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The Mystery Of The Antichrist

Saturday, January 12, 2013 9:47
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Uploaded on May 20, 2011

806 The Chanukah End Time Revelation.Chanukah is actually a foreshadow of the end times, the anti-Christ, and how God’s people are to overcome.



Linda Strawn 

the actual legion of Roman soldiers that destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD were Eastern Roman Citizens from the Middle East: Arabs, Syrians, and Turks under the control of Titus the leader of the Eastern Legions of the Roman Empire. Which would mean the verse in Daniel describing the “people of the prince to come” would refer to Mohammed as the Prince (of Darkness) and the modern day Muslims who will allow Islam as the Antichrist kingdom. read God’s War on Terror by Shoebat and Richardson.



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  • King of Shambhala

    It’s good to know the Antichrist.

    Thanks for passing this link on everywhere even to China.

    God Lotto Numbers; (Obama Lottery 666 = ANTICHRIST)


    No where in true scripture is there an “anti-Christ”; rather it is “that spirit of anti-Christ” (1 John 4:3). Any spirit that denies Jesus came in the flesh is of that spirit of anti-Christ. The false apostle Paul, Pharisee Paul, is of that spirit of anti-Christ because he says Jesus came in the likeness of flesh (Romans 8:3). The anti-Christ is not a person, it is a spirit that inhabits those who say Jesus did not come in the flesh.

    • King of Shambhala

      Don’t argue.

      The Mark of 666 is shown to mark Obama.

      Don’t argue false christ.

    • LeotheLion

      Holy Smoke! Paul was an antichrist! That explains everything! I don’t like Paul.

      • King of Shambhala

        Video. I’m The Messiah. See Bio

        I’m the only one on Internet or anywhere revealing Obama’s marked by 666. (See my bio on my Profile King of Shambhala aka Geir Smith)

        This video goes back to 2008 and few new ones have been made by other people.

        666 is a heaven-sent miracle to Mark the Antichrist Obama. I’m revealing it.

        If you spread this message you’ll go to heaven but you must spread it everywhere worldwide, until everyone’s heard it, even in China.


      Romans 8:3 clearly states that Messiah came in the likeness of SINFULL flesh.

      Messiah was without sin. However He looked like we do. Paul never said that Messiah did not come in the flesh. Paul did not ever teach against the Torah of YHWH and Paul did not ever teach against Messiah.

      Your witness of the Apostle Paul is not true.

  • King of Shambhala

    No one knows who the Antichrist is.

    You can only do like I do if you want to go to heaven.

    How do I do is to rely upon the heavenly-sent miracle of 666.

    • sk1951

      Oh my yes…I sooooo want to go to heaven. I shall follow your word.

  • WestCountry13

    For me personally,there is no Anti-Christ because there is no God either and there is certainly no Heaven,let alone Hell. What you live and see is what you get.

    For me personally again,religion is fairy tale nonsense that was written many – many years ago.

    Religion has always been used to control people and make them believe that there is this mystical higher being and an after life to which they will go to.

    Fair play to those that believe,if they wish to conduct their lives that way,all the best to them.

    I am firmly in the Darwin camp on the evolutionary path the Earth has taken.

    Simple truth is that when you die,that is it.

  • Anonymous

    Video and comments are nonsense except ‘the spirit of anti-messiah’.
    The Bible is clear that the Pope, whoever is currently in office, is ‘THE’ anti-messiah. And that Rome is the Whore, and that every Church is a daughter of the whore.
    A very simple keyword search in a hyperlinked bible with footnotes shows that.
    However, the Messiah’s name is properly Yahshua. He would like it if you referred to him by that.
    Jesus is from Iesous, Christ is from Christos from Krishna. They were two pagan gods incorporated as one by Constantine.
    If you are talking about the man of the first 4 books of the New Testament who holds your life in his hands his correct name is Yahshua Messiah. His fathers name is Yahweh.
    God is the Caananite deity of fortune. That is his name.
    Words have meaning and power. It is time we all started being a little more particular about the ones we choose and use. That is, if we want to be correct in understanding and communication of ideas.
    Thank you for the opportunity to speak on this.

  • daretospeak

    Let me chime in and say that each and everyone of you is a liar!!!! Even I have lied!!! Only God speaks the whole and complete Truth.

    So shut up stop flappin ya traps and start spending more time in the presence of God. :shock:

    • King of Shambhala

      This is true.

      Heaven drew 666 the day after Obama’s election.

      Only heaven designates the Antichrist by that number 666 i.e. Obama.

  • Anonymous

    No where in true scripture is there an “anti-Christ”; rather it is “that spirit of anti-Christ” (1 John 4:3). Any spirit that denies Jesus came in the flesh is of that spirit of anti-Christ.The anti-Christ is not a person, it is a spirit that inhabits those who say Jesus did not come in the flesh….

    • King of Shambhala

      False christ.

      “The Church will be corrupted by false christs rotting it at the time of the Apocalypse.” (Bible)

      Obama’s the Antichrist heaven said so so shut up you false christ you’re evil and work for Satan directly.

    • sk1951

      I was mary and joe who did not come..

  • Pix

    If you look at it via it’s original context, allegorical, christ = light, truth, antichrist = deception, darkness. There are many antichrists. Lying is in many ways worse than murder, because you kill the person twice, one with the lie and again when they find out.

    Now just think about all the lies and BS religions have done over the centuries, and you need look no further for ‘the’ antichrist. It’s organisations whose ambitions outweigh their morality. Career liars.

    • sk1951

      I figure the devil is alive and well living in the man invented story of god and in the child molesting churches of Christ of latter day sinners.

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