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Earth Is An Enormous Living Cell And We Are A Part Of The Bio-Containment System: The Inescapable CELL EARTH!

Monday, February 13, 2017 17:10
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Earth Is An Enormous Living Cell And We Are A Part Of The Bio-Containment Biosphere System: The Inescapable CELL EARTH! The Only Way To Truely Ascend Up From Within The Earth Cell To Heaven Is Through ISHI, Hosea 2:16.



Hosea 2:16, 1st John 1:9, John 3:16, Saint Luke 17th Ch., 1st Thess. 4:13-18. We Must Ascend To Reach Heaven Where Our Heavenly Father Is And Also Heaven Will Be Manifested Right Here On Earth, The Reason For The Glorified Saints Return With ISHI. The Holy Spirit Will Come Down First To Empower The 144,000 Celestial Warriors And To Help Make The Enemies Of ISHI His Footstool Before He Sets Foot On Earth At The End Of The Great Tribulation To Finish The Battle Of Armageddon. We Don’t Have Very Long Until The Beginning Of These Critical Earth & Life Changing Events, Starting With The Seals Being Realeased Before The Trumpets And Bowls Being Manifested Leading To The End Of The Great Tribulation. Please Prepare Now Before Its Too Late And Don’t Play Around With Your Life And Others Who You Love, Because It Depends On A Strong Connection With The Most High Through ISHI & The Holy Spirit With True Charity Love.


Earth Is A Cellular Structure And Functions Like A Living Cell Which Is Divided Into Zones Or Regions, The Inner Nucleous Which Is Mount Meru & The Two Main Cosmic Sphere Firmaments Above & Below, The Mid Cell Region Or Continetal Ring Of Land Masses Where We Terrestrial Beings Live, The Outer Cell Region Located At The Ends Of The Earth With Chains Of Islands Located In A Bottomless Celestial Sea That Surrounds The Entire Inside Of The Earth Cell System, And The Cell Containment Wall Of Protection Which Is The Firmament Dome That’s Firmly Clamped Down Over The Entire Earth Structure Which Also Completes It’s Overall Sphere Shape In Connection With The Other Half Of The Sphere Which Is The Lower Concave Terrestrial Bowl Of The Earth With Its Lower Sphere Containment Walls Or Elemental Foundations, With An Inlet Portal And Outlet Portal For Introduction Of Nutrients Which Are Heavenly Cosmic Energies That Feed The Earth Cell System. Earth Is An Enormous Hollow Sphere With The Elemental Foundations Of The Earth Below And A Special Crystalline Metallic Firmament Dome Above. There Are 12 Foundations Of The Earth Or 12 Main Layers Of Elements Which Are Pockected With Black Gold Crystal Melanin-Black Goo-Primordial Matter, Organic Matter From Dead Beings, Animals, Insects, & Plant Life, Oils, Gases, Coal, Water, Giant Crystals, Lakes & Rivers Of Fire, Water, Hell, Ect. Earth Also Has A Gigantic Floating Crystalline Firmament Sphere Of The Stars Located Only Thousands Of Miles Above Our Heads In InnerSpace. The Heavenly Bodies Are Also Not As Large As They Taught Us In Schools Of Lower Learning, Schools Of Indoctrination. The Sun And Moon Are The Same Size And The Sun Is A Cosmic Energy Convertor Which Resonates And Generates Light Via Cosmic Energies Flowing Into The Dark Black Side Of It From Heaven Through The Foundation The Earth Located Inside Of The Cosmic Sphere Firmament Of The Sonoluminscent Stars Which It Rotates Around Daily. This Crystalline Cosmic Sphere Firmament Of Stars Rotates The Sun, Moon, Heavenly Bodies/Erroneously Named Planets, And Other Space Debris From A Once Habitable Watery Heavenly Body Known As Rahab, Which Was Satan’s World That Got Destroyed During The First Angelic Rebellion Wars Around The 2nd To 3rd Day Of Creation. The Inside Of The Earth -Bio-Containment Biosphere Cell System Contains A Special Crystalline Barrier Which Now Separates The InnerSpace Realm Above From The Terrestrial Earth Dweller Realm Below. They Call This Special Crystalline Sky Barrier The Karman Line Which Is Located About 62 Miles Up Above Our Heads. You Can’t Rely On The Wicked Governments To Teach You Any Truth Because Their Knowledge Is Like Foolishness, As The WORD Of The Most High States.




