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The truth about soy.

Sunday, February 11, 2018 18:26
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What is it with left-wing white males and posing like 9-year-old girls?

A popular new slur for weak, effeminate, left-wing males is “soy-boy.” This is based on the theory that soy is estrogenic because it contains a compound called phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogens may or may not in some way mimic estrogen in the body.

The actual research is all over the map.

While the theory that soy is estrogenic has been popular for decades, the actual research is extremely inconclusive. It is true that some doctors are telling menopausal women to eat more soy to mitigate the side effects of menopause. A lot of men’s fitness gurus cite this as a reason not to eat soy.

The reality is this. I found two actual studies concerning the effects of soy on menopause. One concluding that soy slightly mitigated the symptoms of menopause. The other study concluded that soy made the symptoms of menopause slightly worse. One soy study I found concluded that if soy is estrogenic, you would have to look at an extremely large sample size to even detect it.

There is a famous Australian study from 1950 that claimed soy caused hormonal problems in sheep. However, the sheep in question were eating vast quantities. Far more than any typical human, even in Japan, is eating.

However, feeding babies a diet of soy-based formula instead of human breast milk is a totally different issue. Apparently, there are people out there who feed their babies large amounts of processed soy called “soy infant formula” and that could potentially be a real cause for alarm.

NEWS FLASH! Hops also have a high level of phytoestrogens.

Hops not only has high levels of phytoestrogens, but the association with hops being estrogenic goes back hundreds of years! Historically, brewers have told stories about the effect of picking hops on women. Some claimed it made young girls start puberty sooner. Some claimed it effected menstruation.

Others claim that actual beer contains no phytoestrogens from the hops. This is a controversial issue because the phytoestrogen in hops is converted into a new compound that can easily be converted back into the same phytoestrogen by your gut bacteria. There are also scientific studies that concluded beer specifically increases belly and chest fat in men. This can contribute to the look associated with being a “soy boy.”

I highly doubt that the increased quantity of fat deposits in specific locations of the male body is the result of hops “feminizing the male body” as some have claimed. I believe this is the result of alcohol or a combination of the alcohol and the carbs in beer, not the phytoestrogens in hops. Interestingly, studies find a much smaller link between beer and increased fat in women.

Why I personally think you should limit your intake of soy.

Most soy and corn now sold in the USA are Monsanto GMO Roundup Ready corn. This means that the soy and corn are genetically modified to survive being doused with larger amounts of the herbicide glyphosate. Better known by its brand name, Roundup. Pretty much everyone agrees that glyphosate is poisonous.

For this reason, I believe that soy and corn have basically been ruined as a healthy food option in the United States. If you want to eat it, better start a backyard garden.

Foods that boost testosterone.

Eggs might be one of the best testosterone boosting foods out there. Specifically the yoke. I personally do not buy any of the anti-egg yoke hype. Egg yokes also have the highest concentration of biotin of any food source. That means they are good for your hair and nails. Homemade mayonnaise with a high-quality oil should be great for testosterone levels. However, it is considered preferable to use non-store bought eggs to avoid contamination.

Raisins/grapes have one of the highest concentrations of boron, which is essential to high testosterone levels. Other top sources of boron are prunes, avocado, and apricots. Looks for unsweetened raisins. Many raisins and the grocery store are coated in sugar. My favorite is the giant raisins from Chile.

Yogurt and other fermented foods like sauerkraut. There are actually scientific studies that show lab mice become more badass when they eat certain types of bacteria that are food in fermented foods. In some cases, they literally grow larger testicles. Lab mice will actually fight harder against adversity. One study even puts lab mice in water and the ones that were fed certain strains of bacteria fought against drowning longer. The mice that are fed bacteria are also more chill and less stressed out. Look for real Greek Yogurt with no sugar added. The whole “fruit in the bottom” thing is basically candy and has more refined sugar than actual fruit. I like Whole milk Greek Yogurt with no sugar added. Most groceries stores have a cheap house brand that comes in a little bucket. Then I throw things like blueberries, raisins, sunflower seeds, or roasted pecans in it for flavoring.

Alternative theory as to why effeminate left-wing men like soy.

For whatever reason, it is considered trendy for effeminate left-wing men to go out of their way to state that they like soy. However, I have a completely different theory as to why this is the case.

Young leftists are fad-driven. Claiming that you like soy is a fad. So leftists claim they like soy.

Just look at the things leftists will do, because it became a fad. Eating tide pods. Buying expensive beer in a can, so you can pretend it is cheap shitty beer and perpetuate that you are working class. Claim that you are “gluten intolerant” when you have no clue what gluten even is. Drone on about the proletariat when your still thirty and live in your rich parent’s basement and don’t even have a job. Seek out an all-white hipster bar and then constantly talk about how much you love black people. Walk out of the hipster bar as soon as some thuggish black people arrive and talk about how it was just a coincide and you’re not actually leaving because you’re afraid of blacks. Seek out one safe nerdy black guy who plays Pokemon and listens to k-pop to invite to your party and then point to him and exclaim that your down with black people.

So what causes the “soy boy” body?

For the vast majority of pudgy, shapeless, gape-mouthed, left-wing males, I serious doubt soy is a serious issue. I believe the real issue is the diet of potato chips, soda, french fries, white bread, candy and excessive alcohol combined with a lifestyle of video game addiction and no physical labor.


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  • raisnbran

    pretty funny! are we not all full of sheet!

  • Rockledge

    What do they call “effeminate, right-wing males”?

    I see far more clowns who claim to be republicans who are weak kneed whimpering whining pussies who bitch about everything and are in everyones faces.

    I am registered as a republican ( only by default) and even I can see the effeminate slant of the so called

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