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Half-Billion-Dollar “Industry” In Israel – Largely Staffed By Sex Slaves

Sunday, September 7, 2014 1:02
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Vatic Note:  We recently published a blog about prostitution and kidnapping of foreign women to serve as prostitutes who were not prostitutes before coming to Israel.  We also covered the Child international sex slave trade as well.   Many of the women were lied to and tricked into coming and once there were forced into prostitution because they had no money to leave, were in fear for their lives, and no law enforcement system to save them, etc.  This is going on anywhere that war or military action was valued or taken due to the degradation of the nation and its culture.  It speaks volumes about Israel as a nation and its total lack of culture. 

Since then we came across this below which shows just how far back this goes.   This write up was done in 2002 and shows what it was like then. Part 2 was written up in 2004 as an update,  so nothing has changed in Israel, or by Israeli’s elsewhere like Kosovo.   If you read both this and other articles on the current situation, you will find very little difference.  Much to my Chagrin, I found something from 1927 and its blew my mind.  Remember who owns and controls the movie industry.  But little did I know it went that far back.

Watch this video showing a 1927 movie and all of the familiar occult symbols and use of sex for mind control.  I am almost speechless at what was in movie theatres during that time.   We had no TV back then, so it wasn’t a TV program on some obscure channel.  It was shown in mainstream movie houses.  I am putting it up here in the Vatic Note so you can get the context of this below,  and you will see just how long, and deep this satanic evil has been around and how far it goes.  Its simply gotten worse, based on the social engineering written up in the protocols to grab our children and dehumanize them, as fodder for their perverted and obscene NWO.

We also did a blog on the protocols done by the khazars (Rothschild and the international Jewish congress, which wasn’t really Jewish) and this kind of effort was planned out to get control of our children, to bring them into the satanic fold using sex.  It says so right in those protocols and a copy was published on this blog.  So revisit it and see what I mean.

The purpose was to destroy our culture of service, goodness, and love, including family, in order to replace it with their control over our entire globe and all this is an example of what such control would entail from these practicing satanists.  What they propose is serious soul destruction within each of us.  I can’t even imagine such a life ever.  Uh oh, they just prevented me from posting this vatic note.  I am making a copy and if you do not see it, then email me and I will send you the vatic note.

This below is done in two parts, this is part 1, but part 2, is just after this part, and it takes place and was written up 2 years later as an update of what was covered in this first 2002 part.  Hopefully, I have not confused you, rather given you a full context of this entire issue and the players which are the khazar Zionists.  So, please read and watch.   part 2 is right after this part 1.   

Half-Billion-Dollar “Industry” In Israel – Largely Staffed By Sex Slaves, Part 1
by Dr. Martin Brass,  Vanguard News Network



Israel prides itself as a “beacon of light,” paving an enlightened path for democracy and human rights in a region of dictators, theocracies, tyrants and human rights abusers.

In July 2001, the U.S. State Department placed Israel on a “third tier” list of countries, or worst offenders, of Traffickers in Persons. In the shadows of the “beacon of light” lurks a brutal and inhumane abuse – trafficking of women and children for the sex-slave trade. Israel was on the same list as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Sudan, Yugoslavia, Bahrain, Greece, Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and 12 others.

The State of Israel was established in order to give refuge to the Jewish Diaspora that had been mercilessly abused in WWII. Since the end of the Cold War, Israel became a haven for more than one million former Eastern-bloc refugees of largely Jewish descent. What is appalling in light of the above is the involvement of the Israeli government and law enforcement in one of the most horrendous international crimes.

Hookers In The Holy Land

Police raided the Furmis Brothel, one of 250 whorehouses in Tel Aviv. The three-story building was under video surveillance. The police charged through iron gates guarded by armed bodyguards, next storming through the armed guards and iron doors fortifying the elevator, then ascending to the third floor and maneuvering through a narrow corridor where they noticed a suspicious cupboard. Crashing through the cupboard, they found another passage, where they collided with armed bodyguards, then hurtled through a locked door. Tel-Aviv magazine describes the officers’ horror at their find: Ten girls were locked up in a filthy, foul two-room brothel with only mattresses on the floor.

“These girls are kept like dogs.”
A Tel Aviv police officer told U.S. News and World Report.

