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Pyramids All Over the World Are Giant Cosmic Energy Megaphones or Amplifiers That Channel Electro-Magnetic Energies to Various Locations

Monday, February 27, 2017 13:04
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Pyramids All Over The World Are Giant Cosmic Energy Megaphones Or Amplifiers That Channel Electro-Magnetic Energies To Various Locations.


The General Shape Of A Pyramid Is Only Half Seen By The Public. Its True Shape Or Structure Is A Double Pyramid Stacked Or Connected Base To Base With The Apexes In Opposite Directions. Please Take Into Account That ALL TRUE LIFE GIVING ENERGY Originates From SOUND Or The “SPOKEN WORD IN THE FORM OF SPIRITUAL DNA”. So, With This In Mind, Think And Observe How A MEGAPHONE AMPLIFIES SOUND ENERGY. Look At Its General Shape & Overall Function, Isn’t It Made Like A Rounded Pyramid? What Does It Do To The SOUND ENERGY That Enters The Smaller APEX End & Then Emerges Out Of The Larger BASE End? It Amplifies The Sound Energy Right? YES, Now You Have One Of The True Purposes Of Pyramids Around The World, They Are Ancient Heavenly Cosmic Energy Amplifier Harmonic Resonators Built Into Earth. 


But, Also Keep In Mind Increased Focusing Of This Cosmic Energy Occurs Due To The Pyramids Being Constructed Base To Base, So The SOUND ENERGY Comes Into The Smaller APEX Focal Point And Gets Amplified As Its Coming Down Through The Larger Base And Get’s Focused Again Into Very High Cosmic Energy Concetrations/Vibrations Through The Apex Of The 2nd Pyramid That’s Buried Into The Earth, Thus Sending This Highly Focused Cosmic Energy To Necessary Locations Via Ley Lines And Crystal-Sub Amplifier Pickup Points To Many Other Regions Around The World Like An Enomous Nervous System Within The Earth. This Helps To Keep The Entire Earth Cell Alive By Channeling Highly Complex Cosmic Energy DNA Signals All Throughout The Earth System.




There Are Also Giant Ancient Seeds From The Antediluvian World Of Noah, Still Located Deep Within The Earth Due To The Flood Washing Massive Amounts Of Earthen Layers Over The Past World, All Being Sealed In Like A Tomb. But One Day The Comsic Energies Will Become High Enough To Awaken Or Vibrate The DNA Of These Ancients Seeds To Construct The Earth Matter Around Them Into The DNA Format Of These Ancient Seeds. Giant Crystal Trees Or Giant Cosmic Sky Touching Antennas Will Once Again Be Seen By The Inhabitants Of The New Heavens & New Earth. Remember The Sun Will Become Seven Times Brighter And The Moon Will Shine Like The Sun, As Foretold In The Book Of Isaiah, There Are Also Seven Main Ancient Perpetual Crystal Mountains Or Indestructible Pyramids, 6 Of Which Are Now Covered Up By Vast Oceans, Located In The Bermuda & The Dragon’s Triangle, 4 Of The 6 Also Buried Deep Within The Earth, Leaving 2 That Are Currently Visible On The Ocean Floor In The Atlantic & Pacific, Which Are In Combination Seven Main Harmonic Resonator Cosmic Energy Focal Points, Set Up Like A Gigantic Menorah Structure, And Located Around The World, Which Will Also Become Very Energetic In The Near Future. This Is The Main Earth Based Cosmic Crystal Pyramidal Structure Which Helps To Channel Cosmic Energies From Above Throughout The Earth Structure Below, Like A Nervous System, Via Ley Lines And Cosmic Crystal Sub-Amplifier Points. Earth’s Overall Cosmic Energy Frequency Is About To Increase Way Beyond This Current Fallen State.


Remember all Energy Is Consistent Of Sound Or Spoken “WORD” Or “Spritiual DNA” That Only Becomes Visible When It Comes In Contact With Matter That Vibrates At A Particular Chosen Harmonic Resonant Frequency Or Frequencies Via The “WORD Or SOUND” That Is Focusing It’s Energy Upon The Matter Which In Turn Causes The Matter To Vibrate At High Enough Frequencies To Produce Light Or Become A Visible Construct Of The “WORD Or SOUND” Which Also Maintains Its Form Or Descrete Shape Or Structure In This Matrix Or Dimensional Fabric Of Time & Space. It’s Like Taking An Invisible Spiritual HAND of GOD And Pressing It Into Matter Of A Lower Vibration To Form The CLAY Into The Shape & Patterns Of The HAND. We Are All Living DNA Constructs Generated By Invisible Spiritual DNA, Either Of The MOST HIGH Or Satan, Sort Of Like Living Conscious Solid Holograms Within A Matrix, Some Of Us Being Spirit Matter/Vibrations Generated By Our Higher Spiritual Selves Or Our Heavenly Twin. We Are Currently Only A Shadow Of Our True Selves.





Pyramids All Over The World Are Giant Cosmic Energy Megaphones Or Amplifiers/Antennas That Channel Or Focus Electro-Magnetic Energies To Various Locations Around The World, Via Many Ley Lines & Crystal Grid Structures Buried Deep Within The Earth, Similar To Circuit Board Components For Computuer Chips. Many Underground Caverns & Tunnel Systems Underneath Natural Pyramidal Formation Mountains Are Very Energetic Areas Of Existence For Many Races Of Inner-Earth Beings And “Beasts Of The Field” Upright Walking Animal Humanoids. We Surface Dwellers Are Only Scratching The Surface Of The Complexities Of The Earth Biosphere Containment Cell System. MAN, Made In The Image & Likeness Of The Most High, Is The Highest Living Soul Bearing Being Of Creation, But Not The Only Living Beings. Please Wake Up, We Are Not Alone. Also, ”HE Created The Worlds.”, Foretold In The Book Of Hebrews. Please Wake Up.


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Strange tunnels that run for hundreds of miles beneath South America… … about these immense underground tunnels came when the Conquistadores invaded ancient South America. … The remainder of the mummies have not been found.

Missing: automatic ‎lighting

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    Everyone in the conspiracy genre is concerned about the proper positioning of the poles, winds, weather systems, and ocean currents, but all energy should have a push or pull.

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