The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a federal agency designed to protect the United States against threats. Its wide-ranging duties include aviation security, border control, emergency response and cybersecurity. Shocking DHS documents, Cell Phone footage. Highlights from the Congressional Committee Hearings. (U) Revisiting the 1990s (U//FOUO) Paralleling

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Google Earth May Hold The Key To Plato’s 400-Mile Undersea Land Mass Atlantis!

BEWARE, Late Spring/Summer Zombie Rage Flu Retrovirus Apocalypse: Amid Major Tansitions/Corruption/Assassinations Within Government, Wicked Joe Biden & His Partner Oprah Winfrey Come Forth In The Fight Against So Called Cancer (A Code For The LOVE/WORD Within Which Is Fighting Against Viral DNA Mutations), Deceiving Multitudes Of Spiritually Blind Desperate Frightened People/Unwise Sheeple Into Accepting The Chimeric Antigen Receptor Fake Cure-All For Cancer & Most Diseases. Please, Let's All REPENT, HOSEA 2:16. SELAH

Turkey, Iran, Russia, Andrew Brunson, Christian persecution, Arab-Israeli conflict, Free Speech, and Prophecy News - | WARN Radio Christian Ministry |

Q Anon: "Set Up" Armenia Connection - Latest Q Deciphered (Video)

Q Anon: Deep State Desperation - Good Vs Evil Is Real - Are You Awake? (Video)

This Is Very Weird, Billions Will Be Led Astray: Possibly Joe Biden & Well Liked Oprah Deceptively Pushing The Chimeric Antigen Receptor "Resident Evil Mutating" Mark Of The Beast/Chimera 666 Fake Cancer Cure-All Together As Temporary President & Vice President After Donald Trump & Mike Pence Meet Their Untimely Demises Amid All The Corruption Within Government. Please, Let's All REPENT, HOSEA 2:16. SELAH

Imminent Intense Extra-Solar Heavenly Cosmic Outburst: Obama Knows That Things Are About to Get Sirius as a Brilliant Bright Blue Day Star Supernova

Warning: Approximately Every 1,000 Years Since the Sinful Fall of Adam and Eve, Sirius the Day Star Has Changed Various Colors Throughout History as a Major Sign/Signal of Great Earth Changes/Corrections of Earth's Fallen State Above and Below, Step by Catastrophic Step Because it Would Be Too Disastrous if it All Occurred at One Time

April 19, 2018 Psychic Reading - Dr. Rita Louise

Jim Willie: Are You Ready When US Dollar Lost All Reputation (Video)

Web Bot: Clif High: Predictions April 2018 The Future of Bitcoin -$65,000 Bitcoin (Video)

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Beware: Inhabitants of the West Coast Region Are in Very Grave Danger: Kanye West vs. the Armenian (Close Iran Ties) Kardashians, Illuminati Codes, Warnings for Late April Through May Day May Day May Day

Steve Harvey & Kanye West Are Coded Illuminati Targets: Beware, The West Coast Will Soon Experience A Hellish Series Of False Flag Mega-Catastrophic Unnatural Disasters & False Flag Terrorist Attacks That Are Going To Spread Across The USA/Babylon Like Wildfire Towards The East Coast. Please Let's All REPENT, HOSEA 2:16. SELAH

Q Anon: Wrays of Light - RR Boom (Video)

MAY Day MAY Day MAY Day: Wicked Governments Are Fighting To Establish A NWO By 2019....Game Over Is Nearing For The US EAGLE Brutish British World Bully New Age Roman Edomite/Esau Empire, All Doomed To Fail. Please Let's All REPENT, HOSEA 2:16. SELAH

Shocking: Something Big Coming - DHS Documents + Cell Phone Footage + Zuckerberg (Video)

Q Anon: They Are Here in Force - Distraction - Tarmac Deal (Video)

The USA/Mystery Babylon The Great Is In Extremely Big Trouble: A Future D.E.W. Directed Energy Weapon Strike On Syria Damascus, Beware 4-23-18, Remember Isaiah 17, Entering The Early Stages Of WW3. Please, Let's All REPENT, HOSEA 2:16. SELAH

Corruption Runs High, It's Going To Get Real Cut Throat Among Those In Government: How Long Does Bush 43 Have? Read 2nd Esdras 10:59 To 12:38...The Fiery Catastrophic Destruction Of The EAGLE Is Imminent. Please Let's All REPENT, HOSEA 2:16. SELAH

History Is Known To Repeat Itself, Natural & Unnatural Catastrophic Disasters: A Major Asteroid Is Due To Strike Antarctica. Please Let's All REPENT, HOSEA 2:16. SELAH

Fulford Explains the Syria Bombing aka Chlorine Gas

Quayle: When WW3 Starts and You're on Your Own (Video)

Waening: Unnatural Asteroid Strike on Antarctica - The US Eagle Government Has an Evil Plan to Break up & Melt the Hard as Steel Miles Thick Ice Covering Antarctica/Mount Meru

Comey Sitdown Ratings Were Decent But Stormy Daniels Sitdown Takes The Cake (Video)

Heads Way Up: We All Need Eternal Life Ensurance And It's Definitely Not From Triple AAA Life Insurance. Please Let's All REPENT, HOSEA 2:16. SELAH

Old Movie, Without Warning: Triple AAA Insurance...Illuminati Coded Logo...Shows 3 Unnaturally Steered/Tractor Beam Controlled/Strategically Detonated-Fragmented Asteroid Strikes, One In The Northeastern Pacific Ocean Directed At The Northern West Coast (Seattle WA Targeted), One Strike On Antacrtica/Mount Meru/The HOLY Central Heaven Touching Mountain, And One (Comet P67 Smaller Lobe Fragment) In The Atlantic Ocean Around The Bermuda Triangle Directed At The Southeastern Coast Of Florida & Carribean Island Chain. Please Let's All REPENT, Put Your Spiritual Armor On Through ISHI And The HOLY SPIRIT, HOSEA 2:16, Psalms 91. SELAH

Sound the Shofar its Dangerous Now - | WARN Radio Christian Ministry |

WW3: Syria the Terrifying Truth of What Is Really Happening (Video)

Q Anon: '[Showers]' Iran Next! - Trump Tweets and the Tarmac Meeting (Video)