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Thursday, December 1, 2016 9:16
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Before you write off the possibility of extraterrestrial involvement in Pizzagate as “tin foil hat” conspiracy nonsense, please take a moment to watch this video by Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Prime Minister of Defense:

Being a long time researcher of the UFO phenomenon, I have become very accustomed to piecing together the big picture from fragments of evidence and postulating the truth, just as we are currently doing with the Pizzagate evidence. While studying Pizzagate, I began to notice extraterrestrial references appearing in the pictures that were being uncovered and circulated.

For example, in this picture from the Comet Ping-Pong Instagram account, liquid “pizza” appears to be pouring out from a disk shaped craft hovering over the White House.  This image makes “pizza” look like some type of magical elixir or powerful drug flooding the White House, but for what purpose? You will find this picture in this video of the Comet Pizza Instagram pics at time 3:42.

In another Comet Pizza Instagram , a picture of an extraterrestrial playing ping pong with a human is seen. You will find this picture in this video of the Comet Pizza Instagram pics at time 4:27.

This extraterrestrial appears to be a tall, gray alien being.  More on this later.

In the image below, a person is telepathically ordering “pizza”. Those of us that study ET encounters have found that many extraterrestrial species are telepathic, as will be evident in the videos later in this paper.

The leaked Podesta emails are full of ET references… conversations with astronaut Edgar Mitchell (6th man on the moon) here:

Podesta is a strong advocate for disclosure of all knowledge ET related here:

Even now, other Pizzagate researchers are beginning to see the ET connection. You will find evidence of this near the end of this video summary of Pizzagate:

Historically, people and organizations at the highest levels of power in our world have been implicated in child trafficking for many nefarious reasons. Below are the examples. (Skip this part if you already know this. Because of Pizzagate this is becoming common knowledge.)

Ancient Times/Biblical

Secret Societies

Catholic Church’s_really_behind_the_catholic_church’s_sexual_abuse_problem




Mass Media











The Franklin Coverup Scandal: The Child Sex Ring That Reached Bush/Reagan White House



United Kingdom/Australia






Saudi Arabia

Middle East


30 U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies


Global Pedophile Ring


Global Baby Factories


For every crime there is a motive. What are the true motives behind child abduction and trafficking? Some people might claim pedophilia and child sacrifice are the primary reasons. Unfortunately the statistics suggest something quite different. According to this story on ABC News from 2013,


800,000 children go missing each year in the USA alone. That’s 2000 children per day… far too many to be explained away by just pedophiles and satanic rituals. Some nefarious hidden activity on our planet is demanding a steady high volume stream of babies and children. Where are these children going and what is being done with them? What is so valuable about babies and children that make them so desirable?


Even more alarming are these statistics which show the percentage of missing children relative to state population is far higher in Virginia (the home of Pizzagate) than in many other states. Watch this video:


So what is the real motivation behind these heinous activities? To answer this question, we must ask ourselves what is it the elites of our world desire most? Obviously it is not material wealth. They already have more than they will ever need. The thing the elites want more than anything else is more time. They want to achieve immortality. How do they do it? By harvesting stem cells from babies and blood from children for transfusion into their own bodies. Here is the proof:


Ever wonder how neocons like Henry Kissinger live so long? He is 93 and still involved in politics! I believe researching the ages of other older neocons will show a similar pattern.


A historical Google search of John Podesta and stem cells reveals John Podesta was heavily involved in promoting stem cell research and protecting baby tissue harvesting programs. See links below:


November 8, 2008

November 23, 2008

January 30, 2009

February 13, 2009

October 20, 2010 – In this leaked Wikileaks email to Podesta he received from a group he joined, a progressive group in Wisconsin is coercing Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker to pass stem cell legislation.

October 19, 2016 – Why is Hillary/Podesta defending Planned Parenthood? We know Planned Parenthood was selling embryos. Was Planned Parenthood a source of embryonic tissue for the elite?

October 17, 2016 – Why did Hillary first distance herself from a Planned Parenthood meeting then have a secret meeting the day before the leaders of Planned Parenthood testified before the US Congress? Was this damage control?

If the harvesting of babies/children for the purpose of life extension is true, there must be a worldwide group of elites who need a steady supply of baby stem cells/child blood to slow their aging processes who are willing to pay top dollar (or yen, or pound) for their supply either legally or illegally. To do this, they must establish a worldwide network of clean baby/child acquisition sources, storage and transportation networks, communication capabilities, and payment methods. They must also corrupt judicial systems worldwide to hinder investigation into any leaks that might occur. We have seen this corruption of justice many times in the Pizzagate investigation, in particular at the DOJ here:

The simplicity of it is diabolically beautiful… just put foxes in the hen house.  Who would suspect the persons in charge of stopping human trafficking would actually be involved in it?


