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How Anybody Can Turn a Washing Machine into an Electrical Generator That’ll Power Your House

Thursday, January 21, 2016 9:12
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This is NOT some Mickey Mouse “generator” that barely yeilds enough power to charege your cell phone.  This is the real deal that will crank out 780 watts of power just from a running water source.  Check out this video, leave your comments and share it with others. Thanks!

Free power- How to convert an old washing machine into a water powered generator

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Total 23 comments
  • djfxw

    Power your house with 780 watts? Do you have a lamp and a lap top as your only power draw?

    • sitrep

      Friend, 780 watts is a lot of power, especially if you have none.
      What is the point your trying to make in your comment other than being sarcastic.
      Everyone is witness to you not listing any of your works.
      BTW what are some of your accomplishments?
      There is no need in being so sarcastic, projects like this lead to Brain Storming,thinking out of the box>not sarcasim!!!
      You are the type that just scans entire sites spreading sarcasim, worried that the bottom has fallen out of the price of oil, do not worry, friend soon fuel, oil, etc will cost so much no one will afford it.
      Right now they are selling the Gas Guzzler vehicles, and selling them fast under the false gas prices.
      1&2 ground, and pound………… time, give some examples of your works, your accomplishments………fooooo

      • srsly1

        Oh, is that why I’m now paying $1.75/gal for unleaded?

        • sitrep


          You cease to amaze everyone, with your ignorant comments.
          You live in your little bubble.
          You cannot think out of your bubble. You are the type that has to be guided thorough out your life, by a leash. Your paying a high amount for gas aren’t you. Last I checked it was 79-89 cents a gallon. Oh, but your in that bubble.
          Anyway, you do not see the big picture, you have no Idea why gas is so cheap. You have no Idea the disastrous ends to this so called cheap gas.
          Most everything just goes over your head!!! swooosh what was that!!!!
          You cannot store all that cheap gas without special processing, and or chemical additives, which is very expensive. The gasoline is designed to go bad very quickly, and for a reason.
          What are you going to do when gas sky-rockets, it could reach 20. dollars or more a gallon, it is coming.
          This is called Oil Wars, it is designed to close down, bankrupt oil companies, and countries. Your not even a spec in the big soup of things. You should feel very privileged that a top player in the field of engineering has schooled you.

        • Sun Rabbit

          I WISH I could pay only USD 1.75/gallon of gasoline. I’m paying the equivalent of USD 5.74 for a gallon here in West Germany.
          Granted, most of that consists of taxes, and these gasoline taxes are set to rise again to pay for the “luxury” of having millions of illegal invaders here, so that in effect, I am paying the government to finance my own destruction.
          So, you still think you’re getting a raw deal @ 1.75 USD/gallon?

        • Sun Rabbit

          I’m gonna do this! Except that I don’t have any source of running water save for my faucets, but that would kind of defeat the purpose. That would be like shining a spotlight on some solar panels when it gets dark outside.
          I already have 2 busted washing machines that my neighbour gave me, but instead of powering it with a turbine, I’m going to use an old exercise bike so that way, all that energy expended during exercise will have been utilised instead of just being wasted. When it gets warmer outside I’m definitely doing this.

          • The Clucker

            You sure are a smart feller, Sun Rabbit.

  • JohnSmith2016

    It’s a hydro-electric generator. Great idea. But how many of us have a running water source near our homes with sufficient flow to spin a turbine? And no, water from your faucet doesn’t count.

  • sitrep

    I did not watch your vid because of limited bandwidth, although I assume you have converted this to DC with magnets, and a bridge rectifier, thus using battery storage, and converting to AC voltage output.

    Any Information like this is good, gives others Ideas.

