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Vegas Black Op Solved! Saudi Counter-Coup Thwarted! But “Collateral Damage” They Were Not!

Thursday, November 9, 2017 8:20
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Counter-coup in Saudi Arabia played out in Las Vegas on Oct. 1 at the Mandalay Bay



The Unlikely Alliance Between President Donald Trump
& Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman


President Donald Trump shakes hands with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman

State of the Nation

There is no question that something very BIG is going down in Saudi Arabia.

Groups of Saudi royalty and businessmen are being held captive in a hotel prison in the capital of Riyadh. Ritz-Carlton Riyadh hotel ‘a prison for Saudi princes’

Two princes have already been killed; one in a helicopter crash and the other after he drew his weapon allegedly resisting arrest.  The inside story on the ‘crash’ is that the Saudi Air Force shot down the copter to prevent a fleeing royal from leaving the country.

These things just don’t happen unless there is a major counter-coup in the works.

The original coup occurred in April of 2015 and first counter-coup played out back in September of 2015.

Saudi Arabia Self-Destructs: A Palace Counter-Coup In Motion Via Mobile Networks

Just how convoluted is this ongoing series of coups and attempted counter-coups?

Saudi Arabia Intrigue Continues: Eight of King Salman’s 11 surviving brothers want to oust him

Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince

Everything that is now occurring in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) revolves around one man…and it’s not King Salman.  The domestic and international affairs of KSA revolve around his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. 

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia — Mohammad bin Salman — is also the current Minister of Defense.  The following short bio provides more detailed info about the future monarch.

Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Arabic: محمد بن سلمان بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود‎‎; born 31 August 1985), also known as MBS,[2] is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, First Deputy Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia[3] and the youngest minister of defense in the world.[4]  Mohammad bin Salman is also president of the Council for Economic and Development Affairs.  He has been described as the power behind the throne of his father, King Salman.[5]  He was appointed Crown Prince[6] in June 2017 following his father’s decision to remove Muhammad bin Nayef from all positions, making Mohammad bin Salman heir apparent to the throne.[7][8][9][1]

Ever since Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) assumed his various positions of power, all hell has broken loose in the kingdom, as well as throughout the Middle East.

The engineered Yemen War, in particular, appears to be the pet project of the very young Minister of Defense.  It also represents the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world today.

YEMEN — ‘It’s a Slow Death’: The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

Greater Israel Project

The Middle East is now the site of the most dynamic and consequential moves and maneuvers on the global geopolitical chessboard.  Saudi Arabia is now at the epicenter of the geopolitical earthquakes and international aftershocks.

What is transpiring in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Syria and Iraq, Qatar and Lebanon, Palestine and Israel will determine the ultimate success or failure of the ongoing Greater Israel Project.

The final outcomes in the Northern Levant will especially reflect the degree to which the Modern State of Israel will dominate the Mideast.

What is now indisputable is that the ascension of King Salman was the result of a MOSSAD-directed coup.  In this way the illegitimate heir — Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman — a close friend of Israel (some have conjectured that MBS is a MOSSAD asset) would eventually become king.  He’s already making waves by establishing a much closer relationship with Israel.

Whistle-Blower: New Saudi Crown Prince Preparing for Open Ties with Israel

In fact, everything that’s taking place in the Middle East today is occurring in the interest of advancing the Greater Israel Project.

Why does Muslim Saudi Arabia make common cause with Jewish Zionist Israel?

Because both nations are ruled by the same agents of Zionism.

Israel, of course, is ruled by the arch-Zionist Ashkenazis who emigrated from Europe post World War II.

Saudi Arabia is ruled by the House of Saud, a crypto-Jewish family that the stole the kingdom from the rightful Arabian Bedouin heirs.  The following exposés authoritatively delineates the historical theft of Saudi Arabia, as well as who the co-conspirators were operating behind the scenes.

The House Of Saud: It’s Jewish Origin And Installation By The British Crown

As unbelievable as this may sound, the actions of Saudi Arabia over the past 50 years clearly indicate they are pro-Israel to the extreme, and even to the detriment of their neighboring Muslim countries.

