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November 4th Coup: The Barbarians Are Inside the Gate!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 6:07
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NOV 4:
Soros & His Bolsheviks
Launch the Hot Phase
of the Purple Revolution



What’s really going on?

State of the Nation

If the Alt Media had posted hundreds of articles warning about the
9/11 false flag black operation to be staged by the US government —
during the months prior to September 11, 2001 — would the
perps have proceeded as planned? 

Well, guess what; if nothing of note takes place this weekend, its
because of the critical investigative reporting by the Alt Media.

There’s only one reason why the liberals (they are really socialists, marxists and communists) haven’t staged a full-scale rebellion against the Trump Administration yet.

Look at who George Soros has staging the Purple Revolution!

The Alt Media has disseminated so many warnings about the Purple Revolution (PR) that their subversive schemes have been consistently thwarted.

However, that does not mean that the perps will be deterred.

KEY POINT: It’s of paramount importance to understand that these
purple revolutionaries are stone-cold Bolsheviks at heart.  They are
not only paid mercenaries; most are quite mentally ill and emotionally
unstable. The operational leaders are, by and large, criminally insane
psychopaths.  As such, they are all easily manipulated by the PR front
men and women*.

*BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America…
…Courtesy of George Soros,
the Clinton Crime Family,
and the previous Obama Administration

Decades of social engineering

Very few Americans really comprehend the degree of social engineering that they have been exposed to.

Today’s ultra-liberal mindset is a product of that purposeful plot to move the nation toward socialism, and then to communism.

After decades of implementing the deliberate agenda dictated by Cultural Marxism, many have succumbed to its influences.  These are many and diverse.  And they continue to be highly destructive to American society.

In fact, during the 8 long years of Obama, Cultural Marxism saw an unprecedented intensification which has led to the irreparable tearing of the social fabric.  This was the very reason why George Soros was Barack Obama’s primary campaign sponsor—twice.  This is also why Soros backed Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

This rapidly devolving predicament has turned into a national disaster of epic proportions.  For it is the covert and stealthy imposition of Cultural Marxism upon the United States which is insidiously causing its destruction. Cultural Marxism Is Destroying America

Saturday, November 4, 2017

If things go according to plan, the purple revolutionaries intend to take their uprising to the next level.  They have identified this Saturday, Nov. 4th, the day of the “Hunter’s Moon”, also known as the “Blood Moon”, to launch their highly misguided revolution.

ANTIFA Signals November 4th As D-Day For Overthrow Of U.S. Government (Video)

Just who and what are some of the forces behind this terrorist enterprise?

“REFUSE FASCISM” is just one example.  A close reading of their website reveals that they are both a terrorist organization, as well as a group of traitors bound together by their hatred of all things Trump.  The “REFUSE FASCISM” Facebook page shows just how much they are hellbent on carrying out their exercise in anarchy.

“REFUSE FASCISM” Mobilizes to Overthrow Trump Administration Starting Nov. 4

This coming Saturday was supposed to see a calculated coordination of acts of defiance and violence across the country.  “REFUSE FASCISM” is just one pillar of the overall platform that these Bolsheviks plan on executing.  There are other clandestine moves and maneuvers which must be watched in real time as they have been kept a carefully guarded secret. Is Antifa Planning A Major Uprising On November 4th?

No matter what does or does not occur this Saturday, there’s no question that the PR leaders are using this date to commence their war on the POTUS.  The furtive operational commanders will likewise test the effectiveness of their communist game plan.

Revolutionary Communist Party Prime Mover for November 4th Insurrection

DoD Plans National Blackout for Nov. 4-6

“According to The National Association for Amateur Radio (ARRL), elements of the US Department of Defense (DOD) will simulate a  “communications interoperability” training exercise across the United States on November 04-06. The announcement released on October 24 has not been widely distributed to the media, because the drill is simulating a total grid collapse and could spark public fear.
(Source: DoD Plans Solar-Storm-Based National Blackout Drill During Antifa Protests In November)

The timing of the DoD’s training exercise could not be more suspicious.  Of course, the reason for so much suspicion is because of the extraordinary correlation between government drills and exercises that have occurred on the very same day as various false flag terror attacks and other black operations.

The truth movement is now conditioned to prepare for false flag operations anytime there is an announced drill by any government—municipal, state or federal.  Government officials have proven repeatedly that they will take advantage of such drills to stage terror events that are both shocking and purposefully timed.

How will this scheduled DoD exercise work out with (and likely support) this Saturday’s revolutionary activity?  Only time will tell.

November 4: Antifa Day! “Total Grid Shut Down Drill” (Video)

Special Note:
For anyone who doubts that there is a massive and complex conspiracy underway to overthrow the Trump Administration, consider the following extraordinary joint initiative between the traitorous New York Times and terrorist group AntiFa.  What the AntiFa full page ad in the NYT national edition amounts to is nothing less than treason.  So, now the “newspaper of record” — the NYT — has recklessly positioned itself as a co-conspirator in the upcoming insurrection. The New York Times Is An Accomplice To Treason: Runs AntiFa Ad Calling For Revolution

Full moon on Nov. 4 is the “Hunter’s Moon” also known as “Blood Moon”


There are specific reasons that the November 4th date was chosen to inaugurate the hot phase of the Purple Revolution.

