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The Elite Are In a Panic! They’ve Moved Into Targeting Opposition—Media, Judges, Patriots, Christians… Who’s Next?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 11:01
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By Lisa Haven 


Have you ever had a gut feeling that something big and possibly bad is right around the corner? If you have, you’re not the only one! The feeling seems to be in the air. We know it, the elite know it, the pentagon knows it, and even our military knows it. 

I believe a great evil is about to befall not only our nation but the entire world. Something major is unfolding and everyone knows it. The economy is unstable, the world is on the brink of war, the elite are running to their bunkers and governments are planning for a mass civil breakdown. Far too many things are on the forefront and one must ask themselves, “What the heck is going on?” 

I HIGHLY encourage you to watch the video below in its entirety. This is probably one of the most important videos I’ve done because it shares what I believe could play out in the very NEAR future, including an information war and the elite all out killing opposition. 

This is one video you do not want to miss… 


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  • Daniel Jackson

    Have to admit that for awhile now this nation and the world has retch the point of tipping the scales, we teeter now on the precipice of the unknown and realize that all this world needs is one major event to cause everything to start falling like dominoes. Now is the time to pay attention because before long things can start to escalate.

    • Zabwe

      Peter Deunov
      Born: July 11, 1864, Nikolaevka, Bulgaria
      Died: December 27, 1944, Sofia, Bulgaria
      Books: The Might of Love,
      “There will be floods, hurricanes, gigantic fires and earthquakes that will sweep away everything. Blood will flow in abundance. There will be revolutions; terrible explosions will resound in numerous regions of the earth. There where there is earth, water will come, and there where there is water, earth will come.”

      Further on he refers to waves of “cosmic electricity” (cosmic ray electrons?) which will sweep the Earth. Indeed, the main component of a superwave would be its cosmic ray electrons. Here he indicates an ongoing volley:

      “The earth will soon be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of Cosmic Electricity. A few decades from now beings who are bad and lead others astray will not be able to support their intensity.”

      Deunov also mentions that our solar system is currently traversing an unhealthy dusty region of “contaminated space” called the “13th zone” which was left behind by the destruction of a constellation (or star?):

      • my2pesos

        C Frenetic Fraught ~ Fetching Fracture

        • Zabwe

          Act 1 of Kalergi plan – Wash out of Native American Indians with European rapists – murderers – child molesters – thieves – con men – scammers gamblers and snake oil men- online DNA analysis a speciality…………

          • Zabwe

            Act 2 Kalergi plan – to wash Europeans with Africans – Asians and Middle Eastern Rapists – murderers – child molesters and thieves – They will target middle class threat – Just like Napoleon removed the middle and upper class who were a threat and opposed his reign……….

  • Leroy Winston

    Mister Wong don’t believe you, Lisa Haven…

    …but even if what you say is correct, then so what :!: : the Nazis, Stalin, the Red Chinese and Big and Little Kim (NK), operated this way many decades ago, and it was/is very successful…

    The only thing you have to fear is having your bible stolen in the middle of the night by a 2ft tall Jewish bible thief.

    • underdog

      I think there is something wong with u today .

  • Leroy Winston

    But no need to fear the Japs or the Turks; they’re too lazy and stupid to get to ‘Murica (unlike clever sneaky Chinese who are taking over USA right now :wink: )

    • Pink Slime

      What about the bitter and cheap chinks who Japan kicked their sorry asses??

      • Redeemer

        And don’t forget they enjoy eating dogs…now who would do a sick thing like that and expect to command any respect in the West! :twisted:

        • Zabwe

          1950s prophet……..
          “There will be floods, hurricanes, gigantic fires and earthquakes that will sweep away everything. Blood will flow in abundance. There will be revolutions; terrible explosions will resound in numerous regions of the earth. There where there is earth, water will come, and there where there is water, earth will come.”

          Further on he refers to waves of “cosmic electricity” (cosmic ray electrons?) which will sweep the Earth. Indeed, the main component of a superwave would be its cosmic ray electrons. Here he indicates an ongoing volley:

          “The earth will soon be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of Cosmic Electricity. A few decades from now beings who are bad and lead others astray will not be able to support their intensity.”

