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Riots Erupt In Germany As Attempt To Shut Down Rothschild’s European Central Bank!

Sunday, June 7, 2015 0:33
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Vatic Note:  I am surprised it took the protesters that long to turn violent.  When it becomes clear that the powers that be have absolutely no intentions of listening to your protests, or/and intend to ignore all your issues,  and all of their concerns center around the serious life threatening damage the central banks have either done,  plan to do, or continue doing, to the country,   then the populace has no choice but to  defend itself with the tools they have to work with, and violence is definitely one of them.

Lets take a look at what Rothschild has been doing to shore up its banks and generate outrageous wealth through deception,  bad banking practices, outright theft and violations of market manipulations.  Fines have been levied, but no jail time for anyone involved and that has been obvious to just about everyone.  Its a good indicator of how the NWO, when they take over,  plans to operate.  All laws will be for us the 99%, while no laws will apply to the 1%.    Yeah???  We will see.

I will make this note short and included VN:’s in the text below as I see the need. So stay with this.  In so many ways she is right, but has not brought up the really bad stuff that these zionist bankers have done to create all our problems including pollution and climate change.  Haarp ring a bell?  Chemtrails?  Flooding vs drought,  and years of warning they have given us about their intentions to depopulate the planet, through famine and manipulation of the food supply and water???  Yup, what a sophisticated scam.  

The Zionists are starting to use China now to once again violate our civil rights… notice how the CONTROLLED PRESS is saying how China is hacking our dept of defense and obtaining all this information, when in fact, our DOD is now completely controlled by the Zionists?  Again, another clever deception TO TRY AND  USE TO ATTACK THE INTERNET AND CLOSE ANOTHER DOOR TO FREE SPEECH.  CHINA IS CONTROLLED AND RUN BY THE KHAZARS THROUGH GOLDMAN SACHS AND THE OXFORD TRAINED LEADERS OF THE CHINESE GOV.  

ITS SO OBVIOUS, ITS AGAIN A SCAM, THIS WORLD WAR THEY HAVE PLANNED WILL BE ACCOMPANIED BY A BRUTAL POLICE STATE AS THEY DID IN NAZI GERMANY.  ROTHSCHILDS FUNDED AND RAN THE FASCIST GOVERNMENT OF GERMANY and here they are again, only this time in the USA.  With the planned repression, they intend to also conduct war, which we will lose due to internal conflicks created and sustained by the Rothschild bankers.  Lets shock them and win it and then purge every single one of them out of here forever.  )

Riots Erupt In Germany As Attempt To Shut Down Rothschild’s European Central Bank!
By Admin,  Political Velcraft,  March 19, 2015

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany

FROM 2012 TO 2015 THE FRANKFURT MARCH GROWS VIOLENT.Frankfurt, Germany — Anti-austerity, anti-bank ‘Blockupy’ protests have rocked Germany as the ECB’s (European Central Bank) new headquarters was scheduled to begin operations.

(VN:  Aaah, this speaker is a disinfo agent, (the last name says it all “Klein”) since Climate Change has been identified as another source of the evil ones to grab wealth from us through their proprosed carbon tax and she is advocating a socialist system to solve the climate problem.  Socialism is the brain child of the khazar zionists….Sounds like pre – WW II, 1933 overthrow of the Weimar republic and the instituting of the socialist system, which is the brain child of the zionists khazar bankers, in order to  use the gov to turn over control of everything to the fascists corporations, in which many are owned and controlled by the international bankers, and this will solidify that control.  

In addition, a revolution WEAKENS a nation so they are guaranteed to lose a World war just like Germany did in the 1940′s, and the Zionists got their Palestine as a result.  Yup, “…. AND BY DECEPTION, THE ZIONISTS WILL CONDUCT WAR”.  Notice how she never once mentioned our world wide, dumping of chemtrails as the cause of our geoengineered climate change?   Why not?  Because they intend to continue it as part of their “SOFT KILL” program for depopulating the planet of the filthy masses and zombifying those remaining, so they will make good slaves who will not resist. THIS IS A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF “CONTROLLED OPPOSITION”, OF WHICH THESE ZIONISTS ARE EXPERTS AT DOING.  iF YOU READ ALL THE WORK WE HAVE PUT UP ABOUT THE TRUTH ABOUT WW II AND WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, YOU WILL SEE THE SAME PATTERN BEGINNING TODAY.  THEY ALWAYS USE WHAT WORKED IN THE PAST, AND THAT IS HOW THEY GET CAUGHT BY US GOYIM WHO ARE NOT AS STUPID AS THEY HAD HOPED.)

