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Incredible Accuracy on Every Detail in Trump’s 2011 Prophecy Boggles the Mind.

Saturday, December 10, 2016 10:36
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It wasn’t just Trump winning the election, it was the details in which he would do it according to Mark Taylor’s 2011 written prophetic word that boggles the mind. Many atheist’s and religious people alike are pissed off because of it. The atheist’s are scrambling to find an explanation of how this could happen and the religious who’s businesses depend on promoting bible prophecy steer clear away from it because it doesn’t fit the narrative of doom and gloom of Revelation. The industry of doom and gloom is going out of business.

A visit with Mark Taylor after the election 11-15-16



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  • PaulTarsuss

    “- The atheist’s are scrambling to find an explanation of how this could happen and the religious who’s businesses depend on promoting bible prophecy steer clear away from it because it doesn’t fit the narrative of doom and gloom of Revelation. -”

    The video is promoting a prophecy that runs counter to God’s Word…

    The video even displays our national mascot flying with the HEXagram, which sordid history is there for all to see!

    How can an alliance with THIS be God’s Will!!!!??,edom,israel.php

    Google image search: “D.C. Jerusalem masonic” It’s all there.

    Satan and his fellow fallen angels are thrown down here knowing their time is short. They will apparently do anything to eke out as much time as they can. Controlling the election in such a way, is an attempt to do that. They knew that if Hellary made it in, that things would accelerate dramatically and their time would be even shorter!

    “I will shorten those days for my elect’s sake, lest no flesh remain alive upon the earth” – Yahweh, God Almighty

    Read the info above and then tell us that it is God’s will to be aligned with those such as they!

    Trump’s ALREADY backing off of several “promises” made during his campaign right up until he was elected. The ONLY reason he’s there isn’t because of God’s Will, but because the powers that be are allowing it for their own ends.

    Trump like many before him, will dangle at the end of their puppet strings or some other kind of cordage.

    ‘When you see total corruption in power, know that time is short’….

    Good Journeys

    • Andy

      “When you see total corruption in power. know that the time is short”

      i guess time has always been short, for power has been totally corrupt since the ancient greeks

      • PaulTarsuss

        Yes, and the comment is stated in God’s word several times over the span of 1,500 years! Just as true now as then. One fallen empire after another, we still make the same mistakes….

        But not for much longer.

        Man’s legacy of dominating his fellow man to his own destruction is nearing it’s end.

        It’s final end.

        No reboots, no Rome 3.0, no do overs. Read the links above to see how and why.

        Good Journeys

        • Equalizer

          Trump is GOD’s battering ram

          • maxwell

            …eq…trump is an unfortunate hero figure…His death will not be mourned for very long. The mourners will have their hands full of chaos as has never been seen. Their is not an earthly force in the world, that can
            turn back the onslaught of the “locust’ army”.

          • Morgana Le Fay

            More like his dildo.

    • Andy

      Trump was chosen by “we the people” via this strange thing known as an election – fairy-tale characters don’t choose anything

      • PaulTarsuss

        The real fairy tale is believing that ANY president since at LEAST JFK can make a difference of his own accord without the “hidden hand” that is the real “government” allowing it….

        UNLESS he has the backing of a whole lotta military boys AND true blue EX alphabet soup cannery employees.

        One man standing in the viper’s nest that is d.c. without UNPRECEDENTED overt and covert backup is nothing more than a bloated pin cushion.

        “Strange thing known as an election”….you got that part right.

        Strange and stranger.

        At any rate, Andy, Good Journeys

        • Apollo is the A/C

          It makes me wonder about the dreams of those such as “C. Alan Martin” – even I believe the prophecy on the back of the $1 Bill points to ‘Inauguration Day’ of 2013 – I thought maybe it meant Obama was going to be our (those in the USA) last President. At this point I am steadfastly confused, but I remain faithful to Christ and HIS plan and love the fact that we live in VERY interesting times!!!!

          :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

      • Uncle_Scam

        The sheeple don’t even chose the nominees (obviously). It is an Indirect Election. The popular sheeple vote does Not determine the outcome- that would a Direct Election. In an Indirect Election such as the presidential election- the Electoral College decides and is the only vote that counts. The ‘we the sheeple’ is more like the fairy-tale- for your worthless vote is recorded- but not used…. only if it said Electoral on it. Anyone -even you Andy could win the popular sheeple vote and still lose- because the Electoral College does not use it, for they decide the outcome. The sheeple elect ‘Electors’ that then decide for them.

    • Wity

      PaulTarsuss ~ good comment, i have to agree….
      The dark pit has opened for a short time and evil is upon the Earth for the tribulation…

      Deception flies in the face of mankind…

      Babylon, that tower of babel and the purple whore must fall….

