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Stunning UN Broadcast – Conflicts Must Now Grow — Jaw Dropping

Saturday, October 15, 2016 12:03
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In a stunning, and yet very revealing, UN Internal Broadcast the threat level for a Massive Conflict must grow as the economy topples over.

For the Incoming World Teacher of Lucifer to come into this planet the Birth Pains must grow to the point where people across the globe are ready to listen to this New Christ.

These feelings are exactly what Albert Pike described when he outlined his Third World War — to allow:

“Christianity whose spirits will be from that moment without direction and leadership…..will receive the true light through the universal light of the pure doctrine of Lucifer….”

To this end Facebook was launched in 2004 to allow people across the world to express their feelings towards repressive governments. So they can be changed.

In other words – the CIA launched Facebook so they could  create public outcry to justify the current US bombing of 7 different countries.

In 2006 the Chinese from Australia, South Africa and Europe launched Wikileaks under the Director Julian Assange to expose the Cabal and destroy it.

The Cabal being made up of Kazars (Ukrainian) who follow the teachings in the Kaballah – the Jewish Book of Witch Craft and rule the western banking system.

To this end these events have occurred in the last few hours

1) The “US Inc.” has announced a huge Cyber Attack to hit Russia shortly if they do not leave the 7 nations the US Corporation is now bombing for “Fun.”

2) This has raised World Wide Tensions to the point where US, Russian and Chinese militaries are now on DEFCON 3, Militaries are on “Stand By.” That means a Full Recall – just like we said would occur months ago here.

3) 78 Russian and 26 Chinese Submarines are now in Launch Position – the last arriving a few hours ago and are now surrounding the United States Territory.

4) The Idiot President “O” response is to try and pull into port as many Submarines and Carriers as he can.

5) The Russians realize the problems seem to be coming from the “US Inc.” Company – the United States Corporation and their Head Quarters located in the following places: DC, NYC, Under South Central Nebraska, Under Denver and Under Seattle, Pasadena and San Francisco.

The main underground control centers for their handlers – under Central Brazil and Under the Congo  - seem to somehow have been neutralized.

6) Another thing being considered now that all power lines are connected in the USA – a strategic Nightmare – (Thanks to the VA Selling Military Records Worldwide) now have access into our Power Grid and can create a slightly off phase power distribution and literally shut down our grid at the push of a button.

This was specifically set up by the Department of Homeland Security to allow them to shut down our grid.

Fotunately this power to shut down the grid extends into the “US Inc”  Underground Networks so they may think twice about starting this Shooting War with Russia, China, India, Pakistan and 100 other nations.

7) In response the Russians have just deployed a large number of weapons that emit frequencies that will shut down the Electrical Grids in these areas – a combination of: Drones, EMP Emitters in Central Russia and missiles launched from their Submarines.

8) Wikileaks has also just released a new series of Emials implicating The Big “H” running for President in absolute criminal activity and there is no way to wiggle out of it. She must go to jail for Treason with a Minimum sentence or 20 years USC 18, Sec 793, 794 and 796 along with most of her “Friends.”

9) In addition – Wikileaks has also just revealed that President “O” became a Muslim so as to use the other “Muslim” governments to Run Drugs and create his own empire. So his religion is not about Allah, but about running Drugs – strictly forbidden in his Koran.

10) Finally – it has come out that Agenda 21, now agenda 30, was an attempt to kill 250 Million Americans, cash in on their insurance policies, and pay off the Cabal Debt of over $100 Trillion Dollars, not $20 Trillion Dollars.

Under the legal principles set forth under the theory of Cautio Fidejussoria “We The People of the unites state of America” do not owe the debt, the Cabal does and the Banks set up under licenses issued by the “US Inc” must now pay the Debt.

Since the US Inc Debt is owed to the Cabal Banks one signature can cancel all of their the debts and end this debt slavery once and for all.

11) Finally – it has been confirmed that when someone eligible to take the Thrown of England (The Queen Is Dead and Lord Lyons Can Not Find A Successor) is anointed then they can then release the $100 Trillion of assets in the Stewart Trust and use these funds to help humanity, not destroy it.


OM – Enough

The world is a mess up and getting worse.

Please pray that your families are ready for whatever they get thrown at them

Please also pray that these world leaders all stand down and either turn to GOD or leave this Universe permanently.