The Palace Club, a seedy brothel in Tel Aviv, was the target of a group of journalists on a fact-finding mission. Down a few flights of dark, stone stairs three girls huddled in a corner of a reception area waiting for johns. Their fat pimp dabbed the sweat from his forehead with a large silk handkerchief. The pimp bragged that his women make 120 shekels for a half-hour, “100 shekels for me, 20 shekels [$6] for them.” If their earnings had to be put into a kitty to pay the tax bill, the girls served as unpaid slaves.

At the Tropicana, in Tel Aviv, according to journalist Michael Specter writing in The New York Times, 20 women share 12 cubicles, working eight-hour day-shifts and 12-hour night-shifts.

One sex-slave, lured by an offer of legitimate work, told Amnesty International that she “had a nervous break-down. A client offering to help me escape turned out to be one of them and I was beaten up by the owners. There was nowhere to run – there were bars on the windows and bodyguards, day and night.”

“The conditions were terrible. One girl was kept to work in the basement for eight months. It was damp there and she got tuberculosis as a result. Most of the girls had different diseases – venereal and others related to their reproductive organs. I do not wish even to my enemies to go through what we went through.”

She escaped by jumping from the first floor of the building. When she returned to help another friend escape, she was arrested in a police raid as an illegal alien. She was afraid to testify against the pimp, who knew the whereabouts of her family in Ukraine.

“Nearly all prostitutes in Israel are Russian [70%], their boss is not. Israelis love Russian girls,” according to “Wake Up or Die,” an organization monitoring sex-trafficking who quotes a chuckling Jacob Golan, an Israeli slave master. “They are blonde and good-looking and different from us.”

“This is a whole industry – recruiting them, bringing them and distributing them to all of the parlors,” said Efraim Fhrlich, former commander of the Tel Aviv vice squad. This “national industry” brings in $450 million yearly. A pimp can earn $50,000-$125,000 per year on pimping one slave. A 10-slave brothel can take in up to 750,000 shekels or $215,000 a month.

The Victim As A Criminal

“Until now, the authorities have addressed this as a problem of prostitution, not kidnapping or trafficking in people,” Knight-Ridder News cites Yael Weisz-Rind, director of Amnesty International Israel. “Trafficked women are effectively treated as criminals by the various Israeli agencies with whom they come in contact, rather than as victims of human rights abuses.”

The Jerusalem Post reports that when pressured, Israeli police Commander Yossi Sedbon, while claiming that fighting the trade in women is a priority for the police, emphasized that only a minority of hookers were kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Sedbon declined to comment on the complaints filed against police chiefs for not addressing the problem.

A poll by the Israeli Women’s Network showed that 44% of Israelis believe all female Russian immigrants provided sexual services for pay. Reuters said that the women are stereotyped as having brought crime and prostitution, while exploiting Israeli laws enabling anyone with a Jewish grandparent to immigrate.

“The fact that most of the women knowingly enter Israel illegally made me think twice,” an Israeli university scholar I met in Jerusalem admitted. She had “a hard time being compassionate for people who break the law … it is even harder to sympathize with women who knowingly come to be prostitutes and then complain about the conditions.” However, after extensive research, she became an advocate for the girls.

“These women were manipulated, kidnapped, threatened, abused, drugged, raped, lied to, and used … the punishment that they receive from the government who sends them back to a dangerous situation in their homeland after long stays in jail does not fit the crime,” she said.

Invitation To An Israeli Hell

“Elderly Jewish women in the Ukraine often lure the girls into the trade,” Specter said. Or, the girls are recruited through “an ad or an unexpected meeting on the street, with a proposition to work abroad as a maid, secretary, showgirl, nanny or waitress.” A typical ad, writes Walter Zalisko, 24-year police veteran, authority on Russian organized crime in New Jersey and New York, seeks ” … pretty woman, under age 40, slender, educated, to work in modern office setting; $600/month; documents and transportation provided.”

Reuters interviewed one girl, starving in Russia, who got caught up in the whirlwind of international crime. Defrauded into working in Israel, she was kidnapped by a pimp, kept in bondage with eight women in two apartments and extorted of her pay.

“I came into this circle and then it was very hard to get out. My papers were fake, I had no money, I had no acquaintances and I was in an enclosed place.”
Torn between her fear of physical abuse by her pimp and fear of deportation back to hunger, she did not dare seek help at the police station across the road.

Specter tells the story of a Ukrainian who, after seeing an ad, slipped off a tour boat when it put in at Haifa, hoping to make a bundle dancing naked on the tops of tables. In Israel, she was taken to a brothel, where her boss burned her passport. “I own you,” he said. “You are my property, and you will work until you earn your way out. Don’t try to leave. You have no papers and you don’t speak Hebrew. You will be arrested and deported. Then we will get you and bring you back.” Subsequently, the brothel was raided, and she was jailed.