This Crystalline Barrier Has Special Windows Or Portal Holes In It That Open In Timed Cycles, The Reason NASA Looks For Certain Launch Windows To Reach InnerSpace. The Entire Earth Contaiment Biosphere Cell System Is Currently Closed Off From The High Frequency Heavenly Waters That Surround The Earth Like A Swadling Band Also Known As Dark Aethers. The Earth Floats Or Is Suspended Electro-Magnetically Within These Outer Heavenly Waters Held In Place Permanently And The Earth Itself Does Not Spin Or Rotate, Only What’s Located Inside Of It. The Crystal Firmament Sphere Of The Stars Rotates Above With The Sun, Moon, Heavenly Bodies, And Debris Of Rahab Around It, But Remember The Sonoluminescent Stars Are Located Within This Gigantic Crystal Ball Firmament. This Particular Crystal Ball Like Firmament Of The Stars Is Hollow And Has A Special Ultra-Magnetic Foundation Of The Earth Rotating Inside Of It Which Acts As An Electro-Magnetic Receiver Of The Heavenly Cosmic Energies Flowing Down To The Earth From The Most High. SELAH


The Heavnely Cosmic Energies Naturally Rotate Counter Clockwise So The Foundation Of The Earth Receiver Which Is A Rare Element Double Decker Pyramidal Shaped Portal Object That’s Stacked Base To Base, Also Rotates In The Vortex Of This Heavenly Energy. So, Of Course The Metallic Crystalline Firmament Sphere Of The Stars Around It Also Rotates With It As The Electro-Magnetic Pyramidal Foundation Of The Earth Spins Inside Of It. Located Below The Earth Deep Within The Hollow Region Of Mount Meru-Antarctica Is Another Metallic Crystalline Firmament Of Souls Known As PARADISE, Which Acts As A Contaiment Vessel For The Righteous Souls Who Have Passed From These Terrestrial Bodies And Await New Glorified Bodies So They Can Ascend Up To Heaven At The Trumpet Sounding Catching Away Event At The 7th Seal, Before The Start Of The Great Tribulation. This Cosmic Sphere Firmament Of Souls Also Rotates In Sync With The Cosmic Sphere Firmament Of Stars Above Via A River Of Cosmic Energy That Links The Two Together Moving Like An Enormous Electro-Magnetic Rotor To An Electro-Magnetic Motor. The Repulsive Lower Frequency Electro-Magnetic Energy Fields Of The Earth’s Power Generator Motor Structure Helps To Keep The Earth Suspended Within The Dark High Frequency Cosmic Aethers, Known As The Swaddling Band That Wraps Or Surrounds The Entire Earth. The More Negatively Charged Earth Electro-Magnetically Floats Or Rests Within These Heavenly Dark Electro-Magnetic Positively Charged Aethers And The Sphere Shell Of The Earth Does Not Rotate At All, Only The Inside Motor Components Which Are Electro-Magnetically Charged, ie. The Two Main Crystal Ball Firmament Cosmic Spheres, One Of Which Contains The Main Pyramidal Foundation Of The Earth And The Other Contains Righteous Souls, The Sun, The Moon, The Stars Embedded Within The Upper Firmament Cosmic Sphere That Contains The Main Pyramidal Foundation Cosmic Energy Receiver, And The Heavenly Bodies Known Erroneously As Planets.




That’s The Primary Structure Of The Earth, Which Generates Electro-Magnetic Fields Inside Of It Due To The Fact Its Constructed Like An Enormous Electro-Magnetic Motor Sitting In High Frequency Dark Cosmic Waters Which Surrounds The Entire Earth Biosphere Containment Cell System, But The Earth’s Spherical Metallic Elemental Shell Is The Negative And The Outside High Frequency High Energy Dark Aethers, That Surround The Entire Earth, Which Are Charged By The Spirit Of The Most High Are The Positive. The Center Combo Electro-Magnetic Rotating Pole Of The Earth Which Are The Two Connected Metallic Crystal Ball Firmaments, Described Above, Are Also Positively Charged Due To The Heavenly Cosmic Energies That They Both Recieve From The Outside, From Heaven. This Enormous Eletro-Magnetic Motor System/Combo Crystal Ball Firmament Structure Turns Inside Of The Earth Sphere Bio-Containment Shell Continously And We Get Bathed In These Healing Electro-Magnetic Energies And Frequencies That Also Help Our Atoms & Cells To Turn In Sync With It, Thus Facilitating Life. The Land Mass And Waters That Surround The Land Masses Sit In The Concave Bowl Of The Earth With Mount Meru-ANTACRTICA Located In The Direct Center Of This Entire Concave Terrestrial Bowl Structure Which Is Comprised Of The 12 Elemental Foundations That Have Been Disrupted And Separted From The PRIMARY STABLE POLE-Mount Meru-Antacrtica Due To The Fall Of Adam Which Also Brought Sin And Separation From The Most High. All The Known Continents Used To Be Joined Together Around This CENTER POLE MOUNTAIN OF HEAVEN, As One Enormous Land Mass With A Ring Of Sea/Ocean/Water Surrounding It. Remember The Earth Rose Up Out Of The Water And The Earth Was Gathered Together Into One Place And The Waters Into One Place. The Real Mount Meru-Antarctica Is The Primary Center Of The Entire Earth And The Continents Have Now Drifted Apart, Starting With The Catastrophic Noah’s Flood Event And Then The Tower Of Babel Incident Which Helped To Further Split Up The People, Languages, And Lands Through These Continental Shifts & Electro-Magnetic Pole/Cosmic Energy Frequency Shifts. All Planes And Airborne Vehicals Have To Navigate Around Mount Meru-Antarctica To Get To Other Continents Located Around The Inside Of The Terrestrial Concave-Earth Sphere Bio-Containment Cell System. One Day These Broken Up Land Masses Known As Continents Will Reassemble Around Mount Meru-Antarctica As One Primary Land Mass Once Again. The Heavenly Bodies/Planets, Sun, Moon, And Sonoluminescent Stars Located Within The Cosmic Crystal Ball Firmament Above Will Also Move To New Locations As The Electro-Magnetic Double Pyramidal Foundation Of The Earth Corrects Is Current Odd Tilt, In Other Words The Cosmic Sphere Of The Stars Will Correct Its Wobble & Tilt, Thus All The Heavenly Bodies Will Also Correct Their Fallen Orbits. Sirius-The Day Star Is The Catalyst Behind All Of These Future Changes Because It Is A Heaven Touching Earth Focal Point Of Heavenly Cosmic Energies That Will Be Sent Down To The Earth By The Most High Through ISHI And The Holy Spirit When HE Pours Out His Spirit Upon All Flesh Facilitating An Awakening Of The Earth And Our Flesh Bodies Through His Spiritual DNA Heavenly Cosmic Energy That Will Be Introduced Into The Dying Earth Cell Biosphere Containment System. We Need To Be Jumpstarted By A Heavenly Cosmic Electric Shock. SELAH