Images of burned police cars and bloody protesters have begun flooding social media. On the surface, protesters are obviously upset over the ECB building’s $1.4 billion price tag — at a time when the Eurozone suffers through a recession which has hit the working class exceptionally hard.
Other grievances include austerity measures, which are promoted by the banking class, but in reality are just a privatization of assets and resources which were initially funded with public money.
Essentially what this has become is a theft from the general public to collateralize finances that were thrown into uncertainty by politics and bad monetary policy in the EU.  (VN: what?  No word about how the German central bank was also bailed out with American taxpayer TARP money?  Why not mention that|?)
Rather than the bureaucrats and bankers paying the price for their mismanagement, the European public is footing the bill for the bailouts, and that has rightfully upset many across the Continent. It’s estimated that roughly 10,000 protesters flooded Frankfurt streets, many coming from across Europe including from the banker victimized country of Greece.

German Police March With Citizens Against Rothschild's E.U.

German Police March With Citizens Against Rothschild’s E.U.

At least 90 police officers have been injured trying to protect the banks, meanwhile over 100 protesters were injured and at least 350 have been arrested. Charges include arson, destruction of property, and disturbing the peace.
Central banks have long been criticized for policies which make the working class poorer while enriching the ruling class. The US has it’s own central bank called the Federal Reserve, which has been the subject of many protests in America as well.

1913 Rothschild Federal Reserve ~ A Non Federal Entity Illegally Written Into Acceptance By Rothschild Soldier Woodrow Wilson.

1913 Rothschild Federal Reserve ~ A Non Federal Entity Illegally Written Into Acceptance By Rothschild Soldier Woodrow Wilson. (VN: he was blackmailed into compliance since he was having an affair and his chief of staff was the Rothschild agent, House, who then manipulated Wilson with the blackmail….. as I suspect is being down today with the current congress.)

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, which is much older than the ECB, the US has seen an unprecedented shift of wealth from the middle-class to the Wall Street class. The same can be expected of the ECB.

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany

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  • The Ferrett

    Naomi Klein huh! – Controlled opposition, a very clever Mossad Tactic as per their motto . . “By deception thou shalt do war.”

    • Mark Brander

      The satanic NWO is terrified that the Kingdom of God is coming in through the events of Revelation 12. They have already been dealt some very heavy losses to their secret space program and underground bases. Learn the truth about the rapidly unfolding events of Revelation 12.

      • Sean

        Wilson was Never Blackmailed into anything, like all the Presidents including Obama..they were/are all Crypto-Jews!

        Of Woodrow Wilson the famous Dr. H.J. Boldt wrote as follows:

        “Woodrow Wilson was a Sephardic Jew…The name of his parents was Wohlson — a German-Jewish name; they came from Germany, and went to England where they were known as Mr. and Mrs. Wolfson and when they landed here in America they called themselves Wilson.”

        (Chronology of The Conspiracy, by Willie Martin)

        • sitrep

          Vote For Me,
          Is that all the info/input you have to offer.
          History of names?
          My gosh you did not do much research on it at all.
          You did not even explain what the Name Wolfson means.

          Did you get your info from CNN?

      • Sean

        Crypto Jews

        Churchill-Jacobson, Roosevelt-Rosenfelt, Stalin-Djugashvili-Jewison, Eisenhower-Eisenhaur

      • Sean

        More Crypto Jews

        Jesuits of Jewish Ancestry…A Biographical Dictionary

        The first Jesuits were crypto-Jews

      • wiseoldlady

        To lover of truth
        Wilson was most definitely blackmailed. He had an affair…and the Rothschild handler threatened to tell unless Wilson paid him …it was either $20,000.00 or $40,000.00 …don’t recall anymore. Studied this several years ago. But Wilson said he was poor and had no way of paying hush money. So the handler told Wilson if he did this and this and that he would forgive and never tell. Hence federal reserve, IRS, WWI.
        BTW…the handler had photos of Wilson with his lover.

