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What Really Happened With Trump’s Attack and What Will Happen Next! _Luke Rudkowski

Saturday, April 14, 2018 11:10
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WHAT REALLY HAPPENED With Trump’s Attack and What Will Happen Next! – YouTube

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on what really happened with Trump’s attack and what will happen next geopolitically.

We go over the Pentagon’s conflicted report about smart missiles that according to other sources were shut down by Putin’s provided missile defense system.

We go over the U.S coalition with France and Britain, including the latest news of what both sides are saying on this matter.

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  • Anonymous

    I need something explained. Everybody has a blog, like everybody has an asshole, anymore. What’s this donate to me shit? I can get real information and analysis based on facts, real people on the scene, for free on the web. I don’t need you bloggers, that really know nobody in power and nothing that is going on the rest of us don’t, blowing your lame theories out your asses, in the first place. I don’t need your fake sources, either. Incidentally, who the hell is Luke Rudkowski? Should I know who that is? Another reality challenged, permanent resident of tin foil hat alley? Sounds like a manager on the third shift of a pickle factory, to me, sure as hell may be, too. In addition, you all talk like civilization itself is going to collapse without your blog, pointing out nobody sponsors you, so it could be black helicopters any day now. Hell, nobody sponsors you, because you’re a nobody. Also like an asshole, you have your opinions, like all of us have. Tell you want, leave information where to send payment details to, and you can pay my ass for this comment. Do you actually think people are even interested in seeing that many Donate buttons from what is becoming a Mongol hoard of leeches, so high on their lame selves they think their opinions are exalted, pay-for-shit grade? Frankly, if your ass went away, I know of nobody’s life that would change, except maybe your mother’s. She may get a holiday from picking up your dirty laundry off the floor, too.

    • Tedx

      Luke Rudkowski deserves more credit than you give. Unlike the vast majority of online news vloggers, Luke practices attribution, identifying the sources of reports he cites. His report moves quickly and covers a lot of ground. I disagree with his opinion on what is going on and what will occur next, but he is entitled to his opinion.

      My opinion mirrors that of Paul Craig Roberts:

    • Qrob

      Right on brother or sister.

    • Anonymous

      LOL! Pay-for-shit grade. I think we’ve established the BIN gold standard! But I have to register some very cogent objections to your thoughts. While it’s true we could survive without blogdog or Dr. William B. Mount, who’s not a real doctor, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express, we would be in great peril without these Featured reporters (cough, cough) of renown: Lisa Haven, aka Sister Mr. Ed, and her new paramour, Justus Anthony Knight, aka Eddie Munster; Dave Hodges, aka common sense (don’t ask), Mr. Potato Head, Tater Head, or just Tater to his friends; Due Diligence, aka Screw Diligence, and her alter ego or perhaps metrosexual counterpart, Jonathan Lee, aka uncertain, but possibly Screw D-Clone.

      You need these people. There’s a lot to be afraid of that could happen any minute now, from perhaps a thousand apocalypses every year, down to your run of the mill alien abductions and chip implants, going on for over a decade: things we’ve all suffered that BIN, herself, has saved us from. You need to be prepared for things like all-out nuclear WWIII or a Planet X collision, that splits the earth in two and hurls it into the void. You’ll be really screwed, if you don’t already have some gold, a generator and Sister Mr. Ed genuine, electrosmoginating VPNs, to keep from being gnawed to the bone by flesh eating 5G bacteria and to receive survival updates from BIN, when the whole web goes down, as well as a generous supply of Tater’s freeze dried cheeseburgers of the daily end of days. You also need theological guidance from these bastions of truth: we’ve all come to realize, if it’s not BIN, it’s fake news, BIN America’s most trusted news source: says so herself, so it’s got to be true. Therefore, where else are you going to also get the straight scoop on God? There’s your soul to think of, remembering what the Bible says, Mufon 5:5-6 Blessed are the click monkeys: for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after scary monetized YouTube videos: for they shall be filled. Just ask KOS, the BIN Buddhist Jesus, whether this is not true!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry. I do apologize for neglecting to point out one of the key reasons to stock-up on Dave Hodges freeze dried cheeseburgers of certain death, that will surely occur within a couple days, if you don’t stock-up, now, as we all know the apocalypse is about to jump our bones, as we speak, but they’re hermetically sealed cheeseburgers, good for 25 years. If that isn’t BIN-o-logical enough for you, you’re a deep state, paid shill!

