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Beware the Winter Solstice – a brief commentary

Thursday, December 18, 2014 9:48
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The OP for that article, (William Frederick) – the original one addressing encoded dates on the dollar, advising us to beware the winter solstice – is SPOT ON in my opinion on most of what he wrote – but he disabled comments and a few things are worth mentioning on the topic.


He said “19.47 is the latitude north and south of pyramids found all around the world and on Mars.”  Not Quite.  The Giza Pyramids in Egypt, arguably our most important pyramids, are approximately 30 degrees north latitude.  But that latitude is important to tetrahedral geometry and is the latitude of many interesting locations on our planet and others – so it is significant.  If you put a pair of interlocking four sided pyramids inside a sphere with points at the North and South Poles, the other six points would touch the surface of the sphere at 19.47 degrees from the equator on both sides.  I won’t pretend to know why that leads to strange anomolies at that latitude, but William Frederick is onto something with that and we should all consider whatever his ebook (I didn’t look yet) has to say.


More importantly, I have been arguing for years that the Bible and the Maya and many other sources clearly provide clues pointing to December 21, 2019 (the winter solstice in 2019) as the END of the final seven years of what some would call the Tribulation.  (I would argue only the last 3.5 years are the Great Tribulation – we are already in the first 3.5 years and although the coming storm is obvious to many life is still pretty normal for now.)  12/21/2012, on the winter solstice seven years earlier, was nthe start date of those seven years and was marked by the overhyped end of the Mayan Long Count, mistakenly described as the end of their calendar in order to confuse the masses and make it seem like mere superstition when “nothing happened.”


Of course, John Kerry was put in charge of the Middle East Peace Process that day and the plans for Obama’s “Covenant of Peoples” tour in Israel began…. a process that will lead to a two state solution and a new Jewish Temple for an Antichrist to walk into…


Bottom line – I believe there will be a civilization-ending pole shift in December 2019 that will create Revelation’s “a new heavens and a new earth,” and I believe the end times described in the Bible clue us in to December 2019, as do other cultures around the world – and I have covered the evidence for this timeline of end times events in two recent books:


End Times and 2019


Antichrist 2016-2019


— contributed by David Montaigne


P.S.   I plan on looking at William Frederick’s The Dollar Code Revealing Secrets as well.

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  • King of Shambhala

    David where’s your previous article?

    Google it:
    AntiChrist Obama? Review Of The Best Evidence

    The Obots went wild there and it’s not even my article.

    They’re so nervous about Obama being called the Antichrist they’ll do anything to break anyone writing it.

    They’re in panic.

    Put your article back up and ignore them. They’re Minions of Satan.

  • JayWill

    David, we can’t go back now. Put your article back and let’s break the Apocalypse all together. ‘Don’t Turn Back’ said the Bible.

    • King of Shambhala

      Let’s see. This article may be taken down because the Obama lobby is strong at BeforeItsNews and his moles are operating in the shadows everywhere like a Totalitarian Police State Watching Peoples’ Thinking like Thought-Police. Freedom of Thought has disappeared in these dark days leading up to the Apocalypse now.

      Obama is the Antichrist. I have a brief announcement to make here….

      I’ve been revealing it since 2008 when I read the article in Newsweek asking “Is the Obama the Antichrist?” by Lisa Miller – Senior Editor on Religions – in which she said “On the day after Obama’s election, in his home state the lottery drew 666 which as everyone knows is the Mark of the Beast”.

      But seeing I’m a Buddhist (I profess Tibetan Tantric Buddhism the highest form of culture in the world and it’s prophecy of the end times called Kalachakra), I’m thus despite myself revealing this Christian Apocalypse/Antichrist.

      I thus fit the description of one other personnage of the Bible called the “Reluctant Messenger” (that’s the Christian Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming to Christians.)

      But no such thing as the Messiah or Jesus exists in Buddhism. So the personnage I fit in our Buddhist Kalachakra is called the king of Shambhala. I’m/he’s not the Messiah or Jesus but rather instead the Universal Saviour of the World, in our Buddhist thinking.

      So thinking I’m the Messiah or Jesus’ Second Coming is not part of my thinking. I’m totally reluctant in being the personnage described to the T in the Bible aka the Reluctant Messenger. Be very careful there are hordes of false christs and false prophets who hover around me like maggots saying I’m claiming to be the Messiah and Jesus.

      That’s slander false and smears.

      To know what I say carefully review ONE MORE TIME what I just wrote above.

      Finally, if there are still areas of doubt and uncertainty in anyone’s mind then REVIEW WHAT I WROTE ONE MORE TIME AGAIN OVER AGAIN AND REPEAT THAT OVER AGAIN ONCE MORE. Don’t stop until you’ve understood what I say and don’t talk lies here and on Internet. Stop spreading the false lies, slander and smears about what I say. Beware of the myriads of false christs and liars swamping Internet.

  • JayWill

    If the false christs threatened King of Shambhala because he says he’s the Reluctant Messenger it’s because they have something to hide. They’d not be so nervous as to come over to your article if they weren’t hiding something. What does it matter to them that he says so, if they have nothing to hide and if their “god and messiah” Obama isn’t truly the actual Antichrist like what we’re saying?

    • King of Shambhala

      Jay, David’s not concerned by that battle.

      It’s between me and Obama’s operatives. David’s just a witness standing by.

      They’ve been tracking me since six years that I’ve been saying the lottery drew 666 in Chicago the day after Obama’s election.

      But they made a mistake to take the battle to David’s article. Now the cat’s out of the bag.

      Obama’s protesting too much that he’s not the Antichrist.