Megan Goldin interviewed one 18-year-old girl that “has been bought and sold so many times she has lost count.” Admittedly lured to Israel by promises of large sums of money if she turned to prostitution, she said “I never thought I would actually have to do it � I thought once I arrived would find a way to escape and find other work, as a waitress or something.”

She had been flown to Egypt, where with 20 other women aged between 18 and 24, she was smuggled by a Bedouin cross the Sinai desert. The girls were forced to crawl under a barbed-wire border fence in the middle of the night.

Organized crime from the former Soviet Union invested $4 billion dollars in real estate and businesses in Israel in seven years. In a warped marriage based on greed that has no boundaries and no loyalties, Israeli mafias join with Russian mafias to cooperate with Arab Bedouins to smuggle women and children to the “Promised Land.”

The unfenced, unguarded 70-mile Israel-Egypt border allows the Bedouins to navigate through the desert with dune buggies and all-terrain vehicles. Israeli Border Patrols, focused on intercepting terrorists, ignore the Bedouin slave traders.

“It’s horrible,” an Israeli official said. “The women we found had been used along the way (by the Bedouins). After all, their masters had to test their product. They are touched and measured and prodded in heinous ways to ‘ensure the quality of the product.’ Some also bring friends or family to use the women. Then the women have to work for a period of one or more months free of charge to ‘pay for their passage.’”

Going Once, Going Twice

“It’s like a car. It depends how valuable she is,” “Amir,” a Tel Aviv pimp told Reuters. Four of the girls who were valued at lower prices ended up working in the slum area around Tel Aviv’s old central bus station where they were trapped and burnt to death when a religious fanatic torched their brothel, a Jewish weekly said. Girls are traded and bartered for a variety of goods, including drugs.

The girls, many of whom are Palestinian, are displayed naked at pimping auctions going at prices ranging from $4,000 to $20,000, depending on her looks, according to one Tel Aviv pimp.

Chaim Nardi, an Israeli sociologist, links the slave-trafficking to machismo attitudes in Israeli society, which “allow men to consider women their toy.” Most prostitutes suffer from depression, he said.

Prison officials report that 80% of the girls become addicted to drugs, mainly heroin, Israelis’ drug of choice. A vicious cycle of prostitution finances their addiction.

Criminologist Menachem Amir said that three groups – Orthodox Jews, Arabs and the 250,000 foreign workers spike demand.

Arabs and Orthodox Jews have “very strong taboos against sexual connections outside of marriage and therefore go to a place where they can do it more anonymously,” a Tel Aviv pimp, Amir, told Reuters.

Some rabbis, “Wake Up or Die” said, ride bicycles to the whorehouses. “A good percentage of the clients are ultra-Orthodox Jews, pious men whose lives are guided by Halachah (religious law), which tells them when they can or cannot have sex with their wives.”

So, on Thursday (boys night out in Israel) busloads of Orthodox Jews travel from Jerusalem, Haifa, and points beyond to Tel Aviv for a few brief moments of passion in a massage parlor, behind a sand dune, or in an alley. Other customers are accountants, lawyers, policemen, and politicians. “The entire spectrum of Israeli society is keeping the hookers in business,” Detective Shachar, veteran on the Tel Aviv vice detail, said.

“Many of the prostitutes in Israel, especially those of Arab descent, are abused by Jews expressing their ‘racial-nationalist fervor.’” The girls … “find that their Jewish customers only come to them after a Palestinian terrorist act to get their own brand of sexual revenge laced with racial-nationalistic fervor … and they do it with hate and anger.”

Neveh Tirza Prison warden Debi Sagi helped give Hotline for Migrant Workers, the interventionist organization dealing with the problem, better access to the prisoners. Victims share cells with Israeli convicted criminals. Many are detained in police detention centers because of the over-crowded jails, where the conditions are worse. Half are deported penniless.

The pimps’ attorneys often represent the girls, or the pimp might pay 30,000 shekels bail pending her deportation, so that she can go back to work. “These women,” said Nomi Levenkron, senior advocate of Hotline, “who were raped, trafficked and exploited before their arrests, were in fact sold once more, this time by the state itself.”