          Deunov also mentions that our solar system is currently traversing an unhealthy dusty region of “contaminated space” called the “13th zone” which was left behind by the destruction of a constellation (or star?):

        • Zabwe

          You may need to stand shoulder to shoulder with what you call a dog eating Chinaman in order to rebuild you desolated civilisation………

          • my2pesos

            Chinaman ~ Chan Main
            Chan – Level, Flat
            Level Flat ~ Let VA Fell
            A Level Flat ~ Lava ET Fell

    • Eggzactly

      Oh, You meanuh like um Japaneese did in the 90′s and Japan Economee Go Boomee Flushee Like um China’s is doing now, Likeum dat Mr Wong? I have a feeling your stupid comment is as Wong as your last name! :wink:
      BTW~ We Bought our land Back from them for Pennies on The Dollar! Goodum for You um Mr Wong!

    • real_journo

      your a racist idiot to be sure, part of the problems of the human race.

      • Eggzactly

        You talking to Me Bro?

  • Busta Myth

    Well said about them NOT being Christians

    Everybody looks at all the horrible things that they are doing all around the World, but too few people look at WHO THEY ARE or WHAT they all have in common

    You might find these links VERY interesting Lisa

    Pharistocracy <<<<<< MUST WATCH

    Masonic Switzerland – Home of the Pharaohs

  • jclbiz

    Lisa, I really thank the LORD for all you do! It is true, the Kazarian jew banksters are losing there grip. If we fail to stop them and there Zionist sock puppet’s soon, then yes we are in deep dudu. I do believe we will soon the petro $ disappear and GODS money return.

    Jack Lovett

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. As you know it is the last year of the negro. What has he got to lose, huh? The timing of Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s death was unfortunate. You can bet the Democraps are gleeful about it.

    The tipoff is the negro is wasting NO TIME in finding a replacement as time is short on his reign. The negro can feel it coming. And, of course, the negro will pick a most notorious debased character much like himself. Illegal, unfit, radical and unqualified to leave you a bitter sample of how the negro HATES America after he leaves!!

    That is, if he does not declare himself Usurper Negro for life first!! Then the sodomite negro will go really CRAZY on you! But half of America will not take it. Civil war looms again.


    Charlie (Get the tea, then get the doughnut and watch from the sidelines) :lol:

    • Zabwe

      Similar to reign of Herod – Who placed his spies all over Egypt to gauge what the public thought of him before packing dissenters off to fema camps to be neatly stacked in tupperware boxes in deep freeze storage………them boxes look like they have no holes for red neck pink slime to ooze from………….

      • Pink Slime

        Herod was NOT a negro!

        • Zabwe

          How would you know… are just dumb ass red neck who cannot get his head around 50 years of US bull*hit……….

          • Pink Slime

            How do I know?

            I lived and observed Negroes. And most are RACIST dumb ass negro necks!

            Can’t get along with them no matter how nice you are, because they be NEGROES!!

            They think just because they have He-rods they can go rape America.

    • Zabwe

      What a shame – You have the same amount of neurones as their are stars within the milky way and you cannot even hit one………

  • patrick9710

    Well! IT is a tragedy that although some of INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE IS FANTASTIC. I am afraid YOU ARE VERY WRONG about Donald Trump. He has always used khazarian Jews money and Casinos and a whole bunch of his operations are a front for all kinds of things. Trump is completely IGNORANT about so many issues. He is blaming china for the debt of the USA.

    People have failed to see that the Federal Reserve System is a Ponzi scheme, and as such eventually had to reach its limit. Since it is a subtle means of transferring wealth, then by charging 9% of every dollar for seigniorage, even in all those trillions upon trillions of digital dollars, then the more you print the more you are indebted to the criminal cartel of bankers who print the money. When the world’s wealth can not longer pay even the interest on such massive debt, then the whole world’s economy will collapse.