With this information, we can now picture a world where a very small group of people control a very powerful commodity… immortality, or at least the closest thing we can get to it, extreme longevity. In addition, they can also satisfy pedophiles, Satanists, and other “exotic” fetishes. This opens up another wonderful opportunity for global control by the elite… BLACKMAIL!


The elites bring in “followers” into this program by promising them whatever horrific vice they wish.  These people are easy to find because of their documented offenses. These elites can even create “followers” by violating them when they are young.  The victims grow up to be perpetrators later in life.  They form a twisted type of family sharing a disgusting secret from generation to generation.


The elites then use their extreme wealth to rig/buy elections and bribe people to get their corrupted minions into positions of power. They then blackmail these people using the carrot and stick method… “do what we say and we will supply your sick habit and protect you. Go off the reservation and we will expose and/or terminate you. It is a drug dealers dream… the blackmail of created addicts at its finest.


Once the elite’s blackmailed actors are in position, the trafficking machine is turned on. Children/babies/fetuses are collected on the black market using many different types of collection mechanisms… thieves, corrupt orphanages, child protective services, Planned Parenthood, etc. They are brought to collection locations then shipped to central warehouses where they are held as stock. Once orders are received, they are shipped to their buyers.  Uses can include pedophilia, ritual sacrifice, prostitution, domestic slavery, and/or harvesting of body fluids/parts. Children have become a commodity to be traded like cattle.


Now for the extraterrestrial connection.  As previously mentioned, the global elites have always wanted things the rest of us cannot have. This would certainly include extraterrestrial technology.


In the 1930s, evidence suggests the Satanic Thule and Vril societies of Germany appear to have communicated with an extraterrestrial civilization using remote viewing ( a form of meditation) to gain knowledge of advanced alien technology here:


We also know the US government has known about an extraterrestrial presence visiting our world since at least 1947 and probably earlier. You can see that evidence here:



We also know President Eisenhower met with a group of extraterrestrials in the 1950s here:



During the 1950s, an agreement known as the “Greata Treaty” was reached between President Eisenhower and a species of extraterrestrials known as the tall, large nosed grays. (remember the picture of the tall alien Gray playing ping pong at Comet Pizza?) The essence of this treaty was the transfer of alien technology in exchange for the right to abduct humans for study. Here is the evidence:


This is a great video, but rather long. Start at 26:45 to hear the part about the Greata treaty.


It is interesting to note that many alien abductees report seeing military personnel accompanying extraterrestrials during their abductions. This would support the idea that humans and aliens are working together in the abduction of children. Review these links:


Many abductees also claim to see the image of an owl during their abduction here:


It should be noted that the owl is also a symbol used in witchcraft and satanic practices such as those practices discovered in the Pizzagate evidence:


Since none of this extraterrestrial information has ever found its way into the mass media, the extraterrestrial presence is a topic, just like Pizzagate, that the elites do not want anyone to know about.  It is interesting to see how these two topics are handled in the same way by media and government.


Before his death in 2013, Lockheed Martin Scientist Boyd Bushman released his deathbed video testimony describing a group of extraterrestrials known as the Quintonians working with the US government at area 51. During his testimony, he showed pictures of these Quintonians and their ships. You can watch his video here:


During his talk, Bushman made several interesting comments:


  1. The Quintonians live very long lives. One was over 230 years old.
  2. There were 2 groups of Quintonians. The “rustlers” and the “wranglers”. By definition, a rustler is someone who steals cattle. Wranglers herd cattle. Obviously aliens would not be here for mere cattle. The “cattle” described by Bushman are most certainly humans; probably babies and children.


Are the Quintonians working with Earth’s elites and their minions to supply and expand life extension science programs for both Humans and Quintonians? Of course, Earth’s elites would never give the Quintonians anything without expecting something in return… advanced alien technology certainly being payment of choice.  


Here is another great video which shoes extraterrestrials are telepathic and the secret government is suppressing knowledge of their presence:


You can see a full collection of UFO witness testimonies here:


Far fetched? Maybe… but if there is one thing Pizzagate has shown us is that nothing can be ruled out.  I will leave you with this… President Obama’s comments regarding aliens on Jimmy Kimmel in 2016:


If you want to know Earth’s true ET history, check out my Ebook on Amazon here:




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