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October Will End With a Bang! Wikileaks Emails Disclose Aliens Linked to Vatican!—Billy Crone Tells All

Thursday, October 27, 2016 13:46
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By Lisa Haven


Sound too “strange” to be true? We have proof! Contained in the Pedestal email files that were leaked by Julian Assange’s Wikileaks were hidden a set of emails sent to John Podesta from Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon, evidence that they are getting updates from the Vatican about their awareness of extraterrestrial life, UFO’s. 

In the video below, the famous author, pastor and speaker, Billy Crone, reveals his dealings with UFO’s and alien life. Additionally, he delves into how October will end with a Satanic BANG and how Hillary is involved.  

All that and more in this exclusive report… 

Deception In the Desert Conference in Las Vegas!

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  • TuffENuff

    … except that Edgar Mitchell did not walk on the moon, which proves that Wikileaks is just another psyop intended to prop up all the old psyops. Fail.

    • frankfrank

      And you know this how? Did you ride with him on the rocket and sit by his side on the lunar lander?

    • wiseoldlady

      Whether he walked on the moon or not does not mean he is not aware.

    • coolsaint

      It continues to amaze me how stupid are some people , like Wilileaks described EM as an astronaut

  • Anonymous

    Da ‘Erf is flat and da moon made of green cheese, so how can dis be?

    • Eggzactly

      Dont forget planet BooBoo.

  • Elijah

    Yes, Wikileaks is just a created dialectical intended to create the illusion that it’s a good force fighting for the little guy, but in the end it’s just another puppet.

    • frankfrank

      So then are you saying you think Trump is actually part of the same elite status and the whole Hillary VS Trump is just an illusion and that when Trump wins, it’s to make us happy and accepting of the “typical elite” because we think he’s not one of them? I don’t think he has much to gain from this. I don’t think he can be bought. What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s just a pony show and he’s not a real, true, change-candidate? If that’s the case, why is the media so AGAINST him?

      • Jacko

        people with loads of money only want one thing: More Money. Of course you can buy Trump…

        • _2Lolo

          Yes. Trump obviously displays low IQ by speech alone. His father was a crook, a brothel owner in Ontario and a member of the KKK. Hilary and Donald are good friends. Hilary has been a practicing witch for years, according to Preston James, with annual pilgrimages to Northern Calif which alone, would have sunk the entire Clinton presidency from the 1990s.

          All this election bs is mere theatre. Word is out in the internet that the real Clintons have been exterminated as of 1999 and that includes Chelsea. The very same with the Bush family. George Sr. was killed in Japan when he puked on the table but then came back with freckles in his face that never were there before. He was hit by a soviet laser device. George Jr died of a drug overdose in 1985. Henry Kissinger and his wife were killed in a plane crash over Japan in the 70s. Do you actually believe this is the same original croker?

          Are you glued to the telie for the debates, thoughtfully weighing the merits of each candidate? The presidency has been decided YEARS in advance with careful prepping. Have you folks not noticed how regularly elections have moved from democratic to republican since Clinton years? I’d bet on a Republican win this time if Obama is not left remaining after a cataclysmic event has been orchestrated.

          There is not a single billionaire on planet earth who has not pledged allegiance to Satan.

          It astonishes me how naive and stupid BIN contributors take us for. I have learned a lot of truth gurus are very much part of the evil plan for the destruction of those who are not of the Ismael/Esau tribe. Shift-shaping David Ickes, Alex Jones and all his ilik in infowhores.cum… all bought and paid for, and with Alex Jones, twice over.

    • _2Lolo

      As usual, end of the world prognosticators will be wrong, we shall see, on Nov1. What a worthless blog.

  • my2pesos

    Santa Claus ~ Assault Can
    Santa Claus ~ A SS ‘AU’ LT Can
    Santa ~ Satan …………. Have we been naughty or nice?
    Naughtiest ~ That Genius ………

  • Arcturus

    I was hoping that October would end with a bang but my wife assures me that it won’t.