Israeli Police In The Hot Spot By Hotline

One 18-year-old Moldavian sought refuge in a Tel Aviv police station. Some of the officers, who were her clients, recognized her and called her pimp. She fled. The pimp found her and forced her back to the brothel.

“There are police who just come as clients, those who get special discounts because of their good relationships with the owner of the place and those that inform the owner about police operations,” Levenkron said.

Hotline found police involved in six of 24 cases in 15 months – four cases of policemen warning of impending police raids, one policeman managed a brothel, and another sold a woman to another pimp after her arrest.

Hotline accused the Israeli officials of: arresting pimps at their convenience, and ignoring crimes of notorious pimps who cooperate with the police on other matters; of disregarding the 16-year sentence allowed, and of making “shameful” plea bargains with pimps.

The authorities, according to Hotline, lied about women refusing to testify. Less than 20, of hundreds of women interviewed in two and a half years, had been asked to testify. Of 1,370 files opened between 1998-2000, only 2% were prosecuted.

“N” was arrested when she filed a complaint. The police refused to release her on bail for five days, claiming that her life was in danger because the pimps were too dangerous to be arrested. N’s Israeli boyfriend informed the pimps that the police were looking for them and advised them to turn themselves in, which they did.

Charges were pressed against her two pimps. One of them was declared unfit to stand trial and the other was sentenced on 15 February 2001, to two years in prison, one year on probation and fined $5,000. The prosecutors claimed that N was “rented” for only five days from the time the new law against trade in human beings was approved till her escape, and that her testimony was weak. No charges were pressed against the pimp for rape, managing a brothel and living off prostitutes’ income, although he had confessed.

“V” was arrested in a brothel and sent to prison for three months, waiting for her traveling documents. For a month and a half Hotline was told that there was no evidence to support V’s claims. The day after Hotline notified the Parliament investigation committee, the police decided to cooperate. V named eight people who sold, bought or raped her, giving their addresses. Twenty-two more days passed before the first pimp was arrested. Another pimp had fled the country.

Judicial indifference is compounded by police complicity, Levenkron said.

Amnesty describes treatment of several cases by authorities. Anna, knowingly joining the sex industry, was auctioned twice and taken to work in Haifa, where she was held with two other women in an apartment with bars. She was arrested after a police raid on the apartment. In court the police alleged that Anna had signed statements admitting to involvement in prostitution – but all the documents were in Hebrew. She later discovered that she had been framed – accused of running a brothel.

Tatiana arrived in Israel from Belarus to work as a hotel maid to support her mother and son. The pimp met her, took her to a brothel and told her that she would have to repay her “sale price” and the travel costs. After several failed escape attempts, Tatiana was finally released from the brothel after a police raid – a friend of hers had contacted the Belarus Consulate who contacted the police.

She was taken into custody as an illegal immigrant.

No Rehab for Rahab

On her prison bunk, she found an anonymous note threatening to kill her and punish her family if she squealed. Hotline petitioned the Chief of Police for witness protection, who replied that the Police could not guarantee anyone’s safety outside Israel. She was deported to Belarus despite begging to be flown to Poland or Lithuania and then allowed to cross into Belarus by car. She was reportedly met by a male relative and taken to an unknown location. Tatiana’s subsequent fate is unknown. “I don’t know the outcome of the trial. I only know that Arthur [the pimp] is at liberty I talked to him on the phone …

Arthur knows my address in St. Petersburg and my telephone number because he kept my passport. I have a small daughter, eight-years-old there. He threatened that he would find me in Russia, at home, if I did not do what he wanted me to,” one girl told Amnesty International.

A Jewish weekly interviewed Tel Aviv Police Superintendent Pini Aviram, who heads a special investigative team dealing with the trafficking issue. “My team consists of only five Russian speakers,” he said, frustrated at the lack of manpower.

In June 2000, the Knesset amended a 1997 prostitution law to prohibit the buying or selling of persons. Penalties are doubled if the victim is a minor.

The Knesset’s “feeble efforts” Human Rights Watch said, “were undermined by its failure to provide safe houses, witness protection, legal assistance, relief from deportation, or third-country resettlement.”

Israel has until 2003 to implement “minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking” or face stiff economic sanctions. In June of this year, the State Department bumped Israel up to the second tier, since it is “taking action against sex-trafficking.”

Hotline refutes testimony by the State Department that Israel had taken progressive steps towards halting the trafficking and exploitation of women, their spokesperson saying that Israel is merely acting under U.S. pressure.

