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Dead Ebola Patients Resurrect Right Before Funeral!? Zombie Apocalypse?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 16:29
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Zombies are modern-day, fictional character portrayed in many books, films, and television shows.  They are imaginary dead corpses that have been reanimated to act as though they are alive while continuing the natural process of decay. Starting with movies in 1968, the zombie craze came to life here in America.


However, the walking dead is not merely a 20th-century idea. People who practice Voodoo have long believed in zombies. Furthermore, mythologies and legends are full of stories of the dead returning to life.


With stories and folklore such as these it is no wonder fears are being raised about the deadly virus Ebola and its possible link to a “zombie type apocalypse”. Furthermore, these fears have increased with the new announcement of a Liberia News Report that claims two Ebola patients have died and mysteriously resurrected. Here is the latest on the report…  



Quote from The New Dawn Liberia:

“Two Ebola patients, who died of the virus in separate communities in Nimba County have reportedly resurrected in the county. The victims, both females, believed to be in their 60s and 40s respectively, died of the Ebola virus recently in Hope Village Community and the Catholic Community in Ganta, Nimba.


“But to the amazement of residents and onlookers on Monday, the deceased reportedly regained life in total disbelief. The NewDawn Nimba County correspondent said the late Dorris Quoi of Hope Village Community and the second victim only identified as Ma Kebeh, said to be in her late 60s, were about to be taken for burial when they resurrected.”



Now add to that these Breaking News Reports:  


Kansas Gov Declares October to be Zombie Preparedness Month (Now the End Begins) 


Why is Kansas Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse? (National Journal) 


Also Check out this link on the CDC website:


My opinion….

I don’t believe in a “zombie apocalypse”, however I do believe that a pandemic is very capable of hitting us and possible killing hundreds of thousands to millions…  


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  • The Cosmic Truth

    Yeah. That one woman from Liberia keeps emailing me saying she is a long lost relative and that she has funds to send me.

    I gave her my bank account, but nothing was deposited. In fact, the only thing to happen was “foreclosure” which I dont really know what that means…but I havent been able to unlock my front door.

    No biggie, I know this will all get straightened out soon.

    In the mean time, keep up with that great journalism!!!!

    • StavoV

      Thnks for the chuckles. Pretty funny. lol :smile:

    • King of Shambhala 2.0

      Your comment almost made me laugh as much as her terrible article.

    • Sean

      For weeks, Kenema was the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone together with Kailahun. But following a government crack down on a lab with links to US bioweapons researchers as well as the Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ebola cases declined dramatically, and today, Kenema registered only one new confirmed case.

    • kdc0521

      Uhhhhh, you MIGHT have a problem there, but it’ll have to be filed for 3 months before anyone ever gets to it… Good luck there, buddy!! :D

  • Cousin_Jack

    Zombie sheeple apocalypse :shock:

  • Smoovie

    Happy to see this is 60 and 40 yr old women, recently dead and probably undercarbed. Shotgun should suffice, but large tire iron will served as adequate backup.

  • Paladin


    I will BLOCK you over BS like this. You understand, me?

    • Daryl

      Paladin- I’m guessing you didn’t read the post or watch the video….

  • Teslabeam

    Almost every week there comes a new zombie movie out, there are so manny zombie movies and series.
    Its all mind control for what’s comming.


    What the hell is wrong with the African brain that automatically believes that the dead have been resurrected instead of reaching the obviously correct conclusion that that they weren’t really dead in the first place.
    Now these survivors are going to be shunned or even killed by these superstitious morons.

    • Intelharvest

      So you’re really going to ASSume that they don’t know what a dead body looks like? After 2 days of rigor I’m sure they’d be convinced they’re dead, especially if they were ebola stricken. Don’t be so arrogant as to ASSume that everything is chalked up to superstition. Apparently you’ve got it all figured out and you’re not even on the ground over there to weigh evidence. Arrogant and clairvoyant huh?

    • LifeIs

      HARLEYXX If this is the first “dead people reviving spontaneously” account you’ve seen, you need to read more.

      There are many accounts in history, and there are modern news items. People reviving at their funerals and such.

      Robert E. Lee’s mother was one case.

      PERSONALLY I have seen it happen with animals. Once with a dog, and once with a kitten.

      The “agonal respiration” stops. The animal is dead. By and by, the agonal respiration begins again. Then it gets faster. Then normal breathing resumes. Then, the animal wakes up. And can walk around. And drink water.

      But, it didn’t last, in either case. Those two animals died again, and they stayed dead.

      What you don’t understand Harley is that brain cells live for hours after your heart stops and you stop breathing. They are hibernating, and oxygen is poisonous to them while in this state.