    I am working on various power supplies. I have a working model, that has a constant output voltage of 5Ma Volt DC, and does not require any moving parts. I have it now totally dissembled, as this voltage is to low.
    Lately been very distracted.
    Now working on another project within my mind, and will soon make another working model.
    There are many that are on the very edge of major technological advances, although one must be careful.
    Even though, I say there is no moving parts, I mean visually. There are forces at work creating this power, some call it Phantom Power.
    I know if I can create a device that has an output of 5Ma, I can use my equation which will soon be recognized World Wide in itself, (Problem=Solution) I will most defiantly be able to create a higher output device. Theory will hinder the solution thus making the equation null: Pipe to output.
    I bypass theory, as it is not in line with my equation (Problem=Solution), this equation seems very simple, do not be fooled. I placed this equation now on this post to help a select few. This Equation is very complex, yet simple looking, easy to use, and you will be able to come up with the complex data required.
    I will allow you to use this equation for personal use only for 3 months, not for profit, as I am the copyright owner. This is the Honour system, if you Honour yourself, and have self respect you will honour the agreement. Later look for me, and I can extend your time, free of charge for personal non profit use, if needed.
    If corporations wish to use this they can get in touch using this comment section, later I will setup a temp email address.
    Like you ,I dis like all the distractions, although in the past I have had my work stolen, it is so sad that the people that actually do the work, never get a penny, not even any acknowledgement of their hard work. Not even a thank you, It is always some Hack working for the large Companies, that seem to pull all these Ideas miraculously out their rears. They know it.

    • sitrep

      Just like to add, My Equation (Problem=Solution) Is my own works, and program code.

    • sitrep

      Starting date: For use of My Equation Code is 21 Jan 2016 for personal non profit use , for duration of 3 months total. (Problem=Solution)am@2016
      I will allow you to use this equation for personal use only for 3 months, not for profit, as I am the copyright owner. This is the Honour system, if you Honour yourself, and have self respect you will honour the agreement. Later look for me, and I can extend your time, free of charge for personal non profit use, if needed.
      If corporations wish to use this they can get in touch using this comment section, later I will setup a temp email address.

      • srsly1

        smoke a little crack lately?

        • sitrep

          Your an idiot, I have broke ground, on many,many programs, and devices.
          My works are up an running to this day.
          What have you accomplished, sound like your brain is totally nulled out, you have no problem solving skills, and other than buying, programs, and devices from Walmart, you have no working knowledge to fabricate anything constructive.
          Your a fine example, as to why people have to protect their works.

    • freakneck

      What the hell is …”output voltage of 5Ma Volt DC” ? As an electronics engineer, if I was in front of you, I’d be laughing in your face.

  • Anonymous

    How stupid! It’s supposed to generate electricity from running water???

    • sitrep

      Go to Alaska tell all the people over their your thoughts on hydro power, you would quickly have the 3 boot syndrome, and the 3rd boot is not going to be on your foot.

    • sitrep

      They must not let you out much,Ehhhhh?
      You ever hear of the Hoover Dam,
      Or Hydro Electric Dams/Generators?

  • yen ain\\\'t happening

    This is I think an Aussie washer or from across the pond not available in the USA. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • amy2x

    I rather buy a Generator for $150 or $200.Even less if its used. Can make your own alcohol to run it.

    • VirusGuard

      What a waste of good alcohol when i make the best booze in the house in 4 days flat and 45% wiskey only costs me £3 a bottle after buying all the kit needed on ebay for about £250

      Yes the stuff that come out the still before i weaken it back down would run a engine at 96% but my advise is to use a 12v altinator from a car to chage a 12v battery and then use UBS to charge your devices or for lighting

      Not much sun or wind here today for any free energy so i will just have to get the misses to peddle the bike that will produce 15w of energy untill she tells me to piss off.

  • Russ-T-Nails

    Need to find out how Tesla tapped into the Earths magnetic field and harnesed it’s power to output 110 AC. This free energy could not be let out of the bag couldn’t put a meter on it….anything for a buck eh…

  • Obama is Lying to America

    I use that much wattage on my bong here. :eek:

  • Jacko

    780 Watts isn’t by far enough to “live of the grid” Try running a washing machine for example or a vacuum. Those need more then double wattage easy. And before you start: I’m a construction worker. I’ve build many things to stand the test of time…

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