  • Everette

    The last days are upon us . Look at how openly evil blurts out their filth . Just like the men of Sodom and Gomorrah , when they said bring out the men that are visiting you Lot . But the men were angels . Lot having lived among evil and corruption said no , let me bring you my daughters so you can do to them as you will . Let no harm come to tgese visitors . Knowing in his being but not understanding what it was he was really dealing with in these men or beings , but later finding these beings were from GOD that he seemed to want protection for . But his tanted thinking gave way not to a righteous thinking but to a worldly view of trying to solve the problem . Just tge same as we are doing today . The last soul that is to come unto the Lord has not yet come . This prophecy of America prospering again could be GODs last push to reach that last soul . That soul was already HIS from the beginning . But yet HE allows man to receive some credit for obeying HIS words of go tell the world that the Kingdom of GOD has come unto them . And that HE is offering forgiveness of sins . So yeah I can see GOD using America again for a short period of Time to reach that last person that will end time of forgiveness and start the time of Tribulation . GOD is allowing us one more Ump of energy . Funny thing the person HE is using to mobilize GODs children does not fit our desire and understanding of who we think should be leading the pack . But GOD says MY ways are not your ways and your ways are not MY ways . I take the weak and bring down the strong , I take the stupid and confound the wise . So that MY glory can be shown . And that all may know that it is I GOD that rules in Heaven and on earth . The bible also says until He who lets be taken out of the way that man of sin cannot be revealed . Many say this is where GOD takes out HIS people . Some say it is the Holy Spirit . But what if it were the son of man that Jesus ( GOD in the flesh , as John chapter 1 states ) in Matthew talks about that son of man that shall come in the last days with HIS angel and gather HIS elect , not MY angels or MY elect . Remember Jesus was the son of woman , not man , that Genesis speaks about . This person could be among us today praying holding back GODs judgement . Look at the many chapters in Ezekiel as GOD calls him son of man . Is this that person ? I think not . HE was merly stating that Ezekiel was a son of his father who was a man or son of Adam . Not all beings in this world are sons of man . But thats another chapter . Daniel spoke of this man being called up to GODs throne and given power and authority . Ezekiel also calls this person the prince in chapters 44 and 46 . He also tells that durning the 1000 reign of David’s seed or sperm which Jesus was not of will go through tge eastern gate and offer sacrifice on Saturday tge Sabbath . Ezekiel goes on to call GOD the KING as does the last chapters of Revelations . Enoch in his writings says this person was kept until the end times . And then being born shall suffer his entire life and be given eternal life and power from GOD and shall be the seed of David . This person will rule all nations with a rod of iron and shall bring them unto GOD . He shall subdue all evils . Then after the 1000 years of bringing men back to GOD , Satan shall be loosed and gather his beings and people that never really gave their hearts to GOD and shall go forth to make war with the saints and GODs elect . GOD shall run fire upon them and hold tge judgement , then it says GOD shll bring down HIS city and dwell among men . Other thing where in that do you see us going to Heaven . The old testament makes it plain that the 1000 years shall be on earth . And then GOD shall come to earth . When tge people of righteousness due they go to paradise not Heaven . So why have I exposed so many differences against what we have been thought ? Just like America prospering again , Why not ? Why are Godly people so critical and want America destroyed ? Remember you too are living in it . Just like Jonah when GOD saved his enemies , he became angry . So GOD made a vine grow to shadow him while he pouted . Then he made a worm devoir the vine . And Jonah became angry with the worm and felt sorry for the vine . Then GOD said how much more are people than this vine that you have felt sorry for . Yes I pray many times GOD protect the righteous . But destroy those that hate you and hate your people . But if any among them can and will change and be saved , then save them . But if they will not change and never repent and be saved then destroy them . Why because they are hindering HIS Kingdom and tormenting HIS children . This is human nature in myself and probably there could be those that are being tried and tested so they can be proved and crowned with GODs glory for their sufferings of proving they will stand strong fir GOD . Knowing better themselves after they have been tested . But still my nature wants the evil ones gone ! And one day they shall be . But first lets get that last soul into the Kingdom of GOD before we want America destroyed . And no we don’t know who they are that shall repent and come to HIM . So in this way those we tell can’t say on that day of judgement , no one told me of you GOD . They will be without excuse . So tell everyone everywhere !

  • charlie2dogs

    you have been crying out to who, what to save you when you voted yourself into slavery, when you allowed traitors to rule over you, its always about religious horseshit isnt it. None of you ever address the real problem judges, lawyers and the legal system is what has destroyed this country, and all we get is religious horseshit

  • Leo

    Trump was not sent by God :cool:

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      In their tiny indoctrinated mind he was…

  • Morgana Le Fay

    You people are sick….sick, sick, SICK and demented.

    • Mayhem

      Says the women who pointed sex toy humour at God.

      • Man

        since God is male and has no wife… that dildo will come in handy to pleasure himself.

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