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Kims Brother Assassinated to Derail DPRK’S Desperate Peace Efforts Under Looming Threat of Annihilation by 320,000 US/Japanese/South Korean Forces

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 17:41
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Psychological warfare. World religions created to enslave mankind, aid in fomenting wars, and elevate ruling families. Western media peddles lies and brainwashes the populace.

 History is a litany of lies and perversions of truth.

Wars are unnecessary, vile, and forced on humanity. Forced mass poisoning of population. Worldwide eugenics holocaust. Global central bankers.

Century of warfare all scripted to bring about totalitarian world government now in its final stages.

Diplomatic Peoples Republic of Korea one of the last proxy wars left leading to the final war of Armageddon, all brought to you by an unnecessary and heinous agenda purporting to be of some merit but bringing only ruin despair and destruction.

Welcome to the new american century of abounding hypocrisy, treasonous lies, and genocidal war criminals leading the charge against the few countries not willing to subject their populations to the sycophantic control and forced poisoning NWO agenda 21. Welcome to Hell on Earth.

The Dubious Story of the Murder of Kim Jong-nam, Brother of DPRK Leader Kim Jong-un
By Stansfield Smith
Global Research, March 08, 2017
Region: Asia
In-depth Report: NORTH KOREA

In the West, even among people who consider themselves not susceptible to government-corporate media propaganda, any wild story about North Korea can be taken as credible. We should ask ourselves why that is the case, given what we know about the history of government and media fabrications, often related to gaining our acquiescence to a new war.

The corporate media reports North Korean agents murdered Kim Jong Nam with a banned chemical weapon VX. They fail to add that the US government is not a signatory to the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention. They rarely note the Malaysian police investigating the case have not actually said North Korea is connected to his death.

The story of his death or murder raises a number of serious questions. North Korea says Kim Jong Nam was not murdered, but suffered from heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes, required constant medication, and this caused his death. The North Korean diplomat in Malaysia Ri Tong-il “cited the postmortem examination conducted by Malaysian health authorities, claiming that the postmortem showed Jong-nam died of a heart attack.”

Malaysian authorities conducted two autopsies, the second after the first said to be inconclusive in identifying a cause of death, before announcing well over a week later that VX was involved.

What was going on here? And why weren’t the autopsies made open to others besides Malaysian officials?

Why was the South Korean government the first country to come out quickly after Kim’s February 13 death to blame North Korea for murdering him with the VX nerve weapon – before Malaysia had determined anything? The Malaysian autopsy was not complete until February 23, ten days later.

Why did these two women charged with murder travel several times to South Korea before this attack occurred?

Why was the only North Korean arrested in the case released for lack of evidence?

The two women did not wear gloves, but had the liquid directly on their hands. “The police said the four North Korean suspects who left the country the day of the killing put the VX liquid on the women’s hands.”They later washed it off. Why did none of them die or even get sickened by it? No reports say they went to the hospital.

“Malaysian Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Khalid said the women knew they were handling poisonous materials during the attack…. leading forensic toxicologists who study murder by poison… question how the two women could walk away unscathed after deploying an agent potent enough to kill Kim Jong Nam before he could even make it to the hospital.”

“Tens of thousands of passengers have passed through the airport since the apparent assassination was carried out. No areas were cordoned off and protective measures were not taken.”

Why, if a highly deadly VX used to kill Kim, did the terminal remain open to thousands of travelers, and not shut down and checked for VX until February 26, 13 days later?

Health Minister Subramaniam Sathasivam said “VX only requires 10 milligrams to be absorbed into the system to be lethal,” yet he added that there have been no reports of anyone else being sickened by the toxin.

DPRK’s Ri Tong-il said in his statement, “How is it possible” the two ladies survived? “How is it possible” no single person in the airport got contaminated? “How is it possible” no nurse, no doctor, no police escorting Kim after the attack were affected?

Why does Malaysia, which acknowledges Kim Jong Nam is Kim Jong Un’s half-brother, make the outrageous demand that Kim’s body won’t be released to North Korea until a close family member provides a sample of their own DNA?

From what we are told, the story does not add up.

Ri Tong-il asked in his same statement “Why is South Korea trying so hard [to blame the DPRK] in this instance? They have a great political crisis inside South Korea [which is quite true] and they need to divert people’s attention,” noting also that the two women involved traveled to South Korea and that South Korea blamed the North for murder by VX the very day it happened.

Stephen Lendman also gives a plausible explanation:

“Here’s what we know. North Korean senior representatives were preparing to come to New York to meet with former US officials, a chance for both sides to discuss differences diplomatically, hopefully leading to direct talks with Trump officials.

The State Department hadn’t yet approved visas, a positive development if arranged.

Reports indicate North Korea very much wanted the meeting to take place. Makes sense. It would indicate a modest thaw in hostile relations, a good thing if anything came of it.

So why would Pyongyang want to kill Kim Jong-nam at this potentially sensitive time, knowing it would be blamed for the incident, talks likely cancelled?

Sure enough, they’re off, Pyongyang accused of killing Kim, even though it seems implausible they planned and carried out the incident, using agents in Malaysia to act as proxies.”

Is possible that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un decided to murder his apolitical brother, chosing to do so by using a banned highly toxic agent in public, under video cameras in a crowded airport of a friendly country? Instead of say, doing it by easier means in the North Korean Embassy’s guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur, where the New York Times said his brother sometimes stayed?

We are not supposed to doubt what we are spoon fed, that Kim Jong Un is some irrational war-mongering madman who has instituted a reign of terror. A safer bet is this is a new attempt to beat the drums of war against North Korea and its allies.