      • raisnbran

        very funny and like the rest of BIN,great entertainment!! losers,did you read that? bin is entertainment,period,end of story…ENTERTAINMENT !!!!

        • raisnbran

          oh,forgot,thanks mitch

  • Freeus

    Hey go back and listen to Operation Mockingbird media CIA manufactured word for word, story after identical story T.V. station after T.V. station -identical-you think that is real journalism? You don’t have to donate but obviously your not in the know about how CIA also owns all media. You- tube, FB, Twitter etc. they demonetized you tubers so these real live journalist can’t be heard or make money from ads. Shut you up- like they do in countries with dictators. Globalist stole these social media patents from “real ” people. Several cases are in court now. Zuckerburg couldn’t write code if his life depended on it. Start researching so you know that globalist, dynasty, financial holders, monarchies have been ruling the world since the days of their castles. Rothchild, Rockerfellers, etc. Bilderberg, Committee of 300, Military Industrial Complex have paid both sides of war for centuries. Read commander William Guy Carr’s book in 1958 “Pawns in the Game” as it is playing out as he predicted. New World Order/globalist are communist they are resource and country stealers- when you don’t fall in line. Their goal- take over the world, all its resources, depopulate, Bill Gates has spoke of how the world must have a smaller population he already has a pill to give people who may want kids. Read what the Georgia Guidestones sell for beliefs. These ridiculous wealthy own 97% of world wealth. They can clothe, house and feed every person in the world- if they wanted to. Trump is up against them his money will never come even come close to theirs.

  • Tedx

    As in last year’s attack on Syria, the Trump administration arranged a completely impotent strike in rural areas well away from Russian troops, so fluoride-lobotomized Americans will believe Trump is strong and not in collusion with Russia. By limiting the attack to cabbage patches after outdated air defense missiles reportedly downed 71 of the 103 rockets fired, the US armada in the Mediterranean was spared certain destruction by the Russians.
    Trump prevented a serious escalation by delivering an impotent strike, but he still lost what is left of his base. The Neocons will simply stage another false flag to put more pressure on Trump to start WW3. Hopefully, the one-term president will hold back until the next election, where he can walk away without being used to destroy the world.

    • truthseeker4809

      It is all staged. Think about doing nothing. It will make Trump look lame. On the other hand, you can’t really bomb and destroy urban area to kill many innocent people to bring forth outrage from Russia and Syria to invite massive revenge attack. It would have been a real beginning of world war III.

  • Energene

    One of the buildings is owned by NTI, which has several liberal/deep state members on the Board. It was the only building only attacked by the US and not the coalition.

  • Cerebral prolapse

    Putin, trump, syrian leaders, Iranian leaders etc etc are all in on it. Its a plan to reduce population. Then China will storm the middle east with a marching army of 200 million and turn the entire eastern sector into Chinese land….they already control the oil lines. The America company is being dissolved and will be complete by September 10th. America will be deemed unlivable by October 10th. The America company assets i.e. birth certificates, have been sold to the Vatican, then the harvest begins(children mainly), after that its the feast of birds. And a second full solar eclipse crosses the country again forming an X on the country. America is bankrupt which means one thing.

    • raisnbran

      wow…if my brain had to consider all that and write it down, katie bar the door…i hope,prolapse,you are in a padded cell and not in your mothers basement or else your neighborhood is in grave danger….

  • The Ferrett

    With the mother of all financial crashes imminent, the largely Jewish power elite KNOW they are going down, and much sooner than later. And, they are also well aware that they have two basic choices out of their preordained and impossible predicament.

    The first is to start a world war – and it matters little with whom – that sufficiently terrorizes the participants as it equally traumatizes the spectators. They will then simply retreat to their luxury bunkers and wait it out, being a far better proposition than most assuredly swinging at the end of a rope This stratagem has been used from time immemorial by governments the world over as an effective distraction from widespread governmental criminality, political malfeasance and official wrongdoing.

    In fact, there is no more effective way of diverting the attention of the citizenry than to wage a largely contrived war on a fictitious enemy with self preservation suddenly becoming the overriding priority.

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