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Obama: How a Treasonous Ex-Prez Is Leading a Coup Against Trump

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 5:34
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Is an American Coup d’etat in Progress?


By the Anonymous Patriots
The Millennium Report Exclusive

Have you asked yourself the question of why Former President Obama is hunkering down in a secure fortress in DC to lead the new “Regime Change” against duly elected President Donald Trump?

Are you wondering whether the transnational corporations, who are the military industrial complex and warlord bankers and brokers, are going to be able to overthrow the United States government?

Do you get upset and wonder why “Obomber and Killary” have attacked seven sovereign nations, killing millions and creating the largest refugee crisis in history, and the US Congress stands back and does nothing?

Are you concerned that the Bush/Clinton/Obama regime will sell-out America to transnationalism through George Bush Sr.’s original plan to create a New World Order is about to be complete?

Is it time for We the People to take back America in a Second American Revolution that enforces existing laws and jails treasonous criminals who have broken our laws for personal gain and unconstitutional power?

Obama Declares Open Warfare with Trump

The “premier transnationalist,” Barack Hussein Obama, or should we call him King Obama, is the last Democrat standing and is declaring open warfare against Trump’s populist nationalism. He is supported in this attempted coup d’etat by Obama loyalists who believe they are legally justified in resisting or defying current US laws of secrecy concerning National Security intelligence.

Obama, and the global elite that he represents, refuses to accept the lawful election of President Donald Trump.  The New World Order of transnationalism was within his and Hillary’s reach, but due to the indiscretions of Wild Bill Clinton and Queen Hillary, the plan for transnationalism and UN globalism went astray. 

Obama is waging war against the Trump administration through his Soros funded agitation troops called, Organizing for Action (OFA), which claims to defend his legacy. OFA, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit has 250 offices across the country and 30,000 foot soldiers with $40 million in bank from Soros and friends. OFA is simply a less violent version of Mussolini’s black shirts and Hitler’s brown shirts. The OFA started as Obama’s phony grassroots campaign machine that replicated the community organizing techniques Obama learned from the cultural Marxist, Saul Alinsky.   

The OFA will be working out of Obama’s new $5.3 million, 8,200-square-foot walled mansion in DC’s Embassy Row that has been converted into a command center.

Michelle Obama will join and lead the Obama Foundation, a dubious foundation modeled on the Clinton’s pay-to-play Washington insider foundations. No US ex-president has ever stayed in DC post-office to harass and attempt to undermine and overthrow his successor.

OFA also runs a project called the Community Organizing Institute (COI) which it claims partnership “with progressive groups and organizations to educate, engage, and collaborate.” OFA and COI activists organized anti-Trump marches across the country (some of which became riots) and bused-in agitators who “spontaneously” demonstrated at airports. Obama praised the airport demonstrators by sending a message: “I am heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country. Citizens exercising their Constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by the elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake.”

Obama’s former top aides, Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett are launching a new podcast, Pod Save America, under their new joint media venture, Crooked Media.  According to Favreau, “In the battle between Donald Trump and the media, we are firmly on the side of the media, and I am not interested in the veneer of objectivity.  We’re always going to be Obama guys, we’re very open and honest about that.”

A host of other former Obama staffers have taken to social media to voice their opposition to Trump and use Obama’s daily intelligence briefings to strategize civil disobedience and plot outright crimes. One former senior administration official said, “There are more than a few of us who believe deeply in holding this [Trump’s] administration’s feet to the fire.”

As the leaks keep flowing from Obama loyalists who are active US intelligence analysts, and the seditious tweets keep flying from former Obama officials, Trump is under fire from Obama’s shadow government.

KEY POINT: These treasonous acts are an affront to the principles of US democracy and they must be stopped.

Queen “apparent” Hillary had to remove the crown from her head since she couldn’t make good on the hundreds of bribes she took from 120 foreign countries and practically everyone in the US Congress. Queen Hillary only has two desperate choices that might keep her out of jail. The first has already happened: Hillary will run again in 2020 to try to make good on her promises she made to get the bribes for her “foundations.”  The second is an all-out attempt to depose President Trump through inciting the Bush/Clinton/Obama loyalists in current positions in the government to disobey US laws and resist current laws. This is America’s version of Soros’ color revolution: The Purple Revolution. If Trump can be stopped, perhaps the US Intelligence community and their propaganda arm of the legacy media can overlook her crimes.

If Hillary and Bill (Bonnie and Clyde 2.0) can’t stop the Trump Train, they are going to jail for a very long time. Once Jeff Sessions appoints a team of special prosecutors, the Clinton Cartel will be indicted, and most likely, convicted of their global crime spree. As the “assumed” queen of corporate transnationalism, Hillary had big plans. She was ready to have a “fire sale” of every asset in America that the Obama’s and Bush’s had not sold already.  Hillary, or one of her doubles, will run for office in 2020 if the Department of Justice doesn’t convict her beforehand for the litany of atrocities she and King Obama have perpetrated on Americans and the world while the Main Stream Media covered their tracks.