      • THOTH


        Wilson was blackmailed, it was 40,000 and it was Samuel Untermyer who paid it on the condition that Wilson appoint a member of Untermyer’s approval to the Supreme Court as soon as a vacancy opened up. The man appointed by Wilson with Untermyer’s approval was Ashkenazi Jew, Louis Dembitz Brandeis.

        Wilson’s presidential campaign was funded by Paul Warburg, primary author of the federal reserve act (which Wilson later passed) and Jacob Schiff, transatlantic Rothschild agent who was raised in rothschilds house in Frankfurt Germany. Benjamin Freedman in his book facts are facts states that he witnessed the pressure of the Zionists pounding their ideology into Wilson’s head. Wilson stated that he and Edward Mandell House shared the same brain. House represented Wilson on different occasions. House was a Jesuit and a member of the Rothschild round table in Britain. He was also one of the founding fathers of the round table subsidiary in America, the treasonus CFR, which is the one thing that ties all these demons together. Whether they’re Zionists, Jesuits, knights of Malta, skull and bones, Masons, communists, fascists, Protestant, catholic or otherwise, the CFR accepts scociopaths of all cults and creeds.

        Regardless of whether Wilson was a crypto Jew or not, his campaigned was funded by Zionists and therefore was controlled by them. He was surrounded by criminals of the highest order and basically ruined America by passing the federal reserve act, sent America into WW1 and legalized the IRS as the Fed Res debt collectors.

      • THOTH


        His *campaign* was funded by Zionists and therefore he was controlled by them.

    • Busta Myth

      Lol, You should read the Jesuit Oath, its shocking by comparison

      The biggest Intelligence agency in the World is the Vatican Jesuits, because they have a presence in hundreds of countries around the world, numerous Colleges and top Universities, plus numerous secret societies like Skull and Bones, Bilderbergs, Freemasony, Boheamian Grove

      The Vatican run the top people in the CIA, Mosad, M16, the German BND, KGB, DHS, NSA, FBI , GCHQ through numerous secret societies and organisations like the Freemasons, CFR, Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grove, World bank, IMF and the mother of ALL Central Banks the (BIS) aka the Bank of International Settlements in Basel Switzerland, and the Pope uses Swiss guards

      There is not a top leader in Europe, Israel, Russia, America, South America who doesn’t go to the Pope/s , some of these include Adolf Hitler (a Catholic) PUTIN, Netanyahoo, Merkel, Sarkozy, Hollande, Barroso, Van Rompoy, Draghi, Thatcher, Blair, Brown, Cameron, the Queen, Nixon, Carter, Ford, reagan, LBJ, Bush 1, Bush2, Biden, Cheny, Rumsfeld, Kerry, Biden, Clinton, Obamo, King of Spain, King of Saudi Arabia, Kirschner of Argentina nazi land, Chavez, Mugabe, Castro and many many more, the CIA (Knights of Malta) even have their own office in the Vatican

      Rothchilds is the Popes banker and a Knight of Malta, Rockerfeller is a Knight of Malta, Ford is a Knight of Malta, in the media you have people like Knight of Malta Bloomberg and Knights of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch and others

      Some other Knights of Malta members you may have heard of are Heinz von Kissinger, Breszinski, Bush, Carter, Nixon, Ford, LBJ, Reagan, Allen Dulles of the OSS/CIA, Bill Donavan of the OSS/CIA, James Jesus Angelton of the OSS/CIA, Prince Bermanhart of the Netherland who was actually a German and was an “ex Nazi” and IG Farben Employee, Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, George H.W Bush
      George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Precott Bush, Jr. Michael Chertoff, Nazi Reinhard Gehlen, Otto von Hapsburg, Heinrich Himmler, Nazi Industrialist Fritz Thyssen (Prescott Bush’s Nazi Buddy) , J. Edgar Hoover, Nelson Mandela, Franz von Papen, Nelson Rockefeller, David Rockefeller and many others listed here ( )

      The Bilderbergs were also founded by a Jesuit Preist called Joseph Retinger, and Knight of Malta Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (who made a fortune laundering lots of Nazi loot after WW2 according to John loftus an ex US Justice department Investigator)

