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Major Storm Lucifer Impacts Southern California On Friday; Upgraded To Category Five (Video)

Friday, February 17, 2017 5:34
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Major Pacific Storm Lucifer has been upgraded to category five out of the one through six system here at Southern California Weather Force, impacting on your Friday.  Lucifer is pending a category six, the highest on our scale.   Our rare Hurricane Wind Speed Warning is up for certain areas.  Damaging winds, fallen trees and powerlines, a risk of severe weather with a tornado risk, and flooding will accompany the system.  This strong of a surface low has not been seen in over 20 years.

Before we get into this article … Lucifer was chosen on a vote from viewers on the Southern California Weather Force Facebook Page.  I had no idea what kind of storm would fall on the “L” name but did predict because of the name it would be the worst one of the season … It’s also in the FB page itself.   The people choose the names … I do not …

The storm is hitting with some rainfall out ahead of the main front from Ventura County, north to Kern … west to SLO/SBA County today, which will spread eastward for a run at LA by the early morning hours.  This was predicted in the previous article, Click Here.

As for tonight … do feel that the calming wind ahead of the system for the LA/OC Coast/Basin areas , south to the San Diego Coast and Valley along I-15 Escondido will be prime for dense fog so if you are going to travel … take note on this fog as it will be very dense.

This is not even the main frontal zone so as it is raining on Thursday in these areas, don’t think this is the bulk of the system.

That becomes realized on Friday when the front slams the area.  Given this, the main front hits areas west of Los Angeles on Friday during the day/evening … with Los Angeles south and eastward getting hit during the early night hours before midnight.  Widespread 2-4″ of rain looks likely in all metro areas …

Adding another section to this, such as thunderstorms and tornadic chances.  The system will have a unidirectional shear profile in the mid-levels, which means the winds are along the front and thus the isolated supercell potential along the main front with the damaging winds will not be there and thus a broken snake-like looking squall-line will happen … with isolated tornado potential.  After the front through Friday night to Saturday morning however is another story.  

This is when the low level flow remains the same in the VT/LA/OC areas and if storms do form behind the main front … enough low level shear will be available for tornado risks to elevate in that small area … but a lot of population exists so it will be monitored carefully … 

This is the reason this storm has been upgraded to a Category Five … PENDING a six … 

The wind with the system will be very strong in all areas for the most part.  Wind out of the Southeast will cause gusty winds to even hit Bakersfield, as they roar out of the Gorman Pass.  This is due to the storm having a stronger surface low west of the area at the time, which causes the wind to move toward the center of the lowest pressure.  Wind gusts could easily each 30-50 mph in the Kern regions on Friday.

Kern is not the only area that will see strong wind gusts.  All the areas along the coast and inland to the mountains will see those gusts with the front on Friday.  There may even be damaging winds in the Orange/San Diego County areas as a result of a stronger low level jet moving over.   The south flow will also generate strong gusts in the nominal windy areas of the High Desert and Antelope Valley areas.

Unlike usual storms that bring stronger west winds across the area, this system will have southerly winds as stated above and this would bring the wind concern down for Imperial County … which should get less wind and more rain.

SCWF Calculated Wind Gusts Friday / Friday Night (MPH)

San Luis Obispo  – 55
Vandenberg AFB – 56
Bakersfield – 53
Ventura – 41
Pine Mountain Club – 75
Los Angeles – 45
Anaheim – 50
Riverside – 50
San Diego – 50
Hesperia – 50
Barstow – 40
Lancaster – 45
Tehachapi – 60
Palm Springs – 30
Brawley – 30
Big Bear Lake – 75

This has strong low level shear dynamics, however the main frontal zone does not have much in the way of thunderstorms showing up in my numbers.  However, because of the low level shear, some cells within the front could spin-up waterspouts, some strong, and could even produce isolated tornadoes along the coast and somewhat inland.  This is mainly for Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego County.  Without lightning, this would probably be a Squall-line Watch alert issuance product on Friday.