King Obama has already demanded from his Silicon Valley buddies (most of whom are rich because they are front men for DARPA projects released into the corporate world) two billion dollars to create his Presidential Library. Obama (Barry Soetoro – son of Islamic Terrorist and founder of Subud International, Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo) learned well from the Clinton Cartel how to muddy the financial waters between the Presidential Library funds that can receive charitable donations and his personal foundation. Obama will get his two billion in corrupt funding up front, and he has already announced that his presidential library will be an “ongoing” foundation.  Obama is being corrupt from the get-go and he is even outdoing the Clinton Cartel’s 2 billion in bribes.

Community Organizer Ready to Lead Soros’ Army of Left-Wing Political Action Groups

Obama has reconstituted his Soros funded campaign war-fighting tool, the OFA, to lead the attacks on Trump since the inauguration. Obama is proud to be the Shadow President of the 187 Soros funded political action groups that are almost exclusively left-wing Democratic action groups. The march on Washington was led by Obama insiders and corporate loyalists who answer to George Soros who controls the DNC through his $6 billion dollars in donations. Bill and Hillary were bought and paid for by Soros, and Obama was hand-picked and fully funded by Soros personally and through his many organizations and foundations. The Democratic Party is principally funded by Soros and therefore Soros gives them their marching orders, as we have seen in the DNC Wikileaks. Soros says “dog” and Obama and Hillary sit up and bark. It is embarrassing to American history that the Obama and Clinton presidencies were purchased by the Transnational Evil Emperor George Soros, who is the most emboldened Corporate Warlord of Imperialism in the world.

Is the Son of an Islamic Terrorist Leading a Regime Change in America?

Obama’s real father Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo – Islamic Terrorist

If Obama’s personal records that he “sealed” with his first executive order action were released by President Trump, Obama would be prosecuted for the fraud he has perpetrated upon Americans. Let’s not forget that three gay members of Chicago’s Trinity Church, where Obama was a member, were gunned down within a six-week period. All three were alleged lovers of Barack Obama. Donald Young, close friend of Obama was the key witness in Obama’s passport fraud case. His mother confessed that Obama was his lover and had him killed to hide the evidence. Larry Bland and Nate Spencer were two other gay lovers of Obama who were murdered in their apartments. Obama’s male lovers were gunned down right after Obama announced his political career. 

KEY POINT: Obama’s unsealed records will more than likely show that Obama is not who he says he is.  Obama’s true father was an Indonesian Muslim extremist and Barry Soetoro’s mother was working as a CIA agent trying to penetrate Islamic terrorism both in Kenya and Indonesia.

Obama bombed his brother Muslims for the sake of destabilizing sovereign nations to fleece and plunder the nations assets and cause civil war and refugee crisis. Once Obama declared a “no fly zone,” he was in full-scale war against the country using Obama (CIA) economic terrorism and “fake rebels,”US mercenaries under the guise of ISIS, ISIL, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, etc. to attack the sovereign ruler, calling their governments regimes in order to make them sound bad. Once Obama established sanctions, proclaimed no fly zones, started rebel uprisings (Arab Spring), and disseminated political propaganda, the sovereign nation was brought to its knees. Then, the nation was forced to seek loans from warlord bankers to protect their sovereignty. But the warlord bankers only lend the money if a “Rothschild style” national central bank is established in the process. In many cases, it is Rothschild & Co. who make the initial loan to establish the central bank which then comes under the control of the United Nations International Monetary Fund. 

Central Banks Rip Apart Countries in Order to Expand Their Cabal
Continue reading HERE.

Many consider “Rothschild style” central banks to be a myth, but you look closely, you will find that of the 180 or so central banks of sovereign nations, most go through a war or economic crash just before joining the international banking community with a central bank linked to the International Monetary Fund. War seems to produce compliance with international central banking. The seven countries Obama and Clinton bombed where some of the last nations on earth to establish central banks. 

King Obama and Queen Hillary work directly for the warlord bankers who benefit by loaning money to war-torn countries at interest rates that can never be repaid – thus, creating economic slavery for the citizens of those countries. In America, it was the warlord bankers who put up the money to create the privately owned US Federal Reserve System – which is America’s central banking system. We the People supposedly owe the US Fed over $20 trillion, and counting. We can never pay the debt and each time the Treasury prints trillions of dollars in fiat money, Americans supposedly owe even more money to a “Rothschild style” rip-off usury banking scheme.

Warlord bankers also own, often through proxy investment companies, the entire military industrial complex, the six major companies who control the legacy media, and the most profitable companies in America. These huge investment companies are owned by transnationalists who help start the wars, make huge loans to continue the wars, and benefit by selling weapons to both sides.

Almost all American military contracts go to transnational companies who sell the same weapons and technology to both sides. The true owners of these multi-national corporations are the original banking families that invest in central banks in almost every country in the world. These corporate warlords are the puppet masters of the Bush/Clinton/Obama criminal cartel. There are no parties anymore because Democrats and Republicans alike are bought and paid for by these warlords who wish to destabilize and destroy sovereign nations so that they can consolidate their power and control a transnational, global government ruled by the richest elites.

If Trump continues to be the wrecking ball that he needs to be to “tear down this corporate wall,” Obama and his criminal family members, the Bush’s and Clinton’s, will be destroyed and the Second American Revolution against the corporate take-over of American might have a chance.