      Even some of the top Nazis like Reinhart Gehlen and Franz von Papen were Knights of Malta which is more than likely why Prescott Bush , Wallstreet Bankers and the Vatican funded the rise of Adolf Hitler and why the Vatican smuggled all the top Nazis out of Europe with their loot through the Vatican bank, the Vatican Ratlines using red Cross passports sighned by Jesuit Preists, Adolf Hitler, Bormann, Eickman, Mengele and about 100,000 other Nazis “escaped” to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay. some of those same Nazis joined with Peron in Argentinas infamous dirty wars, Argentina is also the country that the new Pope comes from

      Did America or Britain go after them, of course not, because America and Britain is ruled by the Vatican, (even though America and Britain are NOT Catholic societies, they were mainly Protestant,)

      The Knights of Malta are about 1,500 years old and is Catholic Society and basically the Popes Army, so even if our so-called leaders have swore an Oath to the country they are suppoed to be serving they put their OTHER OATH above it

      So how about the ECB – European Central Bank

      ” Jesuits, not the Rothschilds, Openly Display Complete Control of European Finance
      Order’s naked and open control of European Finance. _________________________________

      The Jesuits are finally
      revealing that they are in control of European finance.
      It is now very likely that Mario Draghi will be appointed as the ECB’s new head. He now has the support of Germany’s minister of financial affairs Wolfgang Schäuble.

      He was educated by the Jesuits at Istituto Massimo in Rome,a private Catholic school. This change comes at a crucial time as Europe is about to suffer financially.

      What are they planning?
      In any case the change does not really matter as European President Jesuit Trained Herman van
      Rompuy as well as Jose Barroso Knight Of Malta [current president of the European Commission---EJP], are also popish stooges, Barroso having attended Jesuit Georgetown University.

      THE CFR

      “CFR Director Richard Holbrooke is a member of the Jesuit-controlled Bilderberg Group
      (Joseph Retinger, SJ, Prince Bernhard SMOM). He was an advisor to Jesuit-trained 33rd Degree Freemason and Skull & Bones Papal Knight of Eulogia John Kerry.

      He was an advisor to Hillary Clinton, a member of the Jesuit/Knight of Malta controlled Bilderberg Group and the wife of Jesuit-trained Bill Clinton.

      CFR Director Alberto Ibarguen is on the board of Pepsico, which is run by Indra K. Nooyi, a member of the Jesuit-controlled Bilderberg Group and a board member of the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

      There are hundreds of names and some really good photos of Oboma, Bush and others on this guys website, check out the ones down the bottom half of the Page :wink:

      The Jesuit Vatican New World Order

      But I agree with the Ferret, there is indeed a lot of deception going on in this World isn’t there :lol:

      • Rollo57

        What are they planning?
        There’s a reset coming and the EU want to be ‘intact’ after it, this is why they [IMF] will keep ‘finding’ accounts with small amounts of money with Greece’s name on it.

        After Goldman Sachs cooked the Greek books, they sold millions of $’s worth of CDS [Credit Default Swaps] if Greece ‘defaults’ GS and half the US banking system collapse along with the EU.
        If Greece are allowed to have a ‘hair-cut’, Spain, Italy and Portugal will insist on similar agreements and EU falls.
        None of these scenarios are feasible to EU / US Zionist plans, so they will keep finding money for Greece till the time is right, but it can’t continue much longer!

    • Saber

      My Grandmother was a Klein. 100% Dutch. So what are you insinuating about this ladies last name?
      And I didn’t see any proof of Riots erupting either… except for the demonstration in 2012.

      • Watcher

        Van Kulenberg is Dutch… so is Hartgers.
        Klien is NOT.

  • krew09

    that’s true,Germany is still under the Internationale Jewish boot…


      what is with all of you, anti-semites?!? hmmm?…not all Jews are of the evil one…evil inhabits all religion, all races…find Christ as your Savior and stop looking for ‘jews’ under every Bush…sorry for the pun…

      Get your own houses in order, Pals…time is a-wasting…’redeem the time’, for the days are evil.’ – Bible.