    That point has been reached. Don’t you see? NOBODY is buying anymore US securities and US bonds. Therefore, nobody is buying more US debt, so the FED is an official counter fitter of money by Q1,Q2, and Q3. It means they are just printing money with no value anymore. It is only devaluing the money in existence and it is trying to bring all the currencies down with it.

    Us federal debt has gone over 18 trillion dollars, but add municipal, states debt, cities debt, commercial industrial, mortgage debt, credit card debt and you have another 175 trillion dollars. To that you must add another 70 trillion dollars of promises in Medicare and Medicaid, and socials security. That is about 500% GDP, but that is pale in comparison to derivatives debt which surpasses 500 trillion dollars. Better buy as much as you can of gold and silver because the whole game is about to be over. Any-day now! The USA is broke folks, anyway you slice. TOTAL DEVASTATION OF THE WORLD!

    Trump never offers a solution. He somehow thinks that because he could negotiate real estate deals, then somehow that is a magic wand that he is going to use on other people. But he does not know what to do about anything. Yes he is better than Cruz who is nothing but a Goldman Sachs agent, like Hillary, and Bush, Rubio are not better. But Trump is not a solution.

    • Zabwe

      China first nation to print………..
      Rothschild in debt to China……..
      Rothschild’s flooded Europe with Opium to pay debt………
      New silk road………
      Afghanistan just placed tax on opium export……..
      Poppy day to celebrate crime families control of heroin trade route……….

  • doggy do

    Dont’cha just love it when you click on BIS now, and at least two pop-up ads for crap appear on your computer? More money for BIS! Don’tcha just love it when–you probably don’t remember since the collective memories of most people reading BIs, due to the video ames they play all day, make their brains rot–some idiot like the writer posts stuff about the ‘illuminate’ when they’re probably an illuminati themselves and when the poster has already decreed that the illuminati are either in shelters deep underground and therefore can’t do what the poster said they’d do, or that the illuminati have fled the earth for saturn or some other ridiculous place because either some planet X or an asteroid or aliens are heading this way, much to toe surprise of everyone viewing the heavens except of course the idiot writer of this crap.

    • Eggzactly

      Ever heard of ‘ad block plus’? Hint,, It blocks ads. :grin:

  • dianecee

    The elite has every right to be scared. We are coming for them. Every century the elite killed the peasants or vice versa. The elite are out numbered by billions. Prepare, fellow Americans…

    • Zabwe

      They have you herded like cattle among microwave cell towers – how high a frequency would it take to vaporise the sheople……..Facebook – google powered by hive artificial intelligence……..Google dream machine – dreamland and the after dark cerebral downloads and updates……….

  • Anonymous

    Lisa… Iran is not the enemy, the enemy is Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Saudi provided the 19 terrorists for 9/11 and they Wahhabism operate a red of INTERNATIONAL TERRORISMS, they fisically eliminate the opposition, right now they are committing crimes against humanity and GENOCIDE in Yemen…Turkey, is a well know genocide country, they massacred the Armenian people and right now are doing the same to the Kurds and want to invade and annex Syrian territory…Stop listen to the CNN/FOX State controlled propaganda.

  • Eggzactly

    Lisa, You are right on with this one, not to mention American Citizens are being gunned down like animals by their own police depts in the streets. I hit my fed up point with them when I saw the video of the guy crawling away from the cops on the ground and 2 of them kept pumping rounds into him from 50′ away! Crawling on his hands and knees until his last breath! :mad:
    If you have never seen “No Hesitation” Targets for law enforcment and police and FEDS. You need to look them up now and that’s what they have been training for……….Us! :mad:

    • infowarrior

      Including children!

  • Zabwe

    All human life is going through stages of evolvement – many people are at different levels – 99% are running around with their heads up their ass while a small percentage are just patiently awaiting the cosmic energy waves arriving……….You need to be positive and be forgiving in your confusion………..