It is my firm belief that we will not have a Nuclear World War thanks to your prayers but please keep in mind that the Lucfarian Cabal is under orders to start a Massive War to create the “Birthing Pains” to bring in their New World Teacher.

Be Ready Folks


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


defcon levels – Google Search





A Dictionary of American and English Law: With Definitions of the Technical … – Stewart Rapalje, Robert Linn Lawrence – Google Books

Hillary Clinton Hacked Emails “Obama Is A Muslim Drug Dealer” – YouTube

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Hillary Clinton Hacked Emails “Obama Is A Muslim Drug Dealer” – YouTube

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  • WhiteDawn

    Why no one talks about CIA (By-Lock) system installed in Turkey?

    In the app Asphalt was installed messenger app named “By Lock” where all users could sign in with a serial number of Dollar that was given to every member.

    They found the server in Lithuania, and operation was done so they managed to bring it to Turkey.
    250,000 users with 30 Million messages will be used like evidence for a judges, military members, and all others involved in coup.

    Heroic people indeed!

  • 2QIK4U

    Facebook is CIA yes BUT what doesn’t add up is every CLINTON CRIME I post to FAKEBOOK and it’s blocked and probably not even a dozen people see it. If the CIA used FAKEBOOK for that purpose why do they block all the information YOU say they want spread? MAKES NO SENSE!

    • LegalNameFraud

      D Duck Tapes: Revelations & Proof There Are NO Coincidences! Everything Decoded!
      pdf here:
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  • Icecharge

    Four Dictators

    I wrote earlier how history is repeating itself, this time in the Middle East, North Africa and Russia.

    Before the WW2 and during it, there were two powerful dictators allied, mainly Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy. However, there were two more dictators allied with them, namely Franco in Spain and Salazar in Portugal. The latter two were kept up in power by Hitler and in some measure by Mussolini but later, Franco and Salazar retreated from the alliance, obviously due to the destruction that the alliance brought along, and declared their countries neutral in the world war. Meanwhile, the neighbor countries of Germany and Italy, as well as almost the entire Europe and the North Africa, had to suffer more and more because of the maniac plans of Hitler and Mussolini. However, there was one more dictator, Stalin the Terrible that killed even more people than Hitler and Mussolini were able to do, helped by the western “democracies”. Europe was devastated.

    At first, Hitler and Mussolini were on the brink of a war in 1934 when Hitler wanted to take Austria first time. Mussolini feared that Hitler was about to take the German speaking Sudetenland from Italy and drove his tanks to the northern border. However, four years later, the two dictators made an alliance.

    The European dictators were allied with a despotic emperor Hirohito of Japan in the Far east. Well, we know the course of history of the WW2. Hitler conquered most of Europe, Mussolini conquered Greece and large areas in North Africa, and Eritrea. Hirohito for his part, conquered Korea, large areas in China and Indochina and almost all of the archipelagos of the South-east Asia. Eventually, the great three despots lost but Franco and Salazar were left on their thrones, so that their countries would not be conquered by the communism, the ideology of Stalin.

    Now, there are two great dictators again, this time in the east, namely Putin in Russia and Erdogan in Turkey. It seems that they have almost the same objectives as Hitler and Mussolini had.

    Putin wants to conquer the Most part of Europe because the nature of the Russians  is remarkably paranoid. They have conquered the residential districts of many nations until the shores of the Pacific and they always fear in their collective soul that some day, they may lose their power over the nations they have subdued, and those other nations would get a revenge on them. Therefore, the Russians every time elect or allow to take the highest power, the most ruthless and cunning man among themselves to be their leader, never mind how many people the leader puts in jail and kills, if only the main majority can live their humble Russian life as they did during the Soviet Union and under the czars before it. After all really, the Russians honor only a brutal force and think that they are  supreme, the “best” nation in the world as they said during the Balkan war, adding that the Serbs was the “second best” nation.

    More than Hitler before him, Putin has developed his huge Blitzkrieg forces, the land forces, the navy and the air forces, not forgetting the space forces with terrible ICBM’s (like the Sarmat, the country-destroyer). What is his intention? What else than the intension of Hitler, to use them. It is self evident that they have not been built for to be stored someday in a military museum.