      L. :idea: :idea:

  • Michael Carrigan

    How to take away the power of banks and bankers:

    1. Pay down all debt and do not borrow. They will then only have deposits (liabilities) to those getting bank CD rates and then will hope to invest for a slight spread enough to cover operating expenses. Gone would be huge bank salaries and bonuses. Branches would largely be replaced by kiosks.
    2. They would then only be depositories. Transaction fees would rise to cover that service. Online banks will be able to operate more competitively.
    3. Extending this to government, any politician raising debt limits would voted out of office. Any President not presenting and adhering to a plan to reduce the debt would be voted out of office.
    4. Use your savings to invest in education, a trade, a business. DO NOT BORROW.

    The bankers track your investments largely through Cede and Co. if held in name of brokerage. Real estate title records are easy to pull. So along with your brokerage accounts and credit report they already know your balance sheet.

    So the people of the world have given bankers their power No one to blame but themselves.

    As for me, better to follow this:
    Matthew 6:19-21King James Version (KJV)

    19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

    20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

    21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

    I care NOT what any banker or Fed owner states. They do NOT control the eternal money supply. They only control what is considered ash, chaff and dung to the Kingdom of God. They are NOTHING even as their master Satan is NOTHING. Rothschild was dead wrong.

  • truthseeker4809

    Germans do have more guts than Americans.

  • truthseeker4809

    Germans do have more guts than Americans!!!

    • OzzieEd

      Maybe that’s because Germans said no to being drugged like POWs with fluoride?

  • truthlovingsoul

    way to go germany!

  • StavoV

    Gee…..I’ve been advocating the interruption of big banks for a very long time. Everyone it just to afraid, of what they will lose or what will happen to them. Those organizations are so big now….that they have to rot from the inside out, to stop them….unless of course…..??? :grin: :twisted:

  • binmac

    The House of Rothchild (Zionists / Jews) funded the Nazis? How about the fact that both the Walkers and Bushs’ of the Bush family both funded Hitler’s industrial machine! The fact certainly makes is easier to understand why Jeb is the third Bush to seek the presidency. This process goes way back people!

  • Bossmanrocks

    It has nothing to do with Zionism. This article is an anti-Jewish rant. Liberals (Communist totalitarians – let’s call them what they really are) have no religion, no matter if they were raised as Jews or not. The Left is an evil cancer and always has been since they first tasted blood during the French Revolution. The Left is the enemy of mankind every bit as anti-human as the totalitarian political cult of Islam. Both ideologies have much in common. They both seek to control every aspect of their fellow human’s lives. They both worship a culture of death. And they both are a bundle of contradictions. Things apply to others that don’t apply to them. I think the author and most posters need to do more research. When they do they’ll realize that it is the warped thinking of the Socialist that is the problem and not those who just happen to be Jewish. That was the same mistake Hitler made.

  • dagiles

    I wouldn’t want to be a banker these days. They will be hunted down and slaughtered


    “For us to achieve our goals the suffering of the Jews…..must become worse. I have a plan to induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth and in the end the anti semites will be our best friends.” Theodor Herzl, father of modern Zionism.

    Their goal was to make Palestine a homeland for Jews. Before WW2 Zionism was having a very tough time convincing the European Ashkenazi Jewish population to move to Palestine. Rothschild had already bought land there and the Balfour declaration signed in the First World War declared British support for the Zionist movement. The stage was set, all they needed was a “Jewish” population for their “jewish” state. Since European Jews were not willing to move to Palestine “anti semites” were induced to horrify European Jews into believing Palestine was the only place they would be safe. WW2 was Hezl’s plan made manifest. The transfer agreement was signed by the nazis and zionists in 1933 to allow a certain number of Jews to migrate before the war began to prepare for the mass migration that would be coming after the war.

    Zionists tried to add sentiment to the mass migration of the some 250,000 Europeans in 1948 by claiming the Jews were returning home. This was simply not true as European Jews have their origins in Europe. I believe the establishment of Israel had more to do with building an army to protect the Suez Canal which rothschilds purchased in the late 1800′s on a 00 year charter as their primary means of reaching their Far East investments. They took complete control over British currency following the French Revolution and used the British government and military to wage wars on their behalf, to gain control of valuable resources and land on every continent. They did the same thing with America staring in 1913. Using America’s military to impose financial and corporate domination on nations all over the globe.

