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Mandate! They Stole Trump’s Overwhelming Mandate!

Friday, November 11, 2016 5:52
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They may not have stolen the election…yet,
but they did steal Trump’s mandate.


It’s All About The Mandate!


State of the Nation

Quite surprisingly, very few political pundits and election analysts are talking about it—the implicit and unparalleled MANDATE that Donald Trump received even before the historic 2016 election.

However, the single biggest issue to manifest from the ‘official’ outcome of this election is the appearance that Hillary R. Clinton still registers a lead in the popular vote; albeit, a very small one.  A small one that is quite symbolic even though it is NOT real.

The current vote tally shows President-elect Donald Trump at 59,937, 338 votes and Clinton at 60,274,974.  Those numbers, right there, pose a major political hurdle for the future Trump Administration, as they present a psychological obstacle for the body politic.

American political life has been dictated to varying degrees by the mandate that is either freely given by the electorate or unfairly seized by the winner.  It is best represented by the actual percentage of the popular vote received by the victor over the loser.  In other words a 65/35 split represents a HUGE mandate, whereas a 51/49 split is marginal at best.

Even a one vote lead for Clinton would ultimately translate to the Democrats claiming that Donald Trump has no mandate whatsoever, when indeed he has the greatest mandate in the U.S. election history.

This developing predicament poses a major problem…for everyone!


Special Note:
SOTN investigators have extrapolated from various sources of hard election data — both historical and present — that Trump actually received about 65% of the popular vote to Clinton’s 35% of their joint piece of the electoral pie.  Yes, it was truly a landslide on the same order as the 70/30 Brexit landslide vote in the UK.  Similarly, the City of London ruling cabal stole that vote and engineered only a 52/48 split in favor of Brexit.  This deceptive result was purposefully manipulated for reasons that are only now coming to light. (BREXIT: The ‘Six-Sigma’ Black Swan of the Millennium) Likewise, the U.S. election outcome was manufactured in the Clinton-Soros crime factory for very specific reasons. The true purposes behind this grand theft of the 2016 mandate will come into stark relief between now and Inauguration Day—January 20th.  Until then, it is wise to stay extremely vigilant.

Was the vote stolen?

According to the results of all the exit polls taken across the USA on election day, there is NO question that a massive number of stolen votes ended up in Clinton’s column.

Just because Donald Trump won doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of election fraud

The Democrats knew that they could not outright steal the election because the whole country had been put on notice about such a planned theft. (The Mainstream Media Has Become A Criminal Accomplice To Naked Campaign Fraud And Election Theft)  And, that if the Clintonistas did steal it, there would have been an armed uprising against the falsified and fraudulent election result.  Nonetheless, that did not stop the DNC from raining on The Donald‘s parade.  The best way for them to do that was to steal his mandate, which they did.

There were many tactics, which the Democrats have used practically forever, in stealthily stealing the vote.  These include many different ways in which the big cities, that usually have Democratic mayors who control the election apparatus and electoral process, effectively control a large proportion of the state’s total vote count.  For those who may not understand this notion, please take a good look at the following presidential vote map.


Most of the concentrations of blue in the above map represent a major metropolitan area that often has a high density of Democratic voters.  This is where the Democrats always steal as much of the vote as they can, and 2016 was no different.  Not only did they steal Candidate Trump’s votes in the nation’s ”perimeter communities”, they also stuffed the ballot box with the unlawful votes of illegal aliens in the many sanctuary communities across the USA.

Sanctuary Cities Are Where The Election Was Stolen On November 8th 

By stealing his vote, they stole his thunder

The DNC knew that they could not steal this election, but that did not stop them from stealing Trump’s thunder.  This was the single best way for the highly biased media to trumpet his perceived, not real lack of a mandate.

The Historic Election Theft of 2016 Is Being Averted in Real Time in Florida

The quadrennial election ritual in America always ends with the victor claiming that they have a HUGE mandate, even when they usually do not.  Clearly, the last many election cycles have seen this false narrative play out as it provides more justification for each successive president to impose their dictatorial agendas on the nation—without the people’s consent.

Here we are in 2016 and there has never been such a HUGE mandate in U.S. history. As a matter of seasoned speculation, various objective pollsters and election analysts believe that Trump won by a massive landslide.  And, that the Democrats would not tolerate such a total rejection of their collapsing platform.  The DEMs knew that such an unparalleled thrashing at the polls reflected a rebuke of Obama himself and his degenerate Obamanation which has resulted after 8 disastrous years of a petty tyrant as POTUS.

Trump Landslide Victory Predicted: Clinton Can Only Win By Stealing the Election — Democrat Voting Fraud Must Be Monitored!

There is no better way to rain on Trump’s victory parade than to abscond with his obvious mandate… which is exactly what the ever-treacherous Democrats have done.  To accomplish this feat they have thus far been successful in stealing a large chunk of the Trump vote.  They knew that The Donald would be so gratified by a win that he would not contest the final popular vote tally.  And, that being noble in victory, he would forgive such a flagrant beach of the electoral process.



The bottom line here is H U B R I S.  The extremely corrupt Democratic Party and criminal DNC leadership would not suffer such a humiliating defeat.[1]  Nor would King Obama see his fictitious legacy go up in smoke…even though it has been in an ongoing crash and burn mode.

Any such legacy is bound to find itself in a slow-motion process of self-destruction when it is forged against the will of the people.  No presidential legacy will ever endure when it was fabricated through an unprecedented series of unlawful executive orders.  Not only was such a patently fake legacy unconstitutionally created, it has proven to be downright Un-American.

