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You Know Why Trump Won’t Attack Clinton Harder in Next Debate? He Can’t.

Monday, October 3, 2016 1:25
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Like it or not, Republican nominee Donald Trump “lost” the first presidential debate which took place last Monday. I am not supporting either major party candidate, but I agree with the undecideds who say that Hillary came out on top once the Cheeto dust settled.

With only two presidential debates left (thank goodness), both candidates are looking to increase support as election day nears. Both are polarizing in different ways, though, so the task before them is great.

Preparation on the Trump side of the aisle for the first debate was minimal at best, as The Washington Times reported:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump didn’t need mock debates or other traditional prepping for the big debate Monday because he was born for this moment, according to his running mate.

“He’s been preparing for tonight for his entire life,” Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence said in a CNN interview shortly before Mr. Trump took the stage to face-off with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at Hofstra University in New York.

“He’s someone who loves his family, loves this country and I think tonight people are going to see that lifetimes of experience and that authenticity come through,” he said.

Obviously, all that patriotism and family pride didn’t go far with voters who have yet to make their choice. The guy who cannot be tamed by advisors, media, or flesh and blood insists the next debate, scheduled for Sunday, October 9 will be different. He must be forgetting that we have his past, his personality, and those GOP candidate debates to look back on.

Reuters reports:

…he may take up the attack line going forward.

“I may hit her harder in certain ways,” Trump said in a telephone interview with “Fox & Friends.”

Trump sought to deflect criticism of his debate performance, saying the debate moderator, Lester Holt of NBC News, asked him “very unfair questions” and that he was given a “very bad” microphone.

Typical Trump. If things don’t go his way he’ll accuse others of not playing the game correctly so as to excuse himself of much of the responsibility.

I’m sure most of us (of the non-Trump variety) would give much to see another candidate debating Hillary with substance and strength. But here we are with Trump. As the September 26 debate wore on, he became less disciplined, and turned into a primetime version of his occasional tweetstorms. Hillary Clinton knew which buttons to push and pushed them.

With Trump, what you see is what you get. He’ll go on a less than presidential rampage on social media in the early morning hours. How he is outside of the debate stage is how he is on it. He doesn’t believe there should be rigorous preparation, he’s focused on spewing insults instead of bringing facts, and post-debate reactions are accusatory more than anything.

Donald Trump is incapable of hitting Clinton harder in their next scheduled debate encounter. There is a great deal of factual ammunition to send her way, but he’s uninterested in conventional tactics that others might use.

He won’t do a better job because he can’t do a better job. He’s not capable of it.

If he does manage to “win” Sunday’s debate, it won’t be because of a steady, focused performance. The best he has at his disposal are one-line zingers and the ability to constantly interrupt. These may play well in soundbites and among his base of current supporters, but they will not win over undecideds who will be voting next month.

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  • Anonymous

    stop joking around kid, go home and suck an egg.

  • 2QIK4U

    Has BINNED got a Comedy section now?

  • Big dog.../small fish...

    Here’s a good reference for the rest of the morons who think that Donut STrumph has any abilities to become a president:

    PBS FRONTLINE: The choice 2016 – takes the 2 candidates from their CHILDHOOD to NOW.


    • MediaMike

      He has ALL of the requirements to become President, unlike Obama, Cruz, Rubio, Romney, and all the others with FOREIGN fathers at the time of their birth!

  • Black Humor
    ”Typical Trump. If things don’t go his way he’ll accuse others of not playing the game correctly so as to excuse himself of much of the responsibility.”
    It’s always funny when these Hillary shills try to make impartial and intelligent impression. They are just not capable of doing it…


    He is going to bow to his cousin and let her win ! They are using the same stacked deck to play the Public that they have ‘always” used ! The real power brokers go unnamed and unidentified,business as usual.

  • holeshot

    IF we ever had to go full up against Putin, Kim Jhong, China, Iran, or Radical Islam, I sure as all Hades would rather have Trump in charge of the military instead of having to wake up Hillary, prop her up and steady her enough to help her understand what Huma and Soros want her to do. I’ll take a “Mr. T” against a fragile “Frau Bleucher” ANYDAY.

    • MediaMike

      If the US would stop funding Israel and their insane “Greater Israel” genocidal project, there would be no impetus for war with anyone.

