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X22Report Warning, Huge Amount of Chatter, Something Possible, Imminent: Q Anon – Episode 1501b

Sunday, February 18, 2018 9:25
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Warning, Huge Amount Of Chatter, Something Possible, Imminent:Q – Episode 1501b – YouTube

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Report date: 02.18.2018

McMaster says that the indictment show that Russian meddled in the election.

CIA admits that the US meddled in other countries elections but this was for democracy.

Hilary Clinton spent 53 times more money to manipulate the 2016 elections compared to the alleged indictment suggests.

Soros wants to completely control social media, he says people cannot think on their own and if people read something they might do the wrong thing.

USS Ross enters the Black Sea.

The deep state is pushing their agenda saying Turkey is using chemical weapons. McMasters says we all the proof we need that Syria is using chemical weapons.

The secret service changed security prior to the event in the high school.

Q is now warning that something might happen in the UK, Q says there is a lot of chatter across the airwaves.

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  • 2QIK4U

    CIA admits the U.S meddled in other Countries elections BUT THIS WAS FOR DEMOCRACY. WTF (Understatement of the millenium.)

  • Zabwe`

    4th-5th-6th and 7th Dimensional Virtual chessboard and rice platter coming to USA…………

  • Pink Slime

    Got BORED after a minute when you don’t get to the point. Closed tab. :twisted:

  • Zabwe`

    What does Imminent mean NanOOOO-Q

    • Laurie

      Imminent means “at any time” Zabwe

      • Zabwe`

        Anagram genius how the fuk do i make a Nan0000-Q out of this idiot—–

    • Anonymous

      Wasn’t Imminent also a white rapper?

      Anyway, show some respect for Q Anon! People who know Q, personally, have commented this is all taking a real toll on him. At the outset, Q never had intentions it would turn into what it has, said to a friend, day one, “This will never go any further than moron bait on 4chan. Nobody’s that stupid! Pass me that Green Hornet and the Cheetos, penis breath.” So, he was quite unprepared for the celebrity in homes across the land, at least those that aren’t built on a slab.

      He’s living in daily frustration, too, like this recent diatribe his mother went on, “Butch, get your lazy butt out of that chair and the basement, and do something around here! You haven’t made your bed for a month, your room stinks worse than a locker room, and your girlfriend developed a slow leak, laying there, flat as a pancake, totally deflated, you moronic, bane of my very loins! Wait until your father gets home from prison! Why I listened to that pastor about abortion I’ll never know. Next thing you’ll get a login at Before It’s News, and may as well be there goes the whole dammed neighborhood! It doesn’t bother me that you’re on the sex offender list, but Before It’s News? In any event, I’m getting my tubes tied. You don’t have to be a Jew, to say, ‘Never again!’”

      Have some sympathy, even if you’re BIN hardened and can’t have any for the idiot farm collective here, that is, those you call brothers.

      • Zabwe`

        Sounds like your stuck in the middle of a google encrusted nightmare—-its easy to lose your head when you are up to your neck in shit——

  • Zabwe`

    Nanoooo-Q loved the song Angels—

  • Zabwe`

    YANK the tale of the great machiavellian white Dragon and it will eat its own candy encrusted crown—–

  • Zabwe`

    Navigating through a bowl of Dr Imoto’s binary soup with anger management issues – followed by side dish’s of streaming Alpha-Beta-zeta spaghetti and exploding algebra fortune cookies———-Quantum computing eh——

  • Zabwe`

    Chessboard and Rice Hell-tier Skelter—–For those who fuck about within tiny holes——-

  • truck driver

    The two halliburton terminals around Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has foreigners on a work visa doing suicide missions like go out to a well that’s too radioactive to go to, in a vacuum cleaner truck and vacuum up the radiation and soaking up the radiation using pads. FTS international guy said don’t go to that well I’m contaminated. I seen radiation packets vans and explosives trucks too