  • Zabwe

    :neutral: All thoughts are concentric energy waves – consciousness just seems to be a little above your head – Concentric energy waves arriving from centre of galaxy………..
    Frenetic _ Genetics……………

  • Drexall Krabbage


    • Hako

      We don’t need any more fiction and propaganda from the Cruz supporters. You, like Cruz, speak with forked tongue. :razz:

  • Zabwe

    The publicity machine at the World Health Organization (WHO) is unloosing cover-fire to help the Oxitec biowarriors evade detection after releasing their gene-transfer bioweapon under the camouflage of a Zika virus outbreak across Latin America. Corrupted by grants and job offers from partners Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust, the WHO directors and executive staff responded to this outbreak by calling for yet another round of vaccine development. Even though their past vaccination trials proved to be dismal failures, the pharmaco-addicted bureaucrats in Geneva are eager to waste more scarce funding diverted from basic public health programs in order to perpetrate a cover-up of their role in promoting gene-based warfare.

  • doggy do

    First, how can you people continue to believe, much less read, this crap? Everything, it seems according to all who fill BIN with BIS, is either under control of aliens from Niburu or planet X, Obama and the illuminati, Obama or the illuminati, Putin, or Obama, the devil, the pope, the pope and the devil, Obama working with Putin and G. Soros, and/or the illuminati—whom no one EVER identifies specifically–everything and everyone knowing EVERYTHING, but little ol YOU. So, you wind up being afraid of EVERYTHING. No wonder you’re addicted. Addicted to the rush of pure, adulterated fearporn. Can’t get enough of fearporn crack. Because you’re so afraid, because you’re overwhelmed by the 24-hour news cycle, the onrush of everything new from LED TV to the concept of life on other planets, to manned space flight to Mars, you feel powerless. So, you wallow in FEAR. You LOVE FEARPORN. Probably wank a bone or two over it. So, let’s review: CAN YOU SAY TYPICAL NAZI FASCIST TACTIC—TELL A LIE AND HOPE IT TURNS INTO THE TRUTH?

    We’re now being afflicted with at ongoing BIS “the world will end” fearporn reports, thus earning the posters enough money to buy more Powerball tickets that another fearporn artist has posted to say that the Powerball is an illuminati trick even though another poster had earlier posted that ‘all the illuminati have gone to Planet X’ fearporn even though they haven’t, and it’s usually some factory worker shoprat who wins any lottery.
    We’re also now being afflicted with the much-anticipated and completely expected
    ‘Antonin Scalia was murdered’ BIS fearporn. So, from that we can conclude that every famous—or infamous—person ever has never died from natural causes, such as an undiscovered aneurysm, a heart attack, stroke, or some other non- ‘nefarious’ reason. It’s always that someone famous, all famous people, were murdered, and therefore are great for getting clicks on websites, thus earning the poster money so he or she can post more fearporn. Must be a lot of busy murderers out there. Gimme a break.