The author’s previous articles on North Korea are at

North Korea Tests Missiles amid Huge US-South Korean War Games
By Peter Symonds
Global Research, March 07, 2017
World Socialist Web Site
Region: Asia
Theme: Militarization and WMD, US NATO War Agenda
In-depth Report: NORTH KOREA

North Korea yesterday launched at least four ballistic missiles from its west coast, not far from the border with China, at around 7.30 a.m. local time. The missiles flew about 1,000 kilometres and, according to Japanese officials, three splashed down within Japan’s exclusive economic zone of 200 nautical miles or about 370 kilometres.

The missile launch took place amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula as the US and South Korean militaries started their annual Foal Eagle war games. The joint exercises over the next two months reportedly involve at least 320,000 South Korean and American military personnel backed by a US aircraft carrier and its strike group, and advanced US fighters and bombers.

Pyongyang last week branded the drills as preparations for nuclear war and warned that “new types of strategic weapons will soar” if the Foal Eagle drills proceeded. David Wright from the Union of Concerned Scientists suggested to the Washington Post that the missiles were either of the extended-range Scuds or medium-range Nodong type, which have been tested before, indicating other missile tests could be pending.

North Korea’s militarist response to the threats posed by US imperialism and its allies is utterly reactionary and plays directly into Washington’s hands by providing a pretext for the expansion of US forces in Asia—directed against Pyongyang and Beijing. Far from defending the North Korean people, the regime’s bellicose and nationalistic posturing sows divisions between workers in North Korea and South Korea, Japan, the US and internationally.

The US nuclear arsenal is capable of obliterating North Korea’s military machine and industrial infrastructure many times over. Last week the US defence secretary repeated the threat of an “effective and overwhelming” response if Pyongyang ever attempted to use its nuclear weapons.

The US and its allies immediately condemned yesterday’s missile tests by North Korea. Acting South Korean president Hwang Kyo-ahn branded the launch as “a direct challenge and grave provocation.” Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe declared that the tests demonstrated that Pyongyang had developed “a new threat” and said Tokyo would “strongly protest to North Korea.”

The US and Japan have called for an emergency session of the UN Security Council to discuss the latest missile tests. A similar session was convened following North Korea’s launch of a new medium-range missile last month, but no punitive measures were taken. Washington will undoubtedly exploit the gathering to intensify the pressure on Beijing to impose crippling economic measures on its North Korean ally.

The North Korean missile launches take place as the Trump administration is engaged in a review of US strategy towards North Korea, which, since the end of the Korean War in 1953, has been one of unremitting hostility. The Obama administration has been heavily criticised in US foreign policy and military circles for not taking more aggressive action to halt the North Korean nuclear and missile programs.

In January, Trump, as president-elect, reacted to an announcement by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that his country was preparing to test an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) by tweeting that it “won’t happen.” Details of the White House review leaked to the Wall Street Journal last week indicated that regime-change and pre-emptive military strikes against North Korea were under active consideration.

In a detailed article last weekend, the New York Times revealed that the US military under the Obama administration had engaged in an aggressive cyberwarfare campaign against North Korea’s missile systems following its nuclear test in 2013. The newspaper admitted that it had withheld details at the request of the military and security establishment. It was publishing the story now as it was becoming evident that North Korea had become aware of the cyber-attacks that appeared to be causing a high rate of missile launch failures.

The American cyber and electronic strikes against North Korea are a reckless act of war, which threaten to plunge the region into conflict. They recall the methods used by the US and Israel against Iran to undermine its uranium enrichment capabilities using the Stuxnet worm to cause gas centrifuges to malfunction. The cyber-attack was part of a broader Israeli campaign of assassination and sabotage against Iran’s nuclear programs.

The New York Times explained that Obama was prepared to go to any length in his efforts to halt North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. “With only a few months left in office,” it wrote, “he pushed aides for new approaches. At one meeting, he declared that he would have targeted the North Korean leadership and weapons sites if he thought that would work.” The administration concluded, however, that the difficulties of military strikes were too great, and “the risks of missing were tremendous, including renewed war on the Korean Peninsula.”

The Trump administration is now considering all options in its bid to prevent North Korea from building a nuclear-tipped ICBM capable of reaching the US mainland. Its measures will not be aimed just at Pyongyang but also Beijing, which Trump has repeatedly threatened with trade war measures and military action in the South China Sea. He is accelerating the military build-up in Asia in preparation for war with China in a bid to ensure US supremacy in the region and the world.

A senior Trump official confirmed to the New York Times that the White House was looking at “pre-emptive military strike options,” in spite of the tactical difficulties involved. “Putting American tactical nuclear weapons back in South Korea—they were withdrawn a quarter-century ago—is also under consideration even if that step could accelerate an arms race with the North,” the newspaper stated.

The reinstallation of US tactical nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula would threaten to dramatically raise tensions not only with North Korea, but also with China, which would quickly conclude that it was the real target. It could trigger a nuclear arms race involving South Korea, where some lawmakers have already called for building nuclear weapons, and Japan.

While Trump has also reportedly considered renewed negotiations with the Pyongyang regime, the White House is under growing pressure to act against North Korea. The danger that it will opt for militarist measures, including an attack on North Korea, is heightened by the political warfare in American ruling circles over foreign policy in relation to Russia in particular. As it attempts to extricate itself from a worsening crisis, the Trump administration is quite capable of initiating a reckless provocation against North Korea as a diversion.
The original source of this article is World Socialist Web Site
Copyright © Peter Symonds, World Socialist Web Site, 2017


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