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Trump’s Wall: Mexican Billionaires Make 6 Billion Dollar Deposit on Wall! (Video)

Thursday, November 10, 2016 2:00
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Mexico was pitched into deep uncertainty by Donald Trump’s U.S. election victory on Tuesday after a bitterly divisive campaign, raising the prospect of major clashes over trade, immigration and security.

The peso currency suffered its biggest fall in 22 years on fears Trump will stick to a campaign pledge to rewrite or dump a free trade treaty he says is loaded in Mexico’s favor. Investors worry a trade fight could tip Mexico’s economy into recession.

The Republican candidate has threatened to deport millions of undocumented Mexican migrants, many of whom he described as rapists and drug runners, and to keep others out by building a massive border wall he says Mexico will pay for.

Watching in homes and bars around the country as the New York real estate tycoon extended his lead over Democrat Hillary Clinton in one U.S. state after another, many Mexicans were gripped by disbelief and fear.

“We have to start saving for that wall,” said Rafael Garnica, a 29-year-old Mexico City technology entrepreneur. “It’s not just Trump that frightens me, it’s that he represents a huge amount of people in the United States.”

On Twitter, some Mexicans urged their government to seek dialogue with Trump, while others said they feared a rupture of ties with the United States.

“Trump’s victory is the antithesis of the fall of the Berlin Wall,” tweeted Fernando Belaunzaran, a politician for the center-left Party of the Democratic Revolution.

Trump’s victory coincided with the anniversary of the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall.

Trump has proposed blocking billions of dollars in remittances sent home by Mexicans working in the United States to make Mexico pay for his border wall.

Pena Nieto, who likened Trump’s rhetoric to that of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, has dismissed the idea out of hand and his foreign minister reiterated on Wednesday the country had no intention of paying.

On the campaign trail, Trump relentlessly attacked the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Mexico, Canada and the United States as the “worst deal ever”, vowing to scrap it if he cannot renegotiate it.

NAFTA has been a cornerstone of Mexican economic policy since it took effect in 1994.

Finance Minister Jose Antonio Meade said in a news conference on Wednesday that uncertainty and volatility had increased since Trump’s win, but that there was no immediate impact on trade rules between the two countries.

Some business leaders say the U.S and Mexican economies are now so closely integrated it is impossible to take steps against one without damaging the other.

“We will be facing months of volatility and uncertainty while the new government in Washington takes office and we see whether Mr. Trump is able to make good on his unfortunate campaign promises and rhetoric,” said Andres Rozental, a former Mexican deputy foreign minister.

Mexican officials hope to diversify export markets to try to reduce the country’s dependence on U.S. consumers, and Pena Nieto has said he would work with the winner of the election.

He was pilloried at home for inviting Trump to Mexico in late August in an effort to create some leverage for his government in case the businessman won.

Trump softened his tone on the brief stopover he made to meet Pena Nieto, telling a news conference it was important to keep manufacturing in North America and describing Mexican-Americans as “spectacular, hard-working people.”

But within hours of his departure, he and Pena Nieto got into a Twitter feud over who would pay for the wall.

After Trump’s victory, Pena Nieto said on Twitter he was ready to work with him, calling the neighboring countries friends who “should continue to work together for the competitiveness and development of North America”. – Reuters


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  • LightsOut

    If we stop giving free benefits to illegal/undocumented people like, Health benefits. education, phones, food, housing etc… and stop hiring them, plus put a 25% tax on any money sent back to their homeland, this problem would solve itself. Also we need to stop the anchor baby problem and deport any foreign prisoners in our country!

    A good start would be to put a huge prison at the southern border on the Mexican side, payed by Mexico to bring back their own people! Cut off Border crossings from the USA for 6 months, this would force the Mexican government to comply with a new set of rules!

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      Blame local businesses for the hiring of illegal immigrants. Of course, it’s obvious why they do it. They can pay an illegal Mexican 1/10 what they have to pay an American, they work harder than any spoiled millennial, and don’t complain because they can’t.

