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The Eternal Book – Superior Ancient Prophecies for 2016 and 2017…

Friday, September 30, 2016 8:27
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The Eternal Book - Prophecies For 2016 – 2017

In this article we will focus on Nero´s prophecies for 2016-2017. For a full translation of his prophecies until 2030 – please visit  .

The Eternal Book - a wondrous book with incredible predictions about the important years of our civilization and our unimaginable upcoming changes - was written in the middle ages by an unknown Franciscan monk with superior spiritual powers. According to the monk the next few years until 2027 will make all of history pale in comparison to what mankind will face now. Already in 2016 and 2017 he predicts that a new Caesar will present himself to help mankind and the middle east will find their great hope and rebel. The pseudonym Ragno Nero (which means “the Black spider” ) was his name used. Researchers believe he lived in XIV century in Florence and he was unknown until recently .  

In 1972 one manuscript was found in one of the monasteries in Bologna, the so-called “Eternal Book”, the book of an oracle comparable with the greatest prophets of all time. In it Ragno Nero, one and a half centuries prior to Nostradamus, has given the forecast of events of a civilization on our planet up until AD 6323. The radioisotope method of research has shown that R.Nero’s manuscript was written no later than XVII century. In 1984, B. Basher published a book in Italian devoted to the Ragno Nero manuscript.

Nero often masks his writing and he explains the esoteric history of mankind, specifying mankind´s way of development to the future. Many events are specified very precisely and some surnames are ciphered under letters. Luther, for example, is simply named Martin, and the letter by a number.

Amazing is that Nero offers alternative ways of development of the future, presented as though a possible choice of man in relation to future world events.

Bildresultat för catch flies'

Ragno Nero catches flies to help mankind avoid disasters

He writes that his task includes ” catching flies ” which are carriers of every possible disaster, infections, black things, epidemics etc. The purpose – to catch these “flies”, is to show mankind, which ways it shouldn´t go. If we recollect medieval demonology, one of the names of a devil was Beelzebub or Veelzevul, that in translation means ” the Lord of flies”… 

Therefore, Mr Nero suggests a second alternative for many events , and claims that change and correction of destiny is possible not only for a separate person, but also for all nations and all of our civilization. Always there is the best alternative, but to people it is not obvious, but only by conscious and collective efforts and group work of mankind on itself, can it become a reality for people. Conscious work and acquiring spiritual knowledge is necessary and the more spiritual knowledge – the better!

In this respect Ragno Nero differs from Nostradamus, which created his famous book of ”The Centuries” with more or less inevitable prophecies.

Mr Nero advices people to input three hours per day on their spiritual development


2016 – The Pasture – Wolves And Lambs Together

In 2016, the wolf and the lamb change signs

 In the land where the wheat produces two ears and where the swallow has fixed abode,
you will see the wolf graze peacefully together with the lamb.
The wolf will stamp your back with the sun sign.
The lamb will stamp your back with the sign of the night.
The fourth moon pasture will be covered by water.

A mountain of ice marries the sun. And times are changing.
The valley will become desert.
And the wilderness becomes a lush green valley.
then it will be that the wolf and the lamb will change sign.
Many people will be confused.
And the last of the marbles in the forest bless Peter Wolf - mistaking him for a lamb.

This is the time when man finally accomplishes the useful things.

Listen carefully – where the plague triumphed.
Listen carefully – where the cicada sings.
Few men will prove that they know the law.
The law will be placed on a stick, topped by the head of a bull.
The stars will be changed.
And the stick will be changed because instead of a bull head
There will be the head of the goat and then the horse.
Beware of a ringed hand. He blesses, but his gesture is the curse.
Beware of the past moons of this bizarre time, because it will bring strange changes.

In the heart of the old earth we will speak the language of the catacombs. But few can understand.
He will take advantage of this confusion a young man.
Many sowers remain speechless, with their arms raised, to see pass the new Caesar. 

Editor´s interpretation

Time of great contrasts. But also of peace. In a generous land, two people who often fight learn to live together. The sun symbol could relate to the East, while the symbol of the night could indicate some Muslim country (the moon).

The water and ice symbols indicate the purification and say that you are ‘melting’ something. Times change. And change profoundly.

Changes are also planned in the earth’s crust, so that ” desert becomes a valley,” while “the desert becomes a lush green valley.”

Significant is the message which says that “the wolf and the lamb will change sign” because it promises to be great confusion as the former wolf becomes a lamb and the lamb suddenly attacks as a wolf. The persecuted and misinformed people of the world finally starts to attack their tyrant rulers.

“The last Peter” could indicate the last pontiff of this civilization. Peter will be blessed by the last few rational people, and they will mistake him for a lamb.

Listen carefully wherever there is a plague and wherever there are cicadas singing. These will be signs of regions with bad people and good people.

The law will be “placed on a stick.” You might think of a future dictatorship, but the stick also symbolizes a journey and punishment. The “bull´s head” represents God’s power, according to Jewish symbolism. Changes in the United States of America (the stars). And changes in the laws. 2016 happens to be an election year.