Second American Revolution is Happening 

King Obama and Queen Hillary are fighting for their lives and that is why they are so desperate that they are making many huge mistakes. The CIA subliminal control of political narratives is fading as the brain-washing spell of “fake news” (yellow journalism and propaganda) is being called out by Trump and the internet’s alternative news networks. Truth is rearing its head like it did during the First American Revolution and if the alternative news keeps bringing to light the “crimes against Americans” perpetrated by the White House rogue CIA (private intelligence agencies and criminal cartels), then the call to arms to the minutemen patriots will begin the open warfare against warlord corporations.

Take a Look: Have you seen the American Intelligence Media is an exciting new platform, providing citizens with truthful news and high level citizen intelligence reports vetted by citizen journalists and researchers. 

The First American Revolution was fought over English attempts to tax colonists excessively. What is little known is that the “taxation without representation” was also against the taxes imposed by the two worst corporate imperialists in history – the British East India Company and the Dutch East India Company – one who brought tea and other merchandise to the Northern colonists to trade for tobacco, cotton, and textiles while the other brought slaves to the South in trade for tobacco, cotton and other resources. The First American Revolution was against the original world-wide corporate war-machines that were more powerful than single nations.

England sent troops to Boston to protect the interests of the British East India Company and enforce taxation on the colonies. It was Joseph Warren and his brother Freemasons who conducted the Boston Tea Party and staged the “false flag” of the Boston Massacre to force colonists to rise up against taxation without representation in the British Parliament. The Freemasons were the most organized and underground group of civic leaders in the thirteen colonies. They already had an intelligence network in place. They also had printers Paul Revere and Benjamin Franklin who could produce memes in their publications like “Join or Die”, “No Taxations without Representation” and the “Boston Massacre.” 

American Revolution alternative news was a combination Thomas Paine’s writings and Revere and Franklin’s printing presses along with the freemason and minutemen militia network that leapt into action to fight the warlord’s corporate take-over of the American economy, and thus American liberties. 

Last Ditch Efforts of the Wanna-Be American Monarchs

The Internet is like the secret news network of the colonists working against the corporate warlords. Kings and Queens are just the stooges of the corporate imperialists who continue to this day to undermine and control the American economy, its industry, politics, and freedoms. Wanna-be King Obama and Queen Hillary are trying to follow in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth of England, one of the richest people on the earth, who became so wealthy under the direct advice of the Rothschild family warlord bankers. It seems that some former presidents of American believe they are entitled to become “Corporate Imperialist Monarchs” who protect the interests of the richest elite, while making out like bandits themselves. Unfortunately, the wanna-be monarchs are too greedy and have made careless mistakes and leave trails of evidence. 

In England, the wealth of the Queen is managed by Sir Evelyn Rothschild and the law forbids anyone from even asking about the Monarch’s personal affairs, especially financial affairs. Perhaps this is why wanna-be King Obama thinks he was entitled to seal his personal records or wanna-be Queen Hillary feels she was entitled to sell out America. After all, isn’t this the privilege of the ruling class not to be bothered with the law of the little people?

Patriots, please consider the following as you are examining at Obama’s cunning play for power:

Did King Obama and Queen Hillary forget that over half of Americans support Trump completely and that the legacy media is political propaganda that people are buying anymore? The more they resist the duly elected president and the will of the people, the more they destroy the Democratic Party.

Do the corporate oligarchs and their puppets not understand that alternative news busts their illegal activities every day and brings forth investigative evidence that will indict them for their crimes?

Corporate imperialists forget that some Americans remember history and can remind others of the past crimes that have led us to the transnationlist’s overthrow of the US Constitution and the rule of law. Trump simply enforces current laws. Anti-Trumpers are shocked because for years the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama White House Monarchs ignored the rule of law.

Like George Bush Sr., who demanded to receive the daily White House Intelligence Reports after he was no longer the president, King Obama still receives the daily intelligence reports and uses the information to lead the “regime change” against Trump.

Obama administration loyalists are breaking the law by openly stating they will resist and not obey the orders of the duly elected president – Trump. Open resistance against Trump that uses classified intelligence is illegal, unethical, and immoral – much like the rest of Obama’s reign of terror.

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Obama and Hillary (including Wild Bill the Rapist) thought that the legacy media could distract Americans with Hollywood entertainment, non-stop sports, and “fake news” while Barry Soetoro and Killary bombed Muslim countries and sold it on the news as a Congressionally-approved humanitarian action that supports democracy and the American way. The “White House Transnational Rogue CIA” had convinced them that subliminal programming and narrative network propaganda kept the people under control.

After watching the fleecing of the world by the Bush Oil Cartel and the “Unquestioned Supreme Rule” of King Obama, Hillary and Wild Bill got sloppy and thought they could grab what they wanted and the warlord banker controlled legacy media would ignore their crimes and cover their tracks. Unfortunate for them, patriotic Americans noticed and called out the Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome and wrote books and articles, made movies and videos exposing their crimes. Obama’s personal history did not stay hidden and the old CIA trick of sealing files for “National Security” reasons doesn’t wash.

