Jam’iyat al-Sahafi’ein.

    Syrian Military Forces Repel Terrorists’ Attack on Suran North of Hama
    The Syrian army repelled a major offensive by the terrorist groups on the town of Suran, North of Hama province.

    Iraq’s Joint Military Forces Moving towards Mosul
    Iraqi army and the Hashed al-Shaabi (Popular Forces) deploy towards the village of Ayn Nasir, South of Mosul, on October 29, 2016, during the ongoing battle against ISIL terrorists to liberate the city of Mosul.

    Iraqi Popular Forces Launch Anti-ISIL Offensive West of Mosul
    Iraqi Popular Forces began their offensive against the ISIL terrorists just West of Mosul Saturday morning. Armoured vehicles and bulldozers could be seen moving towards the city of Tal Afar, some 78km (49m) West of Mosul. [VIDEO at Tube]

    Yemeni Forces Launch Ballistic Missile Attack on Saudi Airbase in Jeddah
    Yemeni army and popular forces launched a Borka 1 ballistic missile attack from Saada province to a Saudi Airbase in Jeddah.

    Bahrainis Express Solidarity with Sheikh Isa Qassim
    Bahraini anti-regime protesters took to the streets to express solidarity with senior Shiite clerics Sheikh Issa Qassim and Ali Salman. Demonstrations were held in the villages of Diraz, Shakhoura and Abu Saiba on Friday.

    Iraqi Volunteer Forces Join Battle on ISIL West of Mosul
    All brigades of Iraqi volunteer forces joined the country’s battle on ISIL and begun an offensive against the terrorists West of the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul to cut the militants’ supply lines and movements between Mosul and.

    A Ghastly History: US Is Using Uranium Weapons Against Syria
    Despite serious ethical problems, the Pentagon has finally admitted that it has used uranium weapons in the war on Syria – against SAA.

    SDF Wins Back 4 Villages, 3 Farms from ISIL’s Control in Northern Aleppo
    Battlefield sources disclosed that the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have managed to seize back seven strategic regions, pushing the ISIL further back from the Northern parts of Aleppo province.

    Taliban Kills ISIL’s Suicide Attacks Commander in West Afghanistan
    Local sources in Western Afghanistan announced that a senior leader of the ISIL terrorist group has been killed by rival Taliban militants.

    Saudi Arabia Evacuates 60 Percent of Villages Along Border with Yemen
    The Riyadh government has evacuated over half of its rural areas along the kingdom’s border with Yemen, media reports said Saturday.

    Zarif, Mogherini Stress Fight against Terrorism, Need to Resolve Syrian crisis
    Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and visiting European Union (EU) Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini in their second meeting in Tehran on Saturday underlined the need for fight against the terrorist groups and the urgency.

    Security Source: US Sending Arms Cargo to ISIL in Iraq’s Diyala
    The US-led coalition helicopters carried a large number of weapons and military equipment to the ISIL terrorists stationed in Iraq’s Diyala province, Arab media outlets reported, citing an unnamed security official.

    US Air Force Command Apologizes for Flying Close to Russian Jets over Syria
    The Russian Defense Ministry said that the US Air Force Central Command apologized for US planes flying close to Russian jets over Syria.

    ISIL Executes Dozens of Iraqi Civilians in Southern Mosul
    The ISIL terrorists continue to execute tens of citizens in a village to the South of the city of Mosul in Nineveh province, Arab media sources reported on Saturday.

    Iraq: Hundreds of Foreign Female Terrorists Driving ISIL’s Suicide Vehicles
    The ISIL is using hundreds of female terrorists from different world countries to drive suicide vehicles of their husbands during the Mosul liberation operation by Iraq’s joint military forces, media reports said.

    Deputy FM: Security of Bab Al-Mandab Strait Highly Important to Iran
    Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari underlined that Tehran wants establishment of security in the strategic Bab al-Mandab Strait near the Gulf of Aden.

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