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WARNING about 2016 – 2019 Decoded in the Voynich Manuscript – or Worthless Gibberish?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 7:02
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I stumbled onto an image online that has me intrigued because it reminds me of the never-deciphered Voynich Manuscript and it mentions the two dates I think are most relevant to end times prophecies.  The drawing shows “2016 start” and “2019 completed.”  Other images on it also show three pyramids, the Temple in Jerusalem, something in space, (probably in our solar system) the latitude and longitude of the Great Pyramid at Giza, and the words “ark of the covenant.”



The drawing could just be the ravings of a madman or the silly hoax of a college student – I don’t know yet – but this mess of clues is hard for me to ignore.  My previous book, End Times and 2019, focuses on the clues leading me to conclude that the world’s final seven years end in December 2019.  My newest book, Antichrist 2016-2019, focuses on the evidence pointing to events on a specific date in June 2016, at the mid-point of the final seven years.  The strange cipher/drawing posted with this article seems strongly related to the topics in my books – so much so that many of you will probably think I made it myself.


I really don’t know who drew it or what it means.  A little investigation online links this image to a Thomas E. O’Neil and possibly to an interpretation of the Voynich Manuscript – but beyond that I’m just finding a lot of dead ends.  I would appreciate any insights readers can offer – I could be very interested if this turns out to reveal anything I have not yet discovered relating to my timeline of events.


— contributed by David Montaigne on October 7, 2014


also check my recent artcle on tonight’s Blood Moon series probably pointing to the creation of a Third Jewish Temple by 2016


and the new Cube at the Georgia Guidestones pointing to 8/14/2016




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  • Dustdevil

    Well, first let’s look at what’s written down that we can actually read:

    Light Speed Technology, Gnosis, 6.74 parsecs, 2016 start, 2019 completed

    29 58’50.452”N
    31 09’0.0”E

    ark of the covenant

    01100001 97 a
    01100010 98 b
    01100100 100 d
    01110101 117 u
    01100011 99 c
    01110100 116 t
    01100101 101 e
    01100100 100 d
    00001101 13
    00001010 10

    undecryptable URL:
    2nd tier domain ending in com, calling an HTM document

    Drawing of the 2nd Temple floorplan

    What you have, it appears, is a 15th century document marked up by a moron who is trying to tie a homeopathic medicine document to aliens and abductions, along with Jewish mysticism and Biblical prophecy.

    The latitude and longitude allude to the Ark of the Covenant (the resting place of the stone Ten Commandments) being in or near present-day Cairo, Egypt. The Binary wasn’t that tricky, though so far off-target it doesn’t matter, and that they think anyone is going to fight with their ‘play-on-fonts’ to figure out that URL is definitely lost on me. If you want someone to visit your site, next time, maybe make it part of the ‘English decrypted’ stuff too.

    Oh, and by the way, a parsec is 3.2617 light years, so I highly doubt ANYONE knows what’s really lurking out around the 6.74 parsec range, being as that would amount to about 20-light years away. Therefore, if you can’t see it, then you have NO CLUE as to whether it is beneficial or detrimental (heads up, ANYONE with sufficient technology to actually come here, from there, is EASILY qualified to lie to you and make you believe it, too).

    • Dustdevil

      By the way, the Voynich was actually decrypted about 2-years ago. It IS a herbal-homeopathic medical treatise written by a doctor apparently around the time that Nostradamus lived. It references ‘bad ethers’ and the use of natural ‘odors’ (such as roses) to ‘scare away evil diseases’.

      Voynich is NOT what people think it is, and it has NOTHING to do with this stuff.

    • David Montaigne

      Thank you Dustdevil,

      I doubt anyone else will come up with more.
      You also made a good point about the 9th of Av on a previous article of mine.
      If you would be interested in reading Antichrist 2016-2019 and willing to write a book review on Amazon I would happily mail you a free copy just to see your take on it.

      David Montaigne

  • Stellar

    To all I have posted this Gnosis Cipher in the forum section and a big discussion has commenced. We all wish to get to the bottom of this. If any of you wish to further discuss this check out,7269.0.html
    under discussions.

  • Stellar

    We have a big discussion regarding this cipher at forums general discussions.

  • Stellar

    King of Kings

    Down through the passage of time and now to the end of this epoch What has become of man without compassion? These blessings given yet not received in faith Many seek in earnest their own glory by any fashion and taste Humbled and brought down men find no wisdom in loss Why succumb to anger and let vanity make you a waste Therefore the wind blows and you know not its course This world you adore is not a kind host Too say there is a better way is right Anointed was he that came for the highest post Lifted off our shoulders the iniquity of our plight His language was like no other, dividing the darkness from the light A sacrifice most don’t believe Thus will be the greatest torment Have you ever walked in sandals comforted by a warm summer’s wind as finch’s serenade? While you cross the neck of the trickling stream, an Oak tree reaches out like a faithful friend The fruit you carry to your companion, awaits a pie too be made Happily this couple continues on to the wooden house around the bend The long journey to the father’s house of the groom comes to an end The bride who waited through much suffering now at last is about to be married The groom who broke his back while buying the ring was never buried The father says, after your thousand-year honeymoon the wooden house is yours This land will care for you and love will grow Into your cup he pours A unity between peoples sharing smiles of affection is what we know This spirit will be common a joy is known Stir your heart as you listen to hope that is true I promise you will see love forever not fading to blue As we wonder with great awe the travail of the world Do we not see flowers in the desert, That some day bloom in the spring? Yet the dragon desires them to be weeds of his Vail Even if bows are broken the enemy will resort to a sling That is desperation when one knows defeat is near You say what is the prize of this unseen struggle There are many souls on the fence and only two pastures are here Misled multitudes step down into falsity were fools find no footing in the mire Believe the divinity acting with care and a peaceful meadow you will acquire Would you curse the savior that lifts you out of drowning waters? Do you choose to reward the old serpent that shuts you in a burning house? The battle is today and the twinkling of the eye tomorrow Whose coat will you borrow?

    In all honesty I feel sorry that I wrote this gnosis cipher and it is this poem about the King of Kings that the gnosis cipher represents. My original idea was to try and understand the Voynich Manuscript; as I now believe that the Voynich Manuscript is a made up language manufactured on old Vellum. The Voynich Manuscript is not a language at all, but a deception to make one believe it is. Do yourself a favor and read this website regarding the voynich. I believe Voynich himself had something to do with the Voynich Manuscript’s design. So in all my frustration with the voynich manuscript, I then deliberately wanted to make a historical mark for myself, but seeing how much pain in realizing what the fake voynich manuscript brought me I have to decided to do the correct thing and release this cipher. You will notice that the voynich manuscript rarely goes over 5 letters to make a word which I feel are not words at all as it is 4 glyps at best on average for a fake word. And so knowing now that this gnosis cipher does go over 5 letters in such a short span of glyphs, it should prove more or less that the voynich is fake in regards to being a language.

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