    Herzl suggested that once the Zionists have sufficiently established themselves in Palestine that they should sever ties with nations who helped them along the way and rely on their own military to achieve their goals. Any nation upset about how they were used by Zionists would be too weak to attack in retaliation. Right now these khazars control the money supply and resources of the most industrious nations and you can bet that once they feel they have milked enough out of everyone, they will purposely collapse everything with the hopes of starting over with a brand new world currency and government both of which they will control. They are the synagogue of satan and this would be a fulfillment of Talmudic prophesy

    • THOTH

      Correction: rothschilds purchased Suez Canal on a 100 year charter in the late 1800′s

  • Knave Dave


    What a wing nut.

    Didn’t you notice you have a star-of-David pattern in your irises? Don’t believe me? Check it out. That, more than anything, is proof that YOU are controlled without your knowledge by Zionists. That’s how clever they are.

    • THOTH

      There is a star tetrahedron pattern in our irises, yes. However I fail to see how this is proof that Khazars do not control China or how this validates you referring to the author as a wing nut for making this suggestion. The only King Daivd linked to the 6 pointed star is the khazar messiah David Alroy. Before him this symbol represented Molech, a deity to whom child sacrifices were made throughout the ancient Middle East. The name derives from combining the consonants of the Hebrew melech (“king”) with the vowels of boshet (“shame”), the latter often being used in the Old Testament as a variant name for the popular god Baal (“Lord”).

  • Sun Rabbit

    What a blast from the past. I used to live in downtown Frankfurt as a child where that photo was taken. I haven’t heard about these demonstrations until I read the article here on BIN. Good thing that these protests are turning violent because although I am anti-war does not mean I am against the use of violence against people who enslave us with their “sovereign” debt. Every baby born in Luxembourg has a 140 thousand Euro debt just for being born to which I say that this cannot and will not continue.
    How is it that under common law, you cannot indebt a third party without their consent? So how is it possible that a country can indebt millions of people yet unborn into debt slavery? This is uneuropean and goes to show you that these people are getting more and more aggressive because you never had this even in the middle ages. To the people who have done this I have only 4-letter words in English to say and 5 and 7 letter words in German. They should all be on trial for SUCKING, and subsequently found guilty by a court and tarred and feathered, then whipped in public right on the fussgangerzone in Frankfurt with CNN and all the other news cameras rolling. and made to pay restitution.
    Although I’m a former bank director myself, I have utter contempt for these cretins at the ECB, and for Angela Merkel and I really would find it satisfying to see a video of Merkel stripped naked on a public square, tied down, and have a couple of fat German guys defecate in her face because that’s the least of what she deserves for what she’s done to Germany. Same for Junckers. Tell you what, Angela: you wanna bail out Greece? Use your own money for it and not that of the German people. You think it’s a good idea to bail out a bankrupt country? You think it’s a good idea to invest your own money into one, like Greece? You think you’re gonna get a good ROI? Oh, I forgot, you’re friends with Christine LaGarde, who famously criticised Switzerland for ditching its Euro CHF peg, but who only did so 2 days after having transferred all her personal Euro account balances and moving them into CHF accounts. Right.
    So actually we should have Christine, Angela, and Paul all tied up naked with people forming a line to take a crap in their faces, and you wanna know something? I just might be one of those people.

    • my2pesos

      Angela a Chemist ~ I’m a Angel Cheats

      Music Sheets ~ Chemist Uses

    • THOTH

      Awesome comment

      • THOTH

        Awesome comment from the former bank director whose name I can’t type. Which might sound funny but I’m not joking, good comment.

    • Busta Myth

      Its Corporate Fascism, the EU was supposed to be and sold as, making it easier to TRADE between member states

      The EU is Corportist Empire, just as America has become since Project Paperclip and it will get worse with the TTP trade deal that is being done in secret

      But look at it now, they are CONTROLLING more and more aspects of peoples lives and destroying democracy and national pride in numerous countries, not to mention the rich are getting stinky rich while the Peasants are unemployed by the many millions

      The EU was Adolf Hitlers idea, he called it the Europäische Gemeinschaft and it was published in Berlin years ago

      The following video goes in to great detail,

      The NAZIS and FASCISTS who founded the THE EU and their influence today – Rodney Atkinson