    We’ve gone through the 17 people shot in new Orleans and no media covered it even though media across the country covered it’ fearporn.
    We’re now enduring the latest belch of bullcrap, that the United Nations will take over the U.S.’ fearporn, even though they CONSIST OF 97,000 troops that ALSO INCLUDES 35 U.S. TROOPS (Look up the TRUTH here: ) She continues to be savvy in earning money from posting BS at this site that appeals only to fear’ fearporn. With I’m sure owners of many of the 300 million guns in America reading this, Why Do some of You People Continue To Believe This, And HER? Gotta Love that false flag fearporn!!
    We’ve gone through the ‘Putin, the devil incarnate (true), will start WW III,’ and ‘Putin, an angel of god (false, in fact, false flag), will prevent WW III’ double-dip fearporns.
    Former CIA—yeah right—agent says Obama’s a crook’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘Obama’s going to be impeached’ fearporn. Yeah, right.
    We’ve gone through the ‘Putin will destroy Turkey (false flag)’fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘everything that is real is a false flag and that a false flag is a false flag for a false flag, but whatever you say against me saying it’s all a false flag is a false flag because they’ll never be a true flag because I get paid too much to say everything’s a false flag false flag’ fearporn
    We’ve gone through ‘the niburians are coming, the niburians are coming’ fearporn about once every, oh, six weeks, whenever the science fiction writer of this particular line of crap sees his bank account getting low, or wants a good laugh from setting off the usual bunch of yahoos into a fearporn frenzy’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘there are thousands of nasty middle-east people who want to kill us all operating in plain view and no one does anything about it even though the only ones who say they exist are fearporn sites’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘21st century version of the “yellow peril” about Syrians coming to the U.S. and they’ll all be terrorists and we won’t find out enough about them’ Fearporn. Love their food, by the way. Unless….acchhh!! I’ve… been…acchhh!!…poisoned….’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘Nibiru will pass earth in 2017, giving the writer who came up with that bit of fiction plenty of time to fill his checking account with revenue from two years of ad clicks’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘Niburu and planet x will pass earth in 2016’ fearporn, so read above and Make up your mind, will ya’ fearporn.
    we’ve gone through the ‘Texas will be taken over’ by the country it already is a part of fearporn.
    We’ve recently entered the ‘Alaska will be taken over by the country it already is a part of’ fearporn era. Good choice, since the state is full of paranoids and escapists, both from reality and the law.
    We’ve gone through the ‘military exercises really a takeover of the U.S. by the U.S.’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘texas town taken over by its own army’ ha ha, just kidding’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ”all the school gun murders are false flags to take our guns’–I still have my seven or eight– fearporn. How about YOU?
    We’ve gone through the ‘no one caries a gun like that, must be wrong/fake/an alien/a russian spy take your pick’ fearporn even though if you’ve EVER had any experience carrying an m-16-type weapon, you’d know they were made to be carried almost anyway you want to carry them. So stupid.
    We’ve gone through the ‘Obama’s coming to take my guns’ –I still have mine, by the way, how many of yours has he taken’—fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘all school gun murders were done by space aliens’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘all school gun murders were fake’ fearporn—try telling that to: the EMS workers, the DOCTORS, the NURSES, the POLICE, the TEACHERS, the MEs, the PROSECUTORS, and most of all, parents of the DEAD all of whom you think had a meeting to whip up a vast conspiracy that your confused, possibly drug-laced little mind has talked you into believing—which makes me want to puke in your face’ fearporn. See NAZI reference above for more puke-invoking crap.
    We’ve gone thru the ‘world will end sept. 25′ fearporn.
    We’ve gone thru ‘the whole world is under the devil’s control—guess that means the writer of the trash who decreed that, too’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘the world will end Oct. 18′ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘well it didn’t end on Sept 25 or Oct. 18 or 20, but it will in November’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘weather chaos will erupt in 500 days, giving the writer enough time to make hundreds of posts, earning him/her lots of money; pretty clever I’d say’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘everyone’s an antichrist but me, the real saviour, and if anyone says anything against me, you’re the antichrist too even though i belong in a hospital, or maybe I am in one already’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the “someone’s piloting a comet towards earth, and you can see them inside’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘all walmarts are now ready as FEMA prison camps’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘there are secret tunnels leading to all Walmarts to turn them into FEMA prison camps overnight and they’re moving thousands of tanks across the nation in these secret tunnels’ fearporn. Yeah, right.
    We’ve gone through the ‘they’re knocking at my door to take my guns—even though I still have mine’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘the stock market will crash in April, June, October/take your pick of dates’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘there are FEMA prison camps all over the nation but no one can find them’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘city disappears and no one notices’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘the supercollider at CERN is a gateway to the devil because it’s science-based’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘supercollider at CERN is permanently closed’ even though it isn’t fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘they’re spreading poison in the contrails seen from jets even through they’ve existed since we began flying in the stratosphere’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through, numerous times, that ‘WW III is starting any day’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘anyone who disagrees with me is a CIA operative troll, hey what a good way to discredit someone, just fling out an accusation with absolutely no proof, just like Joe Mccarthy in the 50s, a great ‘when did you stop beating your wife statement’’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘anyone who disagrees with me is a govt. operative…hey that’s a great way to discredit anyone, with ‘proof’ that someone made up 15 minutes ago, or presenting absolutely no proof at all, just say it anyway because the people who believe that aliens are living in their basements will definitely believe this’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘I’m so important, the government has assigned one person to each of us on BIN to monitor me and tell us that no, there is no second moon orbiting the earth, that UFOs are not hiding in the earth’s core, that there is no ‘man in the Mars’ staring at us from that planet even though we, in our current state of dementia, know that there is so I’d better put on my aluminum foil hat now’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘the moon will be hit by an asteroid—maybe’ fearporn.
    Who wants to add more here? I’m betting very few are, because so many of you are living in a fantasy world that is the internet.
    What you should be asking yourselves is, why do i enjoy being afraid of the boogeyman so much? It’s not Halloween for another year, so why?
    Does anyone reading this crap with enough sense to climb out of their ‘build your end of the world shelter now fearporn’ plans even see ANY kind of pattern here with the crap that is posted on BIN?
    I know batboy would. But he’s retired and living in a cave, unless he’s infected with white nose syndrome.
    I’m adding to this list constantly, because the writers of this stuff lost their jobs at Weekly World News or The Enquirer and now make money this way, writing fearporn while locked in their little apartments, because ‘I’m too afraid to speak to anyone for fear they’re an alien, or a government agent, Obama or Putin spy of Obama/Putin spy, or Obama and Putin wearing a disguise, who, apparently out of my own twisted sense of clinical narcissistic or severe dissociative disorder, think I’m the most important person in the world and therefore worthy of being spied on, or…take your pick, but mostly because I make lots of money doing it’ fearporn.
    It’s to MAKE THE POSTERS OF THIS CRAP MONEY, people. Nothing more. They feed on your fear. YOU feed on their delusions.
    Will you be joining the ranks of ‘the guy who shot his friend during a zombie movie marathon because he was so crapped he thought his friend was turning into a zombie even though there is no such thing’ fearporn?
    And what does that say about YOU?