Obama Tells ILLEGALS to VOTE! Don’t Worry About Getting CAUGHT!

There is no better example of the utter arrogance and hubris of the Obama Administration than the illegal passage of Obamacare.  Donald Trump has already identified this catastrophic piece of legislation for immediate repeal.  This was Obama’s signature political achievement over 8 calamitous years.  And it will be consigned to the ash heap of history as a woefully failed initiative that was doomed from the very start.

Obamacare: The Hidden Agenda

Which brings US back to the truly MASSIVE mandate that President-elect Trump has at this very moment.  As a matter of historical fact, the United States of America has never witnessed such an overwhelming presidential mandate.

Clearly, the U.S. electorate has given the winner a mandate for change like never before. The American people demand a reversal of the last eight years; now, will a President Trump deliver?!

State of the Nation
September 11, 2016

Author’s Note

Every Trumpster knows that it is really impossible to steal a legitimate mandate; after all, an overwhelming mandate cannot be stolen.  However, Hillary’s Democratic Party did stealthily manipulate the election results to present the false appearance that the majority of voters were with her.  The electoral machinations and intentional deception associated with such a pre-planned plot only further serve to underscore the utter corruption of the DNC.  By so obviously stealing the perceived mandate, the Clinton Campaign has unwittingly exposed itself another criminal arm of the Clinton Crime Family.


[1]  Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party: House Of Crime and Corruption


WARNING: Election Theft In Progress

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  • Ever-Vigilant

    I think it should be factored into the Mandate issue her own words “why aren’t I 50 points ahead.” The popular expectation of her victory is another factor. Adding her own estimate of 50 points to Trump looks like a Mandate to me.

    • HitleryforPrison

      Even my stupid ignorant “useful idiots” realize Democraps are “globalists” we are Fuc’ed and deserve every painful inch oh humiliation we earned. Now go break some windows and riot in the streets, this is what Soros and I have paid you idiots to do!!!

    • HitleryforPrison

      We Steal everything, your dignity, Taxes, Health care, boarders and we RAPE your children! Democraps are stealers of Freedom and future for America.

  • my2pesos

    Donald Trump — “I will never lie to you.”

    • Mot

      Donald Trump – No Damp Turd

      • HitleryforPrison

        Butt-Mot, Dump your uninformed liberal intellect with complimentary FLUSH next time. You are one of my useful idiots.Now go out and riot with the rest of my paid stooges.

  • Guitarilla

    BS, BS, BS and BS. If all the Soros supplied Illegal, Dead, Multiple and ELECTRONICLY MANIPULATED votes were cast aside (as they should be), then it wouldn’t even be close!

    • Global Grist

      The actual voting numbers split was at least 60 Trump / 40 Clinton if not more. That’s why their vote stealing wouldn’t work. They couldn’t justify the vote theft while being pounded by the Trump tsunami through county after county. Sure, you had the major overpopulated urban rat holes that cause psychosis among its inhabitants (witness the Useful Idiot protests) voting overwhelming for more socialism, but most of the country was irate about the unofficial Hillary pardon and Obamacare thievery.


    First of all the Democrats stole 100′s of thousands if not millions of votes, We all know the story, Next if you look at the NEW map of Republican control ITS RED ALL RED!! Republicans swept the nation Republicans now control a great and vast majority of all CITY COUNTY and STATE governments along with the FEDERAL government, If that’s not a mandate I don’t know what is.. We owe it all to the Liberals INSANITY!!
    People really can see it and I think a great majority ARE SICK and Tired of it…

    • Spikey Norman

      Stuffed ballot boxes,
      Dead people voting,
      Illegal aliens voting, probably multiple times,
      Shonky rigged crooked voting machines.

      That ain’t no mandate !

      The people count showing up at the rallies sow the real numbers.

      • MAC JAM

        You just described the Demoncrat party in you comment, HELL they are the infamous election thieves didn’t you see the videos where Democrat leaders brag about stealing elections for the past 50 years? Didn’t you see the Emails where Demoncrat leadership brags about stealing elections? And you’re not real smart are you? Riots don’t prove numbers all they prove is stupidity.. Did you see anyone on the Right rioting after Obama and his Globalist masters stole the election for his second TERM. NO!! you didn’t because 1 we ares civilized human beings on the right and 2 George Soros wasn’t paying riot leaders” professional trouble makers” to stir up the stupid creatures on the left to riot..

        • Spikey Norman

          You just described the Demoncrat party in you comment.

          Yes exactly !

          The current whore media are claiming Hillary has the mandate because she ended up getting (stole) a very few more votes than Trump.
          But we all know the real truth.

          As I said, the people count showing up at the rallies BEFORE the election show the real numbers. Something like 10:1 in favour of Trump.

          • MAC JAM

            Oh sorry I misunderstood you,
            I kinda messed up on my comment as-well………………..

  • caoneil76

    Without legit proof you just look like an idiot. Maybe your lemmings on here will bite, but those of use that are educated enough to research know better.

    • desertspeaks

      mmmm mmmmmm melting snowflake fake sjw tears.. sooooo tasty! couldn’t steal the election from trump, like you did bernie, so you’re panties are all twisted..

      • caoneil76

        You are an idiot as well. I would never vote for a demoncrat. But this article is complete bullshit.

  • jknbt

    this means trump and republicans need to govern from the middle, not the far right….if they govern from the far right, someone worse than Hillary will defeat him in 2020

    got it Donald? Please govern from the middle…

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