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David Icke: Trump Secrets 2017 (Video)

See the Videos below that correlate with the title this is David Icke’s bio written by himself. I was born in Leicester, England, at around 6.15 pm on April 29th, 1952. I was brought up in what they call in Britain a “working class” family on a big council housing

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Linda Moulton Howe? Amazing how those who never dealt with UFO's gain notoriety and those who are legit are forgotten or ridiculed! This lady knows all about me (I was a regular guest on George Noory show for years," and while George endorsed all my predictions she never interviewed me! Laughable!

WARNING, Close Approach Imminent: The Heavenly Bodies A.K.A. Planets Will Rage Across The Sky With Immense Plasma Arc Lightning Bolts!

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Trump, Cyrus, & Demonic Activity

David Icke: Trump Secrets 2017 (Video)