Waves on Friday will be 10-12 Feet in all areas … coastal damage is expected in spots, lasting into Saturday .. .and calming more on Sunday.  Swells will be up again by the middle part of this next week with additional storms moving into California.

Snow with this will be starting in Big Bear as early as Friday morning.  Even though it’ll be above freezing, low level moisture content being dry means the flakes will reach the ground.  Snow level goes up during the evening and with the front … over 8,000 FT so turning to rain … before dropping back to 6,000 – 6500 Ft. overnight Friday into Saturday morning.  Exact amount is not quite known, but a dusting possible for Big Bear Lake on Friday morning … and additional alerts will be issued to you as the system is further analyzed.

Rainfall forecast is as followed in the map below …

San Luis Obispo  – 3.1″
Vandenberg AFB – 3.1″
Bakersfield – 1.3″
Ventura – 2.8 with Ojai at 4.5″
Pine Mountain Club – 3.0″
Los Angeles – 2.6″ Downtown with 3.5″ SCV
Anaheim – 2.7″
Riverside – 1.7″
San Diego – 2.3″
Hesperia – 2.0″
Barstow – 1.2″
Lancaster – 3″
Tehachapi – 3.0″
Palm Springs – 1.1″
Brawley – 0.5″
Big Bear Lake – 1.7″



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  • Leo

    Maybe California will fall into the ocean and the communist and liberals will wash out to sea . nah, nothing will happen :cool:

    • truther357

      Yes…and say goodbye to 1/2 of the Democratic ‘Socialist’ Party…and take Washington, ‘weirdo’ Oregon State, Nevada, New ( little Mexico) Mexico, Colorado ..with them!..ALL Pro-Communist

    • Anonymous

      Paul Begley is a clown who discredits anything he endorses. Wish you’d get him off here.
      Great to see such in depth discussion of the rest of data though. BIN needs to begin a competitor site or perhaps category that mirrors GLP. Like a live-real time bulletin board where folks post info on the ground from the spot of news as it happens. GLP has been taken over and has become USELESS. Any real data is now erased and banned. Reports from Damascus, Oroville collapse and anything exposing Israel for example- a lot of the material that most needs to be exposed? They now censor completely. BIN should launch a rival open site.
      As events escalate this year, it would be invaluable and take America by storm!

      • Anonymous

        Well Lucifer was another big dud. lolol Begley the Bagman like the legions of xtian false patriots/prophets whose Masonic agenda is fast frittering out upon exposure…
        Quayle, Hodges, Hagmann, Jonestown, Haven, Liarz… All clik bait w/ no integrity and abominations to the Holy Spirit. Lite of Truth is nowhere near these deceivers.

  • carolina4

    please consider that this rain could be infused with fukushima radiation. DO NOT BE OUT IN IT. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER. keep your children at home until it blows over. AND YOU ARE FOOLS TO GO SURFING. it looks to me by judging the weather maps that they are trying to corral this water. but they can’t. the two worst disasters in our time occurred during the obama administration. his “gifts”. the bp oil spill and fukushima. it is my opinion that the bp oil spill was done to grab control of the weather. kill the gulf stream. why was fukushima done? to hide nuclear bomb testing.

    • RogueInfideL

      BP Horizon was not only about oil, but also Black Goo as well. Accidents of this scale don’t happen. These are planned events. Reactor 3 of Fukushima was MOX weapons grade plutonium. Indeed, 2017 gonna be a year of events. That would actually be an understatement.

  • Just me

    Lucifer? Really? If you don’t believe all this is rigged you need to wake up!

  • my2pesos

    Lucifer TV Series – FOX Mondays
    Lucifer owns a nightclub in LA but his true interest lie with a foxy detective who he aids each week with his supernatural crime solving abilities.
    He’s also regularly visiting a psychiatrist who helps him a great deal.
    E-Lucifer ~ Fire Clue ~ Flue/Icer ~ Cure File
    Fire/Ice ~ Fierce I

  • Godzilla

    So much for the prolonged drought, huh? Now California is getting inundated with water. Climate change and a Lucifer typhoon to go with it.

