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The Human Cloning Centers Disclosure

Friday, December 18, 2015 10:01
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The Greatest secret of elites opening up? Cloning humans is not a new business – there are cloning centers around the world, where the clones are kept to be used for constant abuse and experimentation. Very difficult to understand, you have to read a lot about this subject before you can get it. This is what Donald Marshall (and now other whistleblowers joining him) has exposed without caring about the torture that he has experienced and threat to his life for years. I’ll try to explain a bit more.

Rem phase clone (like Donald) means; The real person is sleeping at home and when he reaches the r.e.m sleep state, his consciousness shifts to his clone in the cloning center, where there are also lots of other clones mainly of celebrities and high profile people. The clones are similar to the real person, but they tend to show up the lower side of their personality in those horrific circumstances; more violent, sexually oriented and even retarded.

Donald also explains that there are some defects on the process of creating clones. And notice that most of the clones are not voluntarily there, many are not even aware of being there, because they are memory suppressed. (Personally I feel, due to his own bitterness (understandably) and the inhuman circumstances of the place, Donald blames even those that are considered “good” people in real life.)

There seems to be victim/abuser division. Children, celebrities and animals are abused, beaten even to death – if the clone dies, no problem they can produce in labs more clones just by using some blood or cells. The other category are the abusers such as Queen Elisabeth. She is claimed to be the most offensive predator. The rest of basics you have to read yourself.

Donald Marshal wrote a letter, which has been online on Youtube since 2011 and he has been since constantly exposing participants in the cloning abuse. One may conclude that he is telling the truth, otherwise one of the people mentioned would have hit him with legal charges already. In his letter Donald says: ‘I will tell everything in person on camera, will take lie detector tests myself and I have proof this is real… I will be tortured there badly for sending you this, I might die for blanketing the world with this message..’.

He is an insider with incredible information who has risked his life all alone, but recently some other celebs have joined the battle to get this exposed. Latest Rapper B.o.B. corroborating Donald.

People have to know about this and it must end. Donald has made thousands of songs during his inprisonment. Lots of them are hinting about the cloning center you just need to listen. I request everyone to take time to read and investigate and share his message. If you do it with the intention to make the world better place you will be protected, but if you do it due to getting more hits, think twise. They try to stop everyone of exposing this, I think Donald has survived only due to his sincere, sacrificing attitude.


Latest tweets from; B.o.B@bobatl 12. december; I swear I don’t want attention or money or fame no more… just to get the truth out. And B.o.B@bobatl, Remember if anything happens to me… = #coverup. And B.o.B@bobatl 29, If my account gets deleted = Cover Up!

Let’s follow up, and help him to survive; Rapper B.o.B. Addresses Cloning & Donald;And; Rapper B.o.b Exposes;Donald spoke with B.o.B;

Recent video; Some guy tells about his experience in Cloning Center with Donald;He tells that he was made to believe in cloning center that Donald is Jesus, then Donald-Jesus was killed in front of him. He is memory suppressed, but remembers some glimpses.

Celebrity Tila Tequila about the Missing Children & Cloning Centers; that’s right the cloning centers, parents listen to me! They are blocking me…Donald comments that Tila did the radio show by surprise, it was supposed to be a pre-recorded show so she told about the illuminati clones… but she went live half way talking about kids stuck in the cloning centers… Recently Tila seems to be so messed up, may be just mind contolled.

Spencer Eskridge; The Ultimate Guide to Human Cloning;Another guy, Phil Chuppa in cloning center;

Psychic Focus on Donald Marshall; He is ready to expose what is happening to these people, even if it costs him his life…People with enough cash are basically allowed to do what they want to another living person, and the people that suffered were treated like disposable objects – I feel this relates to how this man has experienced life. Others will come forward and speak out – and this will start to be exposed for what it is. I do feel the oddity of the monarchy (UK). The energy feels negative, and something isn’t right.

George Green Talks Cloning Presidents;And Randy Cramer/Capt K mentions being cloned on Mars, after he was hit by some weapon and died; Randy Cramer (Captain K) was brought back into a younger cloned body of 17…


His web page: And Photo of clones; A lot of links and info about cloning;

Donald’s original letter; Recent Free disclosure book about him and cloning; Join discussion; Donald on

Video interview of Donald Marshall on The Vinny Eastwood show:Films, books, hinting about cloning; Recent Interview With Donald, celebrity cloning center, vrill, host;.

One of the hits Donald made in CC, on Davy Jones Music Box (NO ORGANS), beautiful but sad, don’t cry;.


Confront; And Think Tank for spreading Don’s expose. Share; Or

Just one example from Donald; Creepy….the maker of the Twilight (vampire 90210) books and movies (Stephenie Meyers) attends cloning, even had me help with lines for the movies and I was clone tortured until I could come up with songs for the soundtrack. Like Paramore, who have used almost only songs from me since the start of their band…;

China “Clone Factory” Scientist Eyes Human Cloning;Clones;

Top Iranian Official Warns Obama Could Be a Clone;…“Our secret services have fallen upon critical information about the cloning of American presidents going back 20 years.