      “This video is based on a speech by Rodney Atkinson at a public meeting at the Houses of Parliament on 26th Feb 2008 -updated 2010 Details for purchase of the audio copy see below.
      The EU is based on the Nazi plans published in Berlin in 1942 ” The Eu was founded and initially led by “former” Nazis and fascists, as was the Charlemagne prize awarded to TONY BLAIR, EDWARD HEATH, ROY JENKINS and others for their role in removing democratic sovereignty from the nation states of Europe”
      RODNEY ATKINSON is a former adviser to Ministers and an internationally praised author of 6 books on political economy and the crisis caused by the European superstate. He has broadcast on radio and television in the UK, Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia, Austria and the USA, and his books have been sold in more than 50 countries. ”

      Revealed: The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich …in the EU

      Red House report 1944 – Maison Rouge

      “There was a sharp intake of breath as he began to speak. German industry must realise that the war cannot be won, he declared. ‘It must take steps in preparation for a post-war commercial campaign.’ Such defeatist talk was treasonous – enough to earn a visit to the Gestapo’s cellars, followed by a one-way trip to a concentration camp.

      But Scheid had been given special licence to speak the truth – the future of the Reich was at stake. He ordered the industrialists to ‘make contacts and alliances with foreign firms, but this must be done individually and without attracting any suspicion’.

      The industrialists were to borrow substantial sums from foreign countries after the war.

      They were especially to exploit the finances of those German firms that had already been used as fronts for economic penetration abroad, said Scheid, citing the American partners of the steel giant Krupp as well as Zeiss, Leica and the Hamburg-America Line shipping company.

      But as most of the industrialists left the meeting, a handful were beckoned into another smaller gathering, presided over by Dr Bosse of the Armaments Ministry. There were secrets to be shared with the elite of the elite.

      Bosse explained how, even though the Nazi Party had informed the industrialists that the war was lost, resistance against the Allies would continue until a guarantee of German unity could be obtained. He then laid out the secret three-stage strategy for the Fourth Reich.

      In stage one, the industrialists were to ‘prepare themselves to finance the Nazi Party, which would be forced to go underground as a Maquis’, using the term for the French resistance.

      Stage two would see the government allocating large sums to German industrialists to establish a ‘secure post-war foundation in foreign countries’, while ‘existing financial reserves must be placed at the disposal of the party so that a strong German empire can be created after the defeat’.

      In stage three, German businesses would set up a ‘sleeper’ network of agents abroad through front companies, which were to be covers for military research and intelligence, until the Nazis returned to power.”

      Next month, 27 European Union member states vote in the biggest transnational election in history. Europe now enjoys peace and stability. Germany is a democracy, once again home to a substantial Jewish community. The Holocaust is seared into national memory.

      But the Red House Report is a bridge from a sunny present to a dark past. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda chief, once said: ‘In 50 years’ time nobody will think of nation states.’

      For now, the nation state endures. But these three typewritten pages are a reminder that today’s drive towards a European federal state is inexorably tangled up with the plans of the SS and German industrialists for a Fourth Reich – an economic rather than military imperium.–EU.html

  • dennisR8

    Put the “WOES” of Habakkuk 2: 6, 9, and 12 on signs carry them around. The Hebrew Prophet HABAKKUK prophesied 2500 years ago this day was coming. That day is here take the Rothschild wealth away from them.

    The Hebrew GOD says through HIS prophet Habakkuk that what they have, they stole from humanity.

    The God you do not believe says through HIS prophet Habakkuk, that these bankers are gangsters and thieves.

    Fractional Reserve banking must DIE. Hang the European Royal families, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

    • dennisR8

      I do not agree with this woman’s (Naomi Klein ?) environmentalism. Energy production must be decentralized, agreed. Coal can be made to be a relatively clean fuel after its is combusted. The real issue is the dishonesty of fractional reserve banking that leads to bribery of politicians. I do not believe in global warming is caused by human efforts to generate energy to live.

      Corporation profits must not be our primary concern. Individuals should have access to energy profit, by other means (solar). Take stolen money from bankers that practiced fractional reserve banking for centuries. Decentralize energy production away from corporate profits. I write this despite the fact that I was a engineer at a Nuclear Power plant about to start-up. I am proud of that. Diversity of energy generation is an answer for its own sake, not environmentalism. Honest currency and honest politicians. No Rothschild, Rockefeller, European royal families or Jesuits in decision making of banking operations or energy generation any where on earth.