Key Point: Trump can unseal those records and reveal Barry Soetoro for who he is – a CIA indoctrinated traitor who has committed numerous crimes against America.

The corporate imperialist became so emboldened that they don’t even mind leaving a money trail behind their crimes. The internet provides the indictable evidence through their own bragging on their websites, their public statements, and the close scrutiny of lawsuits, government investigations, convictions, fines, and criminal charges brought against these criminals. They are shameless, if not proud, of their criminal attacks against Americans and the world.

There are No More Secrets in the Intelligence Community

The complete sell-out of US Intelligence agencies to corporate intelligence agencies made all top-secret information available to our enemies. There are over 800,000 people currently holding top-secret security clearances working for America.  Even US military and government computer security systems are owned and run by foreigners. For example, Dmitri Alperovitch’s CrowdStrike was used by Obama and Hillary for fighting cyber-warfare, even though Dmitri is a Russian criminal and along with his father, Michael, control most of the encryption codes for US military and political computer systems. 

Dmitri’s proprietary cyber-monitoring system has been installed on the DNC server and many of the servers used by Democrats in the US Congress. The Congressional Intelligence committees use a server managed by four Muslim IT providers who have recently been caught and charged with criminally creating a proxy server that was siphoning off all of the 17 intelligence agencies communications with these Congressional Intelligence committees.

Even after James Clapper, the Director of the 17 US Intelligence Agencies, lied to Congress about NSA’s complete surveillance of American communications, King Obama did not stop the NSA. In fact, Barry Soetoro decreed in an Executive Order that the NSA surveillance must be shared with the other 16 intelligence agencies before the NSA “scrubbs” the illegally stolen communications.  This is another reason why “everybody in DC” knows what President Trump is saying to foreign dignitaries on “the most secure telephone line in America” from his oval office. The NSA had been spying on the CIA in Europe and used that information to prosecute some CIA bankers. The CIA gave Snowden the most comprehensive “leak” in US Intelligence history as a backlash to the NSA.  So, King Obama decided to let the illegal hacking and surveillance of Americans continue without realizing that it would backfire on him.

Bannon: Knight on a White Horse that Obama Didn’t Expect

King Obama did not count on Steve Bannon joining forces with Trump. Bannon has participated at all levels of corporate imperialism and has rejected the transnational, globalist agenda. His movies and books are condemnations of the warlord bankers and corporate imperialists. Bannon has also dealt the death blow to wanna-be King Obama by declaring Trump’s intention to run for president in 2020. Obama’s OFA and 120 of the Soros liberal activist groups that are nonprofit organizations are not allowed, by law, to support one or another political candidate. Nonprofits cannot “be political” and still fly under the banner of being a public service that is unbiased and not aligned with any political party. 

King Obama, if he wants to stay within the laws of the land, has cooked his own goose and tied his hands from using Soros funded nonprofits for character assassination of a political candidate. Therefore, political warlord Obama’s DC political bunker, which was to be the headquarters of an illegal attempt at a coup d’etat, or what he calls “Regime Change,” is going to fail. In fact, instead of using illegal Soros activist groups and the bought and paid for legacy media to impeach and jail Trump,King Obama and Queen Hillary have put their heads on the chopping-block inadvertently.

Join or Die: The Second American Revolution is Ours to Win

The Second American Revolution is upon us and Trump is the new George Washington who must first separate the true American patriots from the transnational loyalists who remain true to the Monarchy of Obama and Clinton. There are many writers (Thomas Paines) and printers (Reveres and Franklins) who have taken up the American flag and are charging towards the corporate imperialist (British and Dutch East India Companies) in a new battle to take back American freedom from warlord bankers who have economical imprisoned Americans in continual war-debt that must be paid to the same Transnational Warlords who Americans fought against in the First American Revolution. 

Just as George Washington was out-gunned, out-numbered, and lacking support throughout the first years of the revolution, so, too, it looks at times that Trump’s chances to win a war against the most powerful forces on the earth are slim. But the perseverance, truth-seeking, and the dedication of those who elected Trump to lead the country will win the war. Even when all hope was seemingly lost at Valley Forge and there was little food, shelter, ammunition, or support for the war – George Washington did not give up. He worked with freemasons from Europe, the Marquis De Lafayette, General von Steuben and many others, to politically change the dominate atmosphere of “loyalty to the monarchy” to one of American freedom and liberty from monarchs and corporate tyrants. Eventually, the underground political network of Freemasonry, especially through Benjamin Franklin, convinced France to enter the war on the colonist’s side. When the French armada showed up at the battle of Yorktown, the British surrendered.

The Second American Revolution is championed by alternative news like the truth network at that spreads the word that “Monarchs and Corporate Imperialists are coming” and that they are the true enemy who have infiltrated all aspects of US economics, politics, and the intelligence community. Only a complete auditing of every aspect of the US government can produce the effects of severing ties with the puppet-masters who bleed America dry through market manipulation, central banking debt, and offshore theft of US assets.