The Shiite-dominated nations such as Iran can attest to this ever-worsening state of affairs.

Vegas Massacre & Uraniumgate

This is where things get very complicated.

The HARVEST massacre on October 1st in Las Vegas has been the most complex and inscrutable ‘false flag’ operation in U.S. history.

SOTN was the first to label the mass shooting “a false flag within a false flag which was actually part hoax and part reality”.  This CIA-directed psyop was also executed by rogue elements within the U.S. Intelligence Community who are relentless in their efforts to overthrow the Trump Administration.

Las Vegas Mass Shooting: False Flag, PsyOp & Black Op to Distract

As always, this extremely purposeful psyop was specifically designed to distract the American people from the Democrat’s exploding “Uranium One” scandal.  The fake Russia-Trump collusion story was, in fact, concocted because the Democrats knew they had to muddy the waters. The DNC did not expect Trump to win last November; Deep State also knew that President Trump was privy to the entirety of Uraniumgate.  Hence, the Deep State Democrats resolved themselves to associate Team Trump with Russia collusion when it was the Clinton Crime Family, the DNC and the Soros Money Machine who were really the guilty parties

URANIUMGATE: The Queen Bee Gets Stung By ‘The Putin Sting’

Quite incredibly, the only explanation that describes what really happened in Vegas is a full-blown Saudi counter-coup … coupled with a C.I.A. black op … together with an FBI entrapment scheme … and ending with a massive convoluted cover-up that continues to fall apart by the day.

At the very heart of all of these various black operations, burgeoning scandals, and false flag attacks is one of the most egregious betrayals ever to occur in the American Republic that was perpetrated by the Obama Administration—Uraniumgate.  The U.S. government under Obama, especially with the assistance of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is also guilty of high treason and ongoing sedition, as well as premeditated genocide, calculated war crimes, and other crimes against humanity.

URANIUMGATE Explodes: The White Hats Are About To Indict The Black Hats

Mass Shooting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas

What really happened in Vegas can only be pieced together by the various whistleblower accounts that are slowly being posted on the Internet.

Because of the many established Saudi connections which clearly existed on that October 1st Sunday evening, everything points to a bona-fide remote counter-coup implemented by the anti-MBS camp in Saudi Arabia.

If the excellent photographic evidence that purports to show MBS being escorted out of the Tropicana Hotel by a SWAT team, then “bingo” this whole story makes perfect sense.

What follows is the video from which the preceding photo was taken from.  A forensic analysis of the video will conclusively reveal if the gentlemen in shorts is actually MBS.

SWAT team enters Tropicana after Las Vegas Strip shooting (Video)

Now take a closer look at the SWAT team member at point with the yellow shirt carrying the unusual weapon.

“Yellow-shirt guy is MOSSAD, using an Israeli x95 model rifle not available for sale in the US, is using the IDF 6-point of contact rifle grip, and is pointing a loaded firearm with finger on the trigger, not a US police doctrine, to say the least.”
(Source: Comment posted Armed Men Point Guns at TROPICANA Casino on Night of Shooting)

Special Note
The single most important part of this plot concerns MBS, the Crown Prince.  That he is being protected by an IDF-MOSSAD operative certainly presents a critical issue.  Has MBS been flipped by the POTUS?  Before the election, Candidate Trump was quite vocal about Saudi Arabian involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  He was set on exposing it.  After Inauguration Day Trump does the biggest arms deal in memory with the Saudi regime.  Then he backs the monarchy’s harsh provocations against Qatar.  Trump also signed off on a military operation inside of Yemen.  What’s really going on here?  Has MBS since been flipped by Trump to cease and desist all funding and arming of ISIS?  Is MBS operating in a strict survival mode; for his failure to follow Trump’s lead will expose the KSA ruling monarchy to the wrath of America for its complicity in the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.


This whole story only gets more complicated by the day.

While a full-blown counter-coup did take place in Las Vegas on October 1, so did a [PREMEDITATED] massacre of the C&W patriots who attended the HARVEST.  However, those who participated in the Saudi counter coup had nothing to do with the carnage at the HARVEST music festival.  

