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Someone Please Get This Critical Message to the Trump Campaign! Before Tonight’s Debate!

Sunday, October 9, 2016 4:48
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An Open Letter to the Trump Campaign


Dear Trump Campaign Staff,

We are writing to you folks about the upcoming 2nd Great Debate this Sunday evening.

To the point: the whole debate format and process has been rigged against Donald.  The first debate categorically demonstrated that the Democrats will cheat in every way possible to win.  They clearly feel that can cheat with impunity and care not who catches them in the act.  Remember all the obvious fraud during the Democratic primary used repeatedly against Bernie Sanders.

Wikileaks Download Proves DNC Cheated to Ensure Clinton Primary Victory

The result of tonight’s debate has already been fixed by the mainstream media (MSM), no matter how well Donald performs.  The MSM also doesn’t even care anymore that they are viewed as the official propaganda arm of the Clinton campaign.  THEY DON’T CARE!

Hillary Clinton has so much serious baggage, so many longstanding liabilities, so many critical medical conditions, and so many profound political problems that she and her tribe can only cheat to win this election.  As follows:  U.S. CODE: Hillary R. Clinton has disqualified herself from holding any public office in the United States

What to do?

Let Donald be The Donald as never before.  Please excuse the analogy, but he has been the perfect wrecking ball throughout the whole campaign season.  Even when he does things perfectly right he wrecks their thoroughly corrupt and cowardly system.  Donald knows intuitively that before you can construct a high-rise, you have to first demolish the old, dilapidated building that sits on the building site.

Our best recommendation:

Donald has only two debates left.  They stole the first one from him (read opportunity) and first impressions matter a LOT with the undecideds and youth vote.  Therefore, he must take complete control of this second debate by simply being himself.

Toward that end, Donald should act as though Hillary Clinton is not even there.  His responses should be directed ONLY toward two topics.

First, Donald should speak directly to how he will “Make America Great Again”.  In other words, how his policies and initiatives will rebuild the nation after 16 years of continual destruction from both parties.

Secondly, Donald should talk about how he will help the American people who are really suffering.  There are millions of us who no longer have a ‘real job’.  Nearly 100,000,000 who are eligible to work are literally classified as unemployed.  Hence, he would serve his candidacy quite well by telling the American people exactly how he will put them back to work.


That was Bill Clinton’s clarion call, and it worked for him—BIG TIME!  Except that he then went out and passed NAFTA, the biggest unspoken economic disaster in USA history … and hardly anybody really knows it.  Hillary Clinton’s husband blighted the American economy with the passage of NAFTA after reaping the immediate short-term rewards.

History Shows That NAFTA Is a Disaster

Who doesn’t know by now that the current Great Recession has actually been the Second Great Depression?  With no end in sight!

So, please, prep Donald on his plans to get us out of this mess.  Despite Obama’s deliberate negligence in plunging the country into such a deplorable economic state, he should stay on this point: What Donald will do to fix it.  Quickly!

Every response that he gives ought to answer the question: What will he do to alleviate the economic hardship and financial pain of the average citizen.

Do you folks get it yet?

Even though he handily won the first debate, it was actually an unmitigated disaster for him. Hopefully you folks learned a lot from that highly instructive train wreck, which was then followed by a Kaine wreck?!

This whole debate structure has been built around her strengths and his weaknesses.  The DNC owns and operates the entire presidential debate franchise, so that even when you think you’ve won, they really have. Donald knows this well from his casino business: The house NEVER loses … even when they appear to.

Lastly, as a contingency plan, if Donald is absolutely forced into the position, he should have his wrecking ball handy.  The single best approach for him to take if he is knocked off balance is to expose the titled playing field … but he should only do this at the very end of the debate, after he has shared his GREAT vision with the electorate.

When the American people hear how completely rigged the whole process has been, they will get it.  Just a short diatribe at the end, with his famous wrecking ball in hand, as to how the Democrats only know how to win by fraud and deceit, could be a wise use of a very high platform that he will only have one more time. (See attachment below)

The people of this great nation do not like cheaters (the Clinton MO and DNC central organizing principle).  They especially do NOT like bullies.  And what they really love is the underdog who comes from behind and wins the day.  Especially an underdog who is at once fiercely patriotic, sincere to a fault and outrageously courageous.

Let’s get busy!

Very sincerely,

Citizens For Fair Presidential Debates

P.S.  We see no reason why this same strategy would not work for the third debate as well.


The Debates Are Totally Rigged To Favor Hillary Clinton, Process Is Completely Fixed Against Donald Trump

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Someone please get this critical message to the Trump Campaign! | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

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  • stompk

    I don’t know, I thought he won that first debate hands down, and so did all the online polling.

    • Hayduke

      I thought that Horrible Hillary, as much as I hate her, blew Trump dead out of the water. When she started smiling and shimmying I knew it was over. I predict today will even be worse. The comment about pussy grabbing has done him in. I hate Hillary, but no way should the pussy grabber be president. Although I sure as hell would like to watch Trump grab Merkel’s pussy in Germany. That’d be cool.