The hidden Obama and Hillary loyalists must be identified, investigated and come to justice. George Soros’ assets must be frozen and confiscated for fomenting descent that has led to the murder of policemen through Black Lives Matters, and staged riots and demonstrations. The conspiracy to conduct “Regime Change” in America against a duly elected president is treason. All 187 Soros funded activist groups must be audited, closed, and prosecuted for conspiracy to overthrow the American government and the US Constitution.

Here’s the Battle Plan

Obama’s personal files must be unsealed and his treasonous criminal actions and war crimes must be prosecuted.

Hillary and Wild Bill must continue to be investigated and prosecuted for their crimes of theft, fleecing American resources, misuse of the Presidential Library umbrella to illegal garner bribes for their numerous foundations.

Hillary must be prosecuted for gun-running and arms sales from Libyan to Syria causing the subsequent death of Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

The Bush/Clinton/Obama White House criminal cartel must be investigated and prosecuted for conducting numerous false flag events that lead to wars for personal gain and terrorized Americans and the world’s citizenry.

Trump and the Second American Revolution

George Washington was offered the position of king by the First Continental Congress after the American Revolution, but he insisted on being a president with a limited term of service. The Bush/Clinton/Obama White House Monarchy actually believe they are entitled to rule as tyrants who automatically get billions of dollars to “build a library” which might possibly turn into a new political party of “brown shirts.” King Obama has 30,000 brown shirts currently employed in his OFA and its coffers are swollen with $40 million from Soros and friends. Obama must “protect” his legacy, as he says.  As well, he must protect himself from prosecution. The entire Bush/Clinton/Obama cartel is in Barry Soetoro’s hands. Unfortunately for the cartel, Barry screws up a lot causing the rogue CIA to have to cover his tracks throughout his entire CIA-directed and controlled life.

King Obama and his Sith Lord, the Evil Emperor George Soros, have overplayed their hand. They are caught red-handed, literally bloodstained, and have no defense for their illegal and inhumane disregard for human life, sovereign nations, or peace among nations. 

Internet investigative journalists have followed the money and shown the insipid subversion of the American political system. Even Republicans have been paid off by Soros money through Hillary’s Super PAC and outright donations and gifts – and that doesn’t count pay-offs to offshore accounts. Don’t forget that Hill and Bill’s foundation wealth is tucked away in offshore accounts. 

Soros did not hide his $6 billion dollars in gifts to the Democratic National Party.  Obviously, corruption is such standard operating procedure that the US Congress, Republicans especially, ignore the criminal manipulation of American political parties. 

There was hacking involved in the election – George Soros economically hacked the Democratic Party – Obama, Clinton, Bernie and the whole group the liberals who run their campaigns on his money. We know from the DNC leaks, that Soros “owns and controls” anyone he gives money to. Soros is so bold that he often goes on television to brag about his god-like abilities and actions that have collapsed the currencies and markets of entire nations. He is despised for economic terrorism in many countries and yet he rules the White House and the US Congress. 

The most vocal anti-Trump Republicans receive money legally and illegally from George Soros. This type of total disregard for American laws shows that the overthrow of the US Constitution was almost complete with Obama’s expansion of executive authority through his modifications of the National Defense Authorization Act and his many types of Executive Orders. His latest expansion of the Board of Broadcasting Governors (through the NDAA) allows propaganda and subliminal messaging to be used domestically on all Americans. Essentially, the BBG is used to direct international propaganda, but now controls the entire US media and conducts propaganda on Americans.

All news that passes through the Associated Press and Reuters is controlled by the BBG, which is part of the Department of Defense and therefore surveilled and scrubbed by the NSA, CIA, Homeland Security, DIA, and the other US intelligence agencies.  This would also include all corporate intelligence agencies contracted by the government. 

KEY POINT: All news from the legacy media and some new faces in the alternative media is CIA scrubbed for “international security issues” and by the NSA/Homeland Security/Justice Department/DoD/DIA, and the myriad of alphabet intelligence agencies for “national security issues.” 

There is no secrecy in America because Obama sold out the US Intelligence community to contractors who are former government intelligence agents who now make loads of money and have immense power over the US government. Russians, Pakistanis, Chinese, former CIA analysts, Koreans and Isrealis control major portions of US intelligence. Americans are being spied upon by all of these intelligence agencies continuously. Russian malware, like that found in the DNC server is found in every US government server because the encryption codes were created by Michael Alperovitch, a Russia spy who the CIA fast-tracked through every major branch of US intelligence.  America was almost completely taken over through transnational intelligence agencies that Obama and the Democrats hired to secure their systems. 

The decision for all American Patriots now is the same that Benjamin Franklin published in 1754:

Join or Die

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Is an American Coup d’etat in Progress? | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

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    Trump has only one option if his administration is to survive, he must remove the criminal virus and destroy it completely. It is a malignant tumorous growth, that if it is not sanitized and removed, it will eventually kill the host. Trump knows what medicine he needs to inject in order to destroy this criminal virus, and I am sure he also understands that he MUST destroy every facet and avenue this criminal virus has at it’s disposal in order to destroy it’s host.

    People, patriots, fellow citizens, we are the host, and we all know the criminal viruses that are involved in trying to destroy its host… us.

    Ropes, torches, and lampposts. Death to the tyrants.