The top decision-makers selected the full moon during the week of Halloween because of the volatile and anarchic energies which will dominate.  It’s well known that the lunatics are always looking to escape the asylum during the full moon, especially on the night of the Blood Moon which is usually in October.

Those who have fastidiously choreographed this event have certainly used their black arts of occult astrology, cabalistic numerology and talmudic freemasonry.  While the discussion of these is well beyond the scope of this article, suffice to say that every location and exact time of protest and/or riot has been meticulously scheduled.

Given the extensive planning and forethought that has gone into this incendiary weekend, it’s possible that something BIG will take place somewhere in the lower 48.  Exactly what and where is difficult to say, as secrecy is always a part of their psyops.

However, it’s also quite possible that, because the Alt Media has done such a good job alerting the truth movement to these treacherous ploys on Nov. 4, they will mostly be averted.

State of the Nation
October 31, 2017


THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today



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  • Man

    You and your Purple Revolution…. LOL stop beating that dead horse. it was dead on birth since you fantasized about it.

    ANTIFA is doing their first general protest. They usually only come out to protest when ALT right/ White supremacists or other groups are protesting.

    So far ALT Right has killed one person in charlottesville but someone how ANTIFA who hasn’t killed anyone, is the terrorist group.

    And the stupidity of it all is that National socialism that is very strong in ALT right, because they are all for White lives matter, is somehow more patriotic than ANTIFA even though US veterans have fought them in WW2

    • Laser Guided Loogie

      You and your “antifa,” which IS a terrorist organization that has gone around attacking people and violating their rights. Not killed anyone? Probably because most of you are weak cowards who only attack in roving herds and you don’t understand how to actually fight, and only if you dont include BLM.

      But you know what? I’m hoping you communist do start some shit on Nov4. It will be a wonderful opportunity.



      • Man

        My antifa?


        it still is, that one side killed a person the other one knows how to peacefull protest without a killing and making themselves look stupid

        Cause you know, Killing people during your protest really convinces the masses to support your cause in whatever.

        Besides, with your definition of communism, Switzerland and Norway is more communist than Russia, even though Russia is still ruled by communist parties.

    • Anonymous

      twat waffle, next time you intend to add comments here, find someone who isnt as heavily medicated as you are to make the post for you. that way the rambling incoherency of your thoughts doesnt give away the depth of your disfunction

    • Tedx

      No one died in Charlottesville during the staged “White Supremacist” rally, and the driver charged with killing a pedestrian was not a White Nationalist. The “White Supremacists” were crisis actors. One of them, the one who was using the “N” word liberally during confrontations with protesters, has been identified in a video burning a Confederate Battle Flag in a protest against the Travis Martin shooting.

      • AXLE FOLEY

        What “N” word?


        • 2QIK4U


    • tonybinca

      Charlottesville was staged by the LEFT. They are responsible for any and all deaths that occurred there.

    • 2QIK4U

      What’s happening over there? It’s now the 5th here and haven’t seen anything from the 4th. Did ANTIFAS civil war happen? Did the Electricity go out in an EMP DRILL? WHAT WERE THE HIRED CRISIS ACTORS USED FOR? IS PODESTA ARRESTED NOW? …… THE 6TH IS STILL MARKED. ?

  • Ideas Time

    I agree with the writer and I think this is just another well funded Psyop to usher in martial law through the country and garner the support of the sheep to do so. Good news is that many of us get it and will not fall for it.

  • Ideas Time

    Let’s play the what if game.

    What if you knew the economy was going to crash and you did not want to be blamed aks elite banksters?

    What if you planned a huge event or events to make it happen?

    What if you knew you could cash in on the event by placing put options on the stock market?

    What if you wanted to usher in Martial Law?

    What if you had millions of brain washed people you could help out as cutouts to kick it all off?

    What if you had contractors who could do some real damage?

    What if this was the real plan?

    • Man

      if Occupy wallstreet couldn’t enable this, then the Nov 4th protest won’t either…


      Good points. The US Dollar is failing and soon it will not be the ‘International Currency’. With the BRIC’s agreement and
      China Russia and many other countries switching to non-US dollar exchanges this will cause devastation in trade values
      against the US. The blame is far and wide. The FED could have controlled the debt, but for some reason chose not to.
      Of course the congress is responsible as well as the previous Presidents.
      I have to admit the inside trading in wall street is also a major felony, yet no charges or enforcement.

  • unidentified

    how many rich elites wont be in nyc this weekend?

  • unidentified

    if “they” do pull off a horrendous event ala 911 they will probably call for “enhanced” marshall law even using “un” militarized vehicles and recruits (chinese, russian, arab, mexican, muslims)

    • King David

      No way!


    Antifans, if they carry out their threat of armed insurrection Nov 4th 2017 I fully expect they will be turned into furniture and sold at a Bob’s Furniture Outlet.