      Getting articles deleted is not good behaviour.

      That’s thuggish behaviour like the Mafia and Mob carry out.

      It’s getting a lot of attention on them and thugs don’t like attention.

      Too bad for them; We’ll have a new article just the same as that other one up and running in short thrift.

      They can eat their hearts out.

      This is not going away.

      We’re many, (we’re 50 million PLUS worldwide and we’re saying Obama’s the Antichrist.) and we don’t forget.

      • CrowPie

        Hello Church Lady! Tell me who dressed you today. Could it beeeee…….SATAN? :lol:

  • Pix

    “If you put a pair of interlocking four sided pyramids inside a sphere with points at the North and South Poles, the other six points would touch the surface of the sphere at 19.47 degrees from the equator on both sides.”

    Except Earth is not round but oval due to centrifugal forces, the equator travels faster than elsewhere.

    Christian Spain utterly destroyed the Mayan culture, and now you are claiming the Mayan’s were correct because you think you’ve found something that agrees with your dark age death cult… who are you trying to kid.


  • David Montaigne

    Hello King of Shambhala and JayWill – as you probably saw my note at the bottom of that article it was already my second attempt and I don’t know if the article has been repeatedly removed by BIN moderators or the current administration. I might post it again.

    • CrowPie

      “the article has been repeatedly removed by BIN moderators or the current administration. I might post it again.”

      Oh PLease…….your as deluded as the Church Lady.

    • King of Shambhala

      David, there are only two possible ways the article could be deleted. Either you decide to delete or else a BIN moderator hits the “delete” button. At BIN the moderators he BIN have a raging battle on-going about whether to let articles saying Obama’s the Antichrist or not, stay on BIN’s front page and featured category.

      For us who say like you David, that Obama’s the Antichrist, there’s no turning back.

      We can’t ally with the Obot-false christs who deny that Obama’s the Antichrist.

      We can’t go back and ally with them because they try to protect Obama and they think Obama’s a perfect, holy, wholesome and good human being.

      Some object to my faith of Buddhism and say I’ve got no business in the battle of revealing the Antichrist because that’s a Christian concept.

      But their opposition to me shouldn’t block those people from fighting against the Antichrist Obama.

      The only way to go to heaven is to reveal the Antichrist in the Apocalypse.

      Fighting against me shouldn’t turn them away from heaven.

      I’m the Reluctant Messenger of the Bible and I know that I’ll have to put up with universal resistance to me and my message.

      Indeed, many will be called but few will be chosen. So, I know most people will be wrong in the end times.

      Also, Jesus said that there would be many false christs claiming to be real Christians.

      So Christians shouldn’t target me or concentrate upon me but should instead concentrate upon Satan aka the Antichrist Obama and by doing that they’ll be buying their own ticket to heaven and be saved.

      The Bible predicts the Messengers of the Apocaylpse alone will go to heaven in the end times.

    • King of Shambhala

      You need to put an asterisk on the word Wh*re.

      Repost the article just as it is apart from that word.

      I’ll be backing it up when it comes out to spread it worldwide and reveal the Apocalypse to everyone on earth even the Far East and China also.

    • King of Shambhala

      Are you planning a repost of the article?

      I’m ready.

      So are the loads of people I post/posted the (past) link to.

  • David Montaigne


    Now I have seen an email from BIN I had not seen an hour ago – they’re not the ones removing it.

    As for the Church Lady – that was funny – Dana Carvey had a great character there.

    And I guess I should feel honored – I’ve got my very own shill (CrowPie) attacking what I write, and apparently the gub’mint is removing my story so I must be onto something.

    • King of Shambhala

      Yeah David, you’re onto gold there: you NEED to get that article up and running again.

      I contacted the BIN admins and there may be in-fighting going on and someone at BIN’s staff did delete it.

      Saying Obama’s the Antichrist is such a pressure on the Obama operatives that they just buckle when it happens and can’t take the stress.

      Look at Crowpie, she’s usually heckling my articles but she’s all over the board now on all articles in full technicolour and no longer even hiding her defense of Obama the crook. Obama the fraud. Obama the Antichrist and Devil.

      Obama the forger using a fraudulent document as a birth certificate.

      Obama the Traitor to the USA.

      Obama’s in court on Monday sued by Joe Arpaio.

      Good news.

    • King of Shambhala

      There’s this article right now promoting that Obama’s the Antichrist at BeforeItsNews – just in the comments.

      Hurry to check out this article before it’s deleted by BeforeItsNews staff who work for Obama.

      Google it:
      Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse Here Now! “We Are In The Final Stage” Expert Warns

      Obama’s closing down everything he can like in the Soviet Union. Dictatorship of speech.

    • King of Shambhala

      I got Crowpie banned from BIN last year. She’s back now like a dog returning to it’s vomit. She made death threats against me last year.

      THEY MAY TAKE DOWN THIS ARTICLE TOO!!!! You never know. Obama’s like a desperate animal now cornered on all sides.

      He’s got nowhere to run now.

      • King of Shambhala

        Crowpie’s a recurring problem at BIN.

        I got two people banned last years for making death threats, Crowpie’s previous handle and Doggoneit the French Canadian troll.

        They’re mentally unstable, make repeated TOS breaches, spewing hatred and threats constantly.

    • King of Shambhala

      David, all hell’s broken loose at BeforeItsNews.

      Apparently your article’s let all loose over there.

      But we can get it back up but what counts is that it be protected: I’ll get back to you about that shortly.

    • Pix

      Or more likely it’s just plain operator error. Hit delete instead of post by any chance?


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