      Dead people are being resuscitated nowadays, by chilling the body upon death, and then slowly introducing oxygen.

    • Anon

      You are so correct HarleyXX in saying they were not dead in the first place. While I am not there, and do not have full details, I DO know the way things operate there having worked on an ambulance and taken a “dead” man to king Edward hospital in Durban. The doctor refused to allow us to unload the man telling us he was dead, but the lady working the ambo with me insisted on a second opinion. The guy WAS alive, and finally unloaded at the hospital instead of the morgue. It could well have been the same thing here, especially as docs are possibly reluctant to get too close to find out for sure.

  • FunnyStrange

    ” Also, they have power over the sky and waters and are able to strike the earth with plague”… I see where you’re going with this. :wink:

  • mat ong

    oh, like

  • Sean

    Still have not seen Any Photos with an est. 600 Million Cellphones in Africa of something so Scary should be 1000′s or more.

    If you can not find Photos of the Walking Dead ..

    Then show us the Photos of the 10′s of 1000′s who died and are infected with Ebola..Blisters/Rash, bleeding eyes, mouth, nose, stool.

    This should be Very Easy to do in this latest outbreak of Ebola, should be 100,000′s of Photos or maybe Millions of Photos of Ebola since the signs are Blisters/Rash, bleeding eyes, mouth, nose, stool.

    • StraightDopes


      the ebola “pandemic” is the product of an enormous, well-connected hype machine. it’s part predictive programming, part “revelation of the method,” part long-running worldwide commercial for vaccination and submission, and part pump-and-dump of biotech companies like Tekmira and Zmapp.

      if this sounds strange to you, well, welcome to REALITY. over the past couple decades especially, “reality” has grown to be more the construct of a dystopian novel writer’s imagination than a genuine, organic progression of events.

      • Sean

        This is why I’m asking for the Photos ..that no one seems to be able to Provide

        With 600 Million Cellphones and Internet Access all across Africa, there should be at least 100,000′s of Photos Online or Much More from Africans that are Living There.

    • Intelharvest

      To get those supposed hundreds of thousands of photos, you’d probably have to suit up and go take pics of the dying inside those shanty hospitals. Oh yeah, that’s not an option available to the public is it? It’s about as likely as 300 million camera phones going into all of the jails in the US and taking pictures of confined prisoners. Oh, that hasn’t happened, then the prison industry doesn’t exist, and there are no prisoners. No one goes to jail, because 300 million phones don’t have photos of it. Brilliant reasoning.

      • Sean

        To get Photos out from a Cellphone You have to go to Africa !

        600 Million Cellphones and No Photos..are you this Stupid..sorry, you already answered that !

  • WeBeDoomed

    Yep, Zombie apocalypse no doubt about it :smile: Boy, am I glad I watched all those trashy films and played those gory games :idea: :wink:

    • StraightDopes

      >glad I watched all those trashy films and played those gory games :idea: :wink:

      yes, now you know to aim for the head, and where TPTB hide all the weapons and power-ups !


  • ChosenOne

    Shut up you fear-mongering idiot! EBOLA IS UNDER CONTROL. STOP SPREADING FEAR!

  • 4Truth

    Right off the bat in the first video she mentions that her first story is from the TARE alex jones! alex jones is what you call “Controlled Opposition” and is owned by the CIA!!!!

    I used to follow alex jones then GOD ALMIGHTY woke me up and showed me the truth about alex (notice I don’t capitalize his name; because, he is not worth listening too unless you want to hear all his BS.

    If you want to know the simply truth about this life then understand that this world is like a Farm ran by the Devil (reptilian shapeshifters i.e. the Tares in the Wheat Field Jesus speaks about in the only Holiest of Bibles the King James version) and the sheep in this farm are the believers ON Jesus Christ! We Wheat (believers in Jesus Christ) have to endure the lies of the devil in this world until Harvest time (Harvest Time meaning when Jesus comes back for the Wheat and takes them to Heaven and the Tares go to Hell!) Tares can be human non-believers as well!

    This is how simple it is folks!!

    Where is your soul headed?

  • Pix

    Zombie’s originate from your religion, where it says the dead will come out of their memorial tombs, the sea will give up its dead, and people will wish for death, but death won’t find them. I can’t think of any scenario where people would wish for death. Only the mature realise that death and oblivion are a blessing not a curse, most people being immature want eternal life because they are afraid of oblivion, of nothing. Voodoo was created by the Catholics, it’s a mixture of Catholicism and native Caribbean beliefs in the aftermath of their policy to convert using any means.

  • Anonymous

    i want a zombie. where can i rent a hot zombie chick .

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