Concave Earth…
The Koreshan cosmogony “maintains and demonstrates that the universe is a unit; it is an alchemico-organic structure, limited to the dimensions of 8,000 miles, diameter. According to the great law of analogy we hold that its form is cellular, that all life is generated in a cell–omne vivum ex ovo.

The earth’s shell, composed of metals and minerals, is about 100 miles in thickness, constituting a gigantic voltaic pile, the basis of the great galvano-magnetic battery, furnishing the negative elements of the cell for the generation and supply of the sun’s fuel. The concave surface of the earth alone is habitable.

Superimposed upon the strata of the shell and emplaced in their static planes are the three atmospheres. At the centre we find the positive pole of the great battery–the central sun, around and with which the heavens revolve in twenty-four hours.

All the energies of the physical universe are engendered through the relation of the positive centre to the negative circumference; a great complex battery of physical unity is thus attained and perpetuated.” 1
This shell, one hundred miles in thickness, is composed of seven metallic, five mineral, and five geologic strata. The seven metallic layers or laminæ are “the seven notable metals,” of which gold constitutes the outer rind of the shell.

Beyond this is–nothing.
The inner surface of the shell is land and water, a concave expanse inhabited by every form of life. That we live on a concave surface, this cosmogony undertakes to prove by exactly the same phenomenon which “proves” the Earth’s surface is convex–the disappearance of a ship “around” the world.

Within the shell are the three atmospheres, of which the outermost, the atmosphere in which we exist, is composed chiefly of oxygen and nitrogen. The next or middle atmosphere is composed of pure hydrogen; and the one above of “aboran.”

Within this is the solar sphere, and within the whole and nucleus of all, the astral or stellar centre. Thus the starry nucleus is the centre of Space, and the metallic plates or laminæ the circumference of Space. The heavens do not surround the Earth, but the Earth, the heavens.
In and occupying these atmospheres are not only the Sun and stars, but also “the reflections called the planets and the moon. The planets are mercurial disci moving by electro-magnetic impulse between the metallic laminæ or planes of the concave shell.

They are seen through penetrable rays, ultra electro-magnetic, reflected or bent back in their impingement on the spheres of energy regularly graduated as the stories in the heavens.” And, later on, they are further described as “little focal points of energy, partially materialized spheres in process of combustion.

Their diameter is very small. Jupiter is nothing like the concept in the usual theory. The real planets are discs of mercury in the earth, between the metallic shells.

They focalise the sun’s energies in the atmosphere above us. They are what their names indicate–plan-ets–little planes.” Of these mercurial discs there are seven.

The moon we see is a crystallic energy upon which is implanted the picture of earth’s inner surface, a reflection from the great concave mirrors, the metallic strata in the circumference.
.”……read more, halfway down


[PDF]The Firmament and the Water Above Part II – The Divine


(firmament) was a rock-solid dome over the earth beneath which were the … In the ancient Far East, although the Japanese thought of the firmament as ….. Consequently he made no attempt to exegete the phrase “the water above the firmament” ….. 1:6-8 and 14-17 at face value would destroy their canopy theory, creation …



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