How to reconcile these two simultaneous dramas is the real challenge for every armchair investigator and deep researcher.  Actually, the actual back story may look more like a false flag within a false flag conducted simultaneously with a 3rd false flag.  Furthermore, each of these may have been part hoax (e.g. crisis actors) blended with obvious elements of reality (i.e. many people really died or were gravely wounded).

The resulting cloud of confusion from these various plots and sub-plots was supposed to guarantee that the very real sneak attack on the conservative concert-goers would elude detection.  The ultimate effect would be to so intimidate the Right that they would not feel safe gathering together in public spaces anymore.  The threat of more terror attacks would hang over their collective heads like the Sword of Damocles.   In this way, the Trump movement would be hindered and its future initiatives stymied.

The crucial point here is that the Saudi counter coup is being aggressively disseminated – via the Alt Media — in order to present the false appearance of ‘collateral damage’ at the HARVEST.  Again, unless they were MOSSAD agents who made up the MBS assassination team, Saudis would never risk being caught killing Americans after 9/11.

It ought to be very clear by now that the 58 killed and 546 injured at the “Mandalay Massacre” were NOT collateral damage.  They were the victims of a highly coordinated false flag attack on the Patriot Movement.  That stealth attack was the result of the clandestine war that is being commandeered by George Soros & Company.  The agents of Deep State are attacking the Patriot Movement in a surreptitious manner until the Bolshevik cowards feel safe enough to come out into the open.  They didn’t even show up to protest on their scheduled “regime change” day that was set for this past November 4th.

NOV 4: Soros & His Bolsheviks Launch the Hot Phase of the Purple Revolution

Who, then, can we say is floating this patently fake piece of the overall Saudi story, which seems to be quite accurate?  And exactly why?

KEY POINT: The $64,000 question here is: How does the Saudi
counter-coup fit into the CIA black op that shot up the HARVEST
music venue? Saudi Purge Tied Directly To Vegas Massacre

State of the Nation
November 9, 2017


[1] Mohammad bin Salman

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Is The ‘Saudi’ Royal Family Jewish?

The Jewish Roots Of The House Of Saud Family Tree


How do the Vegas massacre and the Saudi “Purge” connect?


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  • Hayduke

    This is a big, YUGE stretch. However, I don’t discount anything anymore. ESPECIALLY if it is in BIN posted by a BIN reporter. It sure looks possible.

    This may explain why one day they quit giving out any information to the public. I mean WTF. We are too stupid to know the truth. The goobermint hasn’t even told us the truth about the Bigfeets and the Neeefeeeliums and the Antisolaki. :shock: :eek:

    • The Troubles

      well said, And lets not forget the shape shifting Lizard people. You know the ones..MIB 3 was give away :eek:

  • JayWill

    The Sauds and numerous Arabs have been running a peace process that consists of easing tensions against Hezbollah and Hamas, to help form the Arab leagues again and create the
    The Sauds realizing the many uprisings recently have curbed their support of these proxy wars to a degree of local skirmishing and are not allowing the International Coalitions to interfere and create a larger war, it is bringing chaos to their financial interests

    What is going on at the same time as this peace process is being offered between arabs is the desire to unite them with Iranian support and International Recognition.

    The problem with the series of events recently is somewhat multiplied from many regions and making it look like outside interests in the US are provoking attacks in Yemen, and the retaliations are then aimed at the closest ally of these American Attacks with Obama’s Drone war there……attacking them to stir up hate from Yemenis.

    Now in this time we are seeing the supporters of this Clinton Admin in the saudi empire being routed out for supporting the finances and the terrorist funding……

    Some say that the Helicopter Crash was a targeted killing as well from Saudi Intelligence… route out members of the Royal Family that have been keeping the King blind while these pronces are trying to form an Arab State in preparation to rule over the whole of the Arabian Peninsula…..

    The reason he had so many children was to send them to rule over states in his country and help with the emirates…..

    But there is also funding to impregnate the Wahabbism into the entire Arab nation…..through ISIS coming from these Princes that are making their own wars among themselves.