Lt Colonel SC: Witnessed Human Cloning in Underground Bases;“They’re CLONING People” illuminatti wife/whistleblower speaks out; Human Cloning EXPOSED! <<iframe allowfullscreen=”" frameborder=”0″ height=”440″ src=”” width=”640″>

Immortality for rich;–transplanting-brains-robot-bodies.html#ixzz218zkLD9A

And this you may have seen in BIN; Cloning Is Real! Celebrity Tells All!, Dec 17 2015.

This my article was originally posted on 14th Dec on BIN, but it came out only today, and thus was not to be seen at all, by anyone, so I posted it here again, a bit updated.

Findottier, Expanding Earth Not Flattening


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  • Findottier

    You may be confused as there is already another article with the same title on Top 50 articles. That one never came out on the category pages since 14 th Dec, but seems people are spreading it now. This version here is the latest a bit updated. Thank you for reading and spreading word out. It is time to expose the cloning centers.

    • Look up...Wake up

      Thanks for having the courage to write this article.
      I wanted to A LONG TIME AGO… but chickened out.
      Afraid of waking up in a cloning center and being tortured for eternity.
      God speed!

      • G.M.

        I know this is a 2 Hour Video, but you and everyone you know needs to watch it, very bright person and a very good presentation answering quite a lot, forget about cloning, they are turning every Human Being into a Robot Worldwide

        • G.M.

          I just wanted to add this person’s comment on the video

          Glenn Makin

          Not sure what to make of this. Some interesting info in places, but with a bizarre mix of occultism, New Age philosophy, Christian rhetoric, promotion of the alien agenda which is pure illuminati mind control directed from the Vatican. And for a scientist, lots of unproven, unobjective claims about alien life, chakras, energy sucking demonic spiders with human faces which were drawn by a remote viewer,which are both alien, and demonic, and linked with man-made morgellons fibres…


      • Findottier

        You may see still one video on 19 Dec

        SHOCKER: Lady Gaga tells top 1% Yale study participants she was “genetically made”
        “What they want is a thoroughbred,” Gaga told…

        NEW HAVEN, Conn. (INTELLIHUB) — The Skull and Bones backed Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Born This Way Foundation…pulled together 200 high school kids onto the Yale campus for what can only be described as an indoctrination ceremony of the top 1%.

        To top it all… Lady Gaga gave a presentation in which she said a few alarming things.

        During her speech Gaga told the audience that… she “created” herself. Additionally Gaga explained how she was “genetically made,” just before she quickly corrected herself by adding, “I was born this way.”…“The person you need to accept is you,” Gaga said. Video;
        And the source;

        • Findottier

          After listening this video it is not clear what Gaga means by “genetically made, I was born this way”…she just describes about her life and struggles.

    • Lucifer Morningstar

      nothing’s going to be disclosed but your own slow demise :evil:

      • Findottier

        How do you know brother Antichrist? When you are predicting for others demise, I hope nothing karmic will happen to you, lets hope God father will save you from that. Happier new Year and more positive mind!

    • BStallard

      HE IS A FRAUD, HE went on to say he wrote songs for madonna creed an other celebrities!
      a host of people wanted to interview him, but he turned them down for money purposes
      I have no doubt cloning is real, but this donald fellow is a fraud!
      now a days everyone seems to be getting tortured by cloning our where in M15 secretly,
      you really have to watch out with what whistleblowers you believe!
      not all of them are truthful and telling the truth, In fact the government even sends people in
      to discredit the other whistleblowers and they even make up stories to confuse everyone!–donald-marshall-debunked-part-2–on-03-21-14-stay-bold-radio

      here is a link with information, there is a ton of other debunking information online as well!
      why people don’t do research before posting lengthy articles to make the sheep believe is beyond me!
      everyone needs to polarize themselves, when reading these articles on BIN,
      dont believe it, but dont also dont believe it ! stay in the middle !
      do your research, we are living in an age full of lies an deception !
      fake end of the world dates an schemes ! fake terrorist attacks !

      • Findottier

        Relax, relax, relax. It is not so good to blame people before asking them. This only makes you look a bit fool, sorry to say. I mean you don’t know how much I did research before writing this. I have done research years now, so don’t worry about that.

        I have not said people should not use their own brains. I even said that Donald blames people who are “good” in normal life, what I mean is that clones are often drugged, mind controlled and you can imagine how stupid things anyone might do in such condition, besides criminals and sex abusers torturing. Also our subconscious which probably work mostly in clone is often what our thoughts are, we tend to have more anger although consciously we don’t show that in normal life.

        The video that you sent the link, I couldn’t get functioning and ended up watching the only debunking video I could find namely; Kids Movie 2015 Full HD ] donald marshall debunked;

        Watch, relax and enjoy!

