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Bilderbergs EXPOSED and What’s On Their 2014 Agenda- A Stunning Revelation You NEED to Know….

Sunday, May 18, 2014 22:04
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If you don’t believe in the infamous group known as the Bilderberg, you’re in for a real surprise! The group is real, they exist, and the elite all across the globe meet in secret to plan issues facing our world.


According to their website:



“Bilderberg was founded in 1954, and is an annual conference designed to foster dialogue between Europe and North America.


“Every year, between 120-150 political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media are invited to take part in the conference. About two thirds of the participants come from Europe and the rest from North America; one third from politics and government and the rest from other fields.


“The conference is a forum for informal discussions about megatrends and major issues facing the world. The meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule, which states that participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s) nor of any other participant may be revealed.”


Notice that 120-150 political leaders attend this group and that they are discussing major issues facing the world. This is politics at its finest and I for one take issue with billionaires meeting in secret to discuss policies here in America…especially when international countries are involved in those policies. The question we need to ask ourselves is just who are at these meetings? But since most of it is kept secret we don’t really have an answer for that. Some political power in Iran may be advising our American Government, we just don’t know. The only thing we do know is the names of some of those on the committee board, whose members include powerhouses all across the globe:




Henri de Castries

Chairman and CEO, AXA Group


Ackermann, Josef

Former CEO, Deutsche Bank AG


Agius, Marcus

Non-Executive Chairman, PA Consulting Group


Altman, Roger C.

Executive Chairman, Evercore


Apunen, Matti

Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA


Balsemão, Francisco Pinto

Chairman, Impresa SGPS


Baverez, Nicolas

Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP


Bernabè, Franco

Chairman, FB Group SRL


Brandtzæg, Svein Richard

President and CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA


Cebrián, Juan Luis

Executive Chairman, Grupo PRISA


Clark, W. Edmund

Group President and CEO, TD Bank Group


Davignon, Etienne

Minister of State


Enders, Thomas

CEO, Airbus Group


Federspiel, Ulrik

Executive Vice President, Haldor Topsøe A/S


Halberstadt, Victor

Professor of Public Economics, Leiden University


Jacobs, Kenneth M.

Chairman and CEO, Lazard


Johnson, James A.

Chairman, Johnson Capital Partners


Kerr, John

Deputy Chairman, Scottish Power


Kleinfeld, Klaus

Chairman and CEO, Alcoa


Koç, Mustafa V.

Chairman, Koç Holding A.S.


Kravis, Marie-Josée

Senior Fellow and Vice Chair, Hudson Institute


Kudelski, André

Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group


Mathews, Jessica T.

President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Monti, Mario

Senator-for-life; President, Bocconi University


Mundie, Craig J.

Senior Advisor to the CEO, Microsoft Corporation


Perle, Richard N.

Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute


Reisman, Heather M.

Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.


Scholten, Rudolf

CEO, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG


Sutherland, Peter D.

Chairman, Goldman Sachs International


Thiel, Peter A.

President, Thiel Capital


Trichet, Jean-Claude

Honorary Governor, Banque de France; Former President, European Central Bank


Tsoukalis, Loukas

President, ELIAMEP


Wallenberg, Jacob

Chairman, Investor AB


Warsh, Kevin M.

Distinguished Visiting Fellow, The Hoover Institution, Stanford University



Furthermore, the mysterious Bilderberg group is a branch of the Illuminati dubbed with a fancier name. David Rockefellar himself—a man in the upper ranks of the Illuminati—is the member advisor of the entire group.  


Although the group claims to not discuss political agendas, their website and words scream otherwise. Their next meeting will be held May/June of this year and you will be shocked at what they plan on discussing…..





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  • Working the Beat

    They meet in secret but you happen to know everything their planning? Amazing! I am in awe! :cool:

  • Moondancer

    Unfortunately a very shallow analysis, she doesn’t even know the dates and has no idea who the illuminati are.. This information has been well known for years as has their connection to the CFR and the Trilateral Commission the working arms of the Bilderberg.

    Shrieking doesn’t help …sorry I couldn’t hang in to the end. After she got to the Nazi’s (operation paperclip also missed) 1000′s of Nazi’s incorporated into the OSS and then the CIA so not thrown out at all….simply incorporated, and their subsequent leadership goes a long way to explaining post war US foreign policy.

    • Lisa Haven

      Moondancer, If you listened to the video in its entirety you would know that I linked Bilderbergs to the Illuminati. Also, I have mentioned project paper clip on numerous occasions, I simply can’t mention each thing in every post. As for the Nazi’s I simply stated they were taken out from ruling in Germany, and they were, and yes I agree they were placed in other agencies, that however is for another post for another time. Again I can’t fit everything into one video. But what I said was 100% accurate. Either way thank you for your input.

      • Daniel

        Lisa: It was not “project paper clip; It was “Operation Paper Clip.” Look up Wernher Von Braun. Other than Hitler himself, He was the most important person smuggled out of Nazi Germany. He was the father of rocketry. While the then Soviet Union spent the majority of their attention and resources on removing Nazi scientists who were in control of Hitler’s space program; The United States under “Wild Bill Donovan’s leadership” spent most of their energies efforts on obtaining Nazi scientists involved in the rocket business. as well as, nuclear physics. Von Braun. unlike any other scientist involved in these for now “un named classified programs”, Von Braun had two, not one, but two “Greys” permanently working with him on programs so advanced they will never see the light of day. Lisa, This is why they call them “Black Ops.” Because they will never be known to the normal person, get it, “never see the light of day”, hence the name “Black Ops”, always kept in the dark.