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    People that buy into this dialectic have clearly NOT realized how they are being played into thinking that this strawman, Obama, just like Bush, Clinton, etc. have all been mere pawns for the Zionists, Illuminati Kabbal. The 7 countries in 5 years argument that was made general Wes Clark was always on the agenda as the Greater Israel project, as per the Protocols of Zion. Trump is either the king the Protocols of Zion speaks of, or he’s making the way for this antichrist Zionists king!

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    • ElOregonian

      It is not Obama, but who lurks in his shadows, that are the virus. Bari, Swartz, Gates, John D., and the “Wrath-Child’s hide in the shadows, Bari, and George are just the face of the malignant decease.

  • dianecee

    There is only one way to get rid of the enemy. There can be no neurosis or fear. General Patton would have handled this problem in a blink of an eye. It appears that President Trump has the cojones to do what must be done.

  • truthseeker4809

    There are the Zionist faction and the Vatican faction among the globalists. The Vatican faction is losing influence within the US politics with respect to the Zionists by the election of the President Trump. But in reality both factions are evil. We don’t need any of them as they both are the leeches.

    President Trump does not realize that the Zionists are behind the ISIS more so than the Vatican factions.
    It will take time for him to realize this truth but until then we may have to wait.

    Obama is not the choice of the Zionists so will have to see.

  • dakota









    • King of Shambhala

      Obama’s name isn’t Obama.
      Soon we’ll discover his real name.
      His cousin in Kansas says when Obama’s mother Stanley was in Kansas as a young girl she had Obama with a black boy called Parks so Obama’s real name is Barry Parks the son of Jim T. Parks, Google it.

  • jdpent01

    JDP…There is a big difference between sedition and politically opposing the GOVT because your view is left and not center, funding citing riots against the current GOVT IS SEDITION, peaceful protest and voiced opinion is OK not sedition. So if the can catch obama staging funding, organizing violent riot protest he should be brought under NDAA for sedition. and the key thrown away, iuse the law against him to stop his hindrances.

  • Billy the man

    This is an act of treason and should be stopped and have it head cut off or as many heads as it has in the USA no matter where they are. Treason does carry a death sentence and this should be taken completely to the legal limits of the law as prescribed. How can you have a peaceful and harmonious life in the USA if we have these new terrorist plotting to overthrow the new legally voted for President by the people and for the people. If these things are known as they have been implied action needs to be done now including any other obama appointees in government. They are all conspiring and that is a crime. If the Army is planning on taking over the USA those who are planning it also need to be arrested and sent to GITMO. This needs to end now!!!

  • Pink Slime

    There is no doubt they are using the negro again.

    They used him before effectively, but not for his brain or acumen but rather his skin color proved effective. Not quite dark enough to scare whitey but yet dark enough to remain a negro and keep the white man apprehensive to criticize the negro lest he be labeled a racist.

    So, little does the sodomite know he is being used like a “house” negro to go do some “fetching” for the white man ‘elitist. Still his master…. :cool:

    • King of Shambhala

      Pink, we have to speak about the Mob in relation to Obama.
      The Mob is omnipresent in Chicago, the most corrupt city in the USA.

      The Mob is infiltrated into US politics and the DNC.

      • King of Shambhala

        My wish was to spread the news of the 666 curse in the lottery that marks Obama everywhere.

        I wanted to edit Wikipedia’s pages about the Antichrist – 666 – The Mark of the Beast – Apocalypse – revelation – the Illinois Lottery – etc… I wanted to edit all Wikipedia in all languages worldwide so as to announce that the lottery had marked Obama to be the Antichrist with 666 – BUT a wall of opposition from obama shills bared my path in 2009.

        It’s only now that the tide has turned in my favour and I can now again get going with revealing that Obama’s Satan-in-Person.

        I’m gathering my Army of truth-tellers.

        • The Clucker

          “I’m gathering my Army of truth-tellers.”

          So far you’ve got GayWill and that crazy cat lady. I didn’t know 3 made an army.

          You’ve got a lot of work to do, Geir.

          • King of Shambhala

            The Clucker – 416/402 is a troll who made death threats against me last year.
            We’re an Army now of messengers of the Apocalypse so join us.
            I’ve got Jaywill saying Obama’s the Antichrist and Josie, Pink Slime and wiseoldlady.

          • King of Shambhala

            There are three others at BIN who also support me and are fighting against the demonical Minions of Satan supporting Obama the fraud aka the Antichrist.
            We’re thus about seven people at BIN standing up to reveal Obama’s the Antichrist.
            Obama’ll get 100 000s of years of jail for his High Crimes so all you people who haven’t been counted among the chosen, you must stand up now so as to be counted – as the Bible says one must do it/ so as to be saved.

          • The Clucker

            Oh, so you claim Pinkie in your ranks when he doesn’t even consider you to be the Messiah? Oops. Your mistake. I’m sure wiseoldlady doesn’t think you’re the Messiah either.

            If you are going to make a claim that I made death threats to you, you delusional fruit, then you had better provide the evidence because I have NEVER made a death threat to you at any time or place.

            Provide evidence. If you can’t, it just furthers to prove you are the fake we all know you are.

            Put up or shut up, Geir Smith. I have never threatened you and you don’t even know it because you’re that delusional.