Police Deputy-Commander Avi Davidovitch told Jewsweek July 2002 that although the number of trafficked women is growing alarmingly high, few complaints are filed against pimps, and many women either refuse to complain or later retract earlier statements they have made to the police, out of fear of reprisals.

As of July 2002, Washington Jewish Week reports, few pimps involved in trafficking ever face a judge and the majority of prostitutes are deported without being allowed to testify against their pimps.

Slave Trader Turns State Witness

However, “there are certain encouraging signs,” Nardi said. “It appears things are getting better. The Israeli prosecutors are working hard against this phenomenon.”

For example, as a result of one of the biggest stings on slavery in Israel’s history, 18 men involved in drug sales and the smuggling, trafficking and prostitution of women faced trial. The director of the Special Crimes Unit, Deputy Commissioner Menashe Arviv, thinks they will likely receive sentences of between three and 10 years, according to Forward Magazine.

An international lawyer, Dr. Martin Brass is a frequent contributor.  

Vatic Note:   HERE IS DR. BRASS’S UPDATE IN 2004 in a different publication.  The first link in the Vatic Note above, is for current times in Israel and you will see how long and how much nothing has changed for these women.   Its about the offenders being Khazars, and its all part of their pagan satanic religion of the phallus symbol.  

The Modern Scourge of Sex Slavery Part II,13190,SOF_0904_Slavery2-P2,00.html 

My old buddy from Guyana was highly agitated. “Rumors have it that the Wall is coming down.” He had just spoken to his brother in England. My studies could wait. Destiny never did. I rang the airlines, found a flight to Berlin that day, grabbed the bag that was always packed with bare essentials, and took-off to have a rendezvous with history. I arrived shortly before 2300 hours, when the airport was to close.

I met two Eastern Bloc guys and followed them into the unfamiliar town where we parted paths. I pounded the abandoned streets, numb from the penetrating, humid cold, until I stumbled across a most welcome shelter — a tiny room in a little dive in the heart of town that accommodated construction workers.

West Berlin. Magnificent. Mysterious. Restless. Glimpses of shadowy men in long black trench coats in the most gray, harsh winter in Germany’s recent history conjured up images of KGB agents, CIA operatives, double agents, willowy betraying seductresses. Berlin epitomized all of the intrigue of the Cold War that transformed that era into the most unparalleled, spine-tingling, unsettling, dramatic period in history.

Thousands gathered at the Wall that symbolized the division of humanity into two distinctive camps. As some of the obscenely colorful, graffitied wall panels were carefully and methodically hoisted on cranes, with hands nearly frozen from the bitter cold, my nameless new-found friends and I brutally pounded the standing wall, competing as to who could tear down the biggest pieces of history to stuff in our camera bags and pockets. 

For days, pilgrims and adventurers flocked in from all over the globe. Nationalism was dead. Ethnicity belonged to another moment. Political jealousies did not exist. All was love and forever would be peace. Gratuitous kegs of hot spicy “Gutwine” warmed all. Organ players and their monkeys livened the air with their nostalgic tunes. Most were in tears. 

Hour after hour, Western Germans were welcoming the streams of brothers and sisters who had been torn away from them decades before. Prayers were said in remembrance of the brave who had been shot down by their brothers as they attempted to scale the wall, who would rather die than face one more moment of their bleak existence.

The Berlin Wall in 1989.

Berlin swarmed in the coming days and nights. Awestruck, wide-eyed, shabbily-dressed East Germans marveled at the abundance of food, the markets, the fashionable shops. They gazed with astonishment, with revulsion or with delight at the pornography that lined the streets, the bookstands and the billboards. They had entered a dazzling, flashy world of topless bars, intoxicated vulgar dancing, smoky prostitution dens, flagrant nudity and unbridled lust.

The Grass Is Seedier on the Other Side

Berlin. Six months later. The streets were cluttered, garbage had piled up, there were not enough homes for the newcomers. Jobs were scarce, forcing homeless to gather in the streets. Disgruntled West Germans wanted their neighbors to go back home. Easterners longed for the shabby existence they had become accustomed to, where at least they had some semblance of security – homes, schools, jobs, and other social programs. But they had tasted freedom and there was no going back.

The transitions in the rest of the former Eastern bloc were far more rugged. The prolonged, violent dissolution of the former Yugoslavia threatened to destabilize Europe. Economic turmoil in these transitioning and emerging states left hundreds of thousands homeless, jobless, and hopeless. Shattered, corrupt political systems that could not support security and law enforcement had no control over the burgeoning underground, crime syndicates and gangsters. A perfect breeding ground had been cultivated for ruthless blood-suckers to take advantage of the desperate.

