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Netanyahu Pulls Out 1 Photo to Humiliate Obama on Facebook.. and it’s Going Viral (Video)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017 3:00
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The Conservative Tribune reports, The nation of Israel was badly snubbed late last week by the United Nations Security Council and the United States, which could have prevented the incident, did nothing. The Security Council passed a resolution that condemned Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was predictably disappointed, particularly in President Barack Obama.

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  • Tedx

    As much money as Obama has dished out to Israel, as much as Obama has tap danced for Bibi Netanyahu, he refused to obediently invade Iran, as Hillary promised to do if elected and as George ‘Dubya’ Bush obediently invaded Iraq for Israeli interests as ordered.
    But Obama may finally be standing up like a man to Netanyahu. He just recalled all US aircraft carriers to US waters, as Netanyahu warned Putin that Israel may invade Syria. So, Obama just informed Netanyahu, “You’re on your own Bubba.”

    • b4

      what do you think trump will do?kind of hard to tell…give obummer credit,he did not tap dance for the zionists–trump is sending mixed signals=100 % for the jewish people,not for the zionists

    • Debbie

      I don’t believe this Netanyahu – Obama shlt show…I call BS on all of it, Obama just signed and gave to Israel the biggest war welfare package in history….billions….and that was just this past fall….I believe this is a backdoor way to launch war with Russia….Netanyahu will attack Syria…Russia will rush in to protect Syria..Iran will jump in and then BOOM…Sharia Obama gets his war with Russia….as he will force America to defend Israel and attack Russia….the chess pieces are lining up for the very outcome the Devil Jinn desires…nuclear exchange with Russia….think about this….Rothschilds basically own and operates both the UN and Israel….blaming Russia for hacking the election and non stop propaganda in the FAKE news mainstream media about bad bad Putin is just the same old pattern of trying to manufacture consent for war with Russia…if Obama had 1/100th of the decency that Putin has demonstrated we would not be facing these crazy nuclear was threats….Netanyahu and Obama both work for the same masters – humanity hating Rothschilds…

  • keithcooper

    More than half the readers on sites like this don’t or can;t grasp the control the Zionists have over the UK and USA…using the military muscle and resources of both Western Nations to support their criminal activity. Sure, the Palistinians are their own worst enemies and act as if they have no desire for Peace, and Israel MUST be allowed to defend itself against attacks…BUT, Israel cannot expect the West to support its criminal actions in building illegal settlements..and they sure as hell should stay out of our Politics.

  • wbb

    You could have just as easily put the Obummer photo on the top as the pic of BiBi. Instead you think we need to be narrated to……..

  • Deputy Dawg

    To the tune of Jefferson Airplane’s “Go Ask Alice.”


    One lie makes government larger
    And one lie makes you small
    And the ones that the constitution gives you
    Don’t do anything at all
    Go ask Alex Jones
    When he’s ten feet tall……

    And if you go chasing rabbits
    And you know you’re going to fall
    Tell ‘em a hookah-smoking nation
    Has risen to God’s call
    He called Alex Jones
    When he was just small…..

    When the men on the world chessboard
    Get up and tell you where to go
    And you’ve just breathed some kind of smart dust
    And your mind is moving low
    Go ask Alex Jones
    I think he’ll know…….

    When logic and proportion
    Have fallen sloppy dead
    And the White House is talking backwards
    And the Red Queen’s out of his head
    Remember what the dormouse said……

    Cause treachery’s on the horizon
    when the chips begin to fall
    The Trump DOJ will be hanging the liars by their balls.
    Ask Alex Jones I think he knows…….

    So we’re banking on Trumps’ promise
    like with presidents before
    but this round is really ugly, we can’t take it any more

    Just ask Alex cause now he’s ten feet tall!

    • RAIN

      Very nice.. the transformation is complete. Oh, but for the memories and the times they are a changin’.

      Memories.. back a few..

      fear is big business. go ask alex when he’s ten feet tall. i’m not understanding some of the criticisms here and i question the comprehension skills of those who have placed alex within the realm of the sacrosanct. if anyone needs to be held in check, it’s alex and the necessity of an alternative voice is paramount. truth has been relegated to a state of near nonexistence and the ability to discern what is true is becoming particularly difficult as we are pounded with mis and dis-info on a daily basis from all sides.
      why would anyone not welcome counterpoint for the mammoth? that doesn’t make sense to me.

      OCT 11, 2012, 5:45 AM

      re: Bibi..

      From the Brookings Institute, “Which Path to Persia”, 2009, Chapter 5;

      Leave it to Bibi: Allowing or Encouraging an Israeli Military Strike

    • maxwell

      …Amonibus…Absolute genius! best synopsis to date. thank you.

    • dsetters

      I’ve never wrote in the comment section on this site but had to for this is genius and it brought back memories for I loved this song.

  • Eaglefeather

    Oh poor little Bibi Yahoo was “Snubbed”.. That piece of shit psychopath & war criminal needs to be publicly executed. Hey you skull plugged, brainwashed Goyom you are completely void of historical facts or even reality pal. Lets be perfectly clear dude, Israel is absolutely nothing “Biblical” or “Holy” about Israel. Israel is an artificial construct created by the UN with well established border to create it & which Israel has refused to comply with. Those “Jews” are from the old eastern European Kazarian Empire which converted to Judaism in 800 AD. They are not “Hebrew” or even “Semitic” and have no more of a claim to Palestine than a Mexican Catholic has to invade or occupy the nation of Italy. Judiausm is a religion, Israel is a foreign government so If you love Israel & those Bolshevik war criminals that damn much then get the hell out of the USA & move there. As an American I am fed up with useful idiots swearing their loyalty to a foreign power & murdering millions of people including our own sons & daughters in illegal wars of aggression because your precious Bibi Yahoo said so.