            Provide a link with me threatening you or I will post an article far and wide proving that you have lied. (Hint: The Messiah wouldn’t lie.)

            The ball is in your court, King of Nothing.

          • King of Shambhala

            The Clucker – 416/402 is forbidden from attacking me by BeforeItsNews Terms of Service and has been trolling me for years now whereas I’ve never gone to troll any of his articles.
            Report him, he’s in breach of BIN’s TOS not me.
            I’ve reported him several times already he’s a HIV-infested old homo and he’ll be bannished from BIN for good for attacking me over and over like he does.

          • King of Shambhala

            Ignore The Clucker, he’s made countless death threats against me.
            He’s panicking because we can take down Obama any way we want whenever we want and we’ll lock him up for 100 000s of years in jail.

            The leftist scum is panicking.
            I call him scum because he’s trolling my articles which is forbidden by BIN TOS whereas I’m not trolling him he’s the stalker breaching TOS because reporters are not allowed to stalk and troll. They’re not allowed to attack other reporters but he just can’t help himself and he works for Obama for PAY to heckle and distract on Internet for Obama’s sake.
            He’s a disinformation agent paid by Obama.

            I wouldn’t call him out iof he just kept to his own articles and didn’t go out of his way to attack me.
            He’s just getting what’s due to him.
            He should have shut up.

            But he just had to open his god-dam*ed mouth. He should have shut up.
            He should sew up his mouth now.

          • King of Shambhala

            As far as me lying and being the Messiah well that’s a good question: who said I lied?
            I’ve spoken the truth and no one has ever said I didn’t speak the truth about Obama being the Antichrist and this being the Apocalypse and indee my being the Messiah and Jesus’ 2d Coming.
            Nobody’s argued my facts from what I know.

            My facts are certain and proven.
            Anyone can go to the Illinois State Lottery’s website and browse the Winning Numbers’ History Search at November 5, 2008 – Pick 3: and indeed they’ll see it confirmed that 666 was drawn verily the day of Obama’s victory-celebration.
            That means Obama’s 100% proven the Antichrist.

            That also means I’m 100% proven to be the Messiah and Jesus’ 2d Coming because I alone have stood up and paid for it by leaving my comfort zone so as to bring that truth to the world – WHICH IS WHAT I’M DOING EVEN AT THIS VERY DAM* MINUTE.

          • King of Shambhala

            Don – 1 also says Obama’s the Antichrist.
            We’re at least a dozen at BeforeItsNews saying Obama’s the Antichrist.
            Now we must gather and spread that news to the world: this is the Apocalypse right now happening!

          • The Clucker

            You’re a funny guy KOS. I don’t think you are intending to be but you’re doing a good job of it anyway.

          • King of Shambhala

            Obama’ll get 100 000s years in jail.
            Massive revelation of behind the scenes undercover videos taken at CNN newsroom.
            Obama’s time before being jailed is short now.

            Huge Gigantic Humongous News! CNN Is Finished: Release Of Damaging Secret Newsroom Footage! (Video) Obama’s Defeat​​​​​​​ 

  • JohnDave

    Solution: Dick away obummer and kilary.

  • st

    when u don’t know what your ass is for that should tell u DON’T PUT THEM IN POWER. Just saying :idea: :arrow:

    • King of Shambhala

      The Left is championning sodomy. It tells you a lot about the Left.
      I feel ashamed to have lots of friends who love the Left to see the havoc the Left is.

    • Jack Shlitz

      Are you saying you have a lot of friends that like sodomy?

      • King of Shambhala

        Ignore Jack Schlitz, he’s an old HIv-infested homo.
        He works for Obama for PAY to heckle and distract on Internet for Obama’s sake.
        He’s a disinformation agent paid by Obama.

        I wouldn’t call him out iof he just kept to his own articles and didn’t go out of his way to attack me.
        He’s just getting what’s due to him.
        He should have shut up.

        But he just had to open his god-dam*ed mouth. He should have shut up.
        He should sew up his mouth now.

        Old homos like him are so upset that Obama be put in jail. Obama’s the homos’ hero.
        They love Obama because he’s an old black HIV-infested homo.
        To them that’s more than enough qualification to be POTUS of the USA.

        They don’t like politics, they just like their own rear ends. They think their arses are vaginas.

        Jakc Schlitz isn’t a reporter he’s just an anonymous troll. He’s allowed to troll me because he’s not a reporter (who are forbdiden from trolling me). But Jesus said to turn from the false christs in the end times.
        Jack Schlitz is just a anonymous troll so turn away from him. He’s just a mad troll as Wikipedia says trolling is a mental illness. He’s a loonie.

  • dennisR8

    Precede an arrest of Barack Obama with documented, detailed charges of treason, that will lead to his trial, indictment, prosecution, conviction and his execution.

    In the words of an recent acquaintance, such an occurrence would make Donald Trump the third anti-Christ like Napoleon Bonaparte from Nostradamus quatrains. This man’s historical confusion is extremely great. In my view his spiritual blindness precludes his ability to make a conversion to Christianity, as Napoleon did do.