  • chessy


  • Sherry Bailey

    Applying For ‘Resident Evil of The World’:
    Obama Wants to Become Secretary General of the
    United Nations After He Leaves The White House?

    The United Nations Is Heading The New Age, New World Order Under
    The Ruse of Calling It The Mystic Aquarian Age of Ascension???

    Aquarian Age Community – United Nations:
    When Link Opens Click On Untied Nations;

    United Nations – Diamond Light – Aquarius Age:
    When Link Opens Click On Diamond LIght;

    The Hornet’s Nest!

    The Age of Aquarius:
    The Reorientation of NASA After 1969;

    Aquarius/Age of Evil-Full Documentary –

    The Spiritual Deception Behind
    The New Age Movement:
    The Dark Deception of Freemasonry
    The Secret Doctrine of Freemasonry
    An Overview of Freemasonry
    Kabbalah – Jewish Occult Mysticism
    The ‘god’ of Masonry is Baphomet, Goat of Mendez, Lucifer the Light Bearer, Satan;

    Luciferian Planetary Initiation:
    Initiations into the New Age of Aquarius;

    The New Age Is Not New;

    Flee For Your Everlasting Life;

  • Zabwe

    Super-humanism and the cosmic wave update…………Vibrating molecules within a photon fabric……….

  • my2pesos

    Reflection ~ If Electron
    Reflections ~ RE: Infect Sol
    Reflections ~ Frenetic Sol
    Reflections ~ Reef Lions Ect.

  • my2pesos

    Synonym — Fraught
    Frenetic Fraught ~ RE: Affecting Hurt

    1. Affect a (person, organism, cell ect.) with a disease causing organism.

  • my2pesos

    Science ‘n’ Fiction ~ Scenic Infection
    Rocket Science ~ Creek to Scenic

  • Eggzactly

    Please make~Some sense
    In your~post

  • Zabwe

    Docility – Hostility – liability – frequency strike will cost dearly…………..

  • my2pesos

    John 1:1-2
    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.

  • my2pesos

    Mr. BO ‘y’ BB

  • Zabwe

    ………..Who’s God………….

    Nadine X

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