  • Syco247

    Are you brain damaged or just get off on hokey BS like naming an unnamed storm “Lucifer”?

    The storm is not a named storm.

    • Syco247

      Not you in specific Jeff, more the idjit in the video.

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      There are calling it that from here to shangrila in article form and YOUTUBE. I wonder what the source of it is then if it isn’t completely correct.

      • Syco247

        I left a comment on the youtube vid asking them to site a source, no response as of yet.

    • Me

      He didn’t name it, he’s clearly reading it off a websitel

      • Syco247

        Yes a site with no claim to name these storms. With as much validity I now name new york state marys fiat money museum LOL
        :lol: :twisted: :lol: :twisted: :lol:

  • Boo

    Is this a hurricane or a storm. Since when was FB charted with naming storms? I’m confused :???:

  • Grover

    Storm is coming.

    • RogueInfideL

      No Brother, it’s already here. Something wicked has already arrived. Fasten them seat belts boys and girls, cause this year gonna rock!

  • Elva Thompson

    Lucifer is the god of this world, the bloodthirsty demon of the old testament. Wake up so called Christians and recognize what you are praying to.

    • Andy

      they’re praying to fairy-tale characters

      • Mayhem

        But “fairy-tales” like the big bang and evolution are all good with you lot.


        • Andy

          not at all mayhem, man-made fairy-tales (no matter the source) are all anathema to me

          • Mayhem

            So there is no beginning and there will be no end? However that defies the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and yet you’re all about the 1st Law disproving creation, by intelligent design so which is it, Andy, or are you comfortable cherry-picking science?

          • Andy


            “so there is no beginning and no end” – isn’t that EXACTLY what you believe of your fav fairy-tale character? alpha/omega etc??

            you actually believe man-made fairy-tales are real,,, you also believe earth is but 6,000 yrs old – i may as well talk with a 6 yr old who believes the tooth fairy is real

            the first law speaks for itself, the 2nd law DOES NOT negate the first law, it is ancillary to the first law, that’s why it’s 2ND

            entropy is misunderstood,, in a universe where no matter nor energy can be created/destroyed, existing matter/energy MUST be recycled

            Entropy is nothing more than nature’s recycling system

            i’m comfy punching holes in your fairy-tales and even more comfy that you cannot provide a scerrick of evidence to back your delusions

          • Mayhem

            1) – Alpha & Omega means “beginning and end”, silly, so why would i believe otherwise?

            2) – The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics states that the natural order of things is chaos. Do you see chaos or do you see highly organized life?

            3) – I never said the 2nd Law negates the 1st, Andy, i said the 2nd Law precludes any chance of life occurring spontaneously.

            4) – Entropy does not allow regeneration it’s a one way street that must result in the complete dissipation of energies into a primordial hum.

            5) – You’ve never once punched holes in the Bible narrative try though you might.

            Speaking of a primordial hum, or vibratory energy that actually consists of nothing and yet is, isn’t it interesting that this is exactly what CERN has found to be the reality and also precisely how sound travels?

            Need i remind you, “In the beginning was the Word” and that Word spoke everything into existence – Psalm 33:9, Hebrews 11:3, Romans 4:17.

          • The Clucker

            (Looks like Andy ran away again. Strange behavior for someone that’s so convinced that they know what’s going on.)

          • Mayhem

            Typical behaviour if you ask me.

    • RogueInfideL

      They are praying to Saturn. They just ain’t figured it out yet. :wink:

  • Pinto Beans

    Most of that portion of the state that would be flooded are Conservatives. Most likely the reason NO money was spent on this failing dam.

    • TRUTHY1

      Money was appropriated for it, but spent elsewhere. The old bait and switch. There was a 2.1 earthquake nearby at a quarry at the time of the spillway failure.

  • drturi

    2 dead as storm rips through Southern California – 188,000 evacuated because part of CA dam could fail – Can you handle and accept the undiluted truth pertaining to the predictions published February 11, 2013? Those Neptunius disruptive cosmic winds are still operational. Share please a real Prophet is very rare!

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