    In this scenario, Trump would be opposing Oligarchy and communism, that would make him the third anti-Christ, as if both Oligarchy and communism are greater supporters of civil rights for black & Islamic minorities. Quote Nostradamus, if scripture does not uphold your unchristian, communists views.

    Horse manure in the mouths of communists, as directed by Globalists. Obama will wake up to truth in HELL

    • King of Shambhala

      Trump said he’s the Messenger.
      Obama’s the Antichrist.
      Hope this clears things up here.

    • King of Shambhala

      Has anyone noticed how upset the panicking Obama shills are getting?
      They’re restless like vampires at night.
      They are scared and are like things that go “Bump” in the dark!

  • The Watcher


  • beanbag

    if all this true then why are they still walking around and not in jail the feds needs to their job. :?: :mad:

    • King of Shambhala

      Yeah beanbag, the scum who defend Obama should be punished.
      Like the shills working for Obama in these comments; Jack Schlitz and The Clucker – paid HIV-infested homos working for the Devil Obama.
      They’re scum working for orgs who do criminal disinformation on internet like “Organizing for Action”,, and the like – community organizing, demonstrating, rampaging, rioting, inciting hate, race-mongering, smearing, slandering etc… and provoking violence, deaths etc…
      The Dems are racists who use the blacks to do their work for them.
      Then they keep the blacks down by giving them food stamps to keep them from having productive lives.

      (“The DNC created the KKK to kill black and white GOPs”. Remember that. Wikipedia says those words. NOT ME.- look at ‘First KKK’ – and “The Klan 1865–1871
      Creation and naming”

      1.- “As a secret vigilante group, the Klan targeted freedmen and their allies; it sought to restore white supremacy by threats and violence, including murder, against black and white Republicans.” –

      2. “Lifting the Klan mask revealed a chaotic multitude of antiblack vigilante groups, disgruntled poor white farmers, wartime guerrilla bands, displaced Democratic politicians, illegal whiskey distillers, coercive moral reformers, sadists, rapists, white workmen fearful of black competition, employers trying to enforce labor discipline, common thieves, neighbors with decades-old grudges, and even a few freedmen and white Republicans who allied with Democratic whites or had criminal agendas of their own. Indeed, all they had in common, besides being overwhelmingly white, southern, and Democratic, was that they called themselves, or were called, Klansmen.[57]“)

  • jdpent01

    jdp…Obama was way treasonous as president, releasing 5 Taliban from GUANTANAMO, and lying to America, being lawless SO ITS NOT HIS FIRST TIME OF COMMITTING TREASON, now he is no longer in office and can be arrested for Sedition.THE SOONER THE BETTER.

    • King of Shambhala

      That’s very true jdpent01, Obama’s free to be sued now.
      People with standing can go after him now, be POTUS Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Att Orly Taitz, Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch (he’s the firebrand lawyer that terrifies Washington because he’s the one who managed to get Clinton impeached and is the only lawyer in history to have managed that impressive feat.).
      Obama’s not even keeping a low profile or showing any fear, so he’s just waiting for poeple to come and bust him which shows what an ugly fool he basically always has been.

  • concernedaboutpeople


    • King of Shambhala

      Obama’ll go to jail alright just like O.J. Simpson.
      We’ll get him and drag him to a court of law.
      Obama’s trial will last for decades (he’ll be hauled out of jail so as to attend sessions in court) because all the political arena is involved in covering up his many crimes among which of forging his birth certificate which will get him 100 000s years in high security detention, jail and sentencing.

  • King of Shambhala

    Big news! CNN IS GOING DOWN FAST NOW. Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!
    Hundreds Of Hours Of CNN Undercover Video Released Within 48 Hours Blasting Media Back To Stone Age Again (Video)

  • Knight777

    Trump and his Russian whore/wife are the real anti-christ. Trump is a pedophile and a poor little me rich bitch. He is a joke and he is proving it every day.

    • King of Shambhala

      Obama’s the Antichrist.
      I’m the Messiah.
      Because I give the proof Obama’s the Antichrist.


    Trump knows all of this. Sessions will act and Flynn is not gone, he was moved to a different position but not disclosed by Trump. Trump is in the process of creating TV networks much larger than ABC,NBC, or CBS. The new America will have a conservative honest media which many conservative internet news will use on a large scale to destroy the liberal lying media. Keep Praying.

  • ernie

    The super rich who want to rule the world have a plan to take down Trump and the United States. Their plan included Clinton to take over this country after 8 sorry years of Barack Obama but instead it was stopped by the American voters and Donald Trump. But I don’t think they’re giving up, as witnessed by the many protests we have seen. Since Clinton is not in the White House (and she most likely will never be) they will turn back to Obama and by hostile takeover he will become their leader again. The Constitution states he may only have two terms as President but nowhere does it limit his time as dictator. Mr. Obama is going to become King Barack soon and when he does we will see events like we could hardly imagine. His first order will be to arrest and imprison Trump and his family and the members of his cabinet and put them in FEMA camps. Can you imagine Trump having his head shaved while Obama watches, grinning ear to ear?? King Barack is soon to take over this country for good and he won’t need a liberal majority in SCOTUS because HIS law will be the law of the land! :) :) :)

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