  • Anonymous

    The secret government of the USA tried to nuke its own people THREE times if 9/11 and the micro nukes involved is counted.
    Debacle Summary
    The Purpose of the Jan. 13, 2018 EAS’ (& Pacific Command’s) warning of an ‘attack on Hawaii’ was to start a war with N. Korea because there was also a similar EAS warning for Japan a few days later. Hawaiian cell phone coms. at Kaneohe (but not Honolulu) were also taken down. N. Korea’s most hated enemies are the USA and Japan.
    The attack was from a submarine launched cruise missile (not a strategic ICBM) because the flash from nuclear armed anti-missile that destroyed it was observed from 2 locations separated by about 100 miles and the broken body of the cruise missile was seen to fall in the ocean.
    (Two?) separate cruise missiles were launched from an Israeli Dolphin Class Submarine that was detected the day before (Jan. 12, 2018) when it arrived in the area and recharged its batteries for a fast get-away after the launch the next day.
    the launch point was about 100 miles North of Kauai and witnessed by a small cruise ship (~20 tourists) located in the area.
    One of the videos was shown on KHON – 2 Hawaii TV, but quickly pulled ‘off the air’.
    Since a flash or ‘atomic blast’ was seen, the US military are presumed to be the ones that shot it (them?) down.
    The Hawaii government lied that someone ‘accidentally’ pushed a button to set off the alarm, because there are 5 levels of security to go through before 2 separated key operators 8 feet apart can simultaneously turn a keys to release the alarm.
    The Clinton’s, HI Gov. Ige were in on this plotted attack on Hawaii. The Clinton’s, along with Huma Abedin, were safely located on the Big Island out of harm’s way. Ige and an NBC News crew were spotted inside bunker that sent Hawaiin alert just hours before alert went out.
    The target of this attack is not known for certain, but anticipated to be the Kaneohe Marine Base as marines are under the direct control of POTUS.
    The US Navy had shot down two presumed nuclear armed Israeli cruise missiles aimed at Syria and sunk the Israeli submarine on Sep. 3, 2013, presumably on orders from President Obama due to complaints from Putin about the earlier (4/5 May 2013) nuking of Syria.
    This is the second recent attempted nuclear attack on the USA that has been thwarted. The first was the one on Charleston Harbor that was suppose to occur in September 2013 when a B61-11 nuclear bomb was moved from Dryess AFB TX to Charleston via truck, but first intercepted by TX state police.
    The elected Officials participating in the Charleston Harbor attack have been identified as Senator Lindsay Graham(R-S.C.) Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) (by proxy – was absent due to the Jewish holiday), Benjamin Cardin (D-Md.), Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), Christopher Coons (D-Del.), Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), Tim Kaine (D-Va.). Ranking member Sen. Bob Corker (R- Tenn.) and Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) John McCain (R-Ariz.) & Daine Feinstine (D-Calif.).

  • Zabwe`

    Nan000101010101-Q—-UK —Danger Mouse and Pen Fold fly Futuristic inter dimensional Maglev car – (as featured on the pages of Grays 33050AD Almanac) – through the face of Big Ben destroying the veil of evil deceit – Thus exposing the lies of the criminal elite and cutting off any hope of an escape through space time continuum for bloated establishment perverts and pedophiles———–

  • freedomfirst

    CIA needs to be disbanded the FBI needs a full cleansing as We The People have lost confidence in its integrity, this long running Zionist coup of our government and states must be eradicated not only here but globally in order to bring our world back into harmony. GOD tried to destroy all of them in the great flood now we are near that crossing once more , we must not stand idlely by but pick up our sword and fight for what is right under Jesus ‘s love. The progressives Dems/Reps have removed the good morals and values we had as a nation replacing them with racial hatred dividing our country into chaos and anarchy by using the ignorant they have created in the school systems just like Parkland school shooting using children in protests @ this school for Sam’s gun confiscation

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