Come With Me to the Land of Promise

The young were drawn to this new seductive world that offered them glamour, exotic places, fashion, and extravagant lifestyles, never imagining how savagely their hopes and dreams would be shattered. The dictatorial oppressors to which they were accustomed were soon replaced by an unimaginable form of greedy, lecherous, murderous and inhumane tyrants.

“These girls are young, naïve, poor. They see the glamorous stars of television – Baywatch, Dallas, and the exotic models in the journals. They want to escape the villages and the drudgery. They want handsome husbands, homes and cars. The recruiters gain their confidence and trust. They lure them off, having tricked them. Many are never seen again,” a former Eastern-Bloc woman told me.

Some desperate fathers from Eastern Europe, no longer able to support their starving families, brought their daughters to Western European brothels. Third World Movement Against Exploitation of Women recounts a New York Times report: “One father came with his 12-year-old daughter. She was terrorized and in terrible pain. I asked him why he did it. ‘First of all we are very poor … she is still too young to get pregnant … she is very young … she will forget.’”

“Papa” Lures the Orphans

“Girls in orphanages throughout the former Soviet Union have lived in dread of their 17th birthday,” reports the Seattle, Washington-based MiraMed Institute, organized to fight sex-trafficking in the former Eastern Bloc. At 17, the girls are turned out on the streets, penniless, uneducated, with only the clothes they wear. Six out of 10 fall into the hands of sex traffickers.

The orphans were given hope when two job recruiters made the orphanage rounds offering 14-to-17-year-olds training in a cooking school in China. The expenses were to be paid by the recruiters, but the girls had to agree to work two years each as waitresses to pay back their benefactors. Thirty girls from 10 orphanages hopped on a scheduled bus, embarking on their new life.

Instead of sending the girls to China, they drove to Germany, where they took their passports and locked them in an apartment.

The girls were starved and dehydrated for five days. “Then a man with a bodyguard showed up and began buying us. He took me and four others to a small house that we were never allowed to leave. We got food only if we had sex with 10 men a day.” The sex slave said. The girls were told they had to pay back their expenses, an impossible task, since they were never paid. “… in a year, I was sold 10 times.” The girl said.

World Powers Free the Enslavers

At considerable cost and effort, the Great Superpowers freed the thugs who claimed oppression, and inadvertently empowered them to brutalize their own new victims. “Ethnic Albanian rebels in Kosovo, Macedonia and south Serbia – long the masters of drug-running in the Balkans – are deeply involved in the human-smuggling business, using the flesh trade to fund their separatist movements.” MSNBC says.

David Binder and Preston Mendenhall, of MSNBC, assert that the sex-slave trade has made crime syndicates rich since, of 1 million women trafficked globally each year, probably 200,000 pass through the Balkans. The trafficking, Binder says, has allowed the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and the National Liberation Army in Macedonia “to be outfitted with the latest in rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns, mortars, sniper rifles and night-vision goggles.”

And certain elements of the 40,000 international NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo, the 20,000 in Bosnia, and 700 in Macedonia help flame the fiery demand for the sex slaves.

The brutality of the KLA tactics came as no surprise. The British paratroopers, the first of the NATO forces to be deployed to Pristina, Kosovo, after the NATO offensive, informed me on a daily basis during my visit there of the brutality of the KLA. One medic graphically described the bloody scenes left behind after KLA rebels ruthlessly sledge- hammered aged ethnic Albanians when they refused to give them their possessions; or Serbs who got in their way.

Canadian Gordon Moon, a “tall, strapping 40-year-old detective” as Olivia Ward of The Star describes him, lead an operation to rescue sex slaves in Kosovo, where UN-mandated NATO peacekeepers are maintaining at least enough peace to allow the Albanian rebels to run drugs, arms, women and children. Moon headed the Trafficking and Prostitution Investigation Unit of the U.N. international police force CIVPOL.

The girls are “lured into the racket by promises that they can make hundreds a week as waitresses, dancers or even children’s nannies.” Moon told The Star. “But the reality is very different … most pimps treat their victims worse than farm animals … there are such disgustingly filthy conditions that it’s difficult to imagine how they live … . They get only scraps to eat, and they wear the same clothes every day. There’s no running water, and they can’t wash. They have no medical treatment and they’re suffering from all kinds of diseases. Most live way below starvation level.”  