We see that the “bull head” becomes “the goat head”and then “the horse head”. This might symbolize the goat who was sent out to the wilderness in judaism. The horse head might symbolize a change to Asian law and power. Asia will take over  and we have already seen it in world politics with China as the new superpower.

The “hand heavily ringed ‘is a symbol of power. The ring represents sovereignty, strength, protection. In any case, this hand is not sincere. The last months of the year (last moons) will bring “strange changes.” The heart of old earth means China as it is the center of the earth in old times. Many chinese people will speak the language of hell(because of the Chinese Communist Party´s evil brainwash). Few people can understand this.

This, however, will eventually create confusion. 

The next emperor shows himself in 2016?

A young man will take advantage, create new laws and become the new Caesar(Peter – the new Emperor?) in front of many speechless and corrupted politicians who want to stay in power.

2017 – The Cry Of The Forest

Listen to the voice that comes from the East!

Many will say that it is the voice of the river.

Many will say that it is the voice of the storm.

Many still say that it is the world’s voice that crumbles.

And this is instead the scream of the beast that dies.

His fall pierced by seven swords and he remains buried under the rubble of his castle.

It only saves the throne surmounted by a two-headed.

The seven swords will be washed in the waters of the sheep. And everything will be purified.


Finally, in 2017 the Middle East will see the great hope

In the heart of the land of Muhammad there will be a rebellion

because there people will find the great hope.

The flower will still be cut.

And the blood will drop from seven hills.

The bells from the towers marked in black,

while passing in the air an eagle with its head cut.

The man threw himself in the wake of two grains of wheat,

but only one of them fathered an ear of corn.

The other became the father of a blood colored berries.

The mighty thunder God Thor – a famous Nordic warrior God

The warrior from the North raised the sword and he broke the berry, from which he emerged a drop of milk, a drop of blood and a drop of honey. 

But only the blood fell to earth.
The winds that blow from the East take the law of a man who wears a cape and a shield on which is engraved an eagle with its head cut.

And under the eagle there are written incomprehensible words.

Editor´s Interpretation

Bildresultat för falun gong meditation

Falun Gong is the emerging spiritual power from the east

Many ancient prophecies and religions emphasize the coming of the Lord of Lords from the East. Today in the world we have two spiritual phenomena being seen in the Western society coming from Asia. One is Falun Gong which emphasizes “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance” in daily life and traditional culture with divine belief.

On the other hand we have Dalai Lama with his “Marxist religion”. Among worldly matters we see the Chinese Communist Party getting more and more power across the world. They also persecute Falun Gong practitioners in China. In the MSM we know that Dalai Lama and the CCP are enemies but according to hidden history they are allied and they are on a joint quest for world power. 

“The scream of the beast that dies” is an important announcement. It concludes a historical cycle, probably in the East. It seems that the “beast” ends miserably with suicide indicated by the seven swords. Does it mean that Jiang Zemin, the former Chinese Communist leader who started the persecution of Falun Gong in China, will die by his own hands next year? At this moment it is reported from China that he is in house arrest.

The “seven swords” that will hit the beast have a symbolic value. There is also an appeal to Revelation (the seven churches, the seven vials, seven angels) and the seven sins which are cut down with the seven swords of revenge. The castle and the two-headed eagle are symbols of command, symbols of royal dignity.

Vision of swords’ washed in the waters of the sheep. If we consider the sheep as a symbol of the faithful (the flock of the very elect in the Bible), their water signifies their lives and with compassion they can help clean the swords from the blood of revenge.

The prophecy also announces a rebellion in the arabic heartland. Their finding great hope probably refers to the downfall of the western zionists persecuting the middle eastern countries. As we speak we see Russia and Syria joining forces against the zionist forces of the middle east. 

The flowers may mean the good people that are still suffering.
The ‘seven hills’ refer to Rome, where there will be big news.
And there are two symbols that are connected to this event: the “towers marked black” and the eagle that flies “with the head cut off.”
These two symbols indicate disasters.

Another ominous sign is the “color of blood berry.”
From the north, he announces the arrival of the famed warrior from many prophecies which should bring a new law to the people. The symbols of the warrior´s three drops are reassuring. This reminds us of the old Nordic prophecies where the thunder God Thor comes out to kill the evil red sea dragon at the End Of Times.

Blood indicates violence, milk symbolizes goodness and honey symbolizes wealth. Milk and honey were considered the food of paradise. He needs to use violence to eliminate the evil tyrants, but he will be kindhearted to the people and give back their wealth to them. Unfortunately only the violence comes to earth at this initial stage.

The Eagle has its head cut. Jewish symbolism identifies the eagle with renewal and the east, while Christian symbolism sees the eagle as spirit, ascension and also the Last Judgment. There will be a monk from the East(Tibet?) wearing a cape. Since the eagle on his shield has its head cut off it has a bad meaning. Perhaps this is why there will be conflict at this stage between the supporters of the warrior from the north and the supporters of the evil monk from the east.

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