      • wiseoldlady

        It comes from the Vatican = Jesuits = Zionists
        The Vatican took control of planet earth and mankind in 1306.
        It is like an octopus stretched out in every direction which includes Israel.

        • JKnTX

          No, it doesn’t. It comes from the core of the “Black Nobility” who believe they are the true bloodline of Christ. They will run the Jews and the rest of us straight into the ground trying to prove that “fact”.

    • Eaglefeather

      You are joking right? If you think “Putin”… “China”… “Iran” or NK are a threat to America then you have not been paying attention …
      1. Russia has never threatened the USA (Even the cold war was a Military Industrial complex contrived B.S. to loot the people)..

      2. China is making deal while it is the Zio-Nazi psychopaths who have infiltrated & subverted our government that is going around spilling our blood & treasure in illegal wars of aggression…

      3. Iran has never threatened or attacked America and has in “FACT” has not started a war of aggression in over 300 years…

      4. North Korea is no actual threat to anyone, they are still living in the 1950′s. This is just another fictitious Boogie-man to give you 2 minutes of hate.

      5. Here is a clue, the only foreign power that has actually “Attacked” America in the last 100 years is “ISRAEL”… Ask the crew of the USS Liberty or the victims of 911.

      6. Here is another clue,
      Which country has “infiltrated” every department of the US Government?
      Which government must all Congressmen must sign a “Loyalty Oath” to?
      Which country is extorting Trillions of tax payer dollars in violation of US & International Law?
      Have you ever heard of AIPAC ?

      ….”ISRAEL” YOU DUMB ASS”.. The only enemy that Trump needs to save America from is Israel & their Neocon sock puppets & until you brain washed, skull plugged trendy lemmings figure that out nothing will ever change pal…

      • Realist

        Hey idiot, you clearly are not the one paying attention or playing with a full deck. Nor are you living in or facing reality as it exists in the U.S., or in today’s world.

        You are either an outright fool, a paid shill, i.e. professional liar or extremely misguided. I suspect all four. It’s because of morons, or rather criminals like you who are deceived, and deceiving others that the U.S. is in such a mess.

        Do us all a favor and go back under the rock you came from, or better yet, go check yourself into an asylum, take your meds, and go back to watching your cartoons.

        • JKnTX

          Except he happens to be correct about the USS Liberty, now whom is it that looks foolish? Not him.

      • Takealook

        BINGO! Are you still allowed to tell such truths in America?

        And WW3 just like the previous 2 world wars will be from the same tribe.

      • TuffENuff

        … except that AIPAC has already put their stamp of approval on Trump. No matter who wins in November, AIPAC wins.

  • Before It Was All Pop Ups

    What a terribly biased article. These liberals need to be purged. They are out of control narcissists who cannot reason. These liberals are all, essentially, liars – they construct ideas and try to backfill them with anything they can find regardless of true context. It’s the opposite of logic and scientific thinking. It’s emotional sharia baggage masquerading as independent thought.

    Yes, Trump lost the debate, but Hillary didn’t win it. She brought nothing but lies and personal attacks. She failed on policy, which is where Trump actually dominated her and it was the only relevant part of the debate to America. But, he let the moderator and the personal Clinton jabs get to him, and his lack of debate experience showed as he let his emotions take over. It was his first debate after all. I actually like the way Trump wears his heart on his sleeve, but I understand that ideas are better communicated calmly and let to speak for themselves. Decorum prevails in the minds of many.

    To liberals narcissists – your feelings are bullshit, stop ruminating on them and use your minds.

    • Man

      is this your first time on BIN?

      narcissist liers are quite rampant here on BIN…

      someone is projecting

      • JKnTX

        The real shame is that you are not Alfred Hitchcock!

  • FraMar

    Trump may have appeared to “lose” the debate at the time, but the more the “fixed” nature of the event comes out, the more people will realize Hillary will not stop at anything to win.

    Bad audio on Trump’s mic, and no effort to correct it. 6 questions to Trump, 2 to Hillary. Lester challenges Trump directly (even with false statements), which the MODERATOR should not do. Lester also responds to Hillary’s direct signals to him (video below).

    And by the way “stop and frisk” is NOT unconstitutional. If “Racial Profiling” is used to select the candidates for it, then THAT may be. Even CNN know that:

    • Mongoose

      The constitution guarantees a right to be secure in person and property. If there is no warrant issued by a judge and no consent was given, then the search is not legal.