      • ElOregonian

        Not so fast Mitch, His wife is not an accomplice to murder (not only in Benghazi but IMHO throughout her deadly criminal career) a liar, a traitor, an enabler (knowing, allowing, and defending Bill’s infidelities to safeguard her ambitious reign). No, Mr. Trump is guilty of sophomoric banter, and/or lewd behavior, but he doesn’t hold a candle to the gross behavior both Hillary or Bill display day in, and day out.

      • moochie2

        Gennifer Flowers on Bill Clinton: ‘He said Hillary had eaten more pu–y than he had’

      • Eggzactly

        We would like to see Trump grab Yours! :wink:

      • Eggzactly

        I bet Trump grabs Hillary by her P#$$! tonight! Waitnsee. :shock:

      • 59corvettefred

        Look up Cathy Obrien on you tube and see how at 13 years old Hillary forced her to take of her pussy.

      • 59corvettefred

        Look up Cathy Obrien on You Tube and become enlightened

    • truther357

      He did and he didn’t even need a ‘fact checking’ earpiece like ‘cheating’ criminal, Hillary did. We’ll see what the RINO’s have to say about it .. They and Fox News are looking might stupid now for continuing hart on sh’t about what Trump said and Barry said the same thing years ( They are not saying anything about what Barry said !) ago. Whose side are they on…anyway!

  • Tempus Fugit

    Trump has demonstrated in the first debate that he can remain calm under pressure , regardless of attacks made upon him. His best approach given the second debate with his vice presidential candidate, Pence, is to answer questions that are not asked . This approach has been used by Democrats like Jesse Jackson , in which the answer questions elaborating upon things they wish to talk about , and dismissing the actual question asked .

    If called upon this , his response should be here asking the wrong questions .

    • Tempus Fugit

      Sometimes I hate kindle….

      If called out on this, Trump should respond, “You’re asking the wrong questions.”

      • larry4765

        Very good Tempus Fugit. He should.

  • chefjim

    The whole electoral process is fixed! Look at Donald’s last debate. He could have put Hillary away with any number of items yet he chose the soft approach. If he mentioned Benghazi or email-gate, he would have won hands down. He held back…WHY? Because he has his ORDERS. He will function at the capacity for which he was selected to “run” against the next POTUS because Hillary is already penciled in!

    • Bob DD

      Chef Jim, You are probably correct, Trump is only executing his role which has been laid out to get psycho elected. (Sorry, I did a Trump there). Michael Savage even says he supports DT, “If Trump is who he says he is?” Anyone with a brain can see who created the BHO fiction, & got him elected & re-elected & who protects HC (No-indictment)—The Global Big Boys. They have been maneuvering for perhaps 200 years to take control of the entire World. They have worked hard & long, and NOW IS THE TIME! One side note, Trump, about 2 months ago, reportedly met with BIG TIME Globalist Henry Kissinger. Tonight will tell all!

  • robert freedom/roberttheracer

    Read every thing at and click on RINOS

    Watch video YOU KNOW SOME THING IS WRON WHEM. get the book from

  • VirusGuard

    Nice punch and judy show so whats happening in football, who’s winning

    You can vote for the right hand or the left hand of the puppeteer but you will still be stuffed because these puppets are not allowed to wipe there bums without permission from Congress and they are all working for jewish bankers.

    American are too thick to get this past there skulls and will wonder why nothing changes and if Trump is so good then why is he sucking upto the bankers and why does he go along with the officals story on 9/11 if he’s the peoples man.

  • Man

    so you wrote this letter that is needed for the trump staff to do what?

    It preachy declaration of your own thoughts.

  • MaggieGal

    I wrote to the Trump campaign this morning. Send your thoughts written above on his campaign website.

  • truther357

    Me to..
    He need to start out by saying ‘ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS ‘ and lying, criminal Hillary’s action’s will say a lot!

  • Ideas Time

    I think Trump can destroy them in his opening statement by getting out front of the scandal and putting it to bed quickly and state that he is here to talk about the serious issues facing this country.

    Leave the moderators no where to go and speechless by knocking them off script.

    He could even outline the issues he intends to talk about and what America wants to hear about.

  • R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed.

    Here is the Good News…
    1. Americans are not as ignorant as they were in 2008… they have been “educated” by the SHK “School of Hard Knocks” with things like Obamacare, unemployment, failing economy at local levels, etc.

    2. Voting Americans always vote according to the financial situation on their own doorstep, when it is time to cast a vote… the fluff of the campaign blows away 24 hours before the vote is taken. ALWAYS.

    3. The media has assumed it can direct the voting decisions of the African American and Latino American voters. It cannot. They truly have a brain and want what is best for their family.

    4. The media and press have lost control over Americans, which was very evident in the Primary battle…Trump took down all of the good-ole boys and kept on going. Americans will hold their noses, and vote for Trump. Hillary is not even on the radar of “good choices,” because she is crooked (aka murders, steals, lies, etc.).

    One must choose between the only viable two options…Jesus is not running….therefore, Trump will take all come November.

    R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./ sciences

  • worldwatchers

    Once you realize the Islamics are just like leftistss Both from the same tree both will and able to kill you if you dont fall in line.

  • Болеслава

    Two words

    Trump to Hilary: “Sick much?”

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