      As for your anchor baby “problem” that doesn’t exist in the United States, that’s a Canada problem. When an illegal immigrant has a baby in the US, there is a popular misconception that the child’s U.S. citizenship status legally helps the child’s parents and siblings to quickly reclassify their visa status (or lack thereof) and to place them on a fast pathway to acquire lawful permanent residence and eventually United States citizenship. Current U.S. federal law prevents anyone under the age of 21 from being able to petition for their non-citizen parent to be lawfully admitted into the United States for permanent residence.

      Just more misinformed Trump supporters.

    • harry

      Good info … I did not realize how much cost was involved. HB

  • maxwell

    …Now, Trump will have Mexican assassination teams trying to kill him along with crazy democrats and satanists.

  • Anonymous

    You need not a wall to end the problem, what you need is to remove the rewards for coming, if you eliminate the opportunity of jobs as a first step most will stay in Mexico, or wherever they are from. Look around at the construction sites, the landscapers etc. most are loaded with other then what we know for sure are americans, go to a Lowe’s or a Home Depot, or hang around a U_haul center especially with storage areas and you will see many illegals, They are employed by americans not real americans as they are selling the nation down the river in the name of greed. So stop with the wall talk, its ugly and expensive and proves only an object and not mans brain is the so called solution. Instead, punish those that hire the illegals and stop the problem by eliminating the reason they come. Let it be known to all business large and small, corporate or private, that if you get caught with one illegal or 100, you will lose your business, your house, your savings, your cars, all your possessions including , jewelry etc. the business will be sold to the highest bidder and remain open so people will not lose their jobs, but you will not own it, you will never be allowed to own or manage another business and you will be left penniless. Make sure the press saturates the public with the stories , and soon no business owner or manager will hire another illegal, and the illegals will not come for there will be no jobs. Those that are already here will return to their country of origin and seek jobs from those corporations that have moved to Mexico etc and never return. We will save on all expenses such as food stamps medical etc for those that were taking advantage, and will not spend money on a deterrent such as a wall, that will not work for there will always be a way around over under or through it. If I were a Mexican living in Mexico I would take the risk of coming in the past and the present as to improve my life and my families, but I would never think of coming in the future if the opportunity to improve or get employment was not here, end of story, problem, solved little expense. Now I know many will say we need them, Im cold hearted blah blah blah but we are a constitutional republic and a nation of laws so lets live by them and those that don’t must pay a dear price so we don’t become a third world country,, as we are slipping there quicker then a goat can chew, and a snake can strike the way we do things now.

    • Jack Shlitz

      Well, that’s very idealistic and you’re right but that’s not reality. The reality is that everyone knows why they come here, what has to done, who needs to be penalized etc etc but no one will do a damn thing about it because they’re as thick as thieves and they benefit off it. Trump says he’ll get Mexico to pa for the Wall and he’s right they will. All he has to do is make them abide by the treaty they signed and they pay for it not to mention once this happens it will probably stifle illegals coming in because they’ll need to transact money to their country legally. They real root of the problem is the very nature of business itself. The fact that the biggest contributor to over head expense is LABOR. If we have cheap labor we’re more competitive.
      Why else are they shuffling in refugees into Europe (besides the fact that their countries are wastelands thanks to the US and EU). There’s no morality in it contrary to what “They” tell you. It’s ALL about $

  • Sue Rosenorn

    Trump is right again! Mexica will fund building he wall! Its only been 48 hours and the money is coming in! President elect Trump will be awesome!

  • Mayhem

    The comparison to the Berlin wall is asinine because it divided a country whereas Trumps wall divides separates countries plural.

    Don’t lose sight of the fact, America, that The Donald’s victory is push back against progressive liberalism as well as globalism.

    Whites, Families and Faith are all under sustained attack make no mistake.

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