Moon’s team rescued one girl who had been locked in a room for 15 days, serving 10 clients a night. Others they found chained. One, denied medical help, had to inject herself with penicillin to treat her sexually transmitted disease.

Moon was repulsed to find that peacekeepers and aid workers are some of the abusers. When he demanded that peacekeeping and aid officials make trafficking sites off-limits to their teams, some agreed, but others refused. “It’s really amazing to me that people from countries that are supposed to be setting an example here, should engage in such behavior,” said Moon.

The Balkans: Divided In Power Plays, United in Greed

The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is a land rife with ethnic strife, centuries-old hatreds between the Albanians and the Serbs, but when it comes to profits, ethnic hatreds are put aside. “We’re aware of the history of this region, and how much hatred there is between Serbs and Albanians,” Moon told The Star. “But in organized crime they co-operate without any problems. It’s big business, and it’s completely unaffected by the political situation.”

The Yugoslav capital of Belgrade is the major transit point. “Serbs buy women from East European traffickers, paying an average of $2,200 each: 65% of the women are Moldovan, 15% are Romanian, the rest are Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Hungarian. They’re all young and vulnerable, and most weren’t prostitutes to start with.” In Serbia, the women are raped and beaten, then sold to Albanian or other traffickers. There was no estimate given of those that do not survive.

Dogged thugs who pocket the profits – $110 an hour, or about $735 a night – become millionaires. Kosovo’s 75 bars, dance halls and brothels, The Star was told, take in more than $1.5 million a week. “Little of the money, if any, trickles down to the women who are forced to take on as many as 10 clients a night.” Ward writes.

Although Moon launched raids that rescued 270 women in nine months, he expressed to Ward his frustration: “If a couple of women manage to escape, a bar owner can get more within a day or two. Supply is not a big deal for them.”

A Russian militiaman looks at three suspected prostitutes detained during a raid in central Moscow. The raid, according to police, was part of a campaign to clean up the streets before Moscow’s 850th anniversary celebrations in 1997.

Numerous efforts have been made to at least make awareness of the problem, or at least limit it. As long as the profits keep rolling, the kingpins, with or without the aid of law enforcement and customs officials, will find a way to keep operating. “Bernard Kouchner,” Ward reports, “a physician and former head of the U.N. administration in Kosovo, introduced new trafficking regulations that have turned sentences of days into years.” The legislation allowed law enforcement to close brothels. Within one month more than 10 men were arrested and some notorious hotspots were boarded up.

“All of Macedonia Is Filled with Girls Like Me, and We’re All Crying.”

An MSNBC photo shows the profile of a slumped unidentified sex slave, dejected, silently weeping. The bent-over fragile figure, with her hands covering and supporting her head, belie the tender age of the victim. Another teenage slave exposes her sore, infected right breast, the result of a bite from a man in a fit of sexual rage. The girls told Mendenhall their stories, despite fearing for their lives, regardless of the promise of anonymity and the clandestine circumstances in which they were interviewed by MSNBC as part of a four-month investigation into the sex trade in Europe.

One made it clear that “her ‘owner’ would kill her” for exposing her state of captivity. “The cruel conditions under which she is held, and her deteriorating mental and physical health” Mendenhall writes “compelled her to speak out.” Others before her had been savagely beaten, sometimes killed.

“There is only one word for this,” the girl told Mendenhall. “Slavery.”

Velesta, in the neighboring Macedonia, where girls are held in bondage, is considered one of the most dangerous places in Europe. The 120 Moldovan sex slaves are locked-up during the day in kafanes or café-brothels. The girls are paraded in sexy lingerie for their clients, which include NATO peacekeepers from the U.S., Germany, France and Britain, who take their pick. “They (the peacekeepers) were as bad as the rest,” one said. “They did anything they wanted to us. And besides, if Meti (her owner) heard me asking them for help, he would have killed me.”

The girl with the breast wound was “virtually kidnapped” when she played hooky from school. Wanting to escape her abusive family, she headed for a job in Italy. Instead, a Serb smuggler “Dragan” took her in a car trunk to Romania, and with 10 other girls crossed the Danube to Yugoslavia by boat. She was sold to an Albanian owner. “There were clients on the very first night” the girl told MSNBC. Her owner repeatedly raped, beat, and shamed her until she was broken.