    • Findottier

      Thank you for all the readers and especially those who have taken this seriously and try to help to expose the cloning centers. Thanks for BIN on publishing this article and thanks for B.o.B and Donald Marshall.

    • Findottier

      Today published video 7 March 2016; Donald Marshall Interview 2016: Illuminati Cloning Centers

      Recent video also; Donald Marshall Interview 2016: { Cloning Centres, Vril, Queen Elizabeth, B.o.B, Reptilians }

  • freedomparade

    Well-researched article introducing the work of Donald Marshall to new readers…with many links to youtube videos, interviews, and websites to guide the beginner through the dense content of secret science, twisted elite and the music industry’s biggest secret. If one was to begin to follow the links posted….it would take them all the way down the rabbit hole and closer to the truth than they ever imagined…

  • NWO for Dummies.

    and what happened to all the children they kidnapped from south/central america – disappeared from memory as well as sight.

    • G.M.

      10 Million Children disappear each Year World Wide, they refuse to say how many Adults, in Asia a woman named Sen said 100 Million Woman are Missing from the total Numbers in Asia.

      1.3 Million Children each year just from America Vanish, 800,000 reported missing, 500,000 est. not reported again who knows how many Adults, they won’t say

  • Findottier

    B.o.B ‏@bobatl 17. december

    one of the main concerns they have is keeping people calm once the truth gETs out… ALL the way out

    B.o.B ‏@bobatl 14. december

    It’s why the Egyptians preserved their organs … they didn’t know what they would need to be brought back to life … or cloned back.

    B.o.B ‏@bobatl 17. december

    It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.

    • Oski

      “gETs out” ? like the ET’s ?

  • Michael Carrigan

    The desire for eternal life on earth without the Lord is the road to death.

    And after death, the spirit returns unto God. Once the body cloned dies, the spirit enters into eternal life or eternal death based on the choice that soul made before his body died. The soul does not enter into the clone.

    Ecclesiastes 12
    6Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. 7Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

  • Sucking Chest Wound

    If this is true, I’d like to place an order for my own clone of a young Pammy in a red costume please, because it’s a real pain every night having to inflate my current one.

  • Luxx

    Im curious to know if EVERYONE is cloned?

  • Findottier

    Hundreds of singers, mucisians, song composers etc are using Donald Marshall’s materials made in cloning center and claiming them to be their own. Donald is exposing this on his blog and blaming them practically confiscating his materials. I wander why these musicians, singers, composers don’t sue Donald?

    Donald; David Foster did this my whole life,… he plays piano well, but he has never written a successful song in his life… his mansion was build with my blood and tears and pain…”

    Did you get it Sucking and Luxx? No…. ?

  • Findottier

    Donald Marshall’s recent comment about the song he made for Madonna;
    No one ever questions the lyrics. I’ve always found that strange.

    Madonna – 4 Minutes;


    • Mayhem

      Madonna is still keeping it classy, i see, and furiously playing the role of mutton dressed up as lamb. I mean to say this is public behaviour of an old aged woman. She’ll forever hate me for calling her “old-aged” but the reality is that there are 3 ages, spread over a roughly 76 year life expectancy and at 57 she’s simply in the final age and that’s all there is to it. Loved her in Evita and was pleasantly surprised by her rendition of “Don’t cry for me…” I didn’t think she had the voice but she did.

      Right then; you don’t want my opinion on “4 minutes” and if you think you do there’s bound to be regret.

      Onward: The link to the article regarding telepathy is a crock. One guy is wearing a “sender” cap which reads his brains electrical impulses. The other guy is wearing a “receiver” cap that tries to mimic this with electric pulses. All good and well but where’s the telepathy while the two caps are directly connected to each other?

      Oh and the results make for interesting reading. For example…

      “… it suddenly looks like you’re pushing on your own eyeballs so hard that you see weird, dancing light, then you know the answer is yes,..”

      … so in fact the receiver isn’t seeing the original picture, at all, yet that is the stated premise of the entire experiment. It’s interesting but it concludes very little of value other than being able to differentiate between a “yes” and “no” brain signal and be able to mimic that by stimulating a patterned signal in some other guy’s brain.

  • Findottier

    B.o.B ‏@bobatl 5 hours ago, the world isn’t waging war, the elite are
    B.o.B ‏@bobatl 21. december, 2016 will most definitely be an eye-opening year

    B.o.B tells Larry Madowo about rap music, cloning celebrities;

    B.o.B – Blank Mafia (Lyrics);

    Leaked photos of clones in Dulce;

  • Findottier

    ET s that are channelled by Ivan Teller has been saying few times now that human beings are cloned in MILABs, mostly from birth by Pleiadians, Greys and Zetas etc. They say our leaders are mostly clones, but they don’t know it and they are mind controlled. Also the media reporters are often clones. Humans are used like rats… Mexicon bases are mostly used for cloning. He mentions Edvards Airforce base also.

    Something was in this video, but there also are other recent videos mentioning it from different sources;

  • skreamer

    Invasion of the body snatchers!

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