    • Linelock

      Hey psychopath, if the UN and some hair brain conspiracy you refer to COULD create the nation of Israel then they could easily CONTROL them, but they cannot because they are a sovereign nation.

      A nation which God, through his Word says will never again be overtaken by ANYBODY.

      Regarding the sons and daughters of Americans being killed by endless wars, you might want to take that up with the politicians in power during the years 1910-1916. Those are the men who setup all of us to become slaves to Federal Reserve and use our sons and daughters as cannon fodder.

      What you don’t understand has no bearing on it’s reality.

      Might want to bone up on what the US Government itself uses to understand and prepare for future events.

      The Holy Bible. Why? Because it has been 100% accurate with regard to future events. The only things left to be fulfilled are in Revelation.

      If that doesn’t open your eyes, then nothing will and I wish you luck.

      If on the other hand you’d like to know, what you don’t know –

  • El_Puerco

    HEY! People!…Has anyone ever challenged this SPEECH?!

    “Please excuse my brief interruption.”

    AUDIO: { }

    He is well known for his speech in 1961 warning America about the tactics and plots of the KM in general but also spoke as an American patriot warning us about the KM’s in our country. He stated then that the Khazarian Mafia already had control of our country and that Z very much had their hands in all the wars.

    Dear Mr. Trump, Apparently you didn’t… Know Mr. Benjamin Freedman

    Mr. Trump, the people who have destroyed the health care system are also in line to destroy other aspects of our economy.


  • David

    Marching to Zion’ Full – Christian Zionism and 1948 Israel Exposed!

    About Film:

    For over 1800 years, the Jews were scattered throughout all nations without a homeland. Then in 1948, the impossible happened. The State of Israel was founded, and the Jews once again possessed the promised land. Many Christians have proclaimed this to be a miracle and a blessing from God, but was this really the blessing of the Lord, or were darker forces at work? This film has the answer.

    From the makers of After the Tribulation and New World Order Bible Versions, this groundbreaking documentary traces the history of the Jewish people from the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70 to the founding of the modern-day nation of Israel in 1948. Biblical evidence is examined as well as history, cutting-edge DNA science, mathematics, and testimony from pastors and rabbis to settle once and for all one of the most controversial questions of all time: Who are God’s chosen people?


    The newest DNA scientific studies, showing that the people known as the Jews of Israel—and, indeed Jews all over the world—are, in fact, of Khazar, not Israelite origins, is backed by the earlier work of historians.

    In the mystical book of Revelation, the apostle John sees a scarlet woman called “Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth.” She is drunk on the blood of Christians and rides a many-horned and -headed beast. John was told this woman symbolized a city that would one day rule and corrupt the world. Who is this woman? Does she exist today?

    Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine:

    “Is this what the Chosen People of God that evangelicals want to bless?”


  • Anonymous

    Anything Obama does to make Israel look bad makes Obama look good!

  • jdpent01


  • jdpent01


  • funkz008

    * It seems that there are theories out there that can relate to the possibility of why Syria might fall. It was planned by Albert Pike in early 1800′s…the plan for WWIII is to create a fake Islamic Terrorist Agenda in the middle-east…this will in turn cause EVERY NATION ON THE PLANET to sweep in and spend $$$$BILLIONS$$$$ to attack and fight the growing Terrorist threat…Now spreading Deep into Europe…First Turkey will hand over $$$Billions$$ and ruin their fragile economy…then France will fall…then Germany…then other European Countries…when they go “BUST” attempting to Rescue themselves from the Fake terrorist Agenda, the Bankers will sweep in and Buy-out those Nations purchasing possibly secret Debts from the War…from them in Exchange for their Economic Sovereignty ~ And Forcing them now to adhere to their new *World Economic Mark System”. IMO

  • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

    The Jews of the Bible lost their “Chosen” favored status with God for rejecting his laws and his son Jesus Christ, soon after probation was up and in 70A.D. the Romans under Titus laid siege to Jerusalem, over a million Jews died at the hands of the R0mans. They had lost their favored chosen status to the Christians, who heeded Jesus warning about getting out of Jerusalem before the R0mans destroyed it. The physical modern nation of Israel is nothing more than a creation of the NW0 Je$uits – Ma$i0nic Jews to be used as a tool for various reasons one of which is end times deception. The */atican wants Jerusalem and they already control most of the holy sights there as well as owning about 40% of the real estate. Evangelical Christians are being deceived into thinking that the modern nation state of Israel is the same Israel spoken of in bible prophecy, IT IS NOT, Israel is the name of Gods people and that name and “Chosen” status was and IS contingent on obedience.

  • moochie2

    What I get is that it was the democrats who dragged us into this whole mess in 1947. Figures. All we do is thrash around in their muck.

  • Anonymous

    Barry wearing a helicopter beanie is supposed to be humiliating?? More like embarrasment to the jews. They should have nothing to do with that fake…..

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