  • JayWill

    So you see, the battlefield is being prepared, according to Tsun Tzu. When the Iranians realize they can’t win there won’t be a war and they will have to settle down or get a beat down. They won’t WANT to win a war against the Saudis and Israel. The day that war starts their oil ceases to flow. The Russians won’t step in to help them because Putin will be to busy selling oil to Europe.

    The Iranians have been overplaying their hand for a long time and now they are being called. It is high time.

    • 2QIK4U

      True. Iran are panicking and waiting to see if it’s the Saudi’s or Israel that takes them over first. Kushner being present at time of missile launch isn’t good.

  • 2QIK4U

    Related to what I mentioned yesterday? Maybe. As usual I can only wait and see, if you stapled all these stories together you’d get a nice little book. Ahem.

  • raburgeson

    Another fake story, we need to get to the bottom of this. Divided people by the lies. Divide and conquer will not work on this. The people in the truth movement have figured out that when the civilian investigation starts in earnest the spooks roll out a second story to steer and divide the people. Pointing at the sky and saying it’s the Goodyear blimp will not distract people this time. There are boots on the ground talking to people everywhere in Vegas. They are going to be there for many more months. Investigators are going to be careful and busy. We are going to take the lie down.

    • Anonymous

      Cover for the sloppy sloppy crisis acting and poor planning that we just witnessed with the Vegas Farce.
      The BS is steaming.

  • Man

    greater Israel project is really one of those obscure crazy conspiracies from last century. It was a map that made it look that Isreal took all fertile lands of Egypt and left Egypt the dessert of the west. Took a piece of turkey that had no significant cities and looked like someone placed a ruler on Saudi Arabia and chopped the top off.

    you can check the map here:

    But the whole concept is crazy paranoid. So the Saudi royals are jews but do support wahabi islam and bred a country of terrorist so that means that Al Qaeda and Osama bin laden was a jew even though they supported wahabism. and 9/11 were done by Saudi’s so they were jews and now IS made out of saudi’s so they must be jews too

    honey, i know you are cray cray….. but my hat is off for this BS

  • AJ

    Too much BS; It gets confusing..Sorry, maybe I’m not that smart…HA…Really though some of these posts are from people I normally disagree with but seem almost believable this moment….The World/Our World is fucked up now more than ever because of dickheads that care not for US..

  • Ideas Time

    I am still waiting to see the reports from the social security death index for the allegedly killed on that day. I have seen a post that took many of the names and did a search on them and the result was on the screen shot that they posted for that name, showing “Not Found”

    In Sandy Hook the Social Security Death index stated no one died. A total hoax.

    A real investigation which will clearly not be allowed would expose to much. The the TV show Vegas Crime investigation Unit to have a look. Those actors would do a much better job and expose the cover up.

  • DangerWillRoberson

    so what are you saying? i am unclear as to the message? are you on drugs?

  • ThinknCritical

    This article makes sense, except it doesnt explain the Vegas false flag other than to be a distraction from Uranium One. The girlfriend of the Vegas patsy was recently photographed in Dubai. Were the Saudis paying off the Vegas patsy to take the heat? He WAS gambling with 10k at a time. Are the Saudis knee deep in the Deep State… MBS or the poor bastards he arrested? If Mossad was escorting him out of Vegas, than did MBS have any knowledge of the false flag? Lot’s of corruption on many levels…

  • unidentified

    dont forget jeff sessions owns the black ops helicopters, is he doing dirty money laundering and covering up their crimes :?: :evil: :wink:

  • Canderson

    Why didn’t they protect their back or above? Sloppy.

  • Alan

    You’ll notice whos effected, because one; they’ll be exposed and resign {for what ever purpose} and two; the money flow will be severed~ globally#.

  • Pen Name

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    Bitcoin used to be cheap just like Zimbabwe money note now…

    If you want to become rich, you just need to listen to me. Go buy a Zimbabwe note, there will be group going to buy 1 million GBP per Zimbabwe note very very soon.

    Fore more information:

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