        Lisa, it’s OK. Do not be discouraged. You are young. I am old. I see you are hungry for knowledge and I would like to find someone to tell “all of my dirty little secrets” to before I become just another food source for parasites six feet under and we don’t have much time because of my age and health. (Please research my question. When I see you have the answer posted; I will start to enlighten you then you can become a famous journalist. Wouldn’t that be fun? My believe is the NSA is watching every keystroke I make and crapping in their panties. Good for them. We will send them a box of “Crappers.” This term “Crappers” Is unrelated to our discussion but quite funny. In or approximately 1975 Mr. Dan Akroyd of Saturday Night Live and his hilariously funny counterparts did a skit on people who “pooped their pants!” The punch line was always “Good thing I had my CRAPPERS ON!” I could never imitate these funny men and woman of the TV program but I will provide an example so you can get the CONTEXT: They had a person dressed as Santa Claus at Christmas time sitting in his chair at the mall where little kids would go sit on his lap; Santa Claus would say “a little boy sat on my lap and what do you know, I POOPED MY PANTS! GOOD THING I HAD MY CRAPPERS ON!” EVERYTHING IS CLEARER IN THE PROPER CONTEXT. Now you have the proper context on the NSA analyst who is assigned to watch me and see what if anything I am saying that I am NOT suppose to be saying. Does this make sense Lisa? I will check back for your answer to my question. I must go pick up my great grandson from school and take him for ice cream; at my age, I will where my CRAPPERS just in case of an accident! lol

    • Daniel

      Moondancer: She even missed the number one, most relevant person who was ushered in to the United States before WW II began. A NAZI through and through. He was even in Dealey Plaza years later while serving as President for a joint CIA-NAZI operation called Zapata Oil. Who was this man? You are all correct if you guessed: George Scherff aka George H. W Bush; The United States 41st. President and a Nazi. Probably the most powerful human on earth today. Did anyone get it correct? Please tell me someone knows something about your history, the OSS, Wild Bill Donovan, Operation Paperclip, Hitler’s Fake suicide. Someone here, please tell me you have some sort of intelligence!

      • Daniel

        Lisa, People are trying to help you. Don’t be thin skinned. I believe, and this is not to hurt your feelings; I believe everyone knows all about the pedophile “bildies.”

      • Apollon

        Yes yes there’s not much info on this at least credible. But I do believe he’s related to Dracula. and I do believe Obama is related to bush

  • The Real Deal

    STUNNING! SHOCKING! lol, the money is in the title.

  • Andor

    Oh no not you again!!!
    I don’t even read your stories anymore!

  • komotion

    If only Jackson had been successful…We need another Andrew Jackson. I didn’t agree with everything the man did or was, but I would follow him-or someone like him. A lot can be said about concentrated power, and pretty words can be used to describe how great, or awful it can be. The basic point that the majority need to know an remember is simply this-it is bad. Power in the hands of a few over the many will never end well.

  • Maximus

    This lisa haven and two other female posters on BIN
    have completely ruined this site with their COPY and PASTE stories.
    90% of the time they’re trying to shove their religious IDOL
    down your throat.

  • Daniel

    Lisa: I read your articles and all I see is you plagiarizing other’s work from 5 years ago. Here is a test. If you can answer the question correctly, I will send you information about what is to come. Real, truthful, 100% factual intelligence. If not, I won’t.

    Here we go: What does the United Nations Flag represent? This is a very easy question for any intelligent person. It’s a no-brainer for anyone who is involved with the real space program, not the NASA idiots you see on TV. They’re just Hollywood. What is your answer Lisa? Please place your answer in the “REPLY” section below my comment. This is your chance to become a star Lisa!!! Thank you.

    • Daniel

      Answer: It is a MAP!

  • Jiliane

    they’re trying to figure out how to get out of the deals that have been made
    with 2 other races that have occupied our planet for years.
    Unfortunately they are not schooled in Planetary or Universal Law.

  • Engineer

    Here is another person who can describe a firsthand experience with the Elite (NWO) Bilderberg group.
    For over 14 years, Daniel Estulin has investigated and researched the Bilderberg Group’s far-reaching influence on business and finance, global politics, war and peace, and control of the world’s resources and its money. :arrow:

  • Working the Beat

    You know if no money was earned for every click or video watching then these brain dead authors wouldn’t be posting in here – perhaps all earning should be banned or taken by BIN then perhaps we would get decent contributions by decent writers.

    • Apollon

      Haha don’t think it would matter.

  • Anonymous

    Burgers are doing what their told . We have to take out the source of the problem. Not the sacrificial pawns or we can spin our wheels and go nowhere .repeat take out the real leader . Or don’t .Remember the gov is a reflection of the people it governs . most people like the thrill or excitement of a bad tyrannical .it is very familiar . they treat people the same way . so they like tyrants . it makes them look good . ask your self .is the golden rule a common practice. really ? allot of people never heard of it. thanks for not teaching it . so i can watch the same boring terrorists run things .

  • ismail el idrissi

    This group is which holding Monopoly and big companies control :!: :idea: :arrow:

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