“Meti made me clean the toilet with my tongue. It was horrible and dirty.” The Albanian “made me lick another girl’s … you know, down there. And then he laughed.” She had been in captivity for a year.

An Albanian kingpin Bojku Dilaver, on the “Most Wanted” list of sex traffickers, purchased a 32-year-old Moldovan for $700, after which he repeatedly raped her and sold her to others. The elusive Dilaver, in cahoots with local officials, has escaped the law by being forewarned of impending raids. Ljube Boskovski, Macedonian interior minister, admits his officers are on the smuggler’s payroll.

Each brothel takes on a warped life of its own. The slaves told how “owners” favor one slave better than the others. To survive, a favored, which the girls call “Mama” becomes the pimp’s lover. “Mama” becomes “Papa’s” spy, warning of any intended escape plots. One girl spoke of the “good clients” among the thousands of men she was forced to service. When Mendenhall pressured her into explaining what could be “good” about men who were raping her, she replied. “They are good if they don’t beat you. They are good if they just have sex. Sometimes they bring me a present.”

One Moldovan woman was rescued by an Albanian client who took pity on the weeping girl. He paid 5,000 Deutsch Marks ($2,500) to her owner, but only after he (the owner) had raped her three times. With the aid of international agencies and officials, the girl, back home in Moldova, speaks of her difficulty. “We do not have money to buy bread. We do not have money to pay for electricity … . I am very weak and have no strength. I have awful headaches, and I tremble all the time. If I ever saw him [the owner] again,” she told Mendenhall, “I wouldn’t use words [to speak to him]. I would use a gun.”

From Chains of Caushescou to Nets of Barbaric Slave Traders

A middleman for several prostitution ringleaders described activities in the Bucharest headquarter, of prostitution rings which have branches in Moldova, Ukraine and Russia to Binder of MSNBC:

“There are ‘agencies’ that sell ‘dancers’ to Albania, Japan, Israel, Greece, Turkey,” “Women sign a ‘contract’ with a so-called impresario, who has them photographed for an album – 1,000 of them per album. But it is only for prostitution. Then they disappear. They are sold for 2,500 Deutsche Marks.”

The methods of the crude, primitive selling of one human being by another into the bondage of a third have not changed, but the means by which they are sold have become more sophisticated. Rather than displaying their merchandise like cattle on a block in a market place as is done in many parts of Africa, one branch of the Bucharest ring that keeps 4,200 girls on reserve sells them by numbered videocassettes.

Pimps, individuals, or private owners choose the video or videos that satisfies their sordid, perverted desires. The rejected girls are sent to Oradea on the Hungarian border, to a Turk. “He works with a Hungarian on other side.” He explained to Binder, “They travel in big trucks. They use ex-soccer stars to smuggle women. Then the traffickers pay $500 per fake Hungarian passport.”

The players along the way pave the road for the traffickers. As Binder points out, The U.S. State Department report on human rights for 2001 noted that “instances of corruption and involvement of police in trafficking in persons occurred on the local level,” referring to the Balkans.

The cover-ups are well thought out, and as devious as the methods used to lure and entrap the victims. The tables are turned, and the blame is put on the abused rather than their abusers. In an interview with MSNBC, Vitalie Cura-rari, the head of Moldova’s anti-trafficking police, lashed out at the media for “sensationalizing” sex slavery and placed much of the blame for trafficking on the women themselves. “Fifty percent of our women just go abroad to find another man and then come back to divorce their husbands.”

“Mothers ask the cops to locate their daughters,” the middleman tells Binder. “But permission has already been given for their export by the state police.”

An impressively documented article by the organization. “Safe4kids,” confirms that it is prostituted women and children who are being prosecuted and harassed by the police, and not the customers.

Those attempting to escape not only risk personal brutality, but the thugs use the age-old psychological terror tactic of threatening parents, siblings and other loved ones. Some are chained. Others are locked in. One brothel from which prostitutes were freed was surrounded by barbed wired and an electrified fence.

Dr. Engel, Head of MiraMed institute, told of one who escaped from Russian traffickers and made it home. But the mafia tracked her down and killed her. “Her head was found rolling in the gutter.”

In 1998, in Istanbul, Turkey, as re-ported by Ukrainian police investigators, two women were thrown to their deaths from a balcony while six of their Russian friends watched. In Serbia, in 1998, one who had escaped testified that a fellow enslaved girl who refused to work as a prostitute was beheaded in public.

A frequent contributor to SOF, Dr. Martin Brass is an international lawyer.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


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