      Being fondled at the whim of some dim witted stooge in a costume in order to determine what type of property you might be in possession of is equivalent to an unwarranted search.

      Stop and search is unconstitutional indeed regardless of how much the corporation/goverment wishes it wasn’t and how many excuses they use to justify it.

  • Ideas Time

    Trump will need to be on the look out for electronic aids given to HC as well as collusion between she and the moderator. I would suggest the inspect the podium set up for HC and mix it up so she cannot go off her pre-planned script with canned answers to the questions she no doubt will be given in advance.

    This taken advantage will make her weak and exposed every time Trump changes the subject matter and she does not have an answer ready, an ear bud or a TelePrompter to read answers off of.

  • Decedant

    Yeah, whatever. Voting for Trump anyway.

  • Don - 1

    Sorry to break it to you ”Red State” but Trump won the First Debate. Lester’s moderating style was only worthy of Professional Wrestling where everything is fixed….he should be banned forever from ever moderating anything.

  • Morgana Le Fay

    Honestly, Shillery doesn’t have to do a thing except sit back and watch the orange-colored a$$-head bury himself.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      …and he does even more damage with his Twitter posts than he does in the debates.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      The further the campaigns progress, the more it looks like he is intentionally sabotaging himself to make her look good by comparison.

      • JKnTX

        Go read the “Art of War”. obviously you haven’t.

  • Anonymous

    Now confirmed his mike was rigged, the audience could not even hear it. As always, Trump told the truth. You gove’t trolls are going down hard! haha! you’re finished!



    “No, this is definitely NOT pro-Clinton propaganda at all!”

    Can’t even type that with a serious face. Nice try douchebags….nice try…try harder next time.

  • AmericansRon2U

    Typical GOP establishment propaganda coming from RedState. What’s new? The folks who hate Trump would find something wrong with Jesus himself if he came back to run for POTUS. No cure for stupid.

  • truther357

    How much is Soros paying you shill’s to name and post on this deceptive ‘ RED STATE ‘ page. ..and you get front page posting.
    BIN should ban you for false representation.
    You are totally ‘BLUE STATE’ pro-Hillary and ‘left-wing’ ..BS. From the get-go!

    • JKnTX

      Actually, the slope is being quite honest with the handle- does indeed most desperately desire and want a “Red” state, i.e. communist.

  • JKnTX

    Best take your own advice. He hasn’t made himself a billionaire by being stupid. How much do you have in the bank clown?
    There is NO list of qualifications anywhere in the Constitution about becoming President save for the 35 year old age and natural born citizen ones.

  • Alex

    Trump is a joke whoever votes for him is brain fried :lol: Hillary is bad too but I still prefer Hillary over Trump.

    • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

      I don’t really trust Trump.
      But for someone to say they prefer Hillary…
      No wonder you hide your face Alex.

  • Alex

    How will Trump make America great again?? He’s got no legit plan.

    • Takealook

      He will start by not starting WW3 so weak minded people like yourself can wake up tomorrow
      at all. Since you like criminals and murderers not to mention traitors then Hillary is for you.
      Short on brains and too lazy to research the web to see the hundreds of crimes the Clintons
      have been involved with vote Hillary. Too lazy to see the truth from their friends and associates
      that the Clintons are the super-racists not the Trumps then vote Hillary. Too dumb to see that the
      Bush crime family who was behind the 911 inside job that murdered 3000 at the WTC is backing
      Clinton then back Hillary. Not smart enough to see that Clinton guarantees your future is finished
      then vote Hillary.

      • Alex

        Americas future is already finished their is no way to hault this deteriorating economy if there is any hope left Trump is sure not the way to go.

    • TRUTHY1

      Prosecute the Clintons for a start !

  • spure

    actually the polls show trump won the debate. I’m glad to see all the commenters are giving redstate grief.

  • Anonymous


  • Joseph66

    Are all of you aware of how much you think just like the two candidates that are running for President of the United States? Were all regular folks conditioned to think alike without being aware of it.

  • Sue Rosenorn

    Oh yes he can!

  • Болеслава

    No where but in america could a candidate like Hilary be ever taken seriously as a candidate for president – even idiots know which way the wind is blowing. There is an insanity which accompanies greed one of the fruits of which is inanity – which she displayed in spades during the debate.

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