    • Andoron

      Just break out some Donna Lewis, and light up some candles. Break out the wine and and serve a nice dinner. You’ll get your wish. :D

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. You can bet if the Vatican has anything to do with aliens it has to do with DECEPTION. Do not underestimate this church. It has the POWER of SATAN behind it!

    In fact, this DECEPTION is so great 99% of those that call themselves “Christians” have fallen for it. Remember, the deceived do NOT know they are being deceived otherwise they wouldn’t be deceived. :twisted:

    Many scripture point out SPECIFICALLY to this church – make no mistake about it. They stand IDENTIFIED!

    And as far as the Noah’s days and that there was some kind of mating ritual going on between humans and angels the Bible already stated there were already giants in those days.

    And as Bible scholars pointed out, “Yahuah saw the wickedness of MAN”, it does not say the wickedness of the fallen Angels. So the mating was occurring between the Sons of Yahuah (possibly highly esteemed priestly men?) and the daughters of men (commoners?).


    Charlie (sorry, but that Noah story about hybrids is a half-baked doughnut) :lol: :lol:

    • Morgana Le Fay

      SShhh…..Don’t say such things!!! If that kind of thinking takes root, Steve Quayle’s book sales will go down.

      • Pink Slime

        No, there WERE giants in those days! :razz: :razz:

        • my2pesos

          Great Again ~ Giant ‘a’ Rage
          Great Again ~ Reagan ‘I’ Tag
          Great Again ~ Gate ‘Ra’ Gain

  • mbaynham

    Nostradasmus has the true predictions on how things will play out:

  • Canderson

    Wikileaks Emails Disclose Aliens, No only what Edgar Mitchell thinks.
    You ever wondered why they need to stitch pictures together (taken from “low” earth orbit) to give us a globe earth view. Could it be that the suns radiation and all the other stars only breakup into visible light spectrum when it hits the earths magnetic field? They got antigravity crafts like the tr3b so why no real full view picture, a camera record the reflected light, perhaps it is all dark (too us) out there. It is what Eric Dollard think.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t seen any anti-gravity crafts and I live directly east of Area 51. Where did you see your anti-grav vehicle? Heard about it on the internet?

  • jdpent01

    jdp…If true, the Hillary becomes president to usher in last days deceptions, but the bible code says that Trump would be president and that could be he would gets in office and some how goes missing,gets hurt leaves the office open and Hillary somehow gets in this could be the part of the big surprise thats coming, END TIMES ARE HERE.

  • my2pesos

    1. Donald Trump – On the 2016 campaign trail exclaiming live on television for ‘The world to hear’ these three words “I love war!”
    Who in his position says that? ………… (I can’t think of another.)

  • Danika

    Aliens are not just 1 species. They are benevolet and coming to assist our world. They are not devils or demons.
    I believe in they are coming only to teach us the truth of our own history, teach us new tech and work with us to help Gaia. To love sch other.
    Why would Source of ALL create Evil just to put more fear out there. Does He not love us?

  • Enjoykin4


    So called “ALIENS” precisely Koscheys or Dark Forces of Universe (rulers of the Grays) had took control over this planet before 250 years then they had destroyed bigest empire known as GRANDE TARHTARIA which was over whole North Aerica and half of Asia. Europe belong to Grande Asia because it is not continent like Australia or America.

    So all Jewish puppets especially Levi tribes are all under HEAVY MIND CONTROL of Koscheys. The goal of Kosheys is simple – DESTROY HUMANKIND and stay forever on this planet with their Jewish GMO kids !! Thats all !! THE END !!


  • Richard Parker

    Bergoglio is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Ratzinger is a wolf in wolf’s clothing and the Vatican lies.

  • ladyelohim

    They wont be going THROUGH antarticas PORTAL, The Galactic Federation has put a quarintine around earth via blue spheres, which were put in place by the Blue Avaians.this can be found on many sites if you look….NAMASTE…

  • Louis

    The Vatican and aliens? Good grief, Lisa. The last time you stuck your head inside a running garbage disposal you must have incurred even more brain damage.