  • Tatsmaki

    New People’s Revolutions in USA, EU countries and Earth revolution are imminent and win
    According to a notice from the Space blocks control world of the Creators, in the USA, Spain and Greece, the New People’s Revolutions occur and win near.
    And in the process of the world financial crisis also, in GB, France, Germany, Italy such revolutions occur and win.
    In China and Russia also the New People’s Revolutions win. In Japan, with being adapted to the global main stream, the New People’s Revolution happens and wins.
    More Info:
    According to a mass media’s news, in Spain unemployment rate was 23.70% in the 4th quarter of 2014, and it rose to 23.78% in the 1st quarter of 2015. Many peoples are facing the threat of survival.
    According to a notice from the Creators of the Space Blocks control world, in Spain the New People’s Revolution occurs and wins near. Under its influence, the New People’s Revolution occurs and wins in Greece too.
    On the other hand, in the USA too, according to a notice from the Creators, the New American People’s Revolution occurs and wins.
    Both Euro and US dollar collapse, and it develops into the world financial crisis. In its process in GB, France, Germany, Italy, etc. the New People’s Revolution occurs and wins. In Japan under these influences, with being adapted to the main stream of global changes, the New People’s Revolution occurs and wins.
    In China where the poor reached 700 million people, and extreme poor peoples – to 160 million people, the new people’s revolution is near. Already a new people’s party against capitalist development of China has been organized and works in Shanghai.
    In Russia where the poor reached 18 million people, under the influences of revolutions in EU countries, the USA and China the new peple’s revolution occurs and wins.
    In the US colonial Japan after the WW2 successive home land traitors LreadDP’s Govs paid tributary dollar fund to the US imperialism from taxpayers’ huge scale money of Japanese peoples.
    According to a blog of Benjamin Fulford (Asian-Pacific Ocean branch ex-chief of the US Forbes), it’s also pointed out that the tribute reached to $5 trillion~$35 trillion dollars. According to the official announcement, US Gov. bonds holdings by Japan in Feb.,2014,(next to Chinese holdings of 1 trillion 315 billion US dollars), is the 2nd-posision of 1 trillion 186 billion US dollars. Now it would be more than 150 trillion yen.
    This turns to paper pieces because of the Euro collaps and the world financial crisis. And this attributes to nothing the loan of 139 trillion yen and investment fund of 62 trillion yen, in total 200 trillion yen or more that issued the Japanese LDP’s Gov. to special corporations of ex-bureaucrats’ parachute destinations.
    And it attributes to nothing the internal reserves more than 200 trillion yen of large companies in Japan. The capitalist system of plutocratic slave rule from large companies to end small business suffers the catastrophic blow. Threat of survival of the people increases.
    Flying disks coming to the Earth from the Galactic Federation of advanced civilization planets where is no monetary system are suggesting the future of the Earth. In London British workers staged a demonstration under a banner of “Abolish Money!” against G8 summit. At this they became the avant-garde of liberational movement of Earthians.
    Just transition to the new society of everything gratuitous services,following the Destiny of the Creators, gives the way out for US, EU countries and Japan.
    The Creators are intensifying efforts for realizing measures on elimination of disturbance by evil Satan similar beings in the Space blocks control world of the Creators.
    :idea: :eek: :shock:

  • 2QIK4U

    Why is this over one year old event even here? Why don’t you INVESTIGATE Hungarian government just banned ANY AND ALL SOROS RELATED BUSINESSES

    • 2QIK4U

      And how has a comment that’s a year and a half old been posted after mine¥ under this ?

  • VirusGuard

    Best post i have read on B4IN for months and yes we will have to meet force with force if the banker puppets won’t listen to the voice of the people or nothing will ever get fixed.

    When people work out the Trump is just another puppet then i can see full scale war between the government and the people so CNN will try to set the left wing parasites against the right so that bankers can continue to piss on everyone but they should call a truce and simply hang those that were behind 9/11 and those that sold out to the bankers, it’s call treason

  • Maxwell

    a very timely and informative article

  • truck driver

    People around Kansas city Missouri claim their family surrendered to general Patton in world war two , would they be German or not

  • NWO for Dummies.

    So where’s the protest. that pic of the cops joining the protest is from 2012. Naomi cline is a jewish cow fecal artist

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