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Last Night, Trump Glared into the Camera and Shocked America With What He Said About Russia! (Video)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 7:38
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Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, The left is literally FLIPPING THEIR S**T RIGHT NOW! Donald Trump sat down with Bill O’Reilly last night and said the one thing NOBODY ever thought he would say…

The O’Reilly Factor, originally titled The O’Reilly Report from 1996 to 1998 and often called The Factor, is an American cable television news and talk show on the Fox News Channel hosted by political commentator Bill O’Reilly, who often discusses current controversial political issues with guests.

What do you think about Trump and his views on Russian discussed last night? Let us know in the comments section and thanks for stopping by! More breaking news to come from BIN!

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  • Mean Old SOB

    “The Russians annexed Crimea, invaded Ukraine, and messed around in our elections,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    This is why you cant believe a word from these clowns. Mitch McConell: Three (3) lies. One sentence

    • Mean Old SOB

      My mistake: they annexed Crimea. Big deal!

    • 2QIK4U

      All you needed was CNN.. that’s enough for me not to even bother watching.

  • Scorpallain

    It’s about time we had a President who tells it like it really is, I like it and I support what President Trump said wholeheartedly.

    • b4

      a truth teller,mr trump–usa is the largets terror group in the world…

  • Jack Shlitz

    O’Reilly is a dweeb. They get all over Putin for being head of the KGB but seem to forget that Bush 1 was head of the CIA. THE BIGGEST crooks and killers in the world are in DC.

  • Anonymous

    Trump is damn right! The USA killed 1.3 million Iraquis with an additional 1 million related deaths so Israel could steal its oil via the expande Kirkuk to Haifa pipeline. No wonder the people of the world hate us.

  • Thom V

    Just saying what people following the REAL news (NOT the MSM) know to be true. We have murdered so many people the holocaust seems small by comparison… Just telling it like it is but of course the left would never let the American people know the horrors our gov’ts have perpetrated on others, mostly for oil and Israel’s intentions/aims….

  • charlie2dogs

    fuk the news media

  • River1

    FINALLY it is told like it truly is!!!!! THANKS BIG D for telling the truth!!!! Now we need him to start talking truth about the 911 cover up and who really did it! Then about the Climate hoax and the real agenda of the UN and why we are being sprayed like insects on a daily basis and finally how about all the secret technology that is being kept from the general public. Thanks again BIG D and keep it coming!

  • AmericansRon2U

    Guess O’Reilly is too stupid to check out how many people the Clintons killed? Let’s not forget how many people Barry Soetoro killed…gays, Navy Seals, Andrew Breitbart, etc. O’Reilly is a shill for the establishment…it’s no secret to those who are informed.


    Hey it’s not as though the US has blown up US citizens without due process, and killing their relatives, and friends in the process. Oh, wait, we have.
    It’s not like we send assassination teams to assassinate patriots, burn religious freaks, or murder women, and children. Oh wait, we do.

  • Everette

    Let’s use some common sense here . The 3 greatest powers on planet earth is USA , Russia and China . Now Obama tried his best to start aight with Russia before he let office . Thank GOD Russia held off till Trump got into office . Russia unveiled a thermo nuke for all the world especially The USA . A thermo nuke can take out the second biggest state in America by its self ( Texas) . Then they let out of the bag they alo had a sub type nuke that could be set off on tge east coast out in tge ocean and create a tidal wave big enough to wipe out the east coast of America . No sir stupid or as I also call him the Muslim nut had removed our key nuke button pushers and replaced them with Muslims . Who is to say that they maybe moved the target point to new target points in America just like the series show Jericho . Heck the Muslim nut case even dismantled many of our war ships and sold them to scrap to China . Then he grounded key war planes like the wart hog and put them into the hangers . He showed China our power guide and how to shut it down 2013 thanksgiven while many were eating turkey dinner . He brought in UN troops , Isis radical troops that have held flags at riots saying we are here . He even has Russian troops here . I could go on for awhile . But my point being we are down to world war numbers with our troops . Many say we don’t need troops with our new computer systems . Ok ever hear of an EMP ? Computers gone !!! Trump knows these details . We are weak right now because if this jackass from hell . China is about to call up our loan that this scum bag borrowed from then ($20,000,000,000,000 ) . So we don’t have it ! Scum nut bag also gave away our gold to those that are setting up our destruction ( NWO , Vatican , natzi , luciferian Edomite Esau nuts ) all we have is pieces of paper with pictures of dead presidents on them . Now put some of this into the equation . If we turn against Russia the Russia turns to China and we fight both of them . If we befriend Russia maybe we have a great chance that they will stand with us and fight China . The fight is coming , the question is when . The Bible foretold of their 600,000,000 man army that they bragged about not to long ago . At the rate they are mulitplying you could stand them 100 men side by side in rowes and they would march towards you forever . They have 2 men for everyone in America counting women and children . But don’t forget this is not all their people .dont they have almost half the population of the world ? Now what seems the smartest way to go ! Should we not make friends with all we can ? The damn nut case that held our White House seat before Trump , turned almost every nation in the world against America and its people . He caused us to loose our credit standings . We went from AAA to A- . He was either the stupidest man to ever seat in our White House or either he was the most Treasonist scum to ever set his sorry ass in our White House . The scales point over wheel mingle to the later . This man was a NWO , UN ass kissing jerk that was trying his best to destroy America and its people . The blacks don’t know he is not black with black blood ( O positive ) . He has A( White ) B ( Asian ) negative ( reptilian according to science ) ( AB negative ) . This scum also set the blacks up with free stuff that would help kill them off more quickly . More food , more meds , more loans , jobs that they were not qualified for , more money tax returns , abortions on demand ( making them not responsible for their own actions ) . The last they did not realize that this in and of its self was depopulation for them . Over eating creates high blood pressure , diabetes , cancer , diseases within organs and the body . More meds creates dependence , then degeneration of the body because of substances unrecognized by the body called side effects and even possible death . Loans that made it possible to over extend themselves into debt . Jobs that they were not qualified for created stress trying to prove their worthiness . Driving companies into bankruptcy because of bad decisions and money stolen trying to keep up . Then many found themselves out of work . Large sums of money from things like tax returns allowed then to buy more acohol , drugs and down payments for things like vehicles that they could not afford the payments on later . Abortions allowed them to slip out and have affairs . Causing many to contract diseases and children that are unwanted . Then the wife finds out and they are out on their heads . Abortion should only be done possibly in early stages that could cause possible death of the mother and or rape . Other than that be responsible for your actions . Use condoms ! The man should be held accountable also . Put your rain coat on or don’t go into the wet place ! This is what is wrong with our country today . This is what this scum calling himself our president did to the American people . He gave away our country and removed our responsibility for our actions and actions towards others . America has become lawless ! Criminals have more rights than the tax paying citizens that are holding up America . You know the 51% that are supporting the 49% . This and of its self shows how close we were from emploding and self destructing . 2% swope and everything is over . This also means we have no savings to sustain us in days ahead . It is now said America is now down to 3 days supply of food for everyone . Something totally bad could desolved our 3 day supply then we would be dependent on eating each other till food could be grown , but tgen theives would steal it while you slept . This is why I think Trump is making a good move right now , buying us time to rebuild ourselves .

  • Alan

    Republicans have been going on about Russia aggression for years, rightists are unsettled in Ukraine due to separatist governments wishing to go the Russian way, which happens to be some what leftist..

    So yeah, more fake news an bs on bin… :razz:

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