    Like Mussolini before him, Erdogan was recently on the brink of a war with his counterpart Putin but later, they found their common benefits and established an alliance.  Woe to the neighboring countries and many other countries also in Europe and Middle East. Several cities in Syria are smithereens already and more are becoming such when the two big allies bomb them to save one allied dictator, Assad, helped by the fourth dictator in Iran. That is what happened in Spain before the WW2. Greece is in a great danger. They have found oil and gas that Turkey has not found on their own area. The gas pipe from Russia may calm down Erdogan for some time but before long, a favorable time point may come for Turkey to capture at least the oil and gas wells of Greece, maybe the whole country as Hitler did in the WW2 after setbacks encountered by Mussolini. Actually for centuries, Greece was a part of the Ottoman empire that Erdogan seems to want to revive.

    Nothing more is important for a despot than his own life and position along with his family, his allied dictator, their families, then their friends and supporters. The ordinary people come last if not at all. Only an ultimate destruction seems to be able to drive some sens into the head of a despot, if not even then.

    Instead of the far east ally, the Emperor of Japan, that the four European dictators had during the WW2, the new set of four dictators, Putin, Erdogan, Assad and the Ayatolla Khamenei of Iran, has China in the Far East as their ally. China is expanding its territory as Japan did before the WW2. The Chinese have a great opponent, the US, but anyway, they have occupied a vast area of the South-China Sea already and nobody knows what they are going to take next.

    On the basis of this probe, what could be predicted in the near future? This is not a prophecy and I am not writing as a prophet but I want to conclude something.

    Erdogan is like Mussolini, extremely proud, arrogant and too hasty. He wants to get results and fast, especially when the economy of his country is not working good enough and the  growing population of Turkey has growing demands. Therefore, it is expected that he decides to capture Greece or at least their oil and gas wells when the inner situation in the US will become bad enough to prevent the latter from getting involved. Only the waning membership of the NATO is keeping Erdogan at bay for now, probably not long.

    After Erdogan has started his mission to revive the Ottoman empire, I expect that he will turn his attention to the other parts of the ancient Ottoman Empire, the Balkan countries, external Kurds, Iraqis, Lebanon, Israel, North African countries etc. Eventually, his plans will cause a strong friction between him and Putin, driving them into an open conflict. With the nuclear weapons that he has caught in the large NATO air force base in Turkey, Erdogan will destroy some key cities in Iran and elsewhere. The Russians will come to help their Orthodox brothers and take Greece and the Orthodox Balkan, the ancient Constantinople as their most important target.

    As his last attempt to revive the ancient Turkey empire, Erdogan will gather nine allies in the neighborhood of Israel and launch a large allied force against her (Psalm 83) but will encounter a crushing defeat. He will get alarming messages from the north about Russian operations and from the east about Iranians attacking. He will get afraid and retreat but encounter his death.

    Meanwhile, Putin’s Russia will decide to occupy all important oil and gas grounds in the Middle East to get a superior dominance over the energy markets of the world and at the same time, to conquer the area of the ancient Byzantium or East Rome, to get a decisive political power and to help their Orthodox brothers. The economy of the West has collapsed and their societies are in a turmoil with severe riots and civil wars on their streets. The western powers or what are left of them, decide to keep aside of the other turmoil in the east. The narrative in Ezekiel 38 and 39 will become real when Putin will try to conquer Israel and make end of it as a state and a hard obstacle.

    God will defend Israel in a supernatural way, not because they are so good (which most of them are not but deeply drowned in their sins) but because the end plan of God the Creator has to be made possible. The Russian forces with their allies will be destroyed supernaturally by God with masses of meteorites falling on their troops and weaponry. Only 1/6 of them will be left alive.

    The world will get a short interval of a reasonable peace and order. The nations of the world start repairing the damages of the wars and riots, trying to organize their life as best as they can. After that, the final phase in the worlds history will come before the return of Jesus Christ, Yeshua as the real King and Savior. It will be the most severe time of the all ages but the end will be good. When the end is good, all is good. Let’s wait for it.

    Jesus Christ, Yeshua be blessed!

    • GiveMeStrength

      Whether or not your prediction becomes true, is not a huge deal at this minute, but thanks for sharing your insight and knowledge of history. I think Russia would likely to turn to Israel simply to deal with the bankers and their cabal… Just a guess.

  • a LIGHT in the DARKNESS.....

    Watch the movie IDIocracy ( 2016 ) tell me what you notice

  • a LIGHT in the DARKNESS.....

    sorry 2006 is when it came out

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