  • ConfuciousSay

    Stop it. Total nonsense.


    Antifa and revolutionary wannabees have been supported by the cia lieutenant Soros, how do you think he gets away with all of what he does and says and supports, why the patriot act and ADEPA clause states that monetary support of violence will get you on the shit list, unless your a lieutenant in the Cash Is Authorization (CIA). So they arranged the Antifa & Wannabee to do some population attacks to bring in martial law and at the same time practice killing fanatic misguided protesters for fun, profit and experience and to increase marksmanship, test new methods of interrogation like guillotines and other cool stuf. Most important is the martial law part, after that gets installed the banks will be ordered to bail in all depositors and reduce entitlements. Which the bail in is after martial law is the important issue of necessity of all this Deep State Media support via instigating a fake revolution effort by Antifa and the Wannabees, because the real terrorists being the entire population pissed off at the government taking their money, eliminating pensions and removing entitlements of Medicaid and Medicare will hit the fan, all that was caused by the way, there has been a concerted effort to cause a crash by the theft of 21 trillion dollars nearly exactly what the actual deficit is by elites posing as some sort of evangelists maing secret policy to impoverish, enslave and consolidate a bunch of foreign countries under the Nazi WOrld Order to counter the rising threats of such countries as Russia and China. Of course neither of those countries has shown military aggression, no they have shown to be expanding business and the one thing the elites of the NWO hate more than anything is loosing control, control requires keeping the game at a manageable size or you loose control, so they though up an impossible to carry out idea and are now going down the road to perdition with it as their plan of all plans do or die plan. Well its not a secret and for every actin their is an equal and opposite reaction, the plan will fail and the country will be in such kaos (on purpose) when it fails so as to be perfect cover for the NWO dealers to escape, they have plans to enter like they are the answer and retake the Kaos that they injected. They are truly stupid, it will not work, they will be hunted down like the rabid dogs they are and brought before the people and hung for crimes against humanity and hung as a message that wanting to win at the expense of everyone must have a high price for failure. The NWO’ers have a big problem, in the days they face their money will be worthless because they as has been stated they are known and their associates are kown and the people need money and they will seize it. So as ANtifa & wannabees are rounded up and paraded as if they were war trophies, remember they were created to make a staged show for the American public to accept martial law, so that the American people are covered by martial law, so that when they wake up and find their savings bailed into the banks (stolen) they will not be able to launch an effective counter, because the courts will be under emergency power restriction and will not hear such cases of so called stolen money, that money will be conscripted by the government for good reason, the reason being the elites needed that money to buy gold, silver, diamonds, build fortresses and generally run the nation openly like a dictatorship as it has been since JFK. So much for Demoncracy. One day you will ake up and martial law will be in effect and a little while later you will wake up and much of your money will be gone and what is left doled out by need. The elderly will have their houses seized, wills will not be possible to enforce because the new laws will not allow inheritance, the NWO needs those assets and the birth of a NWO will be born and the leaders will have on helluva party to celebrate not being in jail but instead being on the top of the heap, WOW.

  • patann

    Early To Mighty The Fields Are White Unto Harvest, 11/02/2017
    All Hail To The Bride Reigning In Heaven, Preparing The Specialty Stone, The Antichrist Murderer
    -Listening To: Selah, “Lord I Trust You,”, I Got Saved,

    Prophecy Links

    -Surely, I watched, as they all shaped their hand into what appeared to be a backward letter C, all to demonstrate to me, what it is that is ailing them, even setting them back these hundreds of years, beware all the pale horse looms, Apb
    -Seen to be seeing ancient territorial beast, the Lion, (Babylon, Mystery revisited), the Leopard (Grecia, Alexander the great revisited), and a Demon Dog, (great mockery Christ’s Cross, revisited), just this lethal infestation of demon presence, poised in the home as friendly pets, beware all), Apb

    -The Roar Of The Lion, The Speed Of The Leopard, The Mockery Of The Demon Dog, In A Number Like The Grains Of Sands, The Fallen Will Follow, Will Wallow, This Fall,

    -Unmistakably, that all men get themselves instead to altars of Christ, because God is avenging martyred blood, that America’s as the Bride is a mandatory exodus, this nation, this world over, the only sacrifices God will bless. It is that America as the days of Moses, by a mountain, a sunlight in heaven has additionally cried, that all nation building loose his and let them go people.
    -Just as Jesus told disciples, the end is not yet, here, a projected by the man in linen Daniel’s witness times, times and a half allotment thousands of years finished. Appearing was the Angel Gabriel 2004, instead forewarning all is unto fulfillment, (no flesh shall stand’); here, thirteen years later, western rule D-day come and there is nothing but ruin, repent and run, get it, get Jesus and get out of it! Apb The RAM, see more here, and here,

  • Pink Slime

    Antifa-ke working hand-in-hand with the government TO SCREW YOU ALL!! :arrow: :lol:

  • Josie

    These Antifa young people are just ignorant sheeple who have no idea what they really are involved In. Hopefully President Trump is getting ready to round them up and stop all this violence…

  • Man

    is it civil war yet?

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