    The Vatican doesn’t believe in the existence of extra-terrestrial life. That’s because ETs don’t exist. The only life in the universe are angels and humans.

    To the angels, the universe is a fantastic playground. At some point in time, humans will become like angels and be able to enjoy the cosmos the same way like children filled with joy — but only if they conduct their lives on earth in accordance with what the Vatican teaches. That’s why God founded the papacy — as a teacher of truth.

    • maxwell

      …These beings, that will soon be introduced to the world as “Extraterrestrials”, come to save the world… are actually hybrid nephilim. The Vatican knows all about them. As do a small number of other powerful “important” people in the world.
      Some are supernatural. The more powerful of the cadre, about 7,000, are the only individuals that can actually think. All the rest are programmed, for specific uses…and can be killed.
      …Remember… Satan comes first, disguised as Christ. …The “great” deception? Their appearance causes all the frightful, angry, WWIII screaming… to turn to prayers of thanks. Allowing the world to turn to more important end times prep. I think our new spacemen friends might have a solution to ALL of our earthly threats.

  • Rockledge

    Sheeesh. People still believing in little green men.

    Jody fell out of his tractor, couldn’t b’lieve what he seen.

    • maxwell

      …Rocky…Skepticism is totally understandable. I myself didn’t have much into the flying saucer thing….But then I read about the reptilian character of the devil, in the garden of Eden…and the description of a ‘flying saucer’ in the great book of Ezekiel…I started looking deeper.
      …I’ve done research since all that…about 20 years. What I’ve come to is this: What we are calling ‘extraterrestrials’, are actually Nephilim hybrids. Not interstellar ‘visitors’. The UFOs themselves are most likely demonic manifestations, which probably include some sort of advanced technologies.
      …They’re here now, to try to “take-over”…again. YHVH showed them once, face to face, already…This is the last time. Perdition, this go round.
      …We’re all included in this, just like last time…and the same people who stood up for the LORD, the first time, are the same ones who are doing it right this time. To the end.

  • Enjoykin4

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  • Enjoykin4

    URGENT BREAKING NEWS 29 Oct. 2016.

    Sub for more: | Truth Feed News reports, WND’s reporting in late August of a marked classified email Hitlery Clington forwarded to aide Huma Abedin (member of ISIS) could cast light on FBI Director James Comey’s dramatic disclosure to members of Congress Friday that the bureau had reopened its investigation into HitleryClington’s use of a private email server due to new information apparently discovered in the sexting probe of former Rep. Anthony Weiner, Abedin’s estranged husband.

    Folks – Huma Abedin is a known Muslim (member of ISIS) who has previously worked for terrorist groups like Al Quada and many more. She is a Extreme ISIS Muslim undercover who has infiltrated Hitlery Clintgon and Hitlery knew this.

    Watch and join commenting at Tube !!

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  • Enjoykin4

    BREAKING NEWS 30.October.2016

    Syria: Terrorists’ Offensives in Western Aleppo Fended Off for 2nd Day
    The military fronts in Western Aleppo are witnessing severe clashes between the Syrian army and the terrorist groups for the second consecutive day, field sources said on Saturday.

    More People Run from ISIL Terrorists amid Iraq’s Offensive to Retake Mosul
    raqis from the village of Ayn Nasir, South of Mosul, gathered outside the village on October 29, 2016 as Iraqi forces prepare to enter the village to fight against ISIL terrorists as part of an operation to liberate the city of Mosul.

    Syrian Army Takes Control of More Areas in, around Khan al-Sheih in Southwestern Damascus
    Reports said on Saturday that the Syrian Army soldiers seized control over several key positions and roads in Western Ghouta and laid full siege on the trapped US baked Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly al-Nusra Front) terrorists in Khan al-Sheih town.

    Over 20 Terrorists Killed in Failed Attack on Army Positions Southwest of Aleppo
    Syrian government forces repelled Jeish al-Fatah’s offensives on their strongholds in the districts and neighborhoods of Zahiyeh al-Assad, al-Rashedeen 4 and 5, Sowq a-Jebes, Housing Project 1070, al-Hikmeh School and Jam’iyat al-Sahafi’ein.

    Syrian Military Forces Repel Terrorists’ Attack on Suran North of Hama
    The Syrian army repelled a major offensive by the terrorist groups on the town of Suran, North of Hama province.

    Iraq’s Joint Military Forces Moving towards Mosul
    Iraqi army and the Hashed al-Shaabi (Popular Forces) deploy towards the village of Ayn Nasir, South of Mosul, on October 29, 2016, during the ongoing battle against ISIL terrorists to liberate the city of Mosul.

    Iraqi Popular Forces Launch Anti-ISIL Offensive West of Mosul
    Iraqi Popular Forces began their offensive against the ISIL terrorists just West of Mosul Saturday morning. Armoured vehicles and bulldozers could be seen moving towards the city of Tal Afar, some 78km (49m) West of Mosul. [VIDEO at Tube]

    Yemeni Forces Launch Ballistic Missile Attack on Saudi Airbase in Jeddah
    Yemeni army and popular forces launched a Borka 1 ballistic missile attack from Saada province to a Saudi Airbase in Jeddah.

    Bahrainis Express Solidarity with Sheikh Isa Qassim
    Bahraini anti-regime protesters took to the streets to express solidarity with senior Shiite clerics Sheikh Issa Qassim and Ali Salman. Demonstrations were held in the villages of Diraz, Shakhoura and Abu Saiba on Friday.

    Iraqi Volunteer Forces Join Battle on ISIL West of Mosul
    All brigades of Iraqi volunteer forces joined the country’s battle on ISIL and begun an offensive against the terrorists West of the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul to cut the militants’ supply lines and movements between Mosul and.

    A Ghastly History: US Is Using Uranium Weapons Against Syria
    Despite serious ethical problems, the Pentagon has finally admitted that it has used uranium weapons in the war on Syria – against SAA.

    SDF Wins Back 4 Villages, 3 Farms from ISIL’s Control in Northern Aleppo
    Battlefield sources disclosed that the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have managed to seize back seven strategic regions, pushing the ISIL further back from the Northern parts of Aleppo province.

    Taliban Kills ISIL’s Suicide Attacks Commander in West Afghanistan
    Local sources in Western Afghanistan announced that a senior leader of the ISIL terrorist group has been killed by rival Taliban militants.

    Saudi Arabia Evacuates 60 Percent of Villages Along Border with Yemen
    The Riyadh government has evacuated over half of its rural areas along the kingdom’s border with Yemen, media reports said Saturday.

    Zarif, Mogherini Stress Fight against Terrorism, Need to Resolve Syrian crisis
    Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and visiting European Union (EU) Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini in their second meeting in Tehran on Saturday underlined the need for fight against the terrorist groups and the urgency.

    Security Source: US Sending Arms Cargo to ISIL in Iraq’s Diyala
    The US-led coalition helicopters carried a large number of weapons and military equipment to the ISIL terrorists stationed in Iraq’s Diyala province, Arab media outlets reported, citing an unnamed security official.

    US Air Force Command Apologizes for Flying Close to Russian Jets over Syria
    The Russian Defense Ministry said that the US Air Force Central Command apologized for US planes flying close to Russian jets over Syria.

    ISIL Executes Dozens of Iraqi Civilians in Southern Mosul
    The ISIL terrorists continue to execute tens of citizens in a village to the South of the city of Mosul in Nineveh province, Arab media sources reported on Saturday.

    Iraq: Hundreds of Foreign Female Terrorists Driving ISIL’s Suicide Vehicles
    The ISIL is using hundreds of female terrorists from different world countries to drive suicide vehicles of their husbands during the Mosul liberation operation by Iraq’s joint military forces, media reports said.

    Deputy FM: Security of Bab Al-Mandab Strait Highly Important to Iran
    Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari underlined that Tehran wants establishment of security in the strategic Bab al-Mandab Strait near the Gulf of Aden.

  